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In Passengers and Ships, William Bartholomew is listed as traveling here on the Griffin from Alford, Lincolnshire, England to Ipswich, Massachusetts. However, this was the port of departure. Before arriving in Massachusetts, William had visited the Hutchinson home in London, England. This record shows William and "wife Mary." There is no other records regarding this. Mary was his sister and the name of his oldest daughter, who would have been a child at this time.

See the The Griffin Passenger List

***There is no record of a Mary Bartholomew, wife of William, dying in their new homeland or in England. Therefore, perhaps this record was in error?

On September 1, 1635, the General Court "ordered that Mary ____, servant to Mr. Bartholomew (William) shall be whipt[sic] for runing[sic] from her master and serve him 6 weeks after her time was ended." From this we can surmise that she was his indented servant, not his "wife." She may have traveled with William to attend to his household before the rest of his family came there. "It is not known when he [William Bartholomew] went to London and took up residence or when he married Anna Lord, sister of Robert Lord." But we do know that Robert Lord was his neighbor in Ipswich and that they worked together on various town projects. We also know that William entertained Mrs. Anna Hutchinson, at his London home before September 1634. This was no doubt to arrange passage to their new home in the Americas, as the Hutchinson Family arrived on the Griffin with William(George Wells Bartholomew. Record of the Bartholomew Family. Austin, Texas, 1885, 30).

The families of Rev. John Lothrop, William Hutchinson, Rev. Zachariah Symmes, Nathaniel Heaton, Thomas Lynde, and William and Richard Haines made up about one-half of the 100 passengers (Wintrop Journal 1, 134). It is thought that Ann Lord Bartholomew came on another ship with her family? This is one mystery that remains unsolved. George Wells Bartholomew thought that Anna Lord was probably William's only wife, since there is no documentation to the contrary. She is first mentioned in town records in 1653. We know she is the sister of Robert Lord because Robert calls William "my brother" in a letter. William's home was west of Robert Lord's home, in Ipswich, Massachusetts.



John Bartholomew was born in 1472. He was 14 years old in the year that Columbus petitioned Queen Isabella of Castile to allow him to find a new passage to the Orient. John was 20 when Columbus first made his voyage in 1492. In the American Armoury and Blue Book, 1907 edition, p. 203, it states: "John Bartholomew of Burghursh" as William Bartholomew, the immigrant's grandfather.

There has been a rumor (in the Bartholomew Family) that the Johnsons (family of Mary Johnson-Gen. 5), had an association with the Earl of Lincoln (this seems to have been disproven?), however, there might have been an association with the Bishop of Lincoln. Not in the "relative" sense, but in their possible possession of Henry Burghersh's manor house (Burghursh/Burghersh). Henry, the Bishop, repaired this same house in 1329, along with his Lincolnshire manors (Wood, Margaret. The English Medieval House. New York: Harper and Row Publishers, 1983). Perhaps this later belonged to the Bartholomews? Circumstantial evidence is presented HERE.


1.John Bartholomew was born about 1500 in Warborough, Oxfordshire, England. John's birth was one year before Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon (the marriage his father might have helped arrange). John was the owner of Westall Hill Manor in Fulbrooke where his descendants lived for 200 years (see the Manor house in links below). John could be the son of John Bartholomew of Warborough, who was born in 1472. It is not know, at this point, whether the John Bartholomew, envoy to Henry VIII, is the same John Sr. of Warborough, Oxfordshire, England, but it looks likely.

John Bartholomew II married Alice Skutter (Scudder?) Either Alice was his second wife or he married her after their eldest son, John was born (in 1528). Perhaps his first wife died in childbirth? John and Alice were recorded as being married on November 22, 1531 in Warborough, Oxfordshire, England.

The LDS records show 1551 and so does The Bartholomew Family, however, this could have been a misread of the records since 3 and 5 can be mistaken in older writing. Given the time period, anything is possible. In 1536, The Church of England was established by Henry VIII. The Catholic Church was very rich and Henry took many of its riches for himself by closing down convents and monasteries. Between 1536 and 1539, most were sold or destroyed in the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Alice Skutter Bartholomew was thought to have married John Weller on September 29, 1568 (LDS microfiche shows Alice Weller marrying John Bartholomew on November 22, 1531). If there was a first wife her name is unknown to us. This generation remains in controversy.

2. Richard Bartholomew, (brother of John?) of Warborough, left his nephew, John Bartholomew, son of John, as overseer of his estate.


John Bartholomew was born in 1528 (when his father was age 28, and his grandfather(?) was age 56), in Warborough, Oxfordshire, England. John II was the overseer of his uncle, Richard's, estate, and was married to Margaret Joyes/Joyce on November 6, 1552 in Warborough, Oxfordshire, England. In 1559, Mary Queen of Scots laid claim to the English throne, and tried to restore the Catholic Church. John died in 1578 in Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England. Margaret Joyce was buried on September 20, 1578 (in Warborough?).

    Children of John and Margaret Bartholomew were:

  1. John Bartholomew. John, son of John was the co-founder of Bartholomew Chapel in Burford, Oxfordshire, England. John was christened on June 19, 1556. He married Ales Vicarage on November 12, 1593. Ales was buried in Burford on October 26, 1619. John was buried in Burford on December 4, 1643. Cousins of this family lived in Warborough, Stanlake, etc.

  2. Richard (twin) Bartholomew was christened on December 5, 1561. Richard married (1) Margaret Munford on November 13, 1587. (2) Anne ____ Anne died on May 7, 1617. (3) Elizabeth Wilkins on July 29, 1619. Richard was buried on April 29, 1632.

  3. Rowland (twin) Bartholomew was christened on December 5, 1561. Rowland died in 1587.

  4. *William Bartholomew was christened on February 7, 1567, and was buried May 6, 1634 in Bartholomew Chapel, Burford, Oxfordshire, England. He married Friswede Metcalfe


William Bartholomew I. (John II, John I) was a mercer (a dealer in silks and woolens) in Burford. At this time, Burford was known for its woolens. He was born before February 7, 1567 (the day he was christened) in Warborough, Oxfordshire, England. William was christened as "Will Bartylmewe." He married (at age 21) Friswide Metcalfe , daughter of William Metcalfe, in 1588 in Warborough, Oxfordshire, England. Their wedding date was one year after Mary Queen of Scots(1542-1587) is executed in Fotheringay Castle in Northamptonshire. William was buried on May 6, 1634 in Bartholomew Chapel, St. John's Church,Burford, Oxfordshire, England. Friswede Metcalfe was born on February 9, 1568/69 in Fulbrooke, Oxfordshire, England. She died on December 10, 1647 in Burford.(FTM, CD200; FTM, CD506; FTM, CD23)

See information about St. Frideswide OR The Metcalfe Family

    William and Friswede's children were:

  1. Mary Bartholomew was born about 1596, she married Richard Tidmarsh of Brodwell in St. Giles Church, Oxford, England on June 28, 1620. Issue: Merryall, Katherine, John, Ann, Richard and Isabel Tidmarsh.

  2. John Bartholomew was born about 1599, he married ______, and had a daughter, Ann Bartholomew who was buried in Burford Chapel on July 16, 1631. John inherited his father's estate.

  3. *William Bartholomew II was born in 1602/3, and died January 18, 1680 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. (see next generation).

  4. Henry Bartholomew was born in 1606/7 and died in Salem, Massachusetts on November 22, 1693 (at age 29 or 30). He arrived in New England on November 7, 1635. He married Elizabeth Scudder.

  5. Richard Bartholomew was born about 1610. He died in London or on a return trip from London to Massachusetts.

    . ***We have proof that Richard and Henry Bartholomew were brothers because of a letter dated November 6, 1646.

  6. Francis Bartholomew was baptised on February 13, 1613/4. Francis died before 1645, as he is not mentioned in his father's will.

  7. Thomas Bartholomew was baptised on June 30, 1616.

  8. Abraham Bartholomew was mentioned in his father's will, but he died March 22, 1646/7

  9. Sarah Bartholomew was baptised on April 14, 1623. Sarah married Thomas Jurden on April 13, 1645. She died before January 8, 1658/9. Thomas Jurden married (2) to Margery Hicks.
    In William I's will, he mentions land in Fulbrooke, Oxfordshire, England; called Holloways, which he bought from Thomas Cambry. A friend of William I's was David Hewes alias Lloyd.


William Bartholomew II was born in 1602/3 in Burford, Oxfordshire, England. William was a mercer or dealer in silks and woolens in Burford, Oxfordshire, England. William traveled from England to Boston, Massachusetts on September 18, 1634. William married Anna Lord, sister of Robert Lord, before 1653, in Burford, Oxfordshire, England. William died January 18, 1679/80 in Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

Grave of William Bartholomew

    The Children of Anna and William Bartholomew were:

  1. Mary Bartholomew was born in 1630, and would have been four years old in 1634, when he father arrived in Massachusetts. She was married by Major Dan Dennison (Justice of the Peace) to Matthew Whipple, of Ipswich, on December 24, 1652. Mary was 22 years of age at the time of her first marriage.

    Mary's first child was:

    1. Matthew Whipple. Matthew was born December 20, 1657, after his father's death on October 20, 1657.

    Mary's second husband was (2) Jacob Greene of Charlestown, son of John Greene. John Greene was a widower. His first wife was Elizabeth Long. Mary was step-mother to:

    Jacob Greene who was born October 11, 1654

    Joseph Greene who was born August 26, 1657

    John Greene.

    The Children of Jacob and Mary (Bartholomew) Greene were:

    2. Elizabeth Greene was born after 1661 and died April 7, 1679 (at age 17). Mary was 31 years old at the time of Elizabeth's birth.

    3. Mary Greene was born May 13, 1662 and died August 20, 1666 (at age 4).

    4. Bartholomew Greene was born March 1663/4 and died young.

    5. Dorcas Greene was baptized December 31, 1665. She was the only child of Jacob and Mary Greene to reach adulthood. Dorcas married John Brackenburg in 1681.

    6. Joseph Greene was born in April 1668 and died in May 1684 (at age 16).

  2. Joseph Bartholomew was born in 1638 (he resided in London, England in 1693).

  3. William Bartholomew III was born, in 1640, in Essex, Ipswich, Massachusetts. He died in the spring of 1697. William married Mary Johnson on December 17, 1663.

Bartholomew's Cobble was located in Berkshire Hills, Massachusetts. In the 19th century, this land was owned by George Bartholomew whose name has been retained at this site. The cobble (an Old English name for a rock outcropping), is basically a limestone rise overlooking the Housatonic River. From the Cobble and from other parts of this property are wonderful views of the river valley.


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