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Poco da Onca

Kennels and Training Center

Home of the Authentic Fila Brasileiros

-the World's Ultimate Family / Estate Protection Dogs-

direct from Minas Gerais



Our Dogs






Thank you for your interest in the authentic fila brasileiros of Poco da Onca kennels, where We Breed Only the Best.


The fila brasileiros bred at Poco da Onca kennels are the finest natural protection dogs in the world. They are relatively natural dogs, generally healthier and longer lived than other molossoid breeds. They are strong and courageous dogs.

They are the same dogs that have been bred in the interior of Brazil for over 400 years to protect and work on the "fazendas" . We strive to preserve pure and correct filas, and will only breed dogs of this quality.

In their homes our dogs are tender and devoted to their family with absolute obedience and an inexhaustible desire for affection. They are excellent with children being extremely tolerant and docile. When confronted by some threatening gesture our dogs WILL react with extreme self confidence and violence in defense of their masters. Their courage is unwavering and their response immediate and sure.

Our puppies are the result of carefully planned breedings. They exhibit extreme breed characteristics and type, correct anatomy and structure, and extremely strong temperaments and nervous systems.



Poco da Onca Kennels

Jesus M. Llano

(305) 836-6823