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The Amber Room picture page!

This page is dedicated to Paul's band, The Amber Room, and it will hopefully push you in checkin out about them (if you live in Canada, be alerted, and try to catch them live!!!). Paul is one of the funniest, smartest, most heartful people I have ever come to meet. In him there's much depth and passion, and he has always wanted to dedicate himself to music, which he lives for from quite a long, long time.I still remember clearly the way his lyrics got to move me inside when time ago he shared them with me. When months ago the chance of being part of this promising band aroused up for him, he didn't miss it out, and moved on the other side of his Country, just to take his Destiny up for the better. I admired that brave choice, and I still.
Find in his words, written just at the end of January 2003, what he's currently living :)

"Some times I wonder what exactly I've done to deserve some of the cool stuff that happens to me. So we're in the studio doing some rough vocal tracks and initial mixes of our new CD (out in late summer 2003),and our new CD sounds incredible, and the current one The Price Of Peace will be available shortly. Good day. "

Check in my Link Page the one of Amber Room, or follow again googs's words here: "On another note, for a look into what to expect from the new CD go to our website, there's a few videos you can d/l. Check out "The Quiet Earth" a complete song from a recent show (the song has also imprved since being in the studio. Big file too), and the teaser clip.", and click directly here to find out more on them. You won't regret it.

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