Tamagotchi tips (mostly for Bandai Tamas)

Name your Tama

Look often to the hungry and happy areas.

Always feed it when it's only one heart hungry and play when it's unhappy.

Never let your Tama alone.

Don't drop it.

Don't feed it snacks.

When there appears a blinking skull, your Tama is dying and you can't do anything.

Be careful and don't discipline or inject it without a reason.

You can turn the sounds off: push A and B buttons together. Same way you can turn them back.

You can't turn Tama off, but you can pause it: Press B, then A and C together. Word "SET" appears. To unpause, set time and push C and then B. Warning: Don't do this often.

It needs really often something when it is baby, but it is only a couple of hours in that stage.

It makes poop every three hours.

Turn lights off when Tama sleeps.

Every right discipline will turn the discipline meter up for about three points.

There was a twin code here, but I am now almost sure it doesn't work, so I removed it.

Secret screen code: (do this ONLY when your Tama is dead) Push A and reset together for about three seconds

The chain breaks very easily.

Don't let your Tama touch water. If it happens, open fast the back cover and dry it.

The batteries will last over four months. If you change them quickly, one at time, your Tama won't die. The batteries are size LR44.

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