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Welcome to the aircraft section!
This part of my site is permantly under construction, due to the fact that I am always updating as often as possible. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, I can always help you try and find it!

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SKA350Beechcraft Super King Air350 (size: 1,373Kb) FS98 plane/panel/sounds. By Bill Walch. (Plane by Barry Blaisdell)

SKA350 UPDATE (size: 140Kb) This is the FINAL UPDATE for this aircraft. (requires Super King Air 350 plane/panel above)
Lockheed C-130 (size: 200Kb)-FS98 Lockheed C-130 - NASA by Angelo Moneta
bb609-98 (size: 83Kb) FS98 Bell Boeing 609 Tiltrotor by Captain Slug
(download panel and sound below)

bb609-98-panel (size: 398Kb) FS98 panel - Bell Boeing 609 Tiltrotor by Captain Slug

bb609-98-sound (size: 1491Kb) FS98 sounds - Fast TurboProp\Rotor Sound collection For a Twin Engine Tilt-Rotor or Turboprop by Captain Slug.

Siai SF260Siai 260 AMI (size: 577Kb) for FS98 (with panel and checklist) version 2.0, by Angelo Monteta. (The AMI is orange, however, there are two other planes with differnet paint schemes that i didn't add. If you would like one of these other aircraft, please let me know. It will then be available on this page)

***NOTE: The majority of the FS files on the net are ALL stored on a 2 or 3 servers. Due to this fact, some aircraft or panels may not be available due to overcrowding and or routine corrections on the particular server. If the link does not work, chances are you will have to try back at a later hour. This problem occurs often with other web sites, but they are not as willing to let you, (the people we do this service for), know about it for fear you will not come back. I am informing you of this in hopes you will be back!

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