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Why Panda Forest?

Panda Forest is the ultimate in delicious, affordable chinese Cuisine. We have been serving the Portage and Kalamazoo area for over 11 years and are prepared to make your dish exactly as you like it, including the addition and subtraction of any ingredients, the alteration of any level of spice - the only limit is your imagination.

All of our dishes are prepared fresh, with no canned foods, preservatives, or m.s.g., to ensure you the ultimate in fresh taste combined with quality ingredients.

Our service is of the utmost quality, with experienced waiters and waitresses that ensure the top-notch customer service and hospitality that you expect and deserve.

In addition, our convenient location on westnedge makes us an excellent place to stop in and enjoy lunch while running errands, to bring the family for dinner, or to host a corporate dinner.

We also offer a variety of seating options, including a private party area that is set off from the rest of the restauraunt, and a private open air party room that can accomodate you and all of your guests.

At Panda Forest, both reservations and walk-ins for dine-in are welcome. We ask that you please call in a reservation for large parties (of seven or more people), however, if you have neglected to do so, do not worry, as we can quickly set up a table for you! We also have an excellent take-out service that usually has your dish ready in just 10 to 15 minutes if you do not wish to eat-in. Just call us at (269) - 382 - 1128 with your order and one of our friendly hostesses will gladly assist you.