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Yup, I finally have links! I'll have doll maker links and doll sites. Here they are!


Funky Chickens HTML Help This is a great site for people who don't know HTML
Dollz Mania A lot of adds. It has a lot of great doll makers and dollz!
Top 30 YLC Sites All it is is a lost of dollz sites. 
Room Sets A room maker for dollz. If you're into that kinda thing.
The Woman Says A very cool site with doll makers. Including a Goth one.
Cool Chickas Cool site with a ton of stuff! A cool site with links, dollz, and a mini maker!
Cool Dollz The name is unoriginal but it has cool doll makers.
Neopets A cool site. It looks stupid at first but it does get better after you play. It will porbally look like pokemon but not that stupid. :)
Drepamig's Page My brother's page. He thinks WAY to highly of himslef! I am mentioned here as "Her Majesty, my Sister" Check out the Talon site, I love that car! 
Angels Crying A cool site that has a HUGE silent maker!