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Saskatoon Literary Agency

Welcome to Saskatoon Literary Agency. My specialty is novels, but I will consider short story collections as well. Please, no children's stories or picture books. I am willing to consider new authors at this time and am accepting e-queries. What could be easier than that?

My focus as an agent is on the client and on the sale. When a contract is negotiated, it is my job to help you, the writer, to market and promote your literary property. As most of you have probably learned, the publishers will usually set aside a relatively small marketing budget for new authors. Therefore, to ensure that your first (or fifth) book is a success, a large part of the marketing falls upon the agent and the writer. By aggressively marketing your first book and demonstrating the size of your audience, we can then command a larger advertising budget for subsequent works.

I do not charge a reading fee, however I do charge a two hundred dollar marketing fee to cover my expenses of long distance phone calls, shipping and photocopying. This is non-negotiable and is due upon activation of the agent/client agreement. Contrary to popular belief, agents do not work for free. Until those advances and royalties start pouring in, of which I will claim fifteen percent (twenty percent for international markets), I am forced to charge this fee. After your book sells, I work solely for the aforementioned commission.

This marketing fee is fully refundable upon the sale of your book.

Finally, don't get discouraged! If you've written a compelling book with vivid characters you will eventually find a publisher. DON'T GIVE UP!!!

If you'd like to see a sample of my Agent/Client agreement, click here.

Confused about queries? Find out what I like in a query by clicking here.

For Submissions information, please click here.

So you think the publisher is going to do all the work once you sign the contract? Think again!

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