Come in. My name is Goody Winters, but most people call me the Old Wife. For more than 300 years, I have lived in a saltbox by the sea in Massachusetts, with my cat, Salem, who always seems to be getting into trouble. I am a wise woman, what some people would call a witch. When I'm not brewing magic potions or casting spells, I trade my wand for a quill and write stories of mystery, murder and the macabre (with a pinch of science fiction and fantasy thrown into the cauldron). I invite you to make yourself at home and read some of the stories I've written. If you enjoy your visit, feel free to return. I try to add new stories to the site every month.
My stories can be found in the rooms and on the grounds of my saltbox, which can be accessed by clicking the buttons below. The most recent stories are found in the nursery (the upper left button), and the oldest are in the parlor (the lower right button). Number of stories posted on this website (as of March 17, 2019): 702

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