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Children's Rights Advocacy

A sample letter to send to legislators.

Below is a sample letter that could be used as a rough draft to send to legislators on the issues of children's rights. If the visitor to this web page understands how to "copy and paste" then this process becomes somewhat less complicated.

If you drag your computer mouse pointer across the text of this sample letter and highlight the text you can then go to the top of your window and click "Edit" where a drop down screen should appear and then click the "Copy" option of that drop down screen.

The next step is to open a blank document in your word processor and when the computer cursor is flashing on that page you can again go to the "Edit" section that also should be at the top line of your word processor window and when that drop down screen appears you can select "Paste" and click it. This should paste the sample letter to your word processor.

Once this is done you would then need to address the top of the letter to the specific legislator you are writing to and then make some edits to the rest of the letter to suit your own personal case, if you prefer. You could also add, or delete some of this sample letter to suit the situation.

I do strongly suggest and encourage people to write their legislators on these issues. What is also effective is to also include copies of relevant letters to the editor that you may from time to time published in newspapers, or include a copy of a news article that is also on point.

You may find that the cost of a postage stamp, some paper and an envelope is an effective way to promote children's rights and make your legislators, appointed and elected officials aware of these issues. It is always an excellent way to communicate these issues.

This draft could also be used to form a letter to the editor of your local newspapers, or any news journalist who has recently written a published news article. I have had portions of this letter published in the Detroit Free Press ojn December 7, 2000, and a Massachesettes newspaper.

If you visit this web site and are concerned about these issues please consider writing a letter and mailing it to a newspaper, elected official, or journalist.

Here is the sample letter:

The Honorable George Elected
United States Senator
7** Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510


Dear Senator, or Representative . . . . . . .

I am contacting you as a children's rights advocate. After having personal experiences with the child welfare industry that has been created as a result of the federal funding of many programs intended to protect children that are administered through several administrative agencies such as Department of Health and Human Services, community mental health agencies and children's protective services that are often either the initiator's of court proceedings, or are involved directly from court appointments.

In the past if I would have listened to anyone attempt to tell me that these agencies and courts are rampant with fraud, corruption and official misconduct I would have thought these people to be crazy, disgruntled, misinformed or just plain nuts.

Since then I have become aware of considerable amount of case records, documentation and an abundance of evidence of this fraud and corruption which do include, Class Action Lawsuits, higher court decisions, hundreds of newspaper articles and United States Department of Justice investigations and convictions.

Unfortunately, one thing I have learned from my personal experiences is that for the most part any attempt to bring these issues and evidence to the attention of elected representatives can be compared to a dentist attempting to remove several teeth from a patient without the use of any painkillers, or novacaine.

I have found that there is an extreme amount of resistance in the legislature to even acknowledge that the taxpayers are funding this fraud, corruption, official misconduct and negligence. I very strongly suspect that the reason for this is that many of the agencies, individuals and professionals who profit at the expense of the taxpayer and the welfare of our nations children are also heavy contributors to the campaigns of the elected who pass the laws that promote this profit.

I also suspect that any elected legislator who does take a stance of these issues and acknowledge that there is a need to investigate this fraud, corruption, official misconduct and negligence in the child welfare system would be committing "political suicide."

From time to time the news media does indeed touch upon these issues and it is even more true that since the popularity of the Internet there is an abundance of web sites that cover many of these issues that the press appears to "back away from."

I also highly suspect that one of the main reasons there is not the level of public scrutiny these issues demand is that the majority of the population just is not directly affected by fraud, corruption, official misconduct and negligence in the child welfare system and the politician is actually personally better off not to acknowledge these problems and issues.

I have been praying, watching, waiting, and hoping for the day when those appointed, and elected,
individuals who have accepted the public trust realize that there is a need for "open public hearings" regarding fraud, corruption, official misconduct and negligence in the child welfare system on a State and more specifically on the Federal level and that congressional hearings would be most appropriate.

I am hoping that you, your staff, and your public office will be receptive to these issues as you perform your public services as a elected representative.

From time to time I would like to forward relevant information to your office for your review and keep you informed on issues you will be voting upon that will affect my personal welfare and the welfare of our nation's children.

As I very strongly believe it is only a matter of time when these issues cannot be ignored any longer and that there will be a time when these injustices will no longer be tolerated by this society for the truth is that these problems and issues are not going to go away and they are getting worse as time goes by and those agencies and people who are not being subjected to competent oversight and review are eventually going to be an embarrassment and an outrageous "black mark" in this nation's history when the public finally realizes the scope and extent of what the taxpayer has been funding in the name of child protection.

One particular and specific "case on point" can be found in a Michigan Court of Appeals decision that has recognized that Judges may appoint an expert witness who may fabricate, manufacture and destroy the welfare of a child in this process and do so with malice and still enjoy immunities for doing so, even if actually caught. I personally find it most outrageous that this decision by a Michigan court is not widely publicized and criticized for what our legal system has evolved to, or that people do not understand the legnth that courts will uphold immunities and the extent that these immunities are abused: [Quoted, in part, from Bielaska v Orley Michigan Court of Appeals decision dated February 9, 2001, COA Case Number 215287]

There is a lot of information I would like to present to you so that you may realize that there is an abundance of credible and relaible information available with regards to these issues but then I would have to forward thousands of pages of documents to you and I know you do not have the time to review them. It has also been my previous experience that doing so more often than not is a waste of my postage, time and money.

It is my prayer and hope that someday our society, social services and the court system may actually work to protect our most precious resource, the children. The system currently protects the accuser, the prosecutor, with immunities and child welfare agencies further protection from disclosure as well as confidentiality laws that are often abused. The current system also protects the social worker and court appointed expert/therapist/evaluator from their own negligence with immunities. The child welfare system and laws affecting children gives the judge discretion and immunity from negligent decisions based on what is convenient for the court and not in the best interests of children.

When the current child protection laws are "corrected," to not only protect children from actual abuse situations, but to also protect children from negligent and incompetent social workers, psychologists, judges, and prosecutors, as well as many of the court appointed attorneys involved then we will have effective and just child  protection laws.

Any law that can effectively protect children must also effectively acknowledge system abuse, incompetence, and negligence in order to protect children. If the government cannot, or will not, protect children from its own negligence and incompetence, then many of these children will not be protected and when this happens while the government intervenes in these cases the government and its many taxpayer funded agencies then becomes responsible for promoting the child abuse it presents to the public it intends to prevent. These children suffer the injustice and indifference promoted by those presumed to protect the best interests and the rights of children who profit from the current laws, procedures, and public policies.

Fraud, corruption, official misconduct and negligence in the child welfare system is not a popular subject with the elected or there would have been much more recognition of the problem and the issues by now. I can only hope that your awareness and intertest of these issues will make a difference and that children's rights will someday cease to be mere rhetoric and politics as usual.

I want to thank you for your valuable time by allowing me the opportunity to communicate with you on these issues and I pray that you will listen. I also want to thank you for considering that these issues are important to the needs and rights that our nation's children deserve.

Sincerely Yours,

Concerned Citizen

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