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I host/teach an online astrology chat/class called "Astrology for a New Age" with the The Reality Box group in a our public chat room on BigbobHTML Chat.
One night to "test" the chatters knowledge of the signs, we played a game.

Since I tend to shy away from anything Sun Sign oriented, other than the Sun in its rightful context, especially when sharing what I know with others, I decided we would take the pure symbolism of each sign, and put each into a situation. Because the Lightbulb jokes were already done to hillarious perfection by Richard Wentk & Walter Pullen, I figured that we would do something different.

So, I chose to do "Why did the sign (sans chicken) cross the road?" to see what we would get. The chatters handles are below next to the answers they provided, giving them full credit for their intellectual property.

Please do not copy this page or use the answers as your own. First of all, it is copywrited material, and secondly, a lot of people spent months learning in order to get to the level they are at. I am very proud of them! (See copyright below) You are welcome to link to this page, send friends a link to this page through e-mail or ICQ, but please do not copy it, as the RB chatters deserve their credit! If you are interested in offering paid publishing for the material here (any or all of it), feel free to send me an e mail

From the Astrology for a New Age RB chat group (5/7/1999)

(Edited for clarity/typos/ect.)

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~Because there was a war on the other side. (Novulae Stáraxlis)
~Because is looked like fun. (Thors Babe)
~Because his mind and body were already ahead of him. (starbrite nite)
~Because somebody told him he couldn't. (Mrs.Sibley)
~There was a sniveling brat on the other side that just got on his nerves. ( Novulae Stáraxlis)
~It was there. He'd never crossed that one before so he figured he'd try it out. (Nancy/Photo)
~Because he might be the first one to do it! (starbrite nite)
~Because he would just do it and think about the consequences later. (starbrite nite)
~Because he couldn't resist the pretty young woman on the other side of the border! (danbluecrystal1)
~Because it may have been uncharted territory (starbrite nite)


~'Cause there was a man waving a red flag on the other side. (Novulae Stáraxlis)
~Because he wanted what was on the other side. (Thors Babe)
~He didn't. He only thought about it for a long time. (Mrs.Sibley)
~Because there were picnic tables on the other side loaded with goodies! (starbrite nite)
~The Taurus chicken crossed the road to get the peacock feathers that he saw on the other side of the road (Beb22)
~Because she was already drooling over the new hot pink Ferrari, with all the bells and whistles. (danbluecrystal1)
~Because he promised he would. (Nancy/Photo)
~Because a bank was opening saving accounts. (starbrite nite)
~Because he wanted to and nobody was going to talk him out of it! (starbrite nite)
~Because there was a sign that said 'All You can Eat...$5..'.(Nancy/Photo)


~Because his mood changed (Thors Babe)
~Because, jumping across, he needs to get to the post office! (starbrite nite)
~He didn't. He changed his mind. (Nancy/Photo)
~Because he saw some one to talk to on the other side. (Thors Babe/starbrite nite)
~Because four of his ex-wives were on the other side. (Mrs.Sibley)
~Because he could write about the experience. (starbrite nite)
~To get to the other side for that newspaper that was flying out of control...and he was determined to read the headlines of the new computer games..(Beb22)
~To get to the phone booth. (Mrs.Sibley)
~He crossed on skates while talking on his cell phone and composing a poem to his mother. (starbrite nite)
~Well, he coulda used his cellphone or his pager to greet his long-lost brother, but the light was green, so...he hoofed it!! (danbluecrystal1)
~No matter when he crossed the road, he was probably late. (starbrite nite)


~To check out the cute house on the other side (Thors Babe)
~That's where he buried his money. (Mrs.Sibley)
~His Mom was there. (Nancy/Photo)
~Because it looked like a happier place (Thors Babe)
~Her path had finally wound up to her mom's country home, the place that held such history and warmth…looked peaceful in the moonlight. (danbluecrystal1)
~Because his friends might not like him if he didn't. (starbrite nite)
~Cancer crossed the road to get the ...pies...cookies...fruits at the stand...and there was a festival going on and he wanted some gumbo...and potato salad...cornbread...(Beb22)
~Because someone needed his help. (starbrite nite)
~Because they were cooking the hamburgers all wrong! (starbrite nite)


~Because someone was calling him names. (Novulae Stáraxlis)
~He saw something shiny and thought it was a mirror. (Mrs.Sibley)
~Because there was a PARTY - is there any other reason?! (starbrite nite)
~Because the people on the other side must want to wait on him! (starbrite nite)
~Because the peasants are waiting. (starbrite nite)
~Because he looks so darn GOOD! (starbrite nite)
~Leo saw a commercial being shot, and thought oh so briefly of getting in front of the camera. (danbluecrystal1)
~Because there was a pot of gold -jewelry! (starbrite nite)
~Because his strut is like no other. (starbrite nite)
~There was a mirror on the other side (Thors Babe)


~Because there was someone there doing something they liked that the Virgo didn't like, so the Virgo had to bitch em out. (Novulae Stáraxlis)
~Because everyone was doing it wrong and he had to demonstrate the RIGHT way! (starbrite nite)
~Because there were things on the other side not organized! (Thors Babe)
~Because there was a mess to clean up on the other side. (starbrite nite)
~To straighten the sign. (Mrs.Sibley)
~Well of COURSE Ms. Virgo was hanging out round the same corner for weeks studying the traffic patterns to figure out the perfect times to get across the border. (danbluecrystal1 )
~Virgo saw a brick on the other side of the road that was sticking out. She worried that a child or old person or animal might get hurt...damn city workers...why can't they do things right the first time? So, after waiting for the light to change and the sign to change to walk...she proceeded... (Nancy/Photo)
~Because there were children running around with dirty faces.(starbrite nite)
~To run for Congress and the President of the PTA. (starbrite nite)


~The LIBRA chicken said..TO CROSS.....or NOT to cross..THAT is the question...could NOT make up his mind... (Beb22)
~'Cause she spent too long on the one side. (Novulae Stáraxlis)
~She didnt... she started to, but stopped in the middle of the road cause she couldn't make up her mind and got hit by a semi… driven by an Aries who was pissed off at the dumb chick in the middle of the road. (Novulae Stáraxlis)
~She thought about it for a while, but decided not to cross without a buddy...(Nancy/Photo)
~Because people on the other side were arguing and she wanted them to stop. (Thors Babe)
~I'm not sure... But I'm willing to objectively debate the question...If that wouldn't offend anyone...(Mrs.Sibley)
~To see all the pretty flowers - ooh, look at the roses, and oh my gosh, pretty daisies, and look at the birds. How very pretty! (starbrite nite)
~Because he needed to resolve an argument between two people. (starbrite nite)
~He saw his archenemy on the other side, and decided there was no other alternative but to embrace his fear and make a deal with him. (danbluecrystal1)
~Because he saw his true love on the other side. (starbrite nite)


~To get even. (starbrite nite)
~That's classified information, I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. (Nancy/Photo)
~None of your business.( Mrs.Sibley)
~Because there was an hour motel on the other side. (Thors Babe)
~You'll only get that outta me if you use whips and chains. (Novulae Stáraxlis)
~ To have sex… With multiple partners. (starbrite nite)
~The bill was due, and so was the end of Scorpio, who promised all the money back..ah, but how could he resist the loan shark's wife? Tune in tomorrow..(danbluecrystal1)
~Because the other side is mysterious...(Nancy/Photo)
~To see a fortune teller, then deny it. (starbrite nite)


~To see how fast he could run. (starbrite nite)
~Because there was some one there he didn't know yet. ( Thors Babe)
~There was a revival going on. (Nancy/Photo)
~Because it was amateur night for stand-up comedians. (starbrite nite)
~The truth is... he tripped. (Mrs.Sibley)
~Because it meant travel! (Thors babe)
~Because there was a soap box for him to get on. (Nancy/Photo)
~Sag found the Holy Grail!!! (danbluecrystall)
~He was late for class...(Nancy/Photo)
~Because there was a pep rally. (starbrite nite)
~Because he was going to preach at the Aries driving the semi truck who hit the Libra *G* (Novulae Stáraxlis)
~Because he had to teach the class he was late for! (starbrite nite)


~Because he must - it's his duty! (starbrite nite)
~Because he thought it would improve his social status. (Nancy/Photo)
~Because he may find money along the way. (starbrite nite)
~There was a business deal on the other side. (Thors Babe)
~Because there was a promotion in it for him (Mrs.Sibley)
~Cause he was a lawyer and smelled a legal suit in the making. (Novulae Stáraxlis)
~Because someone has to organize things! (starbrite nite)
~Because he had to prove he was an adult and could do it all by himself. (starbrite nite)
~Because he had an agenda...(Nancy/Photo)
~Across the road, Cap, the hardboiled cop, recognized the one who was taking bribes for doing favors at the precinct. Did that creep ever suppose he could really advance in rank that way? (danbluecrystal1)


~Because there was a science experiment on the other side. (Thors Babe)
~Road? What road? (Mrs.Sibley)
~Because there are more friends to meet! (starbrite nite)
~Because he wanted to collect the pieces of the libra to study what would possess her to stand in the middle of the road to be hit by the semi (Novulae Stáraxlis)
~He has to add his opinion to the accident involving the Libra and the Aries, because he thought that the Sag was violating the Aries' human rights... (Nancy/Photo)
~And Aquarius was too busy to look both ways with a red light..after all, the electronic store was about to close!!! (danbluecrystal1)


~What road? huh? splat. (starbrite nite)
~To get to the Other Side. (Nancy/Photo)
~To disover himself. (Novulae Stáraxlis)
~Because he may pick up something from the ethers along the way, like uncle henry. (starbrite nite)
~He only APPEARED to cross the road.(Mrs.Sibley)
~He wanted to see if it looked different from a different perspective! (Nancy/Photo)
~He's not really sure why he crossed or how he got there. (starbrite nite)
~Because he had a vision that he should. (Nancy/Photo)
~Because the cops thought he was stoned and had to cross the street without tripping to not get arrested... and then tripped over an arm that went flying when the Libra got hit. (Novulae Stáraxlis)
~Because the other eleven did. (Mrs.Sibley)
~Because it 'felt' right. (starbrite nite)
~Because someone needed a hug. (starbrite nite)
~Was that really a UFO? Pisces felt like crossing the road for a better look and to get away from the nearby streetlight (danbluecrystal1)

If you would like to join in our group, have some fun, learn or just chat about astrology on the night's topic, stop by! More info can be found on my Reality Box Chat page. Everyone is welcome!

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