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My Camp page

Some of you might be wondering why my homepage is titled Pud's page. After all thats a bit of a strange name isn't it? Well to clear up any confusion its short for Yorkshire Pudding and its my Camp name!

I've spent the past three summers working at Camp Narrin in Ortonville, Mi, USA, Camp Innisfree in Howell, Mi, USA and Camp Metamora in Metamora, Mi (really imaginative name!). Michigan Metro GSC's three Resident Camps and I had to have a camp name, Yorkshire Pudding was considered too long so it was shortened to Pud and it kind of stuck! Most of my camp friends even call me Pud outside of camp!

(Just a quick aside for you non-Brits, Yorkshire pudding is a cooked dish made from batter similar to pancake batter and is a famous dish from my part of the world (Yorkshire, England!)

The flags above represent some of the countries my wonderful new camp friends come from, so as you can see it was quite the place for making global connections! I'm now saving up so I can keep my promises and visit my friends in Brazil, Hungary, New Zealand and Australia! (and all you Innisfree and Metamora gals who don't yet see your flags, don't worry I'll get them up here soon!!)

Well I loved camp and being a counselor, in fact I loved it so much I've spent the past three summers there. If I get my way I'll be going back for at least part of summer 2001(watch out Dragonfly the crazy accident prone english counselor is returning!) I spent this summer at Camp Innisfree Michigan Metro's horse camp and Camp Metamora the third resident camp. I was Arts and Crafts Director and whilst it was tough work I loved it!!!!!!!!! I taught every child who camp to our two camps this summer! Tried out new crafts, watch eyes light up as my pupils achieved something new and had a blast! I also learnt a couple of new skills myself, including how to throw a pot!!! Then somehow I managed to get myself volunteered to do a program out at Camp Crawford(Huron Valley GSC) with my friends Jason & Jenn (You would have thought I would've learnt my lesson after day camp!!). And if that wasn't enough I was talked into being a day camp volunteer(a person who just can't say NO!!!) LOL.

This page will eventually be devoted to camp - pictures, quotes, crafts and stuff but I haven't got that far yet!

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