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Linda Hanaway

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Hello, my name is Linda Hanaway, but you all know me as Nicholen. I run this Third Watch site along with many others. I am currently a Freshman at a local community college studying Graphic Arts. My hobbies included golfing, playing the piano, and dancing. I take ballet, modern and tap lessons and used to take a little gymnastics. I have always had a fasination with police, paramedics, and firefighters, which is the reason I like Third Watch. There are many other shows I like other than Third Watch. Some of my favorites are: ER, Sabrina, Animal Precinct, Emergency Vets, Touched by An Angel, Scrubs, and Fraiser. I also love animals of all shapes and sizes. I have a parakeet and a gerbil and used to have 2 rabbits. I used to live in Upstate New York but now I live in Michigan.

I hope you are enjoying my Third Watch Site and if you have any questions about it feel free to contact me.