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Chapter 3

Zac jumped out of the van and ran up to the front door ready to great his new house. "You know mom? I think this whole moving idea is really great! We can meet new people, see new places..." his voice difted off as he turned and found that there was a teen-aged girl right next door to them. "Oh my God!!!!!!!! Help! Not another one! Not another screeming girl!!" he shreeked. "Zac. Calm down! Its no big deal. She might not even like Hanson." big brother Ike said. "Well geeze, Ike. Thats even worse. Why don't we just go over and say hello??" Taylor questioned. "There will be enough time to meet the new neighbors later tonight. That family's father was our real estate agent. I'm not to sure what the mother does, but anyway. Back to my point. They've invited us out to dinner with them at seven, so you still have 7 hours to get un-packed and settled in.", Mrs. Hanson explained. And so the whole family & the movers hauled and lifted boxes and belongings into the brand new house... Cara looked to face this person who broke her day dream. "Cawa", Kyle said. "Can we go in? I tired." Cara grinned and sat up. "Of course we can. Do you want me to get mom to cook you some lunch? Then you can take your nap and get all rested up so you can play again." She picked his up and caried him up the front steps into the house. God. Why must this house have so many stairs Taylor wondered. "Hey Ike! Whick one did dad say was my room??" He shouted loud enough to be heard throughout the house. "Our rooms are up in the attic. I was just up there. It's really great. All the rooms are the same size, though. Zac and I have already picked out our rooms. I'm heading down to get some more boxes. Take those stairs over there all the way up." Ike apeared and said from behind. I bet they left me with the ugly room and a crapy view.. He turned and slowly made his way up the stairs, while Ike thundered down another set. Tay reached the top of the stair case and found himself in a brightly lit room much like a living room with pollished wooden floors. A long hall way went off at his let and a door was across the big room and to the right. He dropped his box and gasped. "Wow. This is beautiful" He ran to a the door at the right and discovered a bathroom, and the hallway held three bedrooms. "Hey Zac! Where are you?" Taylor called. "Right in here." Zac said. "In the kitchen." Did he say a KITCHEN?? I must be hearing things. Or maybe this place is better than it looks... He stepped into a doorway and saw his little brother sitting at a table surrounded by Twinkies, and Ding- Dongs. "This place is the best!!! We could LIVE in the attic! Its just like a little house on top of another house! Mom told me that the real estate guys said the people who lived here before had this attic rented out to some family ans they out ib all this cool stuff." Taylor left Zac to go find his new room...

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