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Welcome to my Free Graphics page. All these images (on this and the following pages marked free graphics only) are free for the taking to display on your personal pages provided:
#1..They are not sold or redistibuted as a part of your gallery. are in no way shape or form a commercial site (that means if you are selling a product or service on your site) If you make money from the use of these images, I would want some of it, obviously. If you are a commercial site and want images such as these, e-mail me and we can work out a very fair price or barter exchange!
#3 You link back to my site. I have added a small button at the bottom of the page and the address to link to. I would greatly appreciate it! And do e mail me if you use them, I would love to see them on your site!
That's all!

Please upload the images to your own computer. If I ever change the location of this page, you will have lots of broken images! I have a soft heart for you web tv users out there, so if these is a problem getting the images if you are on web tv (and please...web tv users ONLY) I will be glad to help you out.
The background, bar, e mail, and glyphs are there for the taking! You can use them as a set (The background and bar work best when used together) or seperatly!
Have fun!

I will be adding more as time goes by, so check back!

Clip Art:Aries-Virgo

Clip Art:Libra-Pisces

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