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Current MIDI
SW: Imperial March
For you Star Wars fans out there, a collection of midis I put together.

Past MIDIs
White Wedding
Pink Panther
Inspector Gadget
Jurassic Park

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Starcraft Eternity. Downloads, Cheats, Strategies, Links, More!

Site News

July 12th, 1999Sorry, haven't been updating much, I guess I'm playing Starcraft too much, lol. New MIDI as requested. Star Wars Imperial Music. Enjoy!

June 24th, 1999 New site design, artificial frames. New madness sections {Info, pictures, maps and other stuff on units that stand out.}. SITE NAME CHANGED! Starcraft Command Center to Starcraft Eternity. Last thing is that the STRATEGY page was made MUCH better. Hope you like the new stuff.

June 23rd, 1999MIDI Changed. Does anyone even care about the MIDIs? Send me an email if you want to request an MIDI. I have 'em all. :)

June 7th, 1999Image sections added. They'll be under construction for a while.

June 4th, 1999YEAH! School's out! More time for web site updating! lol :) Good news for Starcraft fans, bad news for page designers, haha.

May 29th, 1999Command Center Slide added to the Tips & Tricks section, or so started it.. heheh.

May 20th, 1999Some maps added, still very little amount. Send me your maps people I can't do everything!!

May 14th, 1999Many LITTLE updates. Just so you know I'm not ditching the page, hehe. I'll tell ya about major updates.. anyway just making sure you were still there heheh.

May 1st, 1999The NEW Starcraft Command Center opens! From 3 domains, it's been a long trip. I think I'm not going through the hassle of moving, I'm definatly staying.

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