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Final Adventure

These pages are dedicated to our beloved Cat-a-Purr, and to cats everywhere, especially the ones that have tested FeLV positive and their families that are waiting and praying for a cure.

Cat-a-Purr died October 2, 1997 after he went out of remission from FeLV. Even as he was waiting to cross the "Rainbow Bridge", he truly showed his love and loyalty to his human family, and he also sent a new little one to us that needed a loving home.
We have added a Tribute to Cat-a-Purr, our "Kitty Angel".

I will always believe that as Cat-a-Purr crossed the Rainbow Bridge, he saw Pooky all alone and scared and sent him to us, knowing that we needed him as much as he needed us.

Even though Cat-a-Purr has been gone a year, he always will hold a special place in our hearts, and someday I will again snuggle him close as we cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

This is the heartwarming story of our FeLV+ kitty Cat-a-Purr's. Grab a box of kleenex and follow Cat-a-Purr on his "Final Adventure".

Let me introduce name is Cat-a-Purr and I'm almost 9 years old (I think). I'm not sure what my early life was like, but I know I had been abused and neglected. I had been wandering all alone for a long time, sleeping on old papers in a barn, and catching mice for my dinner, when I found my Mom's office. I was really a scrawney looking thing, my once shiny fur was all matted and dirty, and my ribs stuck out, but I still had a lot of love to give a family!

Then my luck changed, ( or was it REALLY luck?) My new Meowmy-to-be worked right near where I slept. She brought me inside (it was starting to get kinda chilly at night) and gave me real cat food, and more attention and love than I had ever had. Right then I knew that I had found MY human! I still caught mice, just because I wasn't quite ready to trust anyone just yet. After all, a cat has to have some dignity!
I had a special blanket she brought for me and I could sleep all day right on top of her desk in the sun. The bad part was that I still had to sleep in the old barn at night, cold and all alone. But I knew in the morning, I would always have a full tummy and lots of attention. I would cuddle up on her lap and purr my thanks, I was finally happy. I still looked pretty bad, but Mom seemed to love me just as I was. Even when she didn't stay all day with me, she always came to give me food and attention. I know now it was what people call "the weekend", but I sure missed my Mom.

Then one day, just when these fluffy white flakes were floating down from the sky and I was really getting cold paws, Mom lifted me up and told me we were going to my new home. I wanted more than anything to go home with her, but I wasn't too sure about getting into that big metal box that moves and makes so much noise. I finally decided that it was ok, Mom had my blanket, I knew I could trust her, and it had to be better than this awful cold.We only were in that big box for a few minutes when we stopped in front of a house and Mom snuggled me inside her coat and carried me inside.
I was greeted by this little kitten that stood on two legs and ran sooo fast. He seemed to like me, and stroked my fur, but I had to wait on that one! I had my blanket with me, but that was about all I had from my old life. Now another one of my nine lives was starting, and I was truely happy.

Cat-a-Purr's Final Andventure
Part 2

I settled in to my new home, and slowly I became the pretty kitty that I was always meant to be. All the love and attention, made my dull coat shine, and I filled out from all the good food. My special treat was eating butter off my "brofur's" finger, and just to show him how much I loved my treat, I'd give him a gentle love bite.

My Meowmy thought it was time to get me neutered and tested, so off we went in that big noisy metal box again to see th v*t. Meowmy had to leave me there to have everything done, but to my surprise, after they took the tests, they called Meowmy at home. I didn't understand what they said, but they told her that I was FeLV+, and that they didn't know if Meowmy would want to neuter me. They said one option was to put me to sleep. I was tired, but I didn't really want to go to sleep there. Meowmy and the v*t talked for a long time, and Meowmy was crying. She must not have thought I was tired either, because she refused to put me to sleep! They decided to try a new procedure, Reglan, for 4 weeks to build up my system for the neuter. I got to go home, but I went back every few days to get a shot. When the four weeks were up, I went to get "fixed", and came through with flying colors.

I was HOME!! Before it was known that I was FeLV+, that two legged little kitten rescued another furbaby that had been living in a ditch behind the house. Mugsy was so tiny and needed so much help in learning, that she and I became fast friends. I loved Mugsy and taught her everything she needed to know, but my first love was my Meowmy, and I think she felt the same way. We had a special bond of love between us!

I had several episodes where I felt really yucky and wouldn't eat, but after a couple days of being force fed chicken soup, I felt like myself again. My Meowmy noticed that I usually got this way if I was stressed. Loud noises, lots of people coming and going, or being left by myself.

More to come........

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