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"The Ship of Dreams" RMS Titanic:

In Remembrance: April 15, 1912 at 2:20 a.m. 

My Titanic Heroes


Titanic by Ken Marschall


This is my site dedicated to the Titanic and her maiden voyage.  There are few references to James Cameron's movie here.  I do have my own personal pages dedicated to the film itself!

I gained fascination with the ship when I seen the National Geographic Video and later, James Cameron's Movie "Titanic" which is the best depiction of the tragedy.  I have many documentaries on video tape including: Titanic-Death of a Dream, Beyond Titanic, Titanic-Untold Stories, National Geographic-Titanic.  I also own the following movies on video: Titanic (1997 -James Cameron's version), A Night to Remember, and Titanic (1953 with Barbara Stanwyck & Clifton Webb).  These sources plus books in my book section are my inspirations and sources!!

I have many things to see and look at, plus links for those who want more information!

Where do you want to go on the "Ship of Dreams"?

1st Class: Profiles of those passengers that fascinate me the most
2nd Class: Books, movies, and multimedia on Titanic worth a look
3rd Class: Titanic Quiz
The Bow & Stern: Lyrics to songs (Nearer my God to Thee, Eternal Father Strong to Save, & Come Josephine in my flying machine)
Grand Staircase: Titanic Related Links
The Reading Room: Ship of Dreams Guestbook
 The Crow's Nest: Titanic Article(s)
Wireless Room:  Awards to win from me, and Awards that I have won! (if you have a movie or historical Titanic Site!)
The Decks:   Links to my webpages!
Lifeboats:  HOME PAGE OF "Ship of Dreams"


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Certain persons have made shipwreck of their faith.. - 1 Timothy 1:19

Janet's TITANIC Art:

Simple Yet Beautiful!

GALLERY CONTENTS Wallpapers and Banners Movie and History Inspired Art My Titanic Keepers and Awards Received for my various web pages! Titanic Movie Quiz:  Try the Movie Quiz" Links to my web pages!

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"Titanic was called, 'A Ship Of Dreams'...   And it was... It really was"
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