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Photo Archive for Icons Replicas

Cyberdyne Systems T-800 Series/Model 101
Terminator Endo Skull

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Replica Photos

This group of photos are the Icons Endoarm and Endoskull.
[endoarm back elbow] [endoarm elbow] [endoarm fingers] [endoarm forearm] [endoarm outer elbow] [endoarm top wrist] [endoarm wrist] [endoarm wrist] [lis laser pistol] [lis pistol] [endoskull front] [endoskull left view] [endoskull rear view] [endoskull right view]

Here are more photos of Icons Replicas!
[x-wing 4 views] [klingon disruptor prototype] [x-wing] [klingon disruptor set] [tiefighter 3 views] [boxed x-wing] [b9 bubble section] [b9 tread section] [mike&nancy`s b9] [vadersaber] [vader saber sig. edition] [vader saber w/case] [skywalker saber w/box] [skywalker saber cert.] [skywalker saber] [skywalker saber in case] [rodger young] [t2 endoskeleton] [terminator endo chest] [predator helmet] [LIS Laser Pistol] [jp raptor claw plaque] [jp raptor claw] [batarang close up] [red batarang] [batarang] [darth`s saber] [luke`s saber] [nautilus submarine 4 views] [t2 future battle skull] [3 saber set] [endoskull] [endoskull 4 views] [endoskull in box] [skywalker lightsaber] [flame endoskull] [x-wing fighter] [tie fighter] [predator helmet] [endoskull cert.] [t2 logo] [endoskull in case] [endoskull 3 views] [vader lightsaber] [endoskull front view] [klingon ship]

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Photos of 1/20/2000 tour of Icons factory.

[Jim Latta] [Jim L. and Guy R.-Guy sent these pics] [modelshop] [modelshop w/2 workers] [klingon disruptors] [2nd floor office] [Latta and Kirby M. w/nautilus]

Here are photos from Icons` X-Web Site.
[t2 endo arm] [t2 endo skull] [j.h. sig. edition] [j.h. w/laser] [lis laser] [b9 robot] [idoj bottle]

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Updated: 1/29/20010
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