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Epson Album Viewing Trouble:
Problem 1: Can't view full-sized photo at Epson or get a photo unavailable error message.
Solution 1: Chances are if you are having this problem, it's because you have a personal firewall on your computer such as Norton Personal Firewall or Zone Alarm. If this is the case, here's a couple of things you can try to adjust your settings for it:

  1. -- from Cheryl:
    For Norton Personal Firewall 2003:
    The settings for Privacy Control under the customize privacy settings option should be as follows:
    - Turn on Privacy Control [checkmark in box and I customized my settings]
    then for custom level:
    - Private Information: Medium: Prompt me each time
    - Cookie Blocking: None: Allow cookies (recommended)
    - Enable Browser Privacy [no checkmark in the box]
    - Enable Secure Connections (https) [have checkmark in the box]
    I had problems with Epson and at one online chat site until I changed my settings for the firewall to what I have written above. With these settings, I haven't had any problems with viewing any Epson albums or at the chat site.

  2. -- from Marsha F.:
    - Click Options (on top)
    - Click Advanced Options
    - Click Permit Referer (all the others set to Permit)

    See this site at Norton to explain what is going on at Epson:

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