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As you walk into the Hall a sudden chill sweeps over you. Through the open window you notice drifting in, a wisp of mist that seems to settle on the floor in a small pool. While you watch, it continues flowing in, building a small bank of fog in front of you. The cloud slowly coelesces into a feminine humanoid form.

The figure standing before you actually looks quite unremarkably human...for now.

"Hello!", I say cheerfully. "How nice of you to stop in to visit me!" Smiling, I ask, "Did you sign my guestbook? Don't worry, you can always do it on your way back out, if you didn't."

Extending my hand, I shake yours firmly yet gently then release it. "Please feel free to look around. I've been doing a complete overhaul of the decorating scheme, so it's not much, yet." I say. "Take your time and make yourself at home, but please be careful. There is some debris lying about. I have another appointment to keep, but I'll be back later." With a wave and a twinkle in my blue eyes, I turn around and walk away with a soft rustle of my long swaying skirts and a toss of my shoulder length brown hair.

As you look around you see that the place is rather austere. Not much in the way of furniture. Only a few comfy chairs clustered around the huge fireplace. The dark flames beneath the cauldron throw surreal shadows against the walls. Within the hearth hangs a bubbling couldron with a fragrant stew simmering.

To the side of the hearth is a small table with some wooden bowls and silver spoons laid upon it. Above the table hangs a sign that reads:

All the Silver is
It is perfectly safe to use,
however if you decide to take it with you
The Consequences
...are your own.

To your right, against the far wall is a small table with a dusty tome upon it. As your eyes continue scanning the room, you see a dark and shadowy passageway. Though most everything else here shines with care, this portal is shrouded in cobwebs, intentionally left undisturbed. Do you dare to look further?

Returning to the room after what seems only a moment, though actually longer, I walk up to you. "Sorry to have kept you waiting," I say with a bright smile. "Would you like to meet some friends of mine, now? Their a bit odd by the reconning of most, but pleasant enough on most occasions"

When I notice you pausing, I say, "If you don't have the time right now, I understand." Then smiling softly I disappear once more and the only motion left in the room is the fluttering of the open window's draping.

In a soft alto voice that echoes from the surrounding draperies you hear me say....

"See you later...I've got some furniture to move in..." leaving the sound to fade away into the echoes of your mind.

Completing your survey of the room, you see again the way you entered.

© 1998 Llynx Darkstar™

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