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UPCOMING COLORADO HASHES - last updated on 28 August 2014. Usually updated weekly on Wednesday.

Mile High Humpin' H3 #5 - 28 August @ 7:00pm

When: Meet at 7:00 SHT, Pack away at 7:30 SHT. Prelube at Salty Rita's. They have happy hour specials until 7:00!
Where: Salty Rita's (in Lowry area) somewhere in the parking lot. Look for hashers or start yelling RU
Hare(s): HBOP
Hash Cash: $5
Bring: hash cash, virgins, thirst for beer, whistle, cranial lamp, virgins, low morals, bug spray, and whatever else keeps you from crying while away from mommy.

OrFat Hash Weekend - 29 through 31 August @ 7:00pm

What: Invihash orphans who are attending Tour de Fat in Fort Collins
When: Friday August 29-Sunday August 31
Where: Camp will be at the Tiny's place up in Loveland. 1383 6th St. SE Loveland, Co. 80537
Hares/Hosts to pose questions to: HBOP, Tiny Whiny B'ch, Ball Gag
Hash Cash: 6-pack for Friday's trail. BYOB and supplies for the weekend. No money is being collected.
What to bring: thirst for beer, desire for fun, costume for Tour de Fat (the theme several hashers are going with is Carnival/Sideshow people), beer, bike and lock, your fun pants, virgins, cranial lamp, whistle, whatever you need to feel good about yourself in the morning.
Tentative plan: The Tiny's are hosting crash space for this event beginning Friday evening through Sunday morning.
Friday: Tiny Whiny B'ch is haring Friday night's trail. Probably starting somewhere around 7:30 SHT. No hash cash. Bring a 6 pack instead. In fact, bring all your own stuff, or plan to pick it up somewhere along the way. Or be nice and bring enough to share.
Saturday: Prelube and apply awesome attire. Grab bikes if ya got 'em, and carpool to Lay Me Over's place (303 Scott Ave, 2 blocks south of Mountain and 1 block west of Shields). Watch the parade, drink, attend the Tour de Fat celebration. Bike, carpool, hitchhike, stumble, or teleport back to camp. Drink and have other shenanigans.
Sunday: Drink your morning beverage. Pack your belongings. Go home.

Boulder H3 #711 - 31 August @ 3:00pm

What: Rock and Rain Labor Sunday
When: Sunday August 31st at 3pm
Where: Marshall Mesa Trailhead
Hare: Pippi
Hash Cash: five bucks
Bring: A rain slicker, boom box, Hammer pants, crop top, change of clothes, virgins, cammo paint, umbrella and your favorite candy bar.
Trail: A to A with some tricky bits in between. If it's raining, there is a plan B for circle. Plan B?
Dog/Stroller: Puppies will manage but strollers will not. Get a baby backpack, that should be okay.
Hash Crash and DD: You can always sleep in my bathtub if you need to. And it's always a good idea to bring a sober friend.

Denver H3 #842 - 7 September @ 2:00pm

Sunday, September 7 at 2:00 pm
Di-erections Take I-70 to the first exit (exit 238) west of Idahore Springs and take Fall River Road up, and up, and up, and then up some more for about 11.5 miles to the St. Mary’s Glacier parking lot, which will be on your left. There is a $5/car parking fee, so try to carpool. The trail will originate from this parking lot, which is just below the trail head to the glacier. Questions? Try Google Maps.
Bona fides How often do you get to hash a glacier? Take advantage of this opportunity! This is an ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified hash which has been thoroughly scouted based on the recollection of my elderly uncle who visited the glacier about 40 years ago, or so, or was that Banff?
What to bring Standard Hash Cash, which I think is $6. Rain Gear, Warm clothing, Sun Screen, Virgins, Ear plugs in case the weather is bad and KDiBS starts whining, An appetite for Spam! Early morning bonus
For the over achievers out there, I will be going up to the glacier earlier in the day to get my monthly ski-day in. If you’re interested, bring your skis and a backpack and we’ll hike to the top of the glacier for a quick ski back down. Contact me if you’re interested. NB! The snow on the glacier is really crappy and is far from being a groomed run, but how often can you say you skied a glacier? Bring your mankini if you have one!

Pikes Peak P2H4 #731 - 13 September @ 2:00pm

What: Black Forest / Retirement Party / Birthday Bash (No Dick has retired from his phoney baloney job, and will soon be only 9 years away from his 69th birthday!)
When: Saturday, Sept. 13th, 2 P.M.
Where: First parking lot in Black Forest Regional Park
De’erections: From Hwy 83, take Shoup Road going East. Turn left at Milam Road, take immediate right into first parking lot.
Hare: No Dick
Bring: Appetite for beast stew and veggie chili, thirst for beer, whistle, $5, etc.
Trail: A to B, short and stupid, not dog-friendly. Felines are at the on-in, so bring your allergy medicine if you’re allergic them.
On-In: Non-hashers call 494-0279 for directions, etc.

2014 Taos Hash #? - 11 October @ 2:00pm

SCHEDULE: The 2014 Taos Hash is on October 11, the Saturday of Columbus Day Weekend, starting at 2 pm.
START: The start will be at the Ranger Station about 1/2 mile west of the intersection of US285 and US64 in Tres Piedras, NM. The Ranger Station is on the north side of US64.
HASH CASH: $2 plus a six-pack per person of good beer donated to the hare for the on-in. Examples of "good beer" are Santa Fe Brewing Hoppy Camper IPA, Dales Pale Ale and New Belgium and Ska Brewing products. Your hare will provide coolers, ice, cheap snacks and water for the on-in, cheap down-down beer and a trail.
BEER WAIVER: If you swear to the hare by all the Hash Gods that you will not consume any beer at the on-in, the six-pack portion of the Hash Cash will be waived. If you want something other than water to drink at the on-in, bring it for your individual consumption. If you trust the hare to transport it, it will be transported to the on-in.
TRAIL and REQUIREMENTS: The trail will be six miles, plus or minus two miles, of roads, semi-improved paths, sagebrush infested cross country and stuff in between. Although the trail is mostly flatish, the cross country portions will make it strenuous enough to justify the beer at the end. Bring STURDY SHOES, a WATER BOTTLE or two and a WHISTLE.
ATTENDANCE: This Hash is being advertised in Colorado and New Mexico. All hashers are invited. I expect fifteen or more Colorado hashers to attend and hope for a substantial number from New Mexico.
Please contact Speedbump or Lowlife for the rest of the details which are too long to post here.

Boulder HHH Receding Hareline

Number Date Hares Theme
712 13 September open ?
To volunteer, contact the BoulderH3 HareRazor Am8er Alert. Read these notes from a past HareRazor Gender Questionable.

Denver HHH Receding Hareline

Number Date Hares Theme
843 20 September open ?
844 4 or 5 October open ?
845 18 or 19 October open ?
846 15 or 16 November open ?
847 29 or 30 November open ?
If you want to hare, email C6ckTaP3ssy. The Denver hare can pick Saturday or Sunday at 2:00pm or Monday at 6:30pm. Please send details to with directions, TWO WEEKS prior to the date.

Pikes Peak P2H4 Receding Hareline

Number Date Hares Theme
732 27 September Erection Master, WFC, and Handjob Octoberfest
733 11 October Wong Wey Edge of the Full Moon
734 25 October NoGirth Come as you ain't
735 8 November Sh-t Yeah and Snatch n Sniff Best Breasts (Thanksgiving)
To volunteer to hare for the P2H4, contact Skip and Go Naked. Hazmat contact person is Kay Yeager. Let her know 1) what day and what part of town the trail will be in, 2) when you will be laying trail, and 3) what you'll be using to mark trail.

Denver Fullmoon HHH

Number Actual FM date Hash FM date Hares
307 8 September - Harvest Moon 8 September open
308 8 October - Hunters Moon 8 October open
Note to FMHHH Hares: If you care about having the Full Moon visible during your hash, consider running a day or two before the actual full moon. The moon is up earlier and higher, and looks close enough to full to satisfy most hashers. To volunteer to hare for the Colorado Full Moon HHH contact: AnybodysBitch.

DIM Hashes (Colorado Springs area)

Number Date Hares
215 8 September Nacheaux A
216 22 September open
217 6 October open
218 20 October $100 F*2k and Brownie

For the uninitiated: the DIM Hash was created in 1999 by P2H4's Crack Climber, who one night caught himself thinking, "Damn, It's Monday. There's no football. What else is there to do?" Thus was a new Hash born, as a summertime venue for the die-hards in need of an extra shiggy fix. The DIM hibernates each winter and is revived annually during the months of Daylight Savings Time to hash every other Monday evening at 6:00 p.m. Its trails have traditionally been on the longer and more challenging scale of typical P2H4 hashes; but this is not a "Rule" and as always it depends upon the hare.

Virgins and veterans alike are cordially invited to enjoy the summer season of twilight hashing and Tuesday morning hangovers. Virgin hares are welcome to sign up, at their own peril, and will be paired with a locally experienced co-hare for their first timeout.

If you want to sign up as a hare, please reply by email. I promise you I will not remember that you volunteered during the on-after on a Saturday afternoon. PeeWee

Fort Collins HHH

Number Date Hares Theme
138 30 August open ?

If you want to hare the FCH3 hashes the last Saturday of every month at 2:00 PM. Contact FreeBusch or check our their website

Boulder Flatlanders HHH

Number Date Hares
356 ? August open
If you want to hare the BFHHH hashes contact G4.

Colorado Springs Kimchi HHH

Number Date Hares Theme
292 6 September open ?
293 20 September open ?
295 18 October C3 ?
296 1 November Silence of the Labia Dios de los Muertos
297 15 November open ?
298 29 November open ?
To volunteer to hare for the CKH3, contact Chlamydia^3.

Wyoming Herky Hash House Harriers and Harriets

Number Date Hares
20 6 September open
If you want to hare the WYO5H hashes contact Fishlips.

6969 Humpin' HHH (Colorado Springs area)

Number Date Hares
74 3 September open

If anyone is interested in being a hare for the humpin hash on one of the dates listed please contact Nebraska Dickhusker. The current plan is to alternate weeks with DIM hashes, but off week hashes on Wednesdays are also an option if anyone is interested.

Tame But Not Lame HHH (Family friendly, but not kid-centric) Denver area

Number Date Hares
4 ? September open
5 ? October open
6 ? November open

If anyone is interested in being a hare for the TBNL hash on one of the dates listed please contact either Knees Up or Oral B. Our 3 basic requests are: 1) Trail be A to A-prime-ish 2) if parts of trail are not "wheels friendly", offer a "wheels-friendly" work-around 3) have some beer and non-beer available.

Loveland or Ft. Collins Fully Mooned Hash

Number Actual FM date Hash FM date Hares
3 8 October - Hunters Moon 8 October open
4 6 November - Beaver Moon 6 November open
5 6 December - Cold Moon 6 December open

If anyone is interested in being a hare on one of the dates listed please contact the Hare Razor.

Mile High Humpin' Hash House Harriers

Number Date Hares
6 ? September open
If you're interested in haring or becoming otherwise involved, email Honey Bunches of P. Dates are flexible if there is a specific one that tickles your fancy and isn't listed.

Other upcoming hashevents:

  • Colorado Invihash 2014, Cripple Creek, Colorado - August 29 through September 2, 2014
  • InterAmericas Hash 2015, Portland, Oregon - September 4 through 7, 2015
  • World Interhash 2016, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia - May 20 through 22, 2016

  • Hotline Numbers:

  • Boulder HHH: Beano
  • PikesPkHHHH: 719-238-6466 NoGirth
  • BFHHH runs every other Friday or Saturday. Check details for Boulder Flatlanders.
  • Colorado PMS: 719-331-0804 AquaLungs (Chris Flohr)
  • Lonely Men's Hash - a non-running psychotherapy hash which meets monthly at the same time as the discriminatory all-wimmin Colorado PMS hash.
  • ColoradoKimchi HHH: A drinking club with a drinking problem, runs every other Saturday. Chlamydia^3
  • Fort Collins H3 runs the last Saturday of every month.
  • Denver Full Moon HHH: AnybodysBitch
  • Durango Other HHH runs every other Thursday @ 6:30 pm. Go to Facebook and friend Durango Other Hash to get in the loop.

  • From Gender Questionable: Here are a number of ways to map atrail!

    If you want to figure out the distance of your trail, any of these free websites should work (no need for GPS). All you do is type in the address or intersection where you started, then point-n-click on the map to show where you ran. The website will tell you the distance, and let you save your trails and share them with others.

    Hashing www Resources:

  • ZiPpY's Home Page
  • BoulderHHH Home page
  • DenverHHH Home Page
  • Read these notes from the Boulder HareRazor.
  • Guide for Hares - read it!

  • If you have any new information on upcoming Colorado runs, send it to Lowlife .

    The Receding Hareline is brought to you by the BoulderHash House Harriers.