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Welcome to Sci-Fi Prop Quest!
This is a place where Sci-Fi fans and collectors can hang out and share ideas and info.
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My favorite
Hollywood robots are below.
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You are welcome to make comments about your favorite robots on the SPQ Message Board or the SPQ Email Club. The SPQ Message Board/Email Club is for anything Sci-Fi related. Suggested topics: movies, comics, props, toys, conventions, video games, dvd/video collections, anything Sci-Fi is just fine. So, come on and have some fun, we are on a Sci-Fi Quest!

Make sure you visit the Icons Photo Archive! Here you can view some very cool photos of prop replicas made by Icons. Join the original Icons Email Club, and visit the Icons Message Board.
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Click below for constuction pics of my Polar Lights model of the space ship C57D from the movie Forbidden Planet.

[boxart] [3sections] [bunks] [domesupport] [fullsideview] [instrumentroom]
[galleytable] [landinggear]
[lowerlevel] [lowerlevelcloseup] [navigatinggyroscope]
[paintedtopview] [powerstation] [shipbox] [stasisscreens] [topview] [uppercrewstation]
[upperdeckdome] [upperlower] [upperlowerview]

Click below for pics of the 2002 Detroit City Comic Con held at the Novi Expo Center. We went on 5/19/2002.
Pic #1 Pic #2 Pic #3 Pic #4 Pic #5 Pic #6
Pic #7 Pic #8 Pic #9 Pic #10 Pic #11
Pic #12 Pic #13 Pic #14 Pic #15 Pic #16

Updated: 1/29/2010
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