This coat of arms shield has been associated with both
Thomas Scudder of Salem, MA. and John Scudder
of Barnstable, MA.

Gules, on a fesse or, three pellets,
in chief as many cinquefoils argent.
Crozier's General Armory


The name Scudder is of both Dutch and English Origin. Scudder means one who fought with a bow and arrow, an archer; or one who constantly shook or trembled from disease.(Smith, Elsdon C. New Dictionary of American Names. New York: Gramercy Publishing Company, 1988.).


John Scudder was born in 1539, and died sometime before October 18, 1584, in Kent County, England. John's wife was Margaret? She is deeded property at Sutton at Hone and Horton Kirby to her son, Henry Scudder, a carpenter, in her will, and her will was signed by William Scudder in 1585 (Fiske, 291).


Henry Scudder(heir of John and Margaret Scudder) of Horton Kirby was a carpenter (see above). On the same page as his mother's will, is his own: His will mentions his daughters, Alice, Martha, and Jane; and his sons, Henry, Thomas, and John Scudder, the youngest. His brother is shown as William Scudder. His wife as Elizabeth.

John Scudder was born in 1570 in Horton Kirby, Dareth, Kent County, England. He inherited a tenement and lands purchased from Francis Reeve (now in the tenure of Thomas Adams). William Scudder (John Scudder) (1565-1607) of Darente, Kent County, England, is the cousin of Thomas Scudder. William was a yeoman. His will was dated July 27, 1607, and was proven November 4, 1607 (Hudleston, 85). William was buried in the parish churchyard of Darente, near his father's grave. His wife was Margery ? (1567-1607), was the executor of his will.

    The children of Wiliam and Margery Scudder were:

  1. Parnell Scudder (his oldest daughter)was born in 1590 in Dareth, Kent County, England; was left his lands in Dartford and Wilmington, and $120 English pounds in her father's will.
  2. Mary Scudder was born in 1594 in Dareth, Kent County, England; and was left $100 in English pounds in her father's will.
  3. Margaret Scudder was born June 19, 1600 in Dareth, Kent County, England. Margaret married John Johnson, son of John Johnson (1564-1665) and Hannah Throckmartin (1570-1666), on September 21, 1613, in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. John was born in 1590 at Herne Hill, in Canterbury, Kent County, England; and died September 30, 1659 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Margaret was left $50 English pounds in her father's will.

    Children of John and Margaret were: Isaac, Mary, Isaac, Elizabeth, Humphrey, Elizabeth, Martha, Mary, John, Lydia, Sarah, and Jonathan Johnson.

  4. Joane Scudder was born in 1596 in Dareth, Kent County, England' and was left $50 in her father's will.
Also mentioned in the will of William Scudder Are: Henry Scudder, son of John Scudder (his brother) and Henry Scudder, another brother.

John Scudder (Henry, John) was born around 1590 in Horton Kirby, Kent County, England. He died circa 1625/6 in Strood, Kent County, England. John married Elizabeth Stoughton, daughter of Rev. Thomas Stoughton, vicar of Coggeshall (1600-1606).

John Scudder, of Barnstable, came to New England, from Kent, in 1635, at age 16 on the James to Boston, Massachusetts, and was thought to then have relocated in Charlestown. He is listed with the family of Thomas Ewer, tailor. It is not certain if this is the same John Scudder, of Horton Kirby Parish.

Thomas Scudder was born about 1585 in Horton Kirby, Kent County, England. He went to England in 1638. He was a well known man, and was a proprietor of Salem in 1638 (FTM, CD181, English Origins of New England Families, Series I, Volume 3, Genealogical Gleanings in England, 35). Thomas Scudder married Elizabeth Lowers of Darenth, in 1610. Elizabeth had a brother named John Lowers. Thomas and Elizabeth settled in Salem, Massachusetts. Thomas died in 1658, in Salem MA.

Elizabeth Scudder (John Scudder) was born July 31, 1625 and died before 1690. She was the cousin of Thomas Scudder, married Samuel Lathrop of Barnstable, MA., on November 28, 1644.

    Cousins and Relatives of Elizabeth Lowers:

  1. John Lowers of Darnth, Kent County, England, was a husbandman, He was the brother of Elizabeth Lowers (above). His will was dated June 8, 1645, and was proved February 5, 1650 (Grey, 27): his wife was Mary ?

  2. Thomas Lowers (cousin of John Lowers) was left Roxly Wood and twenty shillings. in the will of John Lowers. His sister, Elizabeth was left Bugings, along with her son, Henry Scudder. Elizabeth's sons: Thomas, Henry, William, and John Scudder were left twenty shillings apiece. To Martha and Elizabeth Scudder he left ten shillings. To his cousin, Thomas Lowers, he left twenty shillings. His wife, Mary, was made executor of the estate, with John Umphey of Darnth (yeoman) and Thomas Lowers of Dartford (husbandman) as overseers.


1. Thomas Scudder (Thomas) was left $20 shillings in his uncle, John Lower's wiill.

2. John Scudder (Thomas) married Mary King, daughter of William King. John was left $20 shillings is his uncle, John Lower's will.

3. Henry Scudder (Thomas) was left $20 shillings in his uncle, John Lower's will.

4. William Scudder (Thomas) was left $20 shillings in his uncle, John Lower's will.

5. Elizabeth Scudder (Thomas) was born about 1622, and married Henry Bartholomew in Salem, Massachusetts Elizabeth died September 1, 1682 in Salem, Massachusetts.

Henry Bartholomew was born in 1606/7 and died in Salem, Massachusetts on November 22, 1693.

Henry Bartholomew was the brother of William Bartholomew (my ancestor). Henry was 29 years old when he arrived in New England, on November 7, 1635, and he settled in Salem. William, his brother, settled in Ipswich. Henry was a merchant, lived in Salem, except for 1679-1681, when he lived in Boston, Massachusetts. Henry was born about 1607 and died on November 22, 1692. Thomas Scudder was from Horton Kirby, Kent County, England. He came to New England in 1638 [Chanc. Aff. Reg. 11. Easter Term 1638, No. 82]. Henry Bartholomew was a freeman on May 17, 1637, and a proprietor, in Salem, in 1638.

Elizabeth was left $10 shillings by her uncle, John Lowers.

    Children of Henry and Elizabeth were:

  1. Elizabeth Bartholomew was baptized May 8, 1641, and died young.
  2. Hannah Bartholomew was baptized on February 12, 1642/3 and married (A) James Brown (B) Dr John Swinerton.
  3. John Bartholomew was baptized on November 10, 1644.
  4. Eleazor Bartholomew was baptized July 29, 1649.
  5. Abraham Bartholomew was baptized October 6, 1650 (twin of Abigail)
  6. Abigail Bartholomew (twin of Abraham) was baptized on October 6, 1650, and married Nehemiah Willoughby.
  7. William Bartholomew was baptized October 2, 1652.
  8. Elizabeth Bartholomew was baptized July 2, 1052 and married John Pilgrim.
  9. Henry Bartholomew was baptized on May 10, 1657 (a merchant) and member of the First Church in Boston, and he married Katherine ? They had no children, but adopted a daughter, Katherine, who married a ? Walker before 1694.
  10. Sarah Bartholomew was born on November 29, 1658 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts and christened on December 6, 1658.

6. Martha Scudder (Thomas) was left $10 shillings in her uncle, John Lower's will.


Thomas Scudder (?-1690) of Huntington, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York; married Mary Ludlam, daughter of William Ludlam. Tomas died in 1690.


Benjamin Scudder (Thomas, Thomas) died in 1736, without issue.

Timothy Scudder(Thomas, Thomas) (1655-1740) lived in Crab Meadow, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Timothy married Sarah Wood


1. Timothy Scudder (Timothy, Thomas, Thomas) (1696-1778) lived in Crab Meadow, Suffolk, MA. Timothy married Mary Whitehead in 1726. Mary was the daughter of Daniel Whitehead. Timothy died April 25, 1778.

2. Henry Scudder

3. John Scudder

4. Jonas Scudder


1. Timothy Scudder (Timothy, Thomas, Thomas) married Rebecca Wiser.

2. John Scudder

3. Henry Scudder (Timothy, Timothy, Thomas, Thomas) (1743-1822) of Carb Meadow, Suffolk County, MA., was born on August 5, 1743. Henry married Phebe Carll, daughter of Aranias Carll. Henry died June 21, 1822.

4. Jemina Scudder married David Rusco.

5. Jerusha Scudder married Timothy Carll

6. Julia Scudder married Scudder Lewis

7. Hannah Scudder married Ananias Carll

8. Sarah Scudder married Jesse Buffett.


1. Youngs Prime Scudder (Henry, Timothy, Timothy, Thomas, Thomas)

2. Henry Scudder (Henry, Timothy, Timothy, Thomas, Thomas) (1778-1863) of Northport, Suffolk County, MA., was born April 26, 1778. Henry married (1) Phebe Wood, daughter of Jonas Wood. (2) Elizabeth Hewlett, daughter of Divine Hewlett. Elizabeth died December 5, 1870. Henry died February 2, 1863.

3. Joel Scudder

4. Phebe Scudder married Azel Lewis.

5. Amelia Scudder married Pratt Lewis.


1. ? Scudder (Henry & wife 1, Henry, Timothy, Timothy, Thomas, Thomas) married Seaforth Bryant.

2. ? Scudder (Henry & wife 1, Henry, Timothy, Timothy, Thomas, Thomas) married Melancthon Bryant.

3. Henry Joel Scudder (Henry & wife 2, Henry, Timothy, Timothy, Thomas, Thomas) (1825-1886) of Northport, Suffolk County, MA. and New York City, N.Y., was born September 18, 1825. Henry was elected to Congress in 1872. Henry married (1) June 21, 1853, to Louisa Henrietta Davis, daughter of . Louisa died December 28, 1864.


Rev. Henry Townsend Scudder D.D. was born September 7, 1854 in New York City, New York. Henry graduated from Columbia College in 1874, and was the Rector of St. Stephen's Church in Brooklyn, New York. Henry married (1) Margaret Mott, daughter of Jacob Weeks. She died June 5, 1889, without issue. (2)Emma Willard, daughter of John H. Willard. The Rev. Henry Townsend Scudder lived in Northport, Suffolk County, New York; and Christ Church Rectory, Tarrytown, New York.


1. Edna Hewlett Scudder was born April 28, 1890.

2. Henry Halloway Scudder was born September 24, 1895.

3. Dorothy Weeks Scudder was born March 31, 1899.


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