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You know you've been at camp too long when ....

  • The only songs you can remember the words to are camp songs!
  • On your 3rd night of campers you're already telling them to get into a buddy line, to the right of the road in your sleep!!
  • A ride to the gas station on your time off sounds exciting!
  • You no longer remember your real name!
  • Getting ice-cream sandwiches for dessert in a cause for joyous celebration!
  • Going to Meijer becomes just a little too exciting!
  • Everything smells like a campfire! :-)
  • You say to your friends "I have to be home by noon for the staff meeting"
  • You begin to call it "home"
  • Wearing your staff shirt in public is no big deal!
  • You look forward to open air showers
  • You call fellow counselors by their camp names in public
  • You have mosquito bites on your mosquito bites!
  • It annoys you that people on the sidewalk back in civilization don't walk in buddy lines!
  • You throw away real plates and silverware
  • You begin to believe that your cabin bed is comfortable
  • You have to set your alarm to get up from rest hour
  • You talk to the mice in your cabin and your unit has an ant for a mascot (I'm not lying one of my groups did! his name was Fred!)

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