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Here you'll find a list of live shows and other music from my collection that some of you who trade, may find of interest.
If you see something that you'd like or want more info on something please e-mail me!
I haven't been trading lately, i've been busy with my music project, ethelscull but I'm looking to get back into it.. please take a few moments to look through my want list. Im interested in live shows, b-sides, rarities, compilations and live video from any of the bands listed. *Stars* following a name indicates who I'm currently searching for material by, but the *want list* is slightly more up to date. You can get a good idea of my music tastes here, if you see that I don't have something that perhaps you think I might like, please suggest it to me, im interested in finding out about new bands!
CD-R trades are perferred.. but I will accept Type II audio tapes in certain situations.

I'm interested in video trades as well, although I can only trade cd-rs for videos.
If you have a video list with any of the artists listed on this site, please send it along!!

*This site will be updated soon!
Please swing back here from time to time to see if I've added something you might be looking for!
~*thank you*~

~June 11 2003~
Finally updated some information.
Please take a look at my art site!
and check outthe latest
ethelscull reviews..
..lo fi ethereal experimental...