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Notes from the BoulderH3 HareRazor

  1. Boulder dates are usually held at 2pm Sunday or 6:30pm Monday, at the hares' discretion.
  2. Although we prefer hashes actually in/around Boulder, anything along the US-36 corridor or in Golden is OK, too.
  3. Hares keep $4 of the $5 collected per person to cover costs for beer-check beer, on-in beer, and food. The other dollar goes to Birdman for the general hash fund. Most hares usually spend a little out-of-pocket, too, but if you're planning a big party, talk to Birdman about using some extra BH3 funds.
  4. Hares should announce their trails TWO WEEKS in advance by e-mail and by flyer, to allow time to get the word out to everyone. Please mention if your trail is (1) dog friendly; (2) "easy" (30 to 45 minutes, flat terrain, with a dry on-in and bathrooms), "moderate" (about 1 to 1.5 hours, small hills, gulleys, shiggy, and a bar at the end), or "hard" (anything by Birdman, anything more than 1.5 hours, with mountains, deep icy water, a six-pack for a beer check, and down-downs at a truck in a cow pasture).
  5. Since the hare's directions to the start always SUCK, try to include a cell phone number for those who can't find the start or get lost on trail. Also include an actual address in your announcement, so people can MapQuest it if they want. You can't mapquest "turn left at the drunk guy on the corner" but you CAN mapquest "123 Hasher Lane, Colorado Springs, CO." Always include the town, since not everyone knows where "Lazula Street and Gunny Drive" is (Fort Collins? C. Springs? Lakewood? etc.)
  6. The HARES are responsible for contacting the proper authorities (USUALLY THE POLICE DEPARTMENT, FIRE DEPARTMENT, OR OPEN SPACE OFFICIALS) at least 4 days before the hash.
    If your hash is within Boulder County, notify BOULDER P.D. SPECIAL EVENTS COORDINATOR COLLEEN BERRY. Also call Boulder Dispatch (303) 441-4444 at the last minute, because then the message gets to where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, in stead of relying on some internal commmunication.
    For hashes on Boulder open space and mountain park property, contact Steve Armsted (head ranger) at 303-413-7907. They are familar with hashers, and mostly they prefer flagging tape, chaulk (chalk powder is ok) because their wildlife biologist gets upset about the flour being edible. Also absolutely NO glass containers on BOPMS, they really don't care about the beer. For now being off trail is also quasi legal, but there is a move to make it illegal.
    When calling Lafayette and Superior PD's, just tell them you and some freinds are out playing "hares and hounds" and you just wanted them to know it's flour and sidwealk chaulk on the pavement. If you start mentioning a running event and beer, and they start wanting you to get a $50 alcohol/special use permit.
    Please visit this website for the rules and regulations related to alcohol on public property in the City of Boulder.
  7. If you haven't hared before, let me know, and we'll find an experienced co-hare for you. Read these tips for hares.
  8. If you'd like to do a full-moon hash, mountain-bike/roller-blade hash, or a hash on another date, just let me know!
  9. In the event that we don't have a hare, I'll announce a starting location, and "Jungle Rules" will be in effect. Anyone not already signed up to hare must draw straws, shortest straw wins. You get a bag of flour and a 15 minute head start.
  10. This list does not include info on the Boulder Flatlanders H3. For their info, visit their website, or contact DeepInTheEnd or CumSilent CumDeep.
  11. More info is available at our website
  12. The next hash is always announced on our toll-free hotline 1-866-RUN-4-BEER.
Gender Questionable, former Boulder H3 HareRazor