Since I love books, this is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I often sit in the blue wing chair with Salem on my lap and indulge in two of my passions: reading a good novel and drinking mocha lattes. In the top drawer of the desk beside the window, you will find 25 stories to read when you're in the mood for lighter reading fare.
Note: All the stories in this room were around the year 2002. I'm not sure of the exact date.

A Marriage Encounter - Four couples take a romantic cruise to a private island and discover that it is more like purgatory than paradise.
A Matter of Life and Death - After having an attack of indigestion, a busy insurance salesman buys antacid at a pharmacy and meets the woman who will change his life.
May I Help You? - A young girl working at a fast food drive-thru window hears a cry for help, but no one is there.
My Contribution to Comedy - A stand-up comic is consumed with jealousy when an odd man with no personality or sense of humor becomes the next comic sensation.
The Necessities of Life - A wealthy couple runs a shelter for the city's homeless, but their motives aren't exactly altruistic.


A New Beginning - An alien pilot crashes on earth and meets the planet's lone survivor.
Nine Lives - A young girl whose family moves to the city makes two new friends: an old woman who lives in the building and a stray cat.
P.S. I Love You - A beautiful woman begins corresponding with a prison inmate serving a 50-year sentence for armed robbery and murder.
Phasmophobia - Psychiatrist Lionel Penn treats a patient who sees the ghosts of his dead parents.
Poor Prince Hal - A young girl decides to take revenge on the lover who leaves her for another. That lover is England's powerful king, Henry VIII.

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The Prisoner - A warden, writing a book on the prison system, meets an inmate who claims to have been imprisoned in Alcatraz and Eastern State Penitentiary. The warden learns these are but two of the many prisons and jails to which the man had been sentenced over his extraordinarily long lifetime.
Recalling a Misspent Youth - As her birthday approaches, a wealthy woman thinks back on the mistakes she made in her youth.
Red River Bridge - A high school student hopes to discover the connection between the deaths of three former football buddies and a bridge that turns red.
The Station - A young woman inherits a house passed down from an ancestor who supposedly operated a stop on the Underground Railroad.
Stolen Memories - After learning his wife is pregnant, a happily married man begins seeing flashes of memories of a strange young woman.

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The Strangler - With a serial killer on the loose, a widow who lives in a house far from town is terrified when she hears someone outside her house.
Suicide Note - A science fiction author marries the daughter of a renowned scientist and soon suspects she is having an affair.
Time Out - A little boy learns that the time outs meant to punish him actually opened a door to a world of make-believe.
The Tortured Artist - A newly married French nobleman is willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of his art.
The Tourist Attraction - A college student living in Salem, Massachusetts opens a museum dedicated to torture and devil worship.

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Trick-or-Treat - A thirteen-year-old boy is determined that his last Halloween trick-or-treat be a memorable one.
Triskaidekaphobia - Psychiatrist Lionel Penn treats a patient with an unreasonable fear of the number thirteen.
Twentieth Anniversary - A wealthy man prepares his former family home for the celebration of his twentieth wedding anniversary.
The White Buffalo - When a white buffalo is born, a Sioux medicine man claims the animal is the fulfillment of a Native American prophecy.
A World of Their Own - When a hermit reports the death of a wife no one knew he had, the man is accused of her murder.

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