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My Queen's Guide Award

I decided after moaning and groaning main times about the lack of sites about the Queen's Guide award that I ought to create my own rather than wait for someone else to get around to creating one. Now the little intro bit for those un-initiated types who don't know what the Queen's Guide Award is. It's the highest award you can earn in Guiding and you have to be between the ages 16 and 26 to be able to do it. Once you have been reccommended by your district you have three years in which to complete all the requirements. At the outset that sounds like a LONG time, but boy does it fly by!!! The award has eight clauses which may be completed in any order.
I'm putting together a list of links to help other Queen's Guides which can be found on the links page and then I've listed what I did for each clause to help you get some ideas. If you've got any ideas about what information would be useful on this site then drop me a line at the email address below.

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Queen's Guide Pages

What I did for my Queen's Guide Award
Queen's Guide Links
Queen's Guide Drop in centre