Florecita and Sombrita

Since the goats are such an integral part of the stories, and Josefina needed some playmates, I couldn't help but want to add them to the collection. I had a very hard time finding any plastic animals (back when I was little you could get a pack of plastic farm animals for a buck!). I finally came across the goats seen at left, from Playmobil's farm collection. They aren't quite to scale for Josefina, but are good enough. :) The pack comes with four goats and a farmer, a couple of farm tools (not large enough to use with Josefina), and a very nice basket, shown here. These are the two goats that most closely resemble Florecita and Sombrita. The other goats are brown.


These chickens were a gift for mini Josefina from my friend Sandra. The company that made them is Schleich in Germany.
The scarf and skirt are a couple of homemade clothes I made for her.
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