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Sailor Moon Info and Other Stuff

Hello, and welcome to the Sailor Moon part of my page/site/whatever you want to call it. Here I will tell you about the characters and some other stuff. The main character is Sailor Moon, of course, other- wise known as Serena, Neo-Queen Serenity, Princes Serena, Eternal Sailor Moon, and Royal Sailor Moon. Whew! That was a lot, I wonder how she keeps up with them...Anyway, Darien is another main character, otherwise known as, Tuxedo Mask, Neo-King Endymon, and Prince Darien. Sailor Moon and Darien are an item, as you can probably tell :-). The other Sailor Scouts are Amy, or Sailor Mercury, Lita, or Sailor Jupiter, Rei, or Sailor Mars, and Mina, or Sailor Venus. There are also the 2 cats Luna and Artemis. And now for soom good news! I'm getting rumors that Cartoon Network has dubed more of the Salior Moon Series which means new episodes in the fall! Yay! Theses are just rumors though, if you have any solid information please e-mail me! If you want more info, or have never seen Sailor Moon, WATCH IT! (it comes on cartoon network every weekday at 4:00)

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