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From this page you can enter the CRAR bulliten board! Keep in mind, this is a moderated board. Your posts will be reviewed before being posted. Why?

Well, while I am not looking to necessarily censor anyone, I also want to keep the board rated PG as a safe place to post without extreme vulgarity or personal attacks on any individuals.

This isn't a "reading forum", per se, but you are more than welcome to discuss different placement with eachother, or ask any questions about astrology, offer astrological tips, whatever.
Commercials and adds won't be posted, though want adds are OK as long as they pertain to astrology. (For example: Wanted: Astrologer for magazine...NOT-"Wanted: People to come to my site for $2 Tarot card readings.") There's lots of other places on the web to be commercial.

If this sounds good to you...go on in and post!! It might take a little while to get some discussions going, since its brand new...but be patient and check back often!

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