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Peterbilt of Wisconsin, Green Bay

1974 359 from an old Overdrive Magazine. Overdrive used to feature some great truck photographs

Little WIndow wrecker in Oconto, Wisconsin in 1974

2 cabovers, an 86" and 110" bbc in for service at Peterbilt of Wisconsin Waukesha in 1973.

New in '73 346 mixer chassis.

352H doublebunk in Green Bay

Aircleaner on a new in '78 359

Original flat style dash on "1100" series cab

Interior of 352H

New Pete's lined up in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 1978

New 359 and others lined up


New 352 double bunk 110" at Waukesha

New in '78 352 at Peterbilt of Wisconsin

New 359 in Green Bay

New trucks at the Peterbilt and White dealers on Potts Avenue in Green Bay in 1980.

320 low profile cabover in Green Bay (built by KW)

Used trucks at Peterbilt Waukesha. Note the air deflector on the 352, and the fancy mural and scroll work on the doublebunk 352.

Little Window 359 wrecker

More new 1978's

1974 359 with large log load


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