Some of the American Girls mini dolls resemble larger sized American Girls of Today. The miniature historical dolls can thus also be used as mini American Girls of Today -- if you make new clothing for them! In other words, you can change your miniature Molly doll into a mini American Girl of Today GT9E.
Following is a chart which shows the product numbers of what large "modern" dolls certain historical American Girl mini dolls resemble. You can find these larger dolls for sale on, along with accessory/clothing ideas. By changing the outfits of the historical dolls and making and buying present day accessories, you can change your doll into a modern doll. (Some of the mini dolls, such as Kit and Josefina, do not have a look-alike American Girl of Today.) Note: does not sell accessories and clothing for the mini dolls, but you can find ideas there for things you can make and buy.
Addy GT1E
Kirsten GT3E
Molly (remove glasses) GT9E
Samantha GT16E

It should be easier to find pre-made accessories for a "mini of today" than for an historical mini doll. Here are some things you might like to try to make, aside from any pre-made surprises you find in stores. You'll find that the search for new things is a fun challenge!
  • Bed, pillows, bedding
  • Clothing (pajamas, skirts, pants, shirts, etc.)
  • Desk and chair (and other school supplies)
  • Food (use Sculpey or Fimo clay)
  • Hair ribbons, headbands, etc.
  • Hats
  • Jewelry
  • Journal, magazines, books
  • Jump-rope
  • Marbles (use Sculpey or Fimo clay, swirled and translucent)
  • Pet (again, you might like to check out Playmobil toys. They have a really cute cat, dog, and mouse set. Try typing "mouse" in the search engine.)
  • Plates and silverware (Fimo/Sculpey work well)
  • Purse
  • Room (A wallpaper store can give you an old wallpaper "book" they no longer use. Using scraps, you can wallpaper the inside of a cardboard or wooden box and make a room for your mini doll.)
  • Rugs (see this feature on the Josefina page about rugs)
  • School bag and supplies
  • Sleeping bags
  • Stuffed animals (such as those tiny little fuzzy teddy bears that aren't really stuffed animals, but look like 'em)
  • Table and chairs

  • I had such a fun time creating a mini Josefina collection that I'm considering making a "mini American Girl of Today"-type collection. If so, I will probably get the mini Addy to make a GT1E mini collection or mini Kirsten to make a GT3E mini collection.
    If you are young now and make a mini American Girl of Today, you can save the entire collection for your children and grandchildren to experience what life was like when you were a girl in the early part of this century. :)
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