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What I did for my Queen's Guide Award

Clause 1:

I had already completed the young leader’s scheme when I started the award in 1994.

Clause 2:

Service to the community.
I chose child-care as the area I wanted to work in and as there were no suitable child care courses I took a first aid course (First Response) and did “on the job training”. This was whilst I was volunteering as an assistant in the kindergarten department of Lady Royd the preparatory school of Bradford Girls’ Grammar School where I was studying in the sixth form at the time. Between September 1994 and April 1996 I spent every Wednesday afternoon at kindergarten, first for my training and then for the service part of the clause. I gave over 100 hours service in total! I spent my time baking, doing arts and crafts with the girls, supervising playtime, leading story time and much, much more! I was invited to their annual teddy bears picnic two years in a row and they gave me the cutest little teddy bear when I left.

Clause 3:

Service in Guiding.
I accompanied the 1st Burley Brownies on pack holiday in 1995 to Sconce near Baildon(West Yorkshire) as the assistant QM and craft director. Our theme was the circus.

B I organised, with a little help from the local Guide company the annual Christmas carol service for our local Scout and Guide group, catering for at least 100 guests and organising refreshments, carols and co-ordinating the Christmas play.
For my second activity I organised a PR display to promote Guiding in my district.

C I organised an international evening for my Brownie pack in February 1995. We explored four different countries, learning about the promises and laws of Brownies in those countries, the flags and uniforms. We tried on clothes from the different countries, sang songs, played games and tasted lots of different foods. As I forgot my camera I put together a presentation complete with animation for my assessment and the assessment panel loved it. (even if I did have to drag my computer half across the county because the presentation wouldn’t fit on a disk, it was definitely worth it!).

Clause 4:

Service in the home
I spoke to Asians friends about their religion, culture and perspective on our community and also to my local vicar for his viewpoint.
I redecorated our spare room, designed and cross-stitched a wall hanging and spent every Friday evening for six months playing with and looking after the two children of a friend.

Clause 5:

Service Overseas
I’d already decided before I started this clause that I wanted to use Christian Aid as my charity. I have a long history of volunteering for Christian Aid and its values most closely match mine when it comes to helping the Third World.
I organised a “Paint for Dosh” event ( I think I’d definitely got the decorating bug!) based on Christian Aid’s “Wash for Dosh”. I co-ordinated my local church youth group to help me paint our Scout and Guide hall and we were sponsored for doing it. We raised over £300.

I chose India as my country and found the Internet and the local travel agent to be the most wonderful sources of information. (links to follow!)

Clause 6:

Service as a citizen.
I spoke with a local councillor and visited the town hall to find out about Local Government in my area.

I attended a public meeting held by Yorkshire Water during the drought crisis in the summer of 1996.

I visited and toured the BBC’s Look North studios and the offices of the Yorkshire Evening Post both in Leeds. I learnt about all the processes involved in both operations to get the news out to us the public.

I talked with a local magistrate and spent the day at Keighley Magistrates court to find out about the English legal system. I also visited the police station in Keighley to find out about the role of the police in my area.

Finally I coached a group of Brownies through their water safety badge.

Clause 7:

After completing my senior section camp permit at WYNCHES in the summer of 1995 I attended a Queen’s Guide residential course at Bronerion, Wales in October 1995. (diary to follow!)

Clause 8:

Finally in December 1997 I visited my Division Commissioner and then in January 1998 attended the assessment panel and passed with flying colours.

In October 1998 I received my Queen’s Guide Award from Princess Margaret at Kensington Palace

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