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Starcraft Cheats

Code NameResult
Power overwhelmingInvincibility
Food for thoughtAbility to exceed supply limit
War aint what it used to beTurns fog of war off
Modify the phase varianceAbility to build all units and structures
Medieval manUpgrades all units
Something for nothingUpgrades all units
Black sheep wallShows entire map
Breathe deep5,000 vespene gas
Whats mine is mine5,000 minerals
There is no cow levelEnds game in victory
Staying alivePrevents mission from ending
Game over manEnds mission in defeat
The gatheringUnlimited energy
Operation cwalSpeeds up building time
Show me the money10,000 minerals and vespene gas
OpheliaLevel Warp (type in code press enter) type in (ex: terran10)
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