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This will more then likely be among the final updates to my Domicile. I have devoted countless hours, love, pain and tears to this site... but as you've noticed the updates are so slow they arn't even noticable anymore. Although CATS is still one of the major loves of my life I don't have the time or energy to make this site what it should be. But you can. I know I've lost a lot of mail, facts, pictures, and stories over the past months due to mail box crashes and lapses in time- but no more! I now have the Domicile's very own forum where you can add everything you've wanted to, without worring about me loosing it. I plan on keeping the forums and the site up as long as possible, because there is a lot of great CATS here that needs to be shared. Thank you all so much for your help and support with the Domicile. It wouldn't be anywhere near as great as it is without you. Although I will not be doing huge updated to the site, I will keep it running and stop in on the forums to visit everyone. Good luck and be safe. Now and Forever.

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