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The Perfect Hot Tub / Spa

So, you're looking for the "Perfect Hot Tub / Spa"? Well I have good news and I have bad news....

The good news is, with great certainty I can say "There is a spa that is "Best" for you.
The bad news: There is no way for me (or anyone else for that matter) to tell you which hot tub is "perfect" for you.

There are just too many variables for any one spa, or any one spa manufacturer to fit a "best for everyone" classification. What is perfect for me, may not be for you.

I have seen a number of web sites that rate different spas, and spa manufacturers but, to my knowledge, every one of them has a vested interest in one brand or another.  Either they sell the brand or sell advertising to that brand, or in some cases have other web sites that sell tubs or advertising for tubs.

Besides, who can say "This is what will be comfortable to you" other than you? And in my eyes, comfort comes first. 

A spa that looks great running in a showroom floor, may just be like torture when you are sitting in it, and one that looks weak, may feel just right...How do you know what will feel good, when you are the one soaking in it? Well one method that I endorse is to wet test any spa that you are considering purchasing, and if for some reason one does not feel just right, then wet test another. Sure it is a little work for a dealer to fill, warm and chemically treat a spa so that you can sit in it, but they are there to work for you and to earn your business... aren't they?

Second: Comfort in your dealer. This should be a purchase that you have to live with for years, and the dealer is your only real connection to service that you can count on.  So while researching which spa feels best take a look at the reputation of the dealer that is selling it.  

Then becoming more popular, is a return policy, that will state something like "If you are not happy with your choice in tubs for any reason for "x" days you can return it to trade into another tub of your choosing." While I was in retail I did not offer a return policy like this, but I now know of several dealers who do. Like any promise though if you do not get it in writing it was never made.

So trust your own judgment, and not that of some anonymous person on the internet.... like me.



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