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Jellicles Against Hate


One thing I have noticed about CATS fans if their ability to band together for a worthy cause. This is not just the CATS fan's cause. It's not just my cause. It's not just a cause of any race, any age, any sexual preferance, any religion, or any state of mind.

It is OUR cause.

Everyone out there knows some form of Hate. Weather they are a victim of Hate crimes, or they simply Hate doing homework. The fact is, Hate is everywhere. But it doesn't have to be.

At the bottom of this page there is a link that I ash you to follow. It will take to you a page that is dedicated in stoping Hate and Hate related crimes. You can make a difference in the quest to end Hate.

Intolerance Kills Innocence.

If you don't want to click the below linke I can not make you. But I can ask you this... Just take a minute to think about your life and possibly make some changes. Is there someone you don't like just because they're different? Because they're a different race? A different religion? Because they're gay? You may not be openly crule to them, but the Hate is still there.

Stop the Hate.

We can help to stop Hate if we all work together. If you have a web site I ask you to take the 'CATS against HATE' banner and place it on your page, linking it back here. Who knows, maybe someone will click on the banner out of curiosity and then deside to join the fight against Hate. We're making a difference just by making people aware of the dangers of Hate.

Please, please help stop Hate.

Stop the Hate!

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