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This part of my website has been discontinued. It will probably remain here for quite a while, but it will no longer be updated and may eventually disappear altogether. The rest of my website has moved to http://www.fiikus.net. For more information, please see http://www.fiikus.net/?websitemove.

Do you own a Tamagotchi, a virtual, key ring sized, pocket animal?

765 have answered yes, 124 have answered no, 129 have answered Not yet, but I'm gonna get one.

I grew up from the Tamagotchi fever, but because this page still attracts daily hits, I've decided to keep it running, though the updates are going to be rather seldom. Nowadays no one has a virtual pet any more - let alone a BanDai Tamagotchi, for whom the this page was built. This page has nothing about Furbies or stuff like that... But I have some nice virtual pet links at the bottom.

The Tama cemetery is now gone, because ABCtec's service is no longer free. All the entries (over 200) are gone :-(

I have a PC Tamagotchi from SGA. It's quite ugly, sleeps all the time and is not very nice. Here is my screen capture of it. Now it has turned into a weird, colored character, that looks a bit like mame-chi. I recommend BanDai's Tamagotchis. Remember to take good care of your Tama or... (but don't do like an American 11-years old girl did. She killed herself because her Tama died.)

The official Tamagotchi ASCII image is here: o---(&:)

Table of my Tamas
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Tamagotchis' names
Tamagotchi take-caring tips


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