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"Dancin' with Wolves" Artist Showcase

"Dancin' with Wolves" Artist Showcase
is dedicated to my husband who enjoys
and appreciates the beauty of the wolves.

Gray Wolf - Red Wolf

"The haunting howl of a wolf on a moonlit night
has evoked fear and fascination in humans since
the beginning of time. The wolf's success as a
hunter and its elusive nature have made it easy
for people to assume the worst about the animal.

Even our fairy tales portray the wolf as evil.
Only now are we beginning to understand this
mysterious creature, and the truth is even more
intriguiging than the myths."
by: Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

I want to showcase artistic web sites whose
primary goal is to display "wolf" content. These
sites will contain information, pictures, graphics
and/or sounds. I encourage you to bookmark this
page for future reference and to update it
frequently. If there is a site you would like to
recommend, please email us. Thanks!
(((H O W L)))

Check these links for random wolf content.
These links may provide several pictures/graphics
or sounds, but is not dedicated specifically to
wolves. Sites providing wallpaper, graphics,
pictures, sounds of wolves are included here.

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Dancin' with Wolves
Artist Showcase
Some of the web's finest websites for wolf content

"You will find many things here. There are pages
on wolves as well as eagles and buffalos. All
wonderful gifts that the Great Spirit has given
to us to share Mother Earth with and to be
brothers and sisters to.

You will also find many things here about American
Indians, all things here are close to my heart."

~~Toksa Ake~~
White Feather

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An absolutely beautiful site, dedicated to wolves.
Don't miss this one!!

Wolf Graphics

Here are wolf graphics you may
save and use compliments of
Wild Wolf Women of the Web

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