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In my honest opinion, Astrology is best explained as a syncronicity between the celestial bodies and our own bodies. I believe personally that the old definition of Astrology being the effect of planets on our lives is dated, and by far invalid. I believe in the theory of synchronicity because of long and hard research that I have done in an attempt to prove Astrology. After years of study, I have come to the conclusion that Astrology just cannot be proven with current science-at least not yet. Although I have seen "unrelated" scientific data and articles that makes Astrology tangible to my own left brain, it is still and possibly always will be, a philosophy and an art. Does this mean Astrology itself is invalid?

Absolutely Not!

I study and practice psychological Astrology, and have found it amazingly accurate. I also use esoteric astrology in sessions for spiritual and "karmic" understanding and patterns based on soul and unconscious drives. I think of Astrology much the way I do therapy; the therapy you get, and the psychologist you pick may be the very best, but he is human and able to make mistakes. How can we "measure" the science of art or philosophy? We cannot. The only real difference is that modern psychology is out of the occult already, and Astrology is not.

So, I tend to look at astrology in many different ways. I think that there are scientifical and metaphyiscal reasons for its existence, as well as psychological reasons. Popular and current science just does not have the ability to prove astrology. We have not come that far. In the future it may, but as I said before...there is the human factor! Astrology may be perfect, astrologers are not! No one is. But, there may come a time where we advance far enough that science can come to an understanding about astrology's role in nature.
Do you have doubts that science will ever prove astrology? Many people do have these doubts, of course. But, who would have thought just 10 years ago that cloning and teleporting atoms were any more than science fiction at best?

Creating Reality doesn't mean that astrology is outside normal reality. It is an integral part of the universe and of nature. It does not mean that as an astrologer I am Creating some fantastic reality. What it does mean is that through astrology as a self-realization technique that you can improve the quality of your life and how you deal with others. It does mean that you can find the creativity to see yourself as you are. Creating Reality is simply the idea that through conscious choices we can get on the right track and learn the lessons we should be learning. Astrology is a map of where we have been and where we are going, all connected to nature and the universe.

One does not have to be psychic to be an Astrologer. A little intuition is all that is needed, and a dedication to study what is basically a whole new language, over a period of years. I make no bones about the fact that I get frustrated with the people who bring the practice of Astrology down by calling themselves Astrologers with little or no respect for what they do, or those who try to keep a reading simple for the "sake" of the customer. I believe in going in depth, without using a lot of confusing and unexplained jargon. I am not the kind of person who tells folks what they would like to hear. I tell people what I see in their chart. Honsety is the best policy. I use Astrology in all my spiritual counseling because of the true insight Astrology gives!

I hope you will take the time to explore my site, as it is expansive and growing every day, and if you are looking for a reading session or report that isn't filled with any flowery predictions, you have found the right place. If you look around for yourself, you will see that I am more than an Astrologer, in that I am a Minister and writer. I accept all persons of different faiths, backgrounds, ethnic groups, and sexualities. I ask for fair donations for my sessions so that all may afford the insight they deserve! Welcome! Kick back, stay a while, explore, and e mail me with any questions or queries about sessions or my site in general. I am currently in the midst of redesigning and adding on, so if there are links that don't work, you probably caught me in the middle of designing! Soon there will be a different format and even more free stuff and info for you to explore! Please do check out my awards as well, that I have so generously been given!
Peace to you!

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