Making skirts for Josefina is so easy! I used a rectangle shape, hemmed both ends, sewed up the side, and then added elastic (using a safety pin helps thread this through). One of the skirts (bottom left) has lace on the bottom, which was easily accomplished by adding this right after hemming the bottom (before sewing the sides together).
Most of the skirts pictured here are based on the ones in Josefina's books. The upper left skirt is inspired by Josefina Learns a Lesson, bottom left by A Reward for Josefina, and the bottom right one somewhat inspired by Josefina Saves the Day. The upper right skirt is not based on an outfit in Josefina's collection.
Here is my mini Josefina in the skirt inspired by her school story:
If you have the patterns for the larger dolls, you can try reducing them to 33% and see if this yields a good-sized pattern for more exact clothing. A few years ago my mom and I bought a Samantha mini doll as a gift for someone, and I thought of this as a way to add a bit more to the present. It worked great -- my mom made a cape, hat, and muff for the mini Samantha using this idea. Unfortunately, we didn't snap a photo before giving it away!
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