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Click on the song link to hear a midi and see the words!


Eternal Father Strong to Save


Nearer my God to Thee


Come Josephine in my flying machine


Where do you want to go on the "Ship of Dreams"?

1st Class: Profiles of those passengers that fascinate me the most
2nd Class: Books, movies, and multimedia on Titanic worth a look
3rd Class: Titanic Quiz!
The Bow & Stern: Lyrics to songs (Nearer my God to Thee, Eternal Father Strong to Save, & Come Josephine in my flying machine)
Grand Staircase: Titanic Related Links
 The Crow's Nest: Titanic Article(s)
Wireless Room:  Awards to win from me, and Awards that I have won! (if you have a movie or historical Titanic Site!)
The Decks:   Links to my webpages!
Lifeboats:  HOME PAGE OF "Ship of Dreams"