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Jackaroo, RN, OA, NAJ, TN-N, CGC

Jackaroo, RN, OA, NAJ, TN-N, CGC

Jackaroo was born in Dec. of 2002. He is an Australian cattle dog, sometimes called a blue heeler, or Queensland heeler. Jackaroo was found under a bush at about 2 months old. I brought him home and tried to find out who had lost him. When no one came forward to claim him, I decided his destiny was to join the family. Who wouldn't love such a cutie? He is such a sweet dog - he loves to socialize with other dogs, and has boundless energy. Jackaroo earned his Canine Good Citizen title on July 3, 2004, with almost no formal training. I'm so proud of him! He is also currently competing in agility, and has just completed his NA (AKC Novice Standard Agility) title on 11/28/04. Jackaroo completed his NAJ (Novice Agility Jumper) title on 2/13/05, plus got his first OA leg that same day for a double Q!


Here is my cute little boy, at about 3 months old. He's saying "Look at me! Aren't I about the cutest Cattle Dog ever?" And who can resist? Below is a current picture of Jackaroo - doing his agility! Photo by Infinite Exposures.

We Aren't REALLY Going to Keep Him, Are We?!

Hector and Achilles aren't so sure they want to keep the new addition! At first they didn't want to associate with him too much. Below, Jackaroo is lounging on the couch, and Achilles has decided it won't kill him to lie next to the baby.

Play Time!

Achilles and Jackaroo are having fun playing! Achilles thinks "wrestling with it isn't so bad, I guess it can stay!"

I Guess We Can Keep Him (If we HAVE to!)

Above, Jackaroo is getting closer to acceptance - at least they are all on the same bed! Below, Hector has agreed to at least lie next to Roo! (I hope he grows into those ears!)

All Grown Up, and Almost Friends!

Hector has finally decided he can be friends with Jackaroo, and is even willing to touch him! Below Achilles and Jackaroo are spooning. :-)

Agility Dog!

Here are two great pictures from Jackaroo's very first agility trial. He got his first qualifying score at this trial, too! Jackaroo now has his Novice Standard (NA) title. Photos by Creative Indulgence.

More Agility!

Jackaroo is showing off his jumping ability. Look at the height he clears the pole with! Below he is leaving the table for the next obstacle. Photos by Vickie Atkins.

Our first NADAC trial

Jackaroo is going over a jump, but already looking to see where we are going next. Then Jackaroo is very focused tipping the teeter. Photos by Infinite Exposures.

More from the same NADAC trial!

Jackaroo really enjoyed the tunneller's course, he could just run and speed through the tunnels. In the next picture you can see that I really do run with Jackaroo. In the last picture you can see him with his head down pushing out of the chute. He is such a good boy! Photos by Infinite Exposures.

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