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Craft Groups to Support Our Troops:
This is a list of some of the groups that make different items to send to our troops.

Sites and/or Patterns for Cool Ties:
I think most of the patterns you will find at these sites are basically the same but the amount of crystals to be used varies. According to the Watersorb site, "you can use 1-3 tsp for each cool tie/cooler. If too many polymer granules are used in the tube, the polymer will ooze through the fabric tube. Each pound of polymer has about 115 tsp. Two teaspoons is all that is needed." Getting/Ordering crystals:
I've read that you can find the polymer crystals/granules at any home or garden store. The polymer crystals/granules are used in soil for moisture retention. You can also try looking for "Magic Crystals" or "Moisture Plus." (You can find Schultz Moisture Plus at Wal-Mart in the gardening section.) Another brand name to look for is "Soil Moist." If you can't find the crystals locally, check out Soil Moist's web site for a list of links of where to purchase it.
      Another thing to keep in mind when comparing different brands of crystals is that the Watersorb brand uses fewer crystals in making the neck coolers compared to the Schultz Moisture Plus brand. According to the hints from the OSOT, "Schultz Crystals take ¼-teaspoon per 4" pocket. Watersorb takes 1/8-teaspoon."

Safety Note Concerning Polymer Crystals/Granules:
According to Ted Douglas, Watersorb/Polymers, Inc., polymer granules used to construct cool ties are non-toxic and meet EPA standards for potable drinking water. While non-toxic, dust from polymer granules may lead to irritation if inhaled. Mr. Douglas recommends wearing a dust mask while filling cool ties.

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