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Welcome to Moo Cow's Dollz! Hopefully Angelfire will stay free unlike Homestead. Homestead is stupid and are money hungry! That's my opinion anyway! Well, this won't take that long to finish but it will probally take a couple of days. I'm really busy this summer so I don't have much free time. Stay tuned for more updates!! The links for my dollz are weird because sometimes they don't work. I'm not sure what happens but it's not good! Hmmm! That's why I'm changing this to Moo Cow's Gallery of Dollz!

NEWZ June 27 6:42 PM
I know this isn't THAT important but I'm going to bring back couplez and fairiez. I might add mini couplez and mommy dollz. :) That's all the newz for now!

NEWZ July 4 9:12 PM
Again, what I'm about to say isn't THAT important but, this is all I have to my life. (Not really, but, hey! Who cares?!) Well, I added silentz, fairiez, couplez, wonderkinz, and mommyz! I won't be adding alot of wonderkinz or gothz but I'll be adding more dollz, fairiez, and miniz! Maybe silentz and mommyz too. Expect alot of updates today cuz I'm staying home from the fireworks! I don't havta go with my annoying little cousin who tries to boss me around. I'm just enjoying my time here watching the 4th of July thing on A&E. It wouldn't be the 4th of July at my house if we didn't watch that! lol.

NEWZ July 5 5:56 PM
No big updates today and won't be tomorrow. I'm going to my grandparent's house tomorrow! I added some dollz, miniz, and I added the couplez page. My friend Tony told me tho mommyz were the stupidest idea I've ever had so I deleted them. Thanks for showing me the truth Tony! ;) lol

NEWZ July 7 10:6 PM
Not too many updates. I've been gone so that kinda helps. I didn't think I'd get much done on friday but I got the links page up and am working on a page called Fun Crap. E-mail me with some suggestions to help stop boredom. I'll add your name, don't worry :) I was going to add some dollz and some other junk but my brother needed help putting in a new muffler. Since I was the only on home, had to help him. Not like I knew what I was doing.....

NEWZ July 8 1:45 PM
Not too much done today. My brother is making hamburgers so I'm going to eat lunch pretty soon. I added the recipe to the Fun Crap. I'm writing a book (Yeah, I know, weird) and am going to put all my time into it. More updates coming later!

NEWZ July 9 10:16 PM
I'm gonna give everyone a sneak preview of my "book" on a page called....Lauren's Book! Good name for it, huh? My friend read it (it's not completed yet) and started to cry. I don't find it sad but for some reason she does. It's called The Land of the Midnight Sun. Let's see if you know where it takes place before you read it. Oh yeah! If you don't know why it's in diary form, I'm writing it for the Dear America series.

NEWZ July 13 3:17 PM
I decided to make this my "gallery" of dollz because my graphics can't go on other websites. If you can understand me then good for you! I'm leaving on Sunday for a week to band camp (WOOHOO!!) and won't be updating AT ALL! Ta for now!

NEWZ July 13 6:19 PM
This is the second update. I added dollz, wonderkinz, miniz, and silentz. I have to complain about something right now so don't be offended! Go here to see my complaints!

NEWZ July 14 8:43
I added some stuff. If you read the complaints, good news! Ghetto Bill didn't break the fan! :) Yay! I won't be making any more wonderkins unless I find another wonderkins maker. Deb's Wonderkin Maker is closed so that just kinda sucks. I'm leaving tomorrow to Green Bay to BAND CAMP! I'm sooooo NERVOUS!!! I'm all packed and I have like 10 things to bring! I'll update when I get back. (Next Sunday)

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