"In mystic [mysterious] and occult [secret, unrevealed] writings, Michael has often been equated with the Holy Ghost, the Logos, God, Metatron, etc." (from p. 194 of "A Dictionary Of Angels," by Gustav Davidson)

"And so I tell you, every human sin and blasphemy will be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. And anyone who says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but no one who speaks against the Holy Spirit will be forgiven either in this world or in the next." (from p. 1122, Matthew 12:31-32 of the Catholic New Jerusalem edition of the Holy Bible)

His Big Brother Jesus Christ did this review of Saint Michael's book you can get above by clicking on the book's cover. Christ's review kicked off the enthusiastic buying response of the angels and saints up in Heaven which drove Michael's work to the number 2 spot of all time after His number 1 production, the Holy Bible, which He inspired thus making Him the Logos, the written Word where Jesus is the Rhema or spoken Word:


"The acquisition of wisdom, like I taught My two best pupils in the Heavenly School, King Solomon and Moses, is one of the greatest pursuits of humankind."

Saint Michael Jesus (the) Archangel shares His reflections and insights on wisdom, faith and spirituality in His new volume of Proverbs, "God The Holy Spirit Archangel Michael's Proverbs, Books 1 Thru 5." So how does one acquire wisdom in this chaotic and depraved world?

"With the right amount and type of wisdom, you can accomplish anything you set out to do in any field of learning or endeavor. The wisest thing you can ever do for yourself is to read the best-selling book of all time and eternity, the Holy Bible, from cover to cover. With that experience under your belt you will become a walking, talking overcomer in any situation where you're tested in any way. The Bible is chock-full of secret codes recently discovered by scholars and now available in Bible code software that deciphers the codes mathematically at the computer's super-speed.

"Most people are smart enough to realize that there's a major difference between knowledge and wisdom. Information or knowledge is basically useless until it's applied to a situation or problem, and then what comes out of that experience is wisdom even if the situation or problem isn't resolved or is badly resolved. As you grow in wisdom, you learn to mend your negative wisdom and make it positive instead of letting it fester in your subconscious where it can cause you all kinds of problems."

"What can cause you to ignore your negative wisdom and let it pile up until it reaches the burning point is just plain worldliness and unwillingness to take steps toward spirituality. That can keep you from finding out what your main mission or missions on Earth are." Each of the five books of proverbs contains the same number of chapters and verses as Solomon's book of proverbs. Michael points out that King Solomon ended his book of proverbs with the description of the perfect wife, so Michael ended His book of proverbs with the virtues of a perfect husband to give guidelines to Christian women for finding that "perfect guy."

The Author makes it clear that all wisdom comes from God the Father Yahweh, God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Great Holy Spirit Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel, just as it says in the Bible. Michael explains His title "Great Spirit" by saying that is what the Native Americans called Him after He gave them life and the Americas in which to live. The volume's central theme is wisdom, but Michael also discusses unity, respect, justice, honesty, love, life and kindness and other ideals and qualities and attitudes that everyone must eventually learn in his or her life to make a success out of it and be truly happy and at peace.

Saint Michael teaches that we are all angels or angelas (female angels) from Heaven where we choose our mission or missions and our parents, and that our spirit goes into the fertilized egg at the instant of conception which creates the soul, the conjunction of the body and the spirit. Those who never remember their mission or forget it or reject it are the poor lost souls who thus doom themselves to Hell, as the Bible says, "he who believes and is baptized shall be saved; he who believes not shall be condemned." (Mark 16:16). Michael teaches with His literature, His TV Show, "Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel News," His websites, and is also teaching now through His Presidential campaign to be elected Republican President in 2008.

Big Brother Jesus Christ

"In mystic [mysterious] and occult [secret, unrevealed] writings, Michael has often been equated with the Holy Ghost, the Logos, God, Metatron, etc." (from p. 194 of "A Dictionary Of Angels," by Gustav Davidson)

"And so I tell you, every human sin and blasphemy will be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. And anyone who says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but no one who speaks against the Holy Spirit will be forgiven either in this world or in the next." (from p. 1122, Matthew 12:31-32 of the Catholic New Jerusalem edition of the Holy Bible)

"We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father and the Son. With the Father and the Son he is worshiped and glorified. He has spoken through the Prophets." (from p. 370, the Catholic Mass Creed, the Sacramentary Saint Michael uses to say Mass)

"...To the Lord belong the earth and all it contains." (from p. 1298, 1 Corinthians 10:26 of the Catholic New Jerusalem edition of the Holy Bible) At the donation button just below which is linked to Paypal's secure server, you can tithe to Michael, God the Holy Spirit as His Word commands at: Genesis 14:18-20: Melchizedek (who was the pre-incarnate Michael) king of Salem brought bread and wine; he was a priest of God Most High. He pronounced this blessing: Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. And blessed be God Most High for putting your enemies into your clutches. And Abram gave him a tenth of everything; Leviticus 27:30-32: "All tithes on land, levied on the produce of the soil or on the fruit of trees, belong to Yahweh; they are consecrated to Yahweh. If anyone wishes to redeem part of his tithe, he will add one-fifth to its value. In all tithes on herds or flocks, the tenth animal of all that pass under the herdsman's staff will be consecrated to Yahweh; there will be no examining whether it is good or bad, and no substitution. If substitution takes place, the animal and its substitute will both become holy without possibility of redemption." Numbers 18:24, 26 and 28: for the tithe which the Israelites set aside for Yahweh is the heritage I have given the Levites..."Speak to the Levites and say: 'When from the Israelites you receive the tithe which I have given you from them as your heritage, you will set a portion of this aside for Yahweh: a tithe of the tithe...Thus you too will set a portion aside for Yahweh out of all the tithes you receive from the Israelites. You will give what you have set aside for Yahweh to the priest Aaron; Deuteronomy 12:6, 11 and 12, 14:22-23 and 28, and 26:12: That is where you must bring your burnt offerings and your sacrifices, your tithes and offerings held high, your votive offerings and your voluntary offerings, and the firstborn of your herd and flock; and that is where you must eat in the presence of Yahweh your God, rejoicing over your labours, you and your households, because Yahweh your God has blessed you...To the place chosen by Yahweh your God as a home for his name, to that place you must bring all the things that I am laying down for you; your burnt offerings and your sacrifices, your tithes and offerings held high, and all the best of your possessions dedicated by you to Yahweh. That is where you will rejoice in the presence of Yahweh your God, you and your sons and daughters, your serving men and women, and the Levite living in your community since he has no share or heritage of his own among you...'Every year, you must take a tithe of what your fields produce from what you have sown and, in the presence of Yahweh your God, in the place where he chooses to give his name a home, you must eat the tithe of your wheat, of your new wine and of your oil, and the firstborn of your herd and flock; and by so doing, you will learn always to fear Yahweh your God...At the end of every three years, you must take all the tithes of your harvests for that year and collect them in your community....'In the third year, the tithing year, when you have finished taking the tithe of your whole income and have given it to the Levite, the foreigner, the orphan and the widow so that, in your towns, they may eat to their hearts' content...2 Chronicles 31:5-6 and 12: As soon as the order had been promulgated, the Israelites provided the first fruits of grain, new wine, olive oil, honey and every other kind of agricultural produce in abundance; they brought in an abundant tithe of everything. The Israelites and Judaeans living in the towns of Judah also brought in the tithe of cattle and sheep, and the tithe of sacred gifts consecrated to Yahweh their God, laying them in heaps; Nehemiah 10:37-38, 12:44, 13:5 and 12: also the firstborn of our sons and of our cattle, as the law prescribes, the firstborn of our herds and flocks should be taken to the Temple of our God for the priests officiating in the Temple of our God. Furthermore, we shall bring the best of our dough, of every kind of fruit, of the new wine and of the oil to the priests, to the storerooms of the Temple of our God, and the tithe on our soil to the Levites -- the Levites will themselves collect the tithes from all the towns of our religion...For the rooms intended for the treasures, contributions, first-fruits and tithes, supervisors were then appointed whose business it was to collect in them those portions from the town lands awarded by the Law to the priests and Levites. For Judah rejoiced in the officiating priests and Levites; had provided him with a large room where they previously used to store the meal offerings, incense, utensils, tithes of corn, wine and oil, that is, the part of the Levites, singers and gatekeepers, and the contributions for the priests...and all Judah then delivered the tithe of corn, wine and oil to the storehouses; Malachi 3:8: Can a human being cheat God? Yet you try to cheat me! You ask "How do we try to cheat you?" Over tithes and contributions;and Hebrews 7:5-6, 8-9; We know that any of the descendents of Levi who are admitted to the priesthood are obliged by the Law to take tithes from the people, that is, from their own brothers although they too are descended from Abraham. But this man, who was not of the same descent, took his tithe from Abraham, and he gave his blessing to the holder of the promises...Further, in the normal case it is ordinary mortal men who receive the tithes, whereas in that case it was one who is attested as being alive. It could be said that Levi himself, who receives tithes, actually paid tithes, in the person of Abraham. God always blesses those who tithe with increased prosperity. You can't outgive God!
If you prefer to help Michael's Worldwide Ministry by purchasing His 2nd best-selling book pictured above or something else on this page's partial Catalog, simply click on the Buy Now button just below, and enter your information for Our secure server for purchase by debit or credit card. Enter its order code first, then its price on the secure Paypal site that will come up and any other necessary information. You may also call our toll-free order line: 1-866-456-2121 Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM to place your order with credit or debit card. In truth, Michael prefers to give you something for your money, but He understands that some cheerful givers like to give without expecting anything in return. Whatever the case, whether you tithe or buy, you will be blessed immensely for your holy generosity and faithfulness to the Word! Also if you want to see Our whole Catalog, click the "Free Catalog" link at the links above.
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Greet people now with HEAVENo to make them think about Heaven rather than HELLo, the old non-Christian greeting which subliminally makes them think about Hell! Peace! Paz! Pacem! Shalom! I, Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel, God the Great Holy Spirit, the Metatron of all, King of the Earth and Sun, Governor of the United Domains Of Heaven, and CEO/Founder of the One World Government United Domains Of Heaven And Earth And One World Religion Catholic And Protestant Christianity have put My complete Catalog on another webpage which you can reach by clicking on the Free Catalog link above, but below is a partial Catalog.
I have put My complete Catalog on another webpage which you can reach by clicking on the Free Catalog link above, but below is a partial Catalog.

***Order Code: AS, "Saint Michael Jesus The Archangel's Sword." Saint Michael's monthly newsletter! back issues available for $5 each (name dates desired. Started Februaary, 2006. All back issues are collector's items! One-year subscription $60***


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***Order Code: B1, "The Big Issues And What We Need To Change To Save America, Volume One: Abortion Murders And So Does Tobacco; America Is Already A Christian Theocracy; Billions For The Bankers And Debts For The People; American Center For Law And Justice; The Communist ACLU And The Child-Molesting Perverts Of NAMBLA; The Great Pretenders; National Emergency," $25 for paperback with durable plastic coil binding***

***Order Code: B2, "The Big Issues And What We Need Change To Save America, Volume Two: What They're Not Telling About AIDS; Natural Cures For Cancer And AIDS; Endless Jihad; The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform And Abortion; Contraception, Abortion, And God's Will; The Third Secret Of Fatima; The Coming Era Of Peace; New Fatima Prophecies; The Ten Commandments, The Courts, And The Constitution; Tell Communazi Teddy Kennedy No!; A Giant Arch For My Blessed Virgin Mary Michelle; More From The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform; Letter From Susan G. Campbell; The Ladder Of Achievement; Sign The Declaration of World Peace," $25 for paperback with durable plastic coil binding***

***Order Code: B3, "The Big Issues And What We Need To Change To Save America, Volume Three: Interfaith Council For Peace And Justice; Constitution Restoration Act; A Call To Greatness; Scouting Legal Defense Fund; World's Most Powerful Antibiotic; Scientist Says FDA is "broken"; Petition Against Smoking; New Declaration Of Independence; Anne Cerva's Free Business Software Websites; Dietary Supplements Threatened; Miracle Fish Medicine; Anti-Homosexuality Letters To The Editor; Conventional Junk Medicines Exposed; Bible Verses Against Homosexuality; Exposure Of Methods Of Punishment For Queers And Lesbians In Hell in Mary K. Baxter's Book, "A Divine Revelation Of Hell,"; 49 Great Character Qualities; The Legal Battle For The Faith Against The Antichrist Communist Lying Underdogs (ACLU); Psychiatry: Science Or Religion?; Psychiatric Diagnoses A Hoax?; Are Personal And Emotional Problems Diseases?; The Myth Of Separation Of Church And State; Satanic, Criminal, Traitorous, Wicked, Homosexual and Pedophile Illuminati/Freemason New World Order Takeover Conspiracy Exposed By Courageous Female Defector: Material For Loyal Federal Prosecutors," $25 for paperback with durable plastic coil binding***

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***Order Code: B20, "Holy Spirit Bible, Most of the Scriptures from the King James Bible that refer to Archangel Michael as the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost or as Michael the Archangel," Also includes some other spiritual writings of Michael," $20 for paperback with durable plastic coil binding.***

Item 1: Discourse by Archangel Michael
Item 2: Testimony of Archangel Michael's sanity by psychiatrist
Item 3: Letter from Alan Keyes of the Declaration Alliance condemning Bill Clinton's plan to become the next U.N. Secretary-General
Item 4: Letter from Bay Buchanan and Tom Tancredo at Team America PAC about the necessity of fighting illegal immigration
Item 5: Statement about Heavenly Money by Archangel Michael
Item 6: Letter by Archangel Michael to Free The Fathers, a Catholic group fighting persecution of Catholic clergy in Communist China
Item 7: Very insightful article by Comedian George Carlin
Item 8: Poetry about Archangel Michael by Brian F. Houle
Item 9: Letter from Adam Cardinal Maida and others at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center giving Archangel Michael's name a place on their Honor Roll
Item 10: Archangel Michael's announcement of His founding on May 4th, 2005, of the One World Government United Domains Of Heaven And Earth And One World Religion Catholic And Protestant Christianity to take the initiative from the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers and the New Age Movement who wanted to make the United Nations their totalitarian one world government, and the New Age movement their one world religion
Item 11: Article by Archangel Michael about the appearances and prophecies of His spouse, the Blessed Virgin Mary Michelle to the three little visionaries at Fatima, Portugal in 1917, including the disastrous things slated to happen if the Pope does not consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with the other bishops of the world as Mary commanded in agreement with the Holy Spirit Michael, the Father Yahweh, and the Son Jesus Christ
Item 12: Letter from Gary Aldrich, FBI hero, who exposed and continues to expose the rampant corruption in the Clinton White House, and the ongoing corruption and sleaziness of the Communazi potential Presidential candidate of Billary Clinton
Item 13: Letter from Paul Harvey exposing the facts behind Billary Clinton's legal defense of some Communist Black Panther murderers who executed one of their own and got caught
Item 14: Biblical Geocentrism vs. "Scientific Heliocentricity"
Item 15: Texan stops paying sales tax, traffic tickets and licenses, says he has the law on his side, gives citations
Item 16: Hispanic Vote Elects President Bush
Item 17: Clinton Administration knew about 9/11 hijackers
Item 18: Coming New World Order American Holocaust
Item 19: Archangel Michael exposes New World Order engineers as devils and demons
Item 20: Letter by famous psychiatrist L. R. Mosher resigning in disgust from the criminally fraudulent American Psychiatric Association which is trying with Stalinist methods to submit the whole world to a "mental health state"
Item 21: Is Involuntary Commitment for "Mental Illness" a Violation of Constitutional Substantive Due Process?
Item 22: Notable quotes about American freedom and involuntary psychiatric commitment
Item 23: Quotes On Psychology
Item 24: Are we all going mad or are the experts crazy?
Item 25: Psychiatry: Force of Law
Item 26: The Sword of Militant Islam: must reading, especially for those who do not know how really evil and dangerous Islam is!
Item 27: Alien Mind Invader
Item 28: Is McCain a compromiser with the Left and why? They are Communazi enemies of America and the world
Item 29: Is The Income Tax A Form Of Slavery?
Item 30: Satanic, traitorous, criminal and grossly evil Freemason and Illuminati New World Takeover Exposed by Defector
Item 31: Ad for Startling New Book: Eye To Eye, The Consequences Of Dividing Israel
Item 32: Seven Issues of Jurisdiction In Every Court Case
Item 33: States and Agents NOT Immune to Suit
Item 34: Dave Champion Confronts IRS Revenue Officers Successfully
Item 35: Is The Reformation Over? Catholic News From Zenit.org
Item 36: Pope Benedict XVI Praises the Spirit
Item 37: Confirmed: China's "Unrestricted Warfare"
Item 38: Mind Control In Education And The Foundation For Individual Rights In Education
Item 39: Deafening Silence On Illegal Immigration
Item 40: How The Supreme Court Is Destroying America
Item 41: Jews For Jesus See Rabbi As Intolerant Towards Chaplain
Item 42: Psychiatrists Destroying Society? Quotes From Psychiatrists
Item 43: ACLU And Their Hatred Of Religion
Item 44: French Hoax: Nigerian Yellow-Cake Uranium To Be Sold To Saddam
Item 45: Iran's New Terrorist President
Item 46: Senators Give Terrorists American Rights
Item 47: Mike Wallace Mocks Charlton Heston
Item 48: Madonna's New Movie Anti-Catholic And Anti-Jew
Item 49: News About And Content In New Anti-Kinsey Book
Item 50: New Book On Liberal Hypocrisy
Item 51: Cause Opens For Nun Slain By Three Satanist Girls
Item 52: Condoleeza Rice Soft On Islam
Item 53: Opening A Bank Account With No SS#
Item 54: Media Ignore The Fact That French Riots Are Caused By Muslims
Item 55: California Leads Assault On Traditional Family
Item 56: Billary Honors ex-KKK Democrat politician
Item 57: More Sins And Crimes Of Ignorant And Evil Psychiatrists
Item 58: Christian Investing
Item 59: Torturing Terrorists And Nuclear Weapons
Item 60: I Worship My Spouse, the Blessed Virgin Mary Michelle, Queen of Heaven and Earth
Item 61: More Truth About Evil Islam
Item 62: "Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant" Book Review
Item 63: "Letter Concerning Massive Fraud To The IRS
Item 64: Angry Liberals Misspeak
Item 65: Protective Legal Principles
Item 66: Capital Punishment Moral And Just
Item 67: Iranian Leader: Nuke Israel
Item 68: Peacemaking New Pentagon Policy
Item 69: A Holiday From The FBI
Item 70: Guess Who Owns Target Stores?
Item 71: Communazi American Media Covers Up Big Terror Story
Item 72: Communist Monkeys Of ACLU Up To New Tricks Defending Evolution Against God
Item 73: Letter To Last Days Ministries
Item 74: Head Feminazi Abortion-Supporting Black-Hater Billary Calls House "Plantation"
Item 75: Mandatory Insurance Unconstitutional And Illegal
Item 76: Billary Clinton Facing Election Fraud Charges
Item 77: Mexicans Invading America With Police And Military Protecting Drug Shipments
Item 78: Your Tax Dollars Are Supporting The Anti-Christ Lawyers' Union (ACLU)
Item 79: 45 Goals Of The American Communist Party; All Achieved Like The Communist Manifesto?
Item 80: A Great Pro-Life Story; Let's Have More Of Them!
Item 81: Leftist, Liberal NEA And MEA Involved In Promotinga And Financing Perversion
Item 82: Queers Attack Senator Sam Brownback By Accusing Him Of Making AntiGay Joke [Michael's Nonjoke: Cait'll you hear Our Greatest DivineAntiSatanicQueerJokes in Heaven if You're coming Here!!! You Will Believe your ears!!!] 10 February 2005, 0728 hours
Item 1: SAINT MICHAEL JESUS THE ARCHANGEL PREACHES TO THE WORLD! Great News for the entire United Domains Of Heaven and Earth! I have won a crushing victory over Satan and his devils and demons and all human devils and demons still living on Earth who worship him! I am now ready to identify the major antichrists, beasts and false prophets to all faithful Catholics and Jews and all other true believers (everybody else who keeps the two Greatest Commandments to love God with your whole self and to love your neighbor as yourself) but first I need to tell you not to commit the unforgiveable sin of blasphemy of My Holy Spirit (in the words of My Big Brother Jesus Christ in Matthew 12:31-32: "Therefore I say to you any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. And whoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age, or in the age to come."
Smoking of the Devil's weeds, tobacco and marijuana, is sucking Satan's deformed cock down in Hell and it gives him great pleasure and increased powers. The tobacco executives worship him gleefully as they pile up huge profits from murdering and sickening millions and millions of people, smokers and non-smokers alike, in the tobacco genocide conspiracy, which is the second-biggest murderer after abortion which has taken more than 3.1 billion innocent, helpless infant lives worldwide. I will protect the natural medicine practice of true healing with all of Our Divinely-created natural medicines in foods and plants and other natural substances.
I legalized My Heavenly Currency and Coins all over the Earth and in America with 3 Heavenly Legal Documents at: Bank Legal Documents on June 20, 1995, around the time I changed My name legally to Michael Jesus Archangel from My birth name Philip Jesse Silva and My baptismal name Felipe Jesus Silva
I am using Our Heavenly Currency to do away with war, hunger, poverty, ignorance, disease, religious persecution, political slavery and taxation and it is now possible for Americans and the whole world to profit from it 100% or more simply by buying it at a 50% or greater discount. With it I will invest heavily in the Earthly banking systems which already have enough Earthly currency to provide $30 million for every man, woman and child on the face of the Earth.
Those who are Protestant or Catholic Christians or will take a pledge to obey Christ's Two Greatest Commandments and have a United Domains Of Heaven Royalty Charter can buy personalized Heavenly coins at Our discounts, and Our Banknotes at 50% or greater discounts. To see Our list of a new series of Heavenly Banknotes which portray many of the canonized saints of the Catholic Church with paintings or photographs or drawings of them in different, progressively larger denominations go to: List of Banknotes. The Heavenly Currency consists of Banknotes in denominations of Heavenly Dollars and each Banknote bears a holographic seal saying "UDOH [United Domains Of Heaven] gods and goddesses reign!" under its lamination to prevent counterfeiting which as a copyright violation is subject to investigation by the Secret Service and FBI and severe criminal and civil penalties.
Heavenly Dollars can be bought with gold, silver, platinum, the American Liberty silver and gold Certificates and Coins and gold, silver and platinum coins of other governments (at the current market price) and Federal Reserve Dollars at these rates: $10 UDOH are worth one ounce of .999 fine silver, one ounce of .9999 fine gold is worth $500 UDOH and $1000 UDOH is worth one ounce of .9995 fine platinum and so on. Of course the larger UDOH Banknotes such as the $1 trillion Banknote will not be practical to convert into precious metals, but will be used in Earthly government support and interplanetary commerce with the saints, saintes (French for female saints), angels and angelas of the United Domains Of Heaven where Capitalism is the Economic Religion, not liberal socialism and Communazism which presently dominate the Earth, keeping the vast majority of the population enslaved by out and out poverty, or slave wages and Communist (The graduated income tax was an idea of the father of modern Communism, Karl Marx, who included it as one of the ten points in his Communist Manifesto.) taxes which will no longer be necessary as the United Domains Of Heaven will be supporting free Earthly governments with the super-generous discount rate available for Heavenly Currency to free governments.
We, God, teach that the love of money (greed and/or selfishness) is the root of all evil, and give you the right to spend or use or save the fruits of your labor as you see fit, while Communazism perverts the Scriptures by teaching that money itself is the root of all evil which gives them the "justification" to confiscate your money through taxes.
The credit industry will become obsolete and unnecessary as I am going to lift the poor into wealth, and all UDOH citizens will be able to have UDOH Cosmic Reserve Bank "smart" debit cards which will also have a magnetic stripe for ordinary card readers, and can contain all kinds of useful information besides bank account balances, such as medical information, resumes, educational histories, drivers' licenses, other licenses and other kinds of useful information such as UDOH Passports. These "smart" debit cards will make it unnecessary to carry cash or documents and they will be able to be uploaded or downloaded by the owner from home or office computers. Of course your privacy in relation to your smart card will be protected.
Heavenly Currency and coins will cause an economic, construction, business-creation and very high-paying jobs boom like the Earth has never seen. To read My Christian Manifesto/Platform/Agenda click here: VirtualCampaign Manager Lawyers and judges will all be trained in Biblical law and American Constitutional law. We, God, will rule the world through righteous America, and all other countries will become free due to the availability of wealth for all. In fact, you can learn from Me how to become a multi-millionaire and potential billionaire for only $225! The United Domains Of Heaven will buy the United Nations building in New York to run as the UDOH International Headquarters.
I am going to be founding two online, fax, mail, e-mail, phone, broadcast and print media Catholic theological seminaries to train and ordain single and married (mandatory celibacy for the Catholic priesthood is completely unscriptural as is the ban on eating meat on Friday; My Holy Word clearly teaches against the banning of eating meat and forbidding marriage as they are tools of the Antichrist; 39 Popes were married including Saint Peter, and Saint Paul defended his right to marry in the Bible) Catholic warrior/priests into My Michaelite Order of the Blue Shield and Catholic women into My Main Wife the Blessed Virgin Mary Michelle's order of Catholic warrior/priestesses, the Michellite Order of the Red Heart. Protestant ministers and other Protestants and non-Christians and Catholic priests and laypeople who want to become Michaelite priests and Michellite priestesses will be accepted into Our Seminaries. Women cannot be Catholic priests because priests are inherently male, but they can become Catholic priestesses now.
My Pro-Life, Faith, Peace, Freedom and Prosperity Foundation is going to pay public school students performance-based salaries to support their education in the Holy Bible and secular documents and books. My Foundation will buy for every home on Earth at least one computer hooked to the Internet and one Holy Bible, preferably one for each member of the family, the husband, his wife and all of their children for those who want them. In this way, education can continue after school at any time, can become home-schooling and will do away with most ignorance worldwide.
I will bring peace in Israel by buying with Heavenly Currency land for the Palestinans and other Arabs living within Israel's true Biblical borders, all the land between the Euphrates River and the Nile River. Israel will own all that land forever just as My Holy Word, the Bible, mandates.
Every family that wants their home to be a Catholic church presided over by its Michaelite Catholic priest husband and Michellite Catholic priestess wife will be able to have that. If possible, I will build free energy auto engine factories that will sell their engines to competitive auto manufacturers. Oil is far more valuable for plastics production, and other positive chemicals, and will always retain its value.
Plastic housing will be a building wave of the future and will save forests from endangerment. When we no longer burn oil, pollution will be done away with.

Item 2:
Here is a legal document signed by a psychiatrist testifying to My sanity for those who have been persecuting Me since 1975 with the "mental illness authorities":
I, Dr. Mitchel Osman, M.D., undersigned, do hereby testify to the whole world that I believed God the Great Holy Spirit, Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel, when he testified to me that he has healed Himself of any and all "psychiatric disorders" which he undertook to bring upon himself by praying as a small boy to His Dad, God the Father Yahweh in Heaven, that His Dad would let him go insane someday so that He could acquire the knowledge to heal mentally ill people. As He has testified to me, the only way mentally ill people can be healed is by bringing them to baptism and belief in God and the keeping of the Two Greatest Commandments so that they will be admitted into Heaven when they die. People get mentally ill in the first place because they sense that they are destined for Hell subconsciously if they are not baptized believers following the Two Greatest Commandments. Michael has informed me that the psychiatric system is run from the pits of Hell by the atheist devil Sigmund Freud who taught that human beings have no spirits or souls, but are only the smartest animals and are controlled by their animal instincts which led to the invention of psychotropic mind-altering drugs which have no power to heal as that power belongs only to God and to those believers to whom He delegates it. I believe Michael when He tells me He is Who He is and that He has truly healed himself and wants to stay only on miraculous Divinely-created natural medicines to help him sleep and stay fertile.

Dr. Mitchel Osman Dated: 24 Jan 2005

God the Great Holy Spirit Father Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel 10 Feb 2005, 1157 hours

a project of The Declaration Alliance P.O. Box 131727, Houston, TX 77219-1727

28 Mar 2005, 0515 hours

Here is a message I recently received from the great angel Alan Keyes at Citizen Action Now!:

Dear Mr. Archangel,

I need to alert you to the latest plans of the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics -- Bill and Hillary Clinton. These two culprits are pursuing a bold strategy to expand their combined power and influence into a web of global political dominance.
Bill Clinton has set his sights on becoming the next Secretary General of the United Nations, and Hillary plans to run for President of the United States in 2008.
Well, my friends, I am teaming up with Larry Klayman, a true conservative leader with whom I shared many battles during the scandal-ridden Clinton era, to take on this new Clinton challenge. With your help, we will be a "dynamic duo" of accountability that will strive to keep the Clintons from realizing their dangerous dream of global political power and executive collusion between the UN and the White House!
You may remember Larry with Judicial Watch, which sued the Clintons and their corrupt administration over 80 times, and was the only legal counsel ever to get a court to rule that Bill Clinton committed a crime when, to smear a woman he accosted in the Oval Office pantry, Kathleen Willey, he illegally released her confidential White House file.
< And as you know, I am Chairman of the Declaration Alliance, a civic public policy and issues advocacy organization that aggressively defends the Founding principles of the American Republic.
I share with Larry a solid commitment to see America and the world spared the shame of further Clinton- style "leadership." So we are joining forces again, as we did to help impeach Clinton, and the Declaration Alliance is retaining the Klayman Law Firm to provide outside legal counsel for this anti-UN and related efforts.

Our first goal is to prevent Bill Clinton from becoming the Secretary General of the UN! And then we must ensure that the United States withholds funding from that America-hating organization until it is truly reformed -- and terrorist states like Sudan, Syria and Cuba (which not coincidentally chairs the UN's Human Rights Commission) diminish in influence and power.
We CAN accomplish these objectives! As a former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, I was the architect of precisely just such reforms of the UN that were achieved during the Reagan era, but which were later undone by the Clinton administration. I know from the inside just how corrupt and anti-American the UN is, and what procedural remedies are possible. And Larry, as an experienced international lawyer and former prosecutor, understands how to take it on under legal challenge.
Our first order of business will be to use our credentials and expertise to help prevent the UN from amending its Charter for Bill Clinton -- which it has plans to do! This amendment would allow Clinton to become UN Secretary General, which under current UN structures is impermissible, because the U.S. is a permanent member of the Security Council.
And, since the current Secretary General, Kofi Annan, is enmeshed in the UN Oil-for-Food scandal, (where he and his son took money kick-backs from Saddam Hussein instead of feeding Iraqi children), a replacement Secretary General could be installed soon. When Annan is forced to resign, as now appears to be likely, Bill Clinton intends to be poised to move in. This is why we must act immediately!
We have a plan to stop Bill Clinton cold...
First, we must expose how the Volcker Commission and our State Department are currently covering up a full investigation of the UN Oil-for-Food scandal. Larry already has a case pending to get released all relevant government documents. And, there are plans in the works to file even more cases.
You see, political correctness and "world peace" are not the only reasons pro-Arab interests in our government want to cover up this scandal. Another reason is the leverage it gives State Department careerists to pressure the UN and Annan into taking over "policing" Iraq. Of course, given the way the UN hates America, coddles tyranny, and turned its back on our country and allies in fighting the Iraq war, this approach would likely prove a disaster for the cause of peace and freedom in Iraq.
But if we can show that our State Department is helping the UN cover up this scandal, then there are compelling reasons for President Bush to distance himself from his State Department's coziness with the UN -- and we stand a better chance that the Bush UN team would be directed to veto any amendment of the UN Charter that allows for Bill Clinton to become its chief.
Second, we will petition Congress to take an active role in killing any amendment to the UN Charter that would allow Bill Clinton to, in effect, become president of the world body.
And third, we will petition Congress to threaten withdrawal procedures from the UN. If the United States were no longer a member, then Bill Clinton could not become its leader. America needs renewed public debate about whether the best course is our nation's removal from this dysfunctional organization which works against our interests and co-opts our sovereignty.
We need your help NOW to prevent Bill Clinton from becoming Secretary General and to begin Congressional proceedings to get the UN thoroughly reformed -- or removed from our shores!

There are many money and political interests vested in the UN, and legal and other costs to take them on will be huge. We need your immediate and strong financial support TODAY.
Please, a contribution now will go in large part to pay our legal fees and costs on behalf of Declaration Alliance. Please also sign the enclosed petitions that we can deliver to the White House and members of Congress to get the ball rolling.
If we don't act now, Bill Clinton may well become President to the World with Hillary behind him pulling the strings of their globalist design for a New World Order and an end to U.S. sovereignty and liberty!

Yours for America,

A Political Action Committee Committed to Closing our Borders
Bay Buchanan, Chairman
"The defense of a nation begins at its borders."
Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado)
Founding Chairman

POB 897, McLean, VA 22101
Phone: (703) 255-1399, www.teamamericapac.org

Dear Fellow American:

Ever since I was first elected to Congress in 1998, I have been fighting a battle to protect our nation's freedoms, historic identity and economic security.
This battle is not being fought in Iraq or Afghanistan.
It is being fought, every day, on America's borders!
Today, as the Founding Chairman of Team America Political Action Committee and as the Chair of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, I am asking you to join with me in this battle. Its outcome will determine what kind of nation we leave to our children and grandchildren
Out-of-control illegal immigration over the Mexican border is stealing American jobs, as greedy corporations snap up cheap labor (one estimate is that for every 100 illegals hired in the U.S., 70 to 80 Americans are permanently displaced). Employment opportunities for Americans are threatened as much by illegal immigration as they are by "outsourcing."
What's more, the current flood of illegal Mexicans and Central Americans cluster in linguistic ghettos, speaking only Spanish and expecting their language preference to be catered to by local government and businesses. The rise of Spanish as co-equal to English is shattering the unity generations of Americans have enjoyed through one shared common language.
Economically, the cost of the illegal immigrants is enormous, crushing the budgets of states that are footing the bill to protect, educate and provide health care for literally millions of illegal immigrants and their families.
And in the wake of illegal immigration there has been an explosion in crime, as violent drug gangs from south of the border reconstitute themselves and go to war in cities across America!

Of course, we have also paid another dreadful price for failing to enforce our laws about granting visas and tracking visa-holders. Who can forget that most of the 9/11 terrorists who crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were here illegally, although they were carrying "valid" American drivers licenses?
Poll after poll shows a huge majority of Americans want to see our immigration and visa laws enforced. They want to see more money and personnel invested into our understaffed and overworked Border Patrol. They demandaccountability from our government for the fact that "open borders" has led to over ELEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS living in the U.S. today.
What has been the bipartisan response of our political leadership? The "Guest Worker Program" proposed by President Bush!
Here's how you spell "Guest Worker Program:"
That's right,instead of cracking down on illegal immigration, President Bush and leading Republicans and Democrats in Congress want to grant amnesty to illegals in this country!
That means they get to stay here, keep the jobs they've stolen from Americans, enjoy the benefits of our schools and our society, and eventually become citizens.
What a disgrace --rewarding people for breaking the law and entering our country illegally!
The elite of one Party, the Democrats, wants more illegal immigrants here to shore up their voting base. Hispanic immigrants in the Southwest have been reliable Democratic voters.
And the elite of the other Party, the Republicans, wants more illegals here as a source of cheap labor for corporate interests that support the GOP.
In effect, there is a conspiracy between the leadership of the two parties, each for their own parochial, partisan gain, to ignore the manifest will of the American people for immigration reform, and keep the flood of illegals coming!
That's the bad news. And it is very bad news, indeed.
But here's the good news: grassroots Americans are finally making their voices heard, at the ballot box and right here in Congress!
As a Congressman, I have made immigration reform one of my top priorities, and I founded the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus.
I believe in putting principle ahead of party. My commitment to fundamental immigration reform has made me some powerful enemies in the leadership of both parties!
As part of leading the fight against illegal immigration into our country, I also founded the "Team America Political Action Committee."
There are some wonderful educational and lobbying organizations that have been fighting the good fight on immigration for many years. You may very well support some of these groups, for which we all owe you a debt of gratitude.
But once President Bush put his proposal for amnesty for illegals on the table, I knew our movement needed more than education and lobbying. To fight amnesty for illegals, I realized we urgently needed a specifically political organization, dedicated to electing more pro-immigration reform conservatives to Congress where the amnesty proposal will eventually be voted on.
That is why Team America is a political action committee. We serve as a national clearinghouse for information about the immigration reform movement in our nation (I urge you to visit our website, TEAM AMERICA PAC and check out all we are involved in).
As a political action committee, we also have a very special mission that educational and lobbying organizations don't share: to give the maximum in financial and organization support to conservative candidates who back real immigration reform and oppose efforts to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants!
Last year, we were involved in over a dozen critical House races. And today, the Immigration Reform Caucus that I chair now has 71 members, a record high!
And the power of the immigration reform movement was clearly visible last December, when the "lame duck" session of the old Congress came within a whisker of rejecting the "Intelligence Reform Bill," because it failed to address the crisis of illegal immigrants being able to secure "valid" drivers licenses.
The revolt against the intelligence reform bill in the Republican caucus was only quelled when the Congressional leadership promised that the drivers license crisis will be addressed as a "must pass" priority in the new Congress that has just convened. I intend to hold the leadership to that pledge!
Even after the leadership made that pledge, 67 Republicans, including me and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner, still voted againt the bill. Seeing that many conservatives stand up and say "No!" to the leadership and the White House was staggering! Believe me, a few years ago I may well have been the ONLY House member to vote against a bill like this!
We are making HUGE progress, my friend!
Now, we need to fight for immigration reform in the new Congress, and get ready for the 2006 elections.
Here are our top priorities:
1) Working with Congressman Sensenbrenner to enact tough legislation blocking illegal aliens from securing American drivers licenses, tightening the rules of "political asylum," and closing the three mile gap in the fence on the Mexican border;
2) Blocking any attempts to enact amnesty for illegals, including the Bush Administration's ridiculous "guest worker" program;
3) Laying the groundwork for the election of a solidly pro-immigration reform majority to Congress in 2006.
I need your help to advance this ambitious agenda. That's why I am so eager for you to accept my invitation to join Team America PAC today!
When I organized Team America PAC, I was stunned by the numbers of Americans who wrote, called and emailed me to give this organization their support. And I realized that, as a Congressman and as a candidate for re-election myself, I simply didn't have the time to run Team America on my own.
So I called my friend Bay Buchanan, and asked her to help me. Fortunately, Bay agreed to serve as Team America's Chairman and is running our day-to-day operations. Bay has been involved in politics for many years, working for Ronald Reagan's 1976, 1980 and 1984 presidential campaigns, and chairing her brother, Pat Buchanan's run for the White House.
And today, just as I reached out to Bay for help, I am reaching out to you for help in this critically important cause!
Here is what I hope you will do today:
1) Sign the enclosed Pledge I have included with my letter. This Pledge is the same one that candidates we support in the 2006 campaign will sign, and your signature will symbolize the exploding support for immigration reform and against amnesty for illegals. We want to show candidates and the media the extent of support that the immigration reform movement commands at the grassroots!
2)Please join Bay Buchanan and me as a member of Team America PAC by making a contribution of $25, $35, $50 or even $100 today.
Once the reform measures I've outlined for you get moving, they will create a storm of controversy. I want Team America PAC to be ready to create grassroots pressure in key House districts where, despite their constituents, some members will try and weaken our tough anti-illegal immigration measures.
I am asking you to make a contribution to Team America PAC when you join with us, so that Bay Buchanan and our "team" will have funds available to run targeted radio advertising in those key districts. We also need your financial support to recruit more Team America PAC members, and to build the warchest we will need for the 2006 congressional primary and general election campaign.
I don't believe there is a single more important battle to secure our nation and preserve our national heritage than the battle to reform immigration. I have stood up to the political elites, and staked my own political career on this fight. The outcome of this battle will determine whether America reclaims her historic roots and values, or whether America becomes an entirely different nation.
The choice is still ours to make, but every day that the flood of illegals continues, the window of opportunity narrows for us. I urge you to get involved, and join Team America!
Tom Tancredo
Founding Chairman
P.S. I cannot overstate how important it will be for you to join us, and give us your financial support. It was recently revealed that the Mexican Government has published and is circulating "The Guide for the Mexican Migrant," which advises illegals on things like crossing deserts and rivers, dealing with law enforcement if they're caught, and how to get around in the U.S. without "papers!" We're not just fighting the "open borders" crowd in Congress, but the Mexican Government too! We need Team America PAC to be ready to help us win the grassroots support we will need to overcome the opposition we face from the Mexican-American lobby, the Mexican Government, the corporate special interests and the Establishments of both parties. It would be a big help to Bay and me if we could hear back from you in the next two weeks!

16 March 2005
ITEM 5: ONE OF MICHAEL'S MANY PARTIAL SOLUTIONS TO THE OUT OF CONTROL ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM ALL OF WHICH CAN BE SEEN AT: MICHAEL'S PRESIDENTIAL PLATFORM I am going to enrich Mexico (and other legitimate free countries) with Heavenly Money so that Mexicans will no longer need to seek American jobs. This will be done by selling the Heavenly Money to the Mexican government at the extremely generous government discount rate of 95% and to individual Mexicans and other entities at the other standard discount rates available for the level at which individuals and entities get involved with the Heavenly Money discount system. Heavenly Money sales will be denied only to entities and individuals involved in religious persecution and leftist political slavery, terrorism, the drug trade, money laundering and other illegal activities. Tell everyone you know about this website by all means possible!

Free The Fathers
International Headquarters
Two Market Street, Suite 209
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402
President John M. Davies
Mrs. Patricia Rosenbach, Assistant to the President
Brendan Bennett, Operations Manager

Father Michael the Archangel
POB 2281
Midland, MI 48641-2281

Dear Father,

For the next few minutes I hope you will give me your complete attention.
Please, let me explain. This is very serious.
As you know, Free the Fathers has been waging a full scale battle for the last 22 years on behalf of the Catholic priests still in prison in China.
And, thanks to loyal supporters like you, Free The Fathers has played a major role in seeing that some of these brave priests are freed from prison.
But despite our victories, terrible atrocities continue.
Dozens of priests and bishops are still in prison.
Even more are under house arrest or constant watch.
Thousands of lay Catholics risk arrest or a term in the forced labor camps by attending Mass at an Underground Church.
So you see, the work of Free The Fathers is still desperately needed.
But, because of the tragic Tsunami in Southeast Asia, many of our supporters have put the needs of Free The Fathers on the "back burner."
So unless I receive immediate assistance from our most loyal friends like you, I will be forced to cutback -- or even cancel -- many of our important programs.
That's why I had no choice but to rush you this Emergency Appeal.
I hope and pray I can count on you for a very special emergency gift of $20 or whatever you can send today.

Right now, we just don't have the money to pay these bills and help the priests.
I've done everything possible to cut expenses here...
Our staff is held to the absolute minimum...there is just me, Operations Manager Brendan Bennett, my long-time assistant Pat Rosenbach, and 5 part-time college interns.
But our printers, the phone company, the electric company, and all our other creditors don't care that I've cut back on expenses or that many of our donors have given to the Tsunami relief efforts instead of Free The Fathers.
They just want their money now.
I hate to turn to you for help -- again.
You are a faithful friend to me and Free The Fathers.
Your financial support has helped bring this cause of the Chinese priests to the attention of millions of people.
Free The Fathers members mailed 500,000 postcards to free Bishop (and later Cardinal) Ignatius Kung.
You helped get Father Francis T'sai out of the dreadful forced labor camp he was in.
You and others helped persuade the Chinese to free Father Francis Wang.
And last year, I sent out 100,000 letters to Catholic leaders and activists to alert them to the plight of Bishop Thomas Zeng.
With your help, Free The Fathers has had some very important success stories.
But every time an angry printer or other creditor calls me I wonder if maybe we did too much...
Maybe we should have cut back on the letters for Bishop Zeng --- or on another project to help the priests in China.
But when there are dedicated priests suffering in Chinese jails, it is impossible to turn my back on them.
I hope and pray you won't turn your back on Free The Fathers - this is a very serious financial crisis because so many of our regular donors have given (generously) to the Tsunami Relief efforts instead of to Free The Fathers.
In fact, I may be forced next week to lay off some of our loyal staff if donations do not improve.
I hope it doesn't come to that.
The Chinese Communists would like nothing better than to see Free The Fathers fail.
Remember, there is no such thing as "freedom of worship" in the People's Republic of China.
Catholic priests are hunted down like rats...arrested for saying Mass...imprisoned without trial...sent to forced labor camps...even murdered!
All on the direct orders of the Chinese Central Government!
Without Free The Fathers, there would be no one left to expose their evil plan arrest and torture elderly bishops and priests.
Please don't let that happen.
That's why I have sent you this Emergency appeal.
And why, Father, I desperately hope I can count on you to rush Free The Fathers an emergency donation of $20 or $40 today.
Free The Fathers must have the support of every single friend we've got right now.
I hate to have to "beg" for money.
But the situation here is so desperate I have no other choice today. I hope you understand.
Thank you for standing by me and Free The Fathers at this critical time.
John M. Davies
P.S. I've sent you an article from Catholic World News about the new arrest of Bishop Julius Jia. Please pray for him.

6 April 2005
Here is an article that recently came into My hands:
George CARLIN (His wife recently died...) Isn't it amazing that George Carlin - gross and mouthy comedian of the 70's and 80's - could write something so very eloquent...A wonderful Message by George Carlin:
The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less; we buy more, but enjoy less.
We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.
We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.
We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life, not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor.
We conquered outer space but not inner space. We've done larger things but not better things.
We've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We've conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.
These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes. These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill. It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom. A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete.
Remember, spend some time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever. Remember, say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side. Remember, to give a warm hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it doesn't cost a cent.
Remember, to say, "I love you" to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you. Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again.
Give time to love, give time to speak, and give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind.
1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctor worry about them. That is why you pay him/her.
2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.
3. Keep learning. Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain idle. "An idle mind is the devil's workshop." And the devil's name is Alzheimer's.
4. Enjoy the simple things.
5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.
6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.
7. Surround yourself with what you love, whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge.
8. Cherish your health; if it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.
9. Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, to the next county, to a foreign country, but NOT to where the guilt is.
10. Tell the people you love that you love them at every opportunity.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take a breath away. If you don't send this to at least 8 people...who cares?
-George Carlin

6 April 2005
Here are some poems about Me that Master Poet Brian F. Houle wrote:

To break the bow and burn the shield and shatter the spears of war,
This is what Prince Michael comes into the world for.

He Ushers in the Kingdom of our God in "Jesus the Christ."
Revelator of God's Fury, Against the Powers of the Night,

Blessed is the Lord of Hosts:
God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost.

One King of Kings He is, Chosen, Faithful and Triune,
An Ensign to Elijah, dwells in the upper Room.

A Viceroy sent from Heaven He is, Faithful and True,
Wields the Word of the Living God, Creating all things New.

A Sword is in His Mouth, a Rod of Iron in His Hand,
The Armies of Heaven Obey His Voice, They Follow His Command.

Rejoice Ye Faithful! Revive today! for thou shalt behold:
The Lord of Terrible Anger, Renowned from of Old.

Behold, The Blood Avenger! Quickly Comes His Recompense.
Yes, the Lord of the Harvest! Throws in His Two cents.

He Prepares the Footstool For Heavenly Father's Holy Feet,
And Establishes New Jerusalem with Strength no one can Unseat.

His Women have Stork Wings to Carry Wickedness Away.
Truth and Justice He Brings, with the Dawning of His Day.

For those of you who will not hear me,
For those who fail to reverence and fear me.
For all that will not turn to me, that I should make them well,
I give you to the son of Hell.

I've picked him up from his belly to walk and fly.
I've given him word and make it the ultimate lie.
I make him to blaspheme my name,
That all who are like him shall do the same.

I give him power over man sublime,
For time and times and half a time.
The world shall follow him in wonder,
Nations fall victim to his plunder.

The righteous knew that he would come.
The righteous saw his lawless deeds being done.
I'll cast him out of the heavens it's true,
But woe, woe, woe to the earth when I do.

In argument about the Jewish race, He and Michael shall meet face to face. "The Lord Rebuke you" is what my son shall say. When the destroyer learns, he has less than a day.

The following is a communication that I received
from the John Paul II Cultural Center:

The undersigned clergy of the Catholic Church
do hereby authorize that the name of:
Fr. Michael Archangel be included on the special John Paul II Honor Roll
to be permanently located at the Pope John Paul II
Cultural Center. This Honor Roll will serve as a
lasting tribute to the steadfast ministry of
his Holiness John Paul II and the loyalty, support and
prayers of those Catholics who are funding the
mission of the Center as stated by Pope John Paul II,
"to make a distinct contribution to the new evangelization."
Signed and authorized this 6th day of May 2005.
+Adam Cardinal Maida
Adam Cardinal Maida
+Earl Boyea
Most Reverend Earl Boyea
Cardinal Maida's Delegate
William A. Kerr
Monsignor William A. Kerr
Executive Director

10 June 2005
On the 4th of May, 2005, I established with the Midland County Clerk the following Business License:
The One World Government United Domains Of Heaven And Earth And The One World Religion Catholic And Protestant Christianity
to beat to the punch the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the New Agers who want to start their own One World Government using the United Nations as a front and their own One World Religion, the New Age Religion.

The first two secret prophecies announced in 1917 by the Virgin Mary came to pass, and now...
The third prophecy of Fatima will be revealed to you for the first time in full.
The most terrifying of the Vatican's secrets which can at last be made public!
In the pages which follow discover the third secret prophecy of the Virgin of Fatima. An unabridged version. The Good will be wiped out together with the Evil, the Great with the Masses. From Peter Karbacher Through friends at the Vatican working on the same project as us, we have received some essential extracts from the third prophecy of Fatima. Although this prophecy is quite alarming, we should not forget that the Virgin of Fatima assured us that the power of faith, of knowledge and of resolution could put an end to this prophecy.
Contrary to what we would have hoped for, this prophecy does not see peaceful and harmonious times ahead. Quite the opposite is true, for a series of great catastrophes have been predicted and a great war which will destroy almost all the planets and eradicate all but a snatch of humanity.
The prophecy describes visions of unimaginable horror as well as divine punishment as a consequence of the decline in Christian values and bloody conflicts between the rulers of this World.
It is not in the least surprising that the Vatican has done everything in its power to keep this prophecy secret and that it has only revealed a part of it now, for this prophecy also speaks clearly of big disputes at the heart of the Church itself, disputes which will be punished by God in a Flood of a magnitude that is beyond human imagination.
The friends at the Vatican have already confirmed to me today that the Cardinals are in complete disagreement amongst themselves and have split into different factions. Each of them wants to seize the power, as if the tiara, and thus the representation of God on Earth, were something with which one can negotiate.
But this fight against the decline in values is not without hope. The simple fact that the third prophecy has been communicated to me proves that there are still men at the Vatican who do not think only of power and money, but who want to save humanity. This prophecy had been kept under lock and key in a safe at the Vatican since 1943 -- 26 years after the Virgin Mary appeared before young Lucia Santos, aged 8 at the time, and her cousins, Jacinta Marto, aged 7, and Francisco, aged 9, on the outskirts of the village of Fatima in Portugal in 1917.
Since 1917, the Vatican has officially recognized several apparitions of the Holy Virgin of Fatima before these children. In 2000, two of these children were beatified. [Lucia Santos, the one remaining survivor of the three children, passed on this year, 2005.]
What is more, there is absolutely no doubt that two of the prophecies have already come to pass.
The Virgin Mary's first prediction concerned the Second World War, which did indeed generate unimaginable sufferings for humanity from 1939 to 1945. The second prophecy described the rise of communism with all its heretic consequences, as well as its imminent fall. In the third prophecy, she predicted a terrorist attack followed by the death of a bishop dressed in white, the Pope himself.
Here again, I would like to underline the fact that I have already mentioned above: our faith can forestall the most frightening of prophecies. Was not the Pope supposed to die?Yes, but with the power of his faith and with the protection of his Holy Cross of the Virgin of Fatima, he survived. This gives us hope, even if the third prophecy does make us tremble.
Below, you will find an unabridged version of the third secret prophecy, entrusted to the three young shepherds.
The Virgin of Fatima did however clearly state that the third prophecy could be prevented by the power of faith, of knowledge and of resolution.
This secret prophecy was announced to the young shepherds Jacinta Marto, her brother Francisco, and their eight-year-old cousin Lucia Santos. Lucia Santos is today the only survivor. She lives a secluded life in a convent, far from the hustle and bustle of modern life, but is in permanent contact with the Vatican. [as stated above, Lucia died in 2005.]
The appearance of the Virgin of Fatima before the three children in 1917 was officially confirmed and certified by the Vatican.
*"A bishop dressed in white will be attacked with firearms and will fall lifeless to the ground."
*"Whilst an unsuspecting Pope suffers, bishops will combat bishops and cardinals will combat cardinals."
*"Humanity will be hit by a great catastrophe. Chaos and anarchy will replace order and harmony."
*"The Church will be torn apart by an open war within it."
*"Thus, Satan will be able to reign and the power of evil will take dominion over the Earth."
*"Man will be punished by God and this punishment will be far more severe than that of the Flood. It will be the end of time."
*"The waters of the oceans will spread infinitely, waves will reach horrifying heights and will engulf the land."
*"As time passes, the depths will become greater. The Good will be wiped out along with the Evil, the Great with the Masses, and the Princes of the Church with the Believers."
*"There will be a stroke of lighting and millions of human beings will die."
*"Wherever one looks and in numerous countries, there will be nothing but misery, evil and destruction."
*"Because of the terror and crime committed by the Evil, the followers of Satan, and those who rule the World, Death will be omnipresent on Earth."
*"In the end, all those who have survived will glorify and serve God in order to save their souls from perdition."

With the third secret of Fatima I received a copy of the Cross of the Virgin of Fatima, the cross that Pope John Paul II was wearing when the Turk Ali Agca tried to assassinate him. The Pope attributed his survival of the assassination attempt to My Spouse, the Blessed Virgin Mary Michelle.

Below is a letter I received from Gary Aldrich, the hero FBI Agent whistleblower who exposed the corruption in the Clinton White House with "Unlimited Access," #1 Best Seller.

Dear Fellow American,
It's no secret that Hillary Clinton is running for President.
Nor is it a secret that Bill Clinton is interested in being the next Secretary-General of the United Nations.
As a former FBI agent assigned to the White House during the Clinton years, the thought of this couple running the United States, and the world, sends shivers down my spine.
Bill Clinton - one of only two presidents to ever be impeached - is the most morally corrupt president in our nation's history.
This is not just my opinion. A respected group of presidential scholars recently ranked Bill Clinton 41st or last in "moral authority."
That's why I felt compelled to write Unlimited Access in 1996. I thought the American people should know about the immoral behavior and corruption I saw every day while working at the Clinton White House.
But as time passes, my fear is that the endless Clinton scandals will fade from our memory...especially for voters who don't pay close attention to politics or are swayed by the liberal media.
Moreover, because the Clintons are such clever and charismatic politicians, they may be able to persuade enough Americans that she is really a political "moderate" and a strong Christian lady.
Of course, the truth is Hillary Clinton is a far left, foul-mouthed feminist who will do or say anything to get elected.
When I worked at the White House, Hillary Clinton ordered me and other staff members to decorate the official Blue Room Christmas tree with "ornaments" such as condoms, sex toys, and drug bongs.
And she treated her staff with a complete lack of respect - even calling her Secret Service agents "trained pigs."
But the Clintons are quite good at reinventing themselves to get elected. And they have the help of the liberal media that just adores them.
You may have read recently that Hillary Clinton has taken more "centrist" positions on social issues such as abortion and illegal immigration. She even credits religious values for promoting abstinence among young folks.
But don't be fooled by these cosmetic changes.
A leopard can't change its spots.
At Yale Law School, Hillary Clinton was a strident radical who defended and organized demonstrations on behalf of Black Panther thugs and murderers.
Hillary then clerked for the leftwing law firm of Treuhaft, Walker, and Burnstein, in Oakland, California. The lead partner in this law firm was known as "Oakland's red lawyer" and was at one time an active member of the American Communist Party.
She then married Bill Clinton but refused to take his last name until it became a political liability. Later, Hillary showed contempt for homemakers by suggesting all they do is "bake cookies."
As First Lady of Arkansas, Hillary Clinton used her position to enrich herself at the Rose law firm.
One $1,000 investment in cattle futures that netted a $99,000 profit in a short period was essentially a bribe.
Of course, the scandals are endless: Whitewater, Travelgate, FBI files and IRS audits of political enemies, and Chinagate are just a few.
But what may surprise you is that there is a long list of new Hillary Clinton scandals that have gone unreported.
Illegal campaign contributions to her Senate campaign. A campaign donor, Peter Paul, gave $2 million to Hillary's Senate campaign - which far exceeds the $2,000 maximum contribution allowed by federal law.
The Finance Director for Hillary's Senate campaign, David Rosen, was recently indicted by the Justice Department, but the mainstream media has ignored this story so far.
Presidential pardons to help Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign and to make money for her two brothers.
You may recall that Mark Rich, a fugitive who moved to Switzerland and renounced his citizenship, was pardoned because of large donations made by his wife to the Clintons.
But even more disturbing, Bill Clinton pardoned over a dozen Puerto Ricans (FALN) terrorists responsible for six murders. This pardon was made to get the votes of certain Puerto Rican and leftist activists who believed these terrorists were "freedom fighters."
Hillary's brothers, Hugh and Tony Rodham, both attorneys, made a ton of money from securing presidential pardons for their clients.
Carlos Vingali, a drug kingpin, who was pardoned after his father gave $200,000 to Hugh Rodham is just one example of this nepotism and corruption.
Of course, none of this should surprise you. The Clintons believe they are above the law. But my fear is that if the public is not reminded of these scandals - and informed of the newer ones - the Clintons will win the White House in 2008. [Not if I have anything to say about it! Michael]
That's why I need you to join my EXPOSE HILLARY RESEARCH & BOOK project today.
In the last election, the Swift Boat Veterans were effective in exposing John Kerry's shameful behavior in Vietnam and when he returned home. Some people even credit them for winning the election.
It is our hope that our book and research project would expose the truth about Hillary Clinton much like the Swift Boat Veterans did last year.
I will be writing a book focusing on many of the more recent scandals that have largely gone unreported by the liberal media. I believe such a book can have even more impact than Unlimited Access had in 1996.
But I need your help!
We will need to hire several full-time researchers to dig up material that has never been published before on Hillary Clinton...
...information regarding the massive illegal contributions funneled into her recent Senate campaign, pardons for her brothers' clients, radical statements made while she was young, and other damaging information.
And we will need to hire a publicist and media people to make sure this information is reported to the public. Later, we may even decide to produce ads similar to what the Swift Boat Veterans did last year.
But this critical EXPOSE HILLARY project will not even get off the ground without the support of patriotic friends like you who see the Clintons for what they really are.
That's why I hope you can make a major donation of $1,000, $500, $250, or $100 to help fund our project.
If you can make a large donation of $100 or more, I will send you a signed copy of my book Unlimited Access to show my appreciation for your sacrifice and support.
You see, I believe exposing the real Hillary Clinton to the public may be the most important thing you or I could do for our country.
That's why it is critical you send a donation Of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $35, $25, or whatever you feel led to give at this time.
I founded the Patrick Henry Center to help expose government corruption - and to defend whistleblowers like Linda Tripp who stood up to the Clintons and paid the price for their convictions.
As you may know, Patrick Henry helped spark the American Revolution and the Bill of Rights, especially our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
Patrick Henry was also against political correctness and any kind of corruption. In short, he was the opposite of Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Please send your most generous gift of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $35, or $25 today. Thank you and God bless!
Gary Aldrich Gary Aldrich
P.S. Bill Clinton was just appointed a special envoy by the United Nations. Hillary is repositioning herself as a political moderate and woman of faith. Due to their charisma and political skills, they should not be taken lightly.
Unfit for Command, written by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, helped expose John Kerry's false claims of being a war hero in Vietnam. Our EXPOSE HILLARY BOOK project could have the same effect, if we get enough funding. Thanks!
P.O. Box 1205, Merrifield, VA 22116

By Paul Harvey
Conveniently Forgotten Facts. Back in 1969 a group of Black Panthers decided that a fellow black panther named Alex Rackley needed to die. Rackley was suspected of disloyalty. Rackley was first tied to a chair. Once safely immobilized, his friends tortured him for hours by, among other things, pouring boiling water on him. When they got tired of torturing Rackley, Black Panther member, Warren Kimbo took Rackley outside and put a bullet in his head. Rackley's body was later found floating in a river about 25 miles north of New Haven, Connecticut. Perhaps at this point you're curious as to what happened to these Black Panthers? In 1977, that's only eight years later, only one of the killers was still in jail. The shooter, Warren Kimbro, managed to get a scholarship to Harvard and became good friends with none other than Al Gore. He later became an assistant dean at an Eastern Connecticut State College. Isn't that something? As a '60s radical you can pump a bullet into someone's head and a few years later, in the same state, you can become an assistant college dean! Only in America! Erica Huggins was the woman who served the Panthers by boiling the water for Mr. Rackley's torture. Some years later Ms. Huggins was elected to a California School Board. How in the world do you think these killers got off so easy? Maybe it was in some part due to the efforts of two people who came to the defense of the Panthers. These two people actually went so far as to shut down Yale University with demonstrations in defense of the accused Black Panthers during their trial. One of these people was none other than Bill Lan Lee. Mr. Lee, or Mr. Lan Lee, as the case may be, isn't a college dean. He isn't a member of a California School Board. He is now head of the United States Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, appointed by none other than Bill Clinton. O.K., so who was the other Panther defender? Is this other notable Panther defender now a schoolboard member? Is this other Panther apologist now an assistant college dean? No, neither! The other Panther defender was, like Lee, a radical law student at Yale University at the time. She is now known as the "smartest woman in the world." She is none other than the Democratic senator from the State of New York -- our former First Lady, the incredible Hillary Rodham Clinton. And now, as Paul Harvey said; "You know the rest of the story". Pass this on! This deserves the widest possible press. Also remember it when she runs for President. Please go to TruthOrFiction.com on the internet and type in Alex Rackley, Black Panthers & Hillary Clinton and see for yourself that this is the Truth!!!

You can submit your "proofs" to our e-mail address cairomeo@aol.com. We will then offer a response. Both your "proof" and our response will be posted on the CAI science page at our website. If you do not want your actual name listed, we will change your name, but your contents will be posted. If you do not want either your name or your contents posted, then you are not eligible for a reply from CAI nor the $1,000 reward. CAI will be the sole judge of whether you have successfully proven your case. But since CAI is built on its reputation of honesty and truthfulness, rest assured that if you do indeed prove your case, you will be rewarded the money. Now a word of caution. By "proof" we mean that your explanations must be direct, observable, physical, natural, repeatable, unambiguous and comprehensive. We don't want hearsay, popular opinion, "expert" testimony, majority vote, personal conviction, organizational rulings, superficial analogies, appeals to "simplicity," "apologies" to Galileo, or any other indirect means of persuasion which do not qualify as scientific proof. The $1,000 Challenge will go on indefinitely. So, if you're up for the challenge, take your best shot! Some may be tempted to say, "Oh this is silly. Everyone knows the earth goes around the sun. What is CAI trying to prove, anyway?! What difference does it make?" Well here's the long and short answer to that question. It directly affects how you view God, Scripture, the Church and Modern Man. It effects your view of Modern Man because if he is wrong about the two teachings he has proposed as fundamental to modern knowledge (Evolution and Heliocentrism) this suggests that many other things man believes about the world are suspect of falsehood. As we know, modern man has continually used the Copernican model and its variant forms (Galileo, Kepler, et al) in an effort to weaken both the authority of Scripture and the authority of the Church to hold them accountable for the way they live their lives. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times: "We don't have to take the Bible literally because, as we all know, the sun doesn't go around the earth, but Scripture says it does. So why should I trust the Bible?" If Scripture can be dismissed by claiming that it is mostly a collection of myths and fables from ignorant and primitive people, and if the Church can be faulted for siding with an aberrant view of cosmology, then modern man thinks he has found the ultimate excuse for relieving himself of being bound by either Scripture or the Church. That is not all. If one examines the so-called "scientific proofs" for either Evolution or Heliocentrism, the proofs simply do not exist. Yet modern man, so desperate to find his excuses, has turned mere theories into "facts," and has thereby convinced the world that IT, not the Church or Scripture, is the king of truth. It effects your view of the Church because if it can be proven that, after the Church clung so tenaciously to the view that the sun revolves around the earth, but that now the Church finally has to admit she was wrong about one of its more authoritative teachings in the seventeenth century, this does not bode well for convincing modern man to abide by the Church's official teaching on ANY issue. Unfortunately, this is precisely the attitude we have seen from modern man. Man, because he has convinced himself that his "science" has turned Scripture into superstitious myths and fables, and the Church into a mere purveyor of the same, has become so cock-sure of himself in the little world he has created, that he not only has no need for God, he has attacked, and thinks he has destroyed, the very foundations of that belief. The modern Church, because she has been weak in fighting this issue, and indeed, ever since the days of George Terrell and Teilhard de Chardin has been infiltrated by free-thinking evolutionists, it totters to-and-fro, in one instance apologizing and condoning, and in other instances drawing back and distancing itself, resulting in no sure footing for the world to rest upon. Meanwhile, a recent poll of young people in Europe reveals that 47% of them attribute their spiritual apathy to the difference between the theological and scientific explanations for the origin of the world. As for the Church's previous condemnations of Copernicanism and Galileo, here are the facts: The Inquisition of 1615 in Rome declared the position of Galileo to be "scientifically false, and anti-Scriptural or heretical, and that he must renounce it" (Catholic Encyclopedia, vol 6, p. 344). Following this was a decree from the Congregation of the Index on March 5, 1616, prohibiting various heretical works, and among them were those advocating the Copernican system. As for the Pope at that time, Paul V, "there is no doubt that he fully approved the decision, having presided at the session of the Inquisition, wherein the matter was discussed and decided" (Ibid, p. 344). To Galileo's dismay, the next Pope, Urban VIII, would not annul the judgment of the Inquisition. The Encyclopedia concludes: "That both these pontiffs [Paul V and Urban VIII] were convinced anti-Copernicans cannot be doubted, nor that they believed the Copernican system to be unscriptural and desired its suppression. The question is, however, whether either of them condemned the doctrine ex cathedra. This, it is clear, they never did" (Ibid, p. 345). So despite what anyone says, the Catholic Church has never endorsed the Copernican theory and no pope has ever annulled the decrees of Paul V or Urban VIII. The only thing the Church has done is apologized for the treatment of Galileo in a 1992 address by John Paul II to the Pontifical Academy of Science. It effects your view of Scripture. Scripture is very clear that the earth is stationary and that the sun, moon and stars revolve around it. (By the way, in case you're wondering, "flat-earthers" are not accepted here, since Scripture does not teach a flat earth, nor did the Fathers teach it). If there was only one or two places where the Geocentric teaching appeared in Scripture, one might have the license to say that those passages were just incidental and really didn't reflect the teaching of Scripture at large. But the fact is that Geocentrism permeates Scripture. Here are some of the more salient passages (Sirach 43:2-5; 43:9-10; 46:4; Psalm 19:5-7; 104:5; 104:19; 119:90; Ecclesiastes 1:5; 2 Kings 20:9-11; 2 Chronicles 32:24; Isaiah 38:7-8; Joshua 10:12-14; Judges 5:31; Job 9:7; Habakkuk 3:11; (1 Esdras 4:12); James 1:12). I could list many more, but I think these will suffice. Now, of course, someone will immediately object: "Well, we don't have to interpret these passages literally." Says who? The Church has made no dogmatic teaching saying that we don't have to take these Scriptures literally. In fact, Leo XIII taught in Providentissimus Deus (1893) that, in the first instance, Scripture MUST be interpreted literally, unless there is some compelling reason to interpret it otherwise. In fact, I find it quite puzzling that Catholics, who would die for a literal interpretation of the Scripture "This is my body" in Matthew 26:26; or "unless a man is born of water and the Spirit" in John 3:5; or "upon this rock I will build my church" in Matthew 16:18; or "he who sins you shall forgive they are forgiven" in John 20:23, suddenly become so anti-literal when even clearer passages (i.e., those teaching Geocentrism) permeate Scripture. A common epithet foisted upon Catholics who disbelieve in Evolution and Heliocentrism is that they have "a Protestant mind-set," based on the prevailing opinion that some Protestants are known to read the Bible more literally. Yet isn't it ironic that to the Protestant mind it is the CATHOLIC who maintains the crassly literal interpretation of Scripture when, for example, passages such as Matthew 26:26 are interpreted by the Catholic Church to mean that we actually eat Jesus' body -- something absolutely repulsive to Protestants. So it seems that the issues before us are not those revolving around whether one is Catholic or Protestant; rather, it's a matter of which Scriptures someone decides to interpret literally and which he decides not to interpret literally. Of course, that polarity leaves the whole thing wide open for discussion, which is precisely what we are seeking to do at CAI (except the passages that have been dogmatized by the Church). Finally, it also effects your view of God because God says that, even though for Him all things are possible (Matt 19:26), there is one thing that is absolutely impossible for Him: and that is to lie (Titus 1:2). Again, if we are to base our understanding of a passage, such as Matthew 26:26, on the precise literal meaning of Jesus' words because we believe that He actually said what He meant and could not lie to us, then why do some people find it so easy to read the above passages which speak about a stationary earth and a moving sun as mere figures of speech? The only reason is that people believe science has proven that the earth goes around the sun. If they are right then, of course, we would have to interpret those passages figuratively. But the $64,000 question is: Are they right? Mind you, this cannot simply be a case of saying that the Heliocentric model works. Mathematically speaking, as several astronomers have told me, one could make Jupiter the center of the universe and work out a mathematical model in which all the motions of the heavenly bodies are accounted for, but a mathematical model is not necessarily reality (which is precisely the problem with modern science, since much of it is mere mathematical hypothesis, not necessarily physical reality). The main question they have to answer is: Can it be proven, by direct and irrefutable scientific evidence, that the heliocentric system is the ONLY viable system to understand the universe. I can safely tell you that the answer to that question is an unqualified NO, and thus I don't make the "CAI $1000 Challenge" lightly. Even the more astute heliocentric physicists have admitted as much. As the famous physicist Hans Reichenbach has said: "Here lies one of the reasons which led the scientists to accept the Copernican system, even though it must be conceded that, from the modern standpoint, practically identical results could be obtained by means of a somewhat revised Ptolemaic system" (From Copernicus to Einstein, p. 18). Hence, even if there is a possibility that the Heliocentric system is wrong and the Geocentric right, then it would behoove Scriptural exegetes to reserve their opinion on the passages of Scripture which teach Geocentrism, for science has not proven their case against them. By the same token, did the Church seek advice and counsel from science when she, after interpreting Matthew 26:26, took a dogmatic stand on its literal meaning? Of course not, for science had nothing to offer in the way of irrefutable proof that Transubstantiation could not occur. In the same way, science has no irrefutable proof that the earth revolves around the sun, and this, in my opinion, demands a literal interpretation of the Geocentric passages in Scripture. If someday science can prove, irrefutably, that the earth indeed goes around the sun, then we will understand all those passages figuratively, but not until that time; and it is my opinion that we will NEVER have to do so. If someone wants to argue that the Catholic Church takes Matthew 26:26 literally because the Tradition of the Church as far back as the early Fathers binds us to do so; well, the same can be said about Geocentrism, since all of the Fathers, without exception, were Geocentrists, even in the face of several Greek astronomers (Aristarchus of Samos; Heraclides of Pontus) who were already advocating Heliocentrism one thousand years before Copernicus. So, if you're so inclined, take your best shot! We're laying our reputation on the line in order to bring this vital truth to the world, and we at CAI have the courage to do so. Robert Sungenis Catholic Apologetics International May 7, 2002

E-mail received 10 August 2005:
I have the law on my side - I stopped paying sales tax or traffic tickets or licenses! This act of defiance insures the beast will perish! What goes around comes around - it all begins with one, that's you! Isn't it nice to know that you already won - now let's prove it to all. Katman
Notice, Demand & Warning to All Public Servants, Actors & or Agents:
Pursuant to U.S. v. Lee, 106 U.S. 196, 220 1 S. Ct. 240, 261, 27 L. Ed 171 (1882).
"No man in this country is so high that he is above the law. No officer of the law may set that law at defiance with impunity. All the officers of the government, from the highest to the lowest, are creatures of the law & are bound to obey it." "It is the only supreme power in our system of government, & every man who, by accepting office participates in its functions, is only the more strongly bound to submit to that supremacy & to observe the limitations which it imposes on the exercise of the authority which it gives."
Pursuant to Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat) 264, 404, 5 L. Ed 257 (1821).
"No state legislator or executive or judicial officer can war against the Constitution without violating his undertaking to support it".
Pursuant to Prieto Bail Bonds v. State, 9664 S.W. 2d 316.
"Officers must have oaths."
Pursuant to Texas Transportation Code § 543.008. Violation by Officer.
"A violation by an officer is misconduct in office & the officer is subject to removal from the officer's position."
Discussion: It follows that you are paid, educated in the law, you have affirmed & are bound by your oath, bond & contract to serve, protect & uphold the laws of the United States of America, & the State of Texas, NOT the policies of a legal fiction, artificial entity, known as THE STATE OF TEXAS, operating with impunity, & unregistered with the Secretary of State of Texas. When you operate outside the authority & intent of your office, under "color of law," this insures your liability for damages you create & you are subject to removal from office. Sedition & treason rise to "high crimes" due to their importance. Marcus Tullius Cicero observed, "A nation can survive its fools & even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known & he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not traitor: He speaks in the accents familiar to his victims & he wears their face & their garments & he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation. He works secretly & unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared". When you obfuscate, perjure, conspire, disregard the law, you verify your "unclean hands", affirm you're a "defacto officer", a "traitor" to (y)our country, no better than a common criminal & member of a street gang. Pursuant to Texas Penal Code Title 11. Organized Crime, Chapter 71. Organized Crime § 71.01.
(a) "Conspires to commit" means engage in conduct that would constitute the offense or perform an overt act…" (d) "Criminal street gang" - having a common identifying sign or symbol or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities.
Pursuant to Locket v. State, 47Ala. 45, & Black's Law Dictionary 4th Edition (1968).
"A "traveler" is, "one who passes from place to place, whether for pleasure, instruction, business or health."
Discussion: It is common knowledge that I am a "traveler" steering this private conveyance powered & propelled by an internal combustion engine during my exercise of my right to travel on the publics' right of way for my business, recreation & or pleasure because I am sovereign & free in this "the Land of the Free & Home to the Brave," & enjoy "equal footing" with other sovereigns, not legal fictions.
Pursuant to Hibberd v. Smith, 67 Cal. 547.
"A fiction is a rule of law that assumes something that is or may be false as true."
Pursuant to Penhallow v. Doane's Administraters. 3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54.
"Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, & a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating & attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons & the contracts between them."
Discussion: I object, dispute, reject the myth, or scam that, I AM a driver, operator, motorist, person, individual, subject, artificial entity, legal fiction, corporation, or a ward of these alleged courts, with a first, middle & last name, driving, operating a "motor vehicle" or "passenger car".
Pursuant to Texas Transportation Code Title 7 Vehicles & Traffic, Subtitle A. Certificates of Title & Registration of Vehicles
Certificate of Title Act § 501.002. Definitions
(14) "Motor vehicle" means: (A) any motor driven or propelled vehicle required to be registered under the laws of this state; Pursuant to Texas Transportation Code Registration of Vehicles § 502.001
(13) "Motor vehicle" means a vehicle that is self-propelled.
(17) "Passenger car" means a motor vehicle designed or used primarily for the transportation of persons.
Pursuant to Payne v. Massey, 196 SW2d 493.
"A taxicab is classified as a "passenger car" When a taxicab is licensed by the state certain rights & privileges vest in the owner, which may be abridged by the municipality only in the manner authorized by law."
According to 18 USC § 31 (6).
"The term "motor vehicle" means every description of contrivance propelled by mechanical power & used for commercial purposes on the highways in the transportation of passengers, passengers & property, or property or cargo."
According to 18 USC § 31 (10).
"The terms "used for commercial purposes" means the carriage of persons or property for any fare, fee, rate, charge or other consideration, or directly or indirectly in connection with any business, or other undertaking for profit."
Discussion: Since I am NOT for hire, sale, open to the public or paid to drive or operate a taxicab, a passenger or trolley car it is impossible for me to be engaged in transportation of commerce or trade, as required by the law, since no cargo or passengers are ever allowed onboard, only guests & private property. Is the U.S. a Nation of Laws or lies?
Pursuant to Howlett v. Rose, 496 U.S. 356 (1990).
"Federal Law & Supreme Court Cases apply to State Court Cases." Do you have in your possession or can you provide me a lawful warrant?
Pursuant to Green v. Judson River R Co., 28 Barb. (N.Y.) 9. 22.
"It is best not to unsettle things which are originally established."
Pursuant to Yates v. Lansing, 9 Johns. (N.Y.) 395, 428; & Moore v. Lyons, 25 Wend. (N.Y.) 119, 142.
"We are to adhere to precedents, & not to unsettled things which are not established."
Pursuant to Rodwell v. Rowland (N.C.) 50 S.E. 319, 317.
"Precedents are principles of law which are also conclusions, or decision in a cause, & not a process of reasoning or illustrating."
Pursuant to Johnson v. Western Union Tele. Co. (N.C.) 57 S.E. 122, 124.
"The doctrine of stare decisis, commonly called the "doctrine of precedents," means that we should adhere to decided cases & settled principles & not disturb matters which have been established by judicial determination."
Pursuant to Cinco Enterprises Ins. v. Benso, Okla., 890 P2d 866 (1994).
"Unsupported contentions of material fact are not sufficient on motion for summary judgment, but rather, material facts must be supported by affidavits & other testimony & documents that would be admissible in evidence at trial."
Pursuant to Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago, 169 NE 221.
"The use of the highway for the purpose of travel is not a mere privilege, but a common fundamental right of which the public cannot rightfully be deprived."
Pursuant to Teche Lines v. Danforth, Miss. 12 So 2d 784, 787.
"The right to travel on the public highways is a constitutional right."
Pursuant to Kent vs. Dules, 357 US 116 (1958).
"The right to travel is part of the liberty of which a citizen cannot be deprived without due process law under the 5th Amendment. This Right was emerging as early as the Magna Carta."
Pursuant to Solesbee v. Balkcom, 339 U.S. 9, 16 (1950).
"due process is violated if a practice or rule 'offends some principle of justice so rooted in the traditions & conscience of our people as to be ranked as fundamental.'"
Pursuant to Hassell v. State, 149 Tex. Crim. 333, 194 S.W. 2d 400.
"An information alleging that the defendant operated a motor vehicle upon a highway without a "drivers license" was held insufficient to charge an offense since driver's license is not known to law."
Pursuant to Ex parte Dickey, 76 W. Va. 576 85 S.E. 781, L.R.A. 1915F, 840.
"The right of a citizen to travel upon the highway & his property thereon, in the ordinary course of life & business, differs radically & obviously from that of one who makes the highway his place of business & uses it for private gain, The former is the usual & ordinary right of a citizen, a common right, a right common to all, while the latter is special, unusual & extraordinary. As to the former, the extent of legislative power is that of regulation, but as to the latter, its power is broader, the right may be wholly denied, or it may be permitted to some & denied to others, because of its extraordinary nature. This distinction, elementary & fundamental in character, is recognized by all the authorities. 'A distinction must be made between the general use, which all of the public are permitted to make of the street for ordinary purposes, & the special & peculiar use, which is made by classes of persons in the pursuit of their occupation or business, such as hackmen, drivers of express wagons, omnibuses,' etc…"
Pursuant to Hertado v. California, 110 US 526.
"The state cannot diminish rights of the people."
Pursuant to P.E.P. Co. v. State Highway Commission, 294 U.S. 613.
"Police power must be exercised in subordination to the provisions of the U.S. Constitution of America."
Pursuant to Connolly vs. Union Sewer Pipe Co.184 US 540.
"With regard particularly to the U.S. Constitution, it is elementary that a Right secured or protected by that document cannot be overthrown or impaired by any state police authority."br> Pursuant to Miller vs. U.S., F486, 489.
"The claim & exercise of a constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime."
Pursuant to Norton v. Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425, 442.
"An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it never been passed."
Pursuant to Sherer v. Cullen, 481 F 946.
"There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of this exercise of constitutional rights."
Pursuant to People v. Bliss, 278 N.Y.S. 2d 732, 735.
"Traffic infractions are not crimes."
Pursuant to CRANE vs. STATE OF TEXAS case no. 83-1650; the U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit held:
"We affirm the trial court's findings that the Dallas County system of issuing misdemeanor capias violated both Texas law & the United States Constitution."
Pursuant to Texas Penal Code §12.03. Classification of Misdemeanor
(c) Conviction of a Class "C" misdemeanor does not impose any legal disability or disadvantage.
Pursuant to Texas Penal Code §12.23. Class "C" Misdemeanors:
"An individual adjudged guilty of a Class "C" misdemeanor shall be punished by fine only, not to exceed $500."
Pursuant to Texas Transportation Code § 201.904. Speed Signs.
"The department shall erect & maintain on the highways appropriate signs that show the maximum lawful speed for commercial motor vehicles, truck tractors, & motor vehicles engaged in the business of transporting passengers for compensation or hire."
What authority in law gives you the ability to take, or search this private property over my objections?
I do NOT speak, contract or accept fraudulent presentment(s) without proof of subject, matter, jurisdiction & competent counsel.
Pursuant to Hagans v. Lavine, 415 US 528 at 533 (1974).
"Once jurisdiction is challenged, it must be proven."
Pursuant to Louisville RR v. Motley, 211 US 149, 29 S.Ct. 42.
"If any tribunal (court) finds absence of proof of jurisdiction over person & subject matter, the case must be dismissed."
Pursuant to Griswold v. Waddington, 16 Johns. (N.Y.) 438, 489.
"When the subject is extinguished, the incident ceases. Thus, when the business for which a partnership has been formed is completed or brought to an end, the partnership itself ceases."
Pursuant to Bullington v. Angel, 220 N.C. 18.
"Jurisdiction is the power to declare the law, & when it ceases to exist, the only function remaining to the court is that of announcing the fact & dismissing the cause."
Pursuant to Little v. U.S. Fidelity & Guaranty Co., 217 Miss 576, 64 So 2d 697.
"When a judicial officer acts entirely without jurisdiction or without compliance with jurisdictional requisites, he may be held civilly liable for abuse of process even though his act involved a decision made in good faith, that he had jurisdiction."
Pursuant to Dean v. Kochendorfer, 237 NY 384, 143 NE 229.
"If a magistrate instigates a prosecution before himself without probable cause & deliberately uses the process issue by him therein, not for the legitimate purpose of hearing the case, but to show his authority & to gratify his personal feelings of importance, the act savors of oppression & constitutes an illegal abuse of power."
Danger - Proceed at your own risk(s) & peril.
Attempting to defraud me through this "Terry Stop" & shakedown will be severely punished.
My right to travel is not open for negotiation or your interruption.
Pursuant to Mempha v. Rhay, 389 U.S. 128.
"The right to counsel exists not only at the trial thereof, but also at every stage of a criminal proceeding where substantial rights of a criminal accused may be affected."
Trespass, burglary, harassment, assault, kidnapping with malice & intent is forbidden & will NOT be tolerated!
All involved will be billed for my time, pain & suffering, as well as any physical damage to me, inside & out, whether visible or invisible & this private property (& its' contents).
Black's Law Dictionary 4th Edition defines "kidnapping" as follows;
"The term includes false imprisonment plus the removal to some other place. It is the abduction & detainment to exact money or other unlawful end, intentional taking & compelling him to be detained against his will, unlawful detention or imprisonment regardless of purpose."
For the record Federal Public Law 97-280, & 96 Stat. 1211, states the Bible is the "Word of God".
Thus the "Word of God" describes kidnapping as in Exodus 21:16; a "Manstealing Event" & the punishment is death!
Do your and these actions violate 18 USC § 241? Conspiracy against rights?
"If 2 or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the U.S. or if 2 or more persons go in disguise on the highway, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of a right or privilege so secured..."?
Do your or these actions violate 42 USC § 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law?
"Whoever, under color of any law, willfully subjects the deprivation of any rights, privileges or immunities secured or protected by the Constitutions or laws of the U.S. ... "?
Do your or these actions violate 42 USC § 1983 Civil action for deprivation of rights?
Pursuant to Coolidge v. Brigham, 1 Metc. (Mass.) 547, 551.
"Good faith must be observed."
Pursuant to Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 43.02. Payable in Money
"All recognizances, bail bonds & undertakings of any kind, whereby a party becomes bound to pay money to the State, & all fines & forfeitures of a pecuniary character shall be collected in the lawful money of the United States only."
Pursuant to 12 USC § 152.
"…the terms "lawful money" & "lawful money of the United States" shall be construed to mean gold or silver coin of the U.S."
Pursuant to 12 USC § 411.
"Federal reserve notes, to be issued at the discretion of the Federal Reserve Board for the purpose of making advances to Federal reserve banks & for no other purpose, are hereby authorized. The said notes shall be obligations of the U.S. They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the Treasury Department or at any Federal reserve bank."
Pursuant to State v. Mellon, 73 Pac. 321, 43 Ore. 168.
"Checks, drafts, money orders & bank notes are not lawful money of the United States".
Pursuant to Bronson v. Rhodes, 74 U.S. 229, 247, 19 L. Ed. 141.
"Lawful Money of the United States could only be gold & silver coin or that which by law is made its equivalent so as to be exchangeable therefor at par, & on demand, & does NOT include a currency which though nominally exchangeable for coin at its' face value, is not redeemable on demand."
Discussion: In a civilized society All must "follow & obey the law", therefore I am constrained "by the law" from paying traffic tickets, or legal plunder, due to lack of "lawful money." Until the legislature returns the United States of America & the State of Texas to a constitutional lawful, wealth based monetary system, there is no obligation to do the impossible. When kidnapped & held for ransom, in debtors' prison, it's not possible to satisfy the jailers or captors. Chief Justice Salmon Chase, formerly Secretary of Treasury in President Lincoln's administration, in dissent of Knox vs. Lee (1871) "The legal tender quality [of paper money] is only valuable for the purposes of dishonesty."
Pursuant to Jackson v. Bradford, 4 Wend. (N.Y.) 619.
"No man can give that which he has not."
Pursuant to Constitution of the State of Texas 1876, Article 1 Bill of Rights, § 18. Imprisonment for Debt.
"No person shall ever be imprisoned for debt."
Since Federal Reserve Notes, checks or money orders are not within the definition of those things allowed by law to be received by this alleged court, any threat to incarcerate me for "failure to pay" those things will be deemed to be an attempt to solicit an honorarium in violation of Texas Penal Code, Title 8, § 36.07 or 36.08, as well as, the "Doctrine of Unjust Enrichment".
Pursuant to U.S. v. Prudden 424 Fed. 2nd 1021.
"Silence equates to fraud when there is a legal or moral duty to respond, or where a question left unanswered would be intentionally misleading."
Pursuant to U. S. v. Tweel, 550 F.2d 297, 299 (1977).
"Your silence will also constitute fraud."
Pursuant to Carmine v. Bowen, 64 A. 932 (1906).
"Your continued silence will activate estoppel by acquiescence."
Pursuant to U.S. v Throckmorton, 98 US 61.
"Fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, & even judgments.
Pursuant to Texas Penal Code § 39.02. Abuse of Official Capacity.
(a) A public servant commits with intent to obtain a benefit or to harm or defraud another, when he intentionally or knowingly:
(1) violates a law relating to the public servant's office or employment; or
(2) misuses Government property, services, personnel, or any other thing of value belonging to the Government that has come into the public servant's custody or possession by virtue of the public servant's office or employment.
Pursuant to Texas Penal Code § 39.03. Official Oppression.
(a) A public servant acting under color of his office or employment commits an offense if he:
(1) intentionally subjects another to mistreatment or to arrest, detention, search, seizure, dispossession, assessment, or lien that he knows is unlawful;
(2) intentionally denies or impedes another in the exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege, power, or immunity, knowing his conduct is unlawful; or
(3) intentionally subjects another to sexual harassment.
(b) For purposes of this section, a public servant acts under color of his office or employment if he acts or purports to act in an official capacity or takes advantage of such actual or purported capacity.
Pursuant to Thomas v. State, 751 S.W. 2d 601.
"Sentence to time served is unauthorized."
Pursuant to Pullman v. Allen, 466 U.S. 522 (1984).
"Incarceration to coerce bond is unconstitutional."
Summary; The power & ability to control knowledge, enables terror & fear, which is an essential element for a tyrant's success. There is no legal disability, or jail time for Class "C" Misdemeanors," "time served is an unlawful sentence," & "incarcerating someone to coerce a bond is an unconstitutional act," "insurance" is not "mandatory," & a "Driver's License" is not known to Texas Law, therefore the government's Agents'/Actors' actions rise to willful, official abuse of the public's trust, racketeering, conspiracy, & government sanctioned oppression of We the People, a.k.a., tyranny.
Pursuant to Merritt v. Welsh, 14 Otto (104 U.S.) 694, 702
"Where the law ends, tyranny begins."
Pursuant to McInerney v. Ervin, (Fla) 46 So. 2d 458, 463.
"The welfare of the people is the supreme law."
Pursuant to Walters v. City of Ottawa, 88 N.E. 651, 654, 240 Ill. 259.
"Remedy signifies the judicial means for enforcing a right or redressing a wrong."
Pursuant to Campbell v. Holt, 115 U.S. 620, 631.
"Remedies are the life of rights."
Remedy; Provide TAX EXEMPT STATUS IDENTIFICATION TAGS for this private conveyance, it may insure my & the publics' safety?
Discussion; Sun Tzu advises, "knowledge of the problem, is the key to the solution" & "to win without fighting is best." WE ARE All EXEMPT from paying traffic tickets, court fees, & license, since WE ARE All constrained by the law.
The following causes of actions are valid, true & correct when public servants abuse the public trust.
Accepting State Funds Under False Pretences
Aggravated Assault
Abuse of the Public Trust
Conspiracy to Discriminate & Deny Rights
Criminal Trespass
Denial of Due Process
Denial of Access to the Court
Dereliction of Duty
Deliberate Perjury
False Arrest
False Imprisonment
Felony Breach of Oath
Impersonating an Officer
Misuse of government documents
Official Misconduct
Obstruction of Justice
Overthrowing the Texas Constitution
Notice to Agent, is Notice to Principal, Notice to Principal, is Notice to Agent! Govern yourself accordingly!

The Hispanic Vote Elects Bush
Dick Morris
Friday, Nov. 5, 2004
Dick Morris is one of the nation's top political strategists. He was the first political commentator to call the election for George W. Bush on Election Day despite exit polls that showed Bush would lose. Dick offers his latest analysis to NewsMax readers. Also read Dick's special reports in NewsMax Magazine. Get Dick Morris' new book, "Because He Could," FREE with NewsMax Magazine.The biggest reason for Bush's victory was that he finally cracked the Democratic stranglehold on the Hispanic vote. While Gore won 65 percent of the Latino community, holding Bush to a mere 35 percent, Kerry only carried the Hispanic vote by 55-45, paving the way for the Bush victory. Since Hispanics cast 12 percent of the vote in 2004, their 10-point movement to the GOP gave the president an additional 1.2 percent of the national vote. Take a similar amount away from Kerry, and the Latinos gave Bush a 2.4 percent edge in the general election balloting. Since Bush beat Kerry by only 3.1 percent, how important was the Hispanic vote? Vital and crucial. There are two reasons for Bush’s success among Hispanics. The most important seems to be his emphasis on social values issues, particularly his opposition to gay marriage. Hispanics are, of course, Catholic and deeply committed to traditional values. I handled the campaign for Vicente Fox in Mexico, where his deeply religious Catholicism won him many votes in a political system traditionally committed to a secular anti-clericalism. But Bush worked very hard to win the Hispanic votes. He reversed traditional Republican positions opposing the interests of Latinos. He endorsed bilingual education, reversing decades of Republican agitation for English-only policies. He opposed benefit cuts to documented aliens and rejected out of hand the contention that the children of undocumented workers should be denied public education. He even embraced a version of amnesty that permitted illegal immigrants to gain lawful status and eventual citizenship. And the rest of the party also began to reverse decades of anti-Latino legislation. In 1996, for example, the Republican Congress demanded tough prohibitions on disability or survivor benefits for legal immigrants who had contributed sufficiently to the Social Security system to earn their pensions had they been citizens. Under pressure from Republican governors, the GOP reversed the ban the next year. The long-term consequences of the Bush gain among Hispanics may be enormous. Beyond just winning this election, Bush may have begun to crack the unholy triple alliance of blacks, Hispanics and single women that anchors the political base of the Democratic Party. These three groups accounted for 54 percent of John Kerry’s vote on Tuesday even though they cast only about one-third of the total vote in the election. Bush still lost blacks by 89-11. He lost single women by 64-36 (while carrying married women by 9 points), but his gains among Hispanics permitted him to win the election anyway.

ITEM 17: TRAITOR CLINTON GUILTY OF MORE Tuesday, August 9th, 2005 12:06 p.m. EDT
Clinton Administration Knew of 9/11 Hijackers
More than a year before the 9/11 attacks, Clinton administration intelligence officials had identified four of the 19 9/11 hijackers as a terrorist threat, including al-Qaida team leader Mohammed Atta and his partner Marwan al-Shehhi, whose planes destroyed the World Trade Center and killed over 2,700 people. But the critical information was not acted on, at least in part, because of prohibitions against intelligence sharing implemented by former Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, who was reportedly installed in her post at the insistence of then-first lady Hillary Clinton. In the summer of 2000, a military team, known as Able Danger, had prepared a chart that included visa photographs of Atta and al Shehhi and recommended to the military's Special Operations Command that the information be shared with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Rep. Curt Weldon and a former intelligence official told the New York Times. "We knew these were bad guys, and we wanted to do something about them," the former intelligence official said. However, the recommendation was rejected and the information was not shared, in part, said the Times, because the four suspects had entered the United States on valid entry visas. But Rep. Weldon and the unnamed intelligence official also cited what the paper described as "a sense of discomfort common before September 11th about sharing intelligence information with a law enforcement agency." In fact, such intelligence sharing was strictly prohibited under Ms. Gorelick's policy, known at the Justice Department as "The Wall," which, in the spring of 2000, had also prevented the CIA from tipping off the FBI that two additional 9/11 hijackers, Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi, had entered the country. Al-Midhar and al-Hamzi were identified by the Able Danger team as well, the Times said. In its final report, however, the 9/11 Commission made no mention of the fact that the Clinton administration had identified key members of the hijack team, even though, the Times noted, that information had been shared with 9/11 Commission members. The account by Weldon and the Times intelligence source is the first assertion that Atta and al Shehhi who caused the most destruction in the worst attack ever suffered on U.S. soil had been identified by the Clinton administration. In testimony before the 9/11 Commission last year, then-Attorney General John Ashcroft blasted Gorelick's "Wall," saying, "The single greatest structural cause for September 11th was the wall that segregated criminal investigators and intelligence agents" "[Ms. Gorelick] built that wall," said Ashcroft, "through a March 1995 memo." The Gorelick memo stipulated, in part: "We believe that it is prudent to establish a set of instructions that will more clearly separate the counterintelligence investigation from the more limited, but continued, criminal investigations. These procedures, which go beyond what is legally required, will prevent any risk of creating an unwarranted appearance that [the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] is being used to avoid procedural safeguards which would apply in a criminal investigation." Ms. Gorelick is expected to be a leading candidate for attorney general should Mrs. Clinton win the 2008 presidential election.

Here is an e-mail I received today, the 10th of August, 2005:
From: Willie Martin, Subject: The Coming American Holocaust
Summary: An interview with Mr. Sea regarding New World Order plans for the U.S. and its citizens
In the spring of 1997, Senior Editor, Professor Ian Stewart, met with "Mr. Sea" (real name known but withheld) to discuss what he has learned firsthand about the coming persecution at the hands of the New World Order operatives. With a seven-inch thick portfolio filled with photographs, news articles, correspondence, etc., Mr. Sea revealed disturbing information about New World Order efforts to destroy and enslave America. The following are some of Mr. Sea‘s comments. But first, let's take a look at the man who made the comments. Mr. Sea, a committed Christian, is a former inspector for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Department of Defense, with 31 years of federal service in the military, nine with the Department of Defense, including two years with the Air Staff. He’s a holder of the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, three awards of the Joint Service Medal, all of the Vietnamese awards, as well as the Joint Meritorious Unit Medal. When he retired a few years ago, he was awarded the Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal. He’s been around the world to 31 countries on four continents and speaks five languages. Mr. Sea spoke of the coming American Holocaust of the Government’s plans for dealing with the non-New World Orderites. He spoke of the infrastructure that has already been set up to incarcerate and execute Americans, and the locations of the facilities that will be used for these purposes, all with photographs, leaving little to the imagination. "The infrastructure is set up. There are at least 130 concentration camps, quietly modified facilities, which have sprung up and continue to spring up across the country, seemingly devoid of activity, yet requiring strange accoutrements such as barbed wire-topped fencing (with the tops turned inward) and helicopter wind socks. Most have good logistical supportability, with major highways and railroad transport facilities adjacent to the sites. These facilities, many in remote areas across our country, are set up to become concentration/detention camps, complete with gas chambers, for resisters and dissidents. Generally speaking, they're set up for dissenters who will not go along with the New World Order. The ‘resisters’ are gun owners who refuse to give up their weapons; the ‘dissidents’ are Christians, Patriots and Constitutionalists. These camps are set up. I've seen many of them. On August 6th, 1994, I toured the Amtrak Railcar Repair Facility at Beech Grove, Indianapolis, Indiana. There are at least ten maintenance barns at this facility, covering 129 acres, with two separate fences with the tops leaning inward. The windows of several buildings have been bricked up. Hence, you have three levels of security for Amtrak repair barns! There are three helicopter 25-knot aviation wind socks (which aren’t the correct ones to use for chemical spills which require 10-knot wind socks). There are high security NSA-style people turnstiles, and high intensity security lighting for 24-hour operation. The box car (gas chamber) building fence is marked with special ‘RED/BLUE Zone’ signs [visible in the photo ]. This corresponds to the ‘mission’ of the RED/BLUE Lists which surfaced in June and July of 1996. Under martial law, this will become a death camp. They’re only going to handle category one and two (RED and BLUE) people there. This box car facility will be used for execution. One of the barns is large enough to put four box cars into. There are powered vents on the top of the barn to vent the gas out of the building after the box cars have been fumigated. All of the buildings have newly installed six-inch gas pipes and furnaces installed in all ‘railroad barns.’ Since the photo [below] was taken in August 1994, FEMA has allocated $6 million to make the walls and roofs of the buildings ‘airtight’ (see article below). Under martial law, this facility could be immediately used as an SS-style ‘termination’ gas chamber. On January 27th, 1995, The Indianapolis News ran an article titled, ‘Amtrak Lays off 212 at Beech Grove: 170 Lose Jobs at Maintenance Center Today.’ Why perform $6 million worth of renovations, and then lay off 212 people? Because the people doing the final executions will not be Americans. Thus, the ‘slots’ of the 212 will be filled with non-Americans. They’ll hire foreigners for this ‘capo’ task. Capo (‘chief’ in Italian) was the title of the trustee prisoners who actually killed many Jews for the SS butchers at Dachau, and at other Nazi crematoria across Europe. The news article also said, ‘...hopes the yard may be able to solicit work repairing private train cars, and perhaps subway cars from Washington, DC, or other urban areas.’ The repairing of private trains is a dead giveaway to death cars! The article went on to say, ‘Late last year, Congress ordered Amtrak to spend at least $5.9 million patching holes in the roof and fixing masonry on the walls of the giant machine sheds at Beech Grove.’ These buildings have been ‘sealed.’ They’re airtight. The facility is constructed to allow gas to be blown into all the buildings via the newly installed, two story, hot air heating furnaces." Next, Mr. Sea elaborated on the two categories, the RED and BLUE Lists, and what they mean: "The RED List is for pick-up and execution before unobtrusive preparations for martial law are initiated. The BLUE List is also for execution, but at a later date, within six weeks of martial law declaration. There are no ‘re-education’ plans for either category, just execution. When you get picked up on a RED pick-up, they’ll take you from your home at night, probably around 4 a.m., and put you in a black van, then drive you to a helicopter waiting to fly you to an intermediate point. There, you’ll be loaded onto a big 64-passenger CH-47 Chinook helicopter 97, all black, unmarked and illegally operating under the Treaty on Open Skies. Then they’ll fly you to one of 38 cities where you’ll board a 747, 737, or 727. You may be taken straight to a temporary detention facility. When you’re RED listed, you’ll be taken to a red camp. Then you’ll be executed. "At some point, martial law will be declared. (Martial law is when the writ of Habeas Corpus, to have a trial by jury, is suspended. Instead, of going to the judge, you go straight to jail for a limited time,) I suspect there will be a major outage, or some other crisis which will be the reason to declare martial law. At this point, the BLUE listed people will be picked up. At that time, the country will be regionalized into ten regions, which are already designated by FEMA. Be advised that it has been proven (in Wyoming and at least one other location) that the black choppers have state-of-the-art radio (RF) frequency wideband jammers, and can jam cell phones and CBs while they’re executing black operations missions (i.e., in your area). This means that your cell phone could be jammed just before and/or during any action against you. In June of 1996, an FBI agent got hold of the Region Three BLUE List (from a CIA agent), and found his own name on it, and those of several others he knew in Virginia. The Regional BLUE List stated that the names on the BLUE List would be picked up ‘within six weeks of the actual martial law declaration.’ This parallels the Nazi RED/BLUE List policy almost to the letter. The parallel Nazi plan was published by Heinz Hohne in his 1966 book, 'The Story of the Nazi SS: The Order of the Death’s Head.' (I’ve read this book and sent it to Jack McLamb.) People say, ‘It won’t work,’ but it will work if the 300,000 Soviet troops which are ALREADY HERE can get the guns. The name of the game is to blackball the people to get the guns, make the militia look bad, make guns look bad, make everybody give up their guns. Once they get your gun, they’ve got you, UNLESS you’ve got the angel of the Lord at your door. If you’ve got the angel of the Lord out there protecting you, it’s another story. The ones doing all of this are operating out of the highest places in the Federal Government. They’re cooperating with ‘spirit guides and mediums’ and using astrology and numerology. The spirit guides are telling them what to do, and the entire thing is being orchestrated at the highest spiritual levels. Every base has been covered. They’ve thought of everything. If you notice, they often do things on the 13th of the month. Mr. Clinton does a lot of things on the 13th. Who will be doing the actual picking up? Foreign ‘cops’ (United Nations Internal Security Forces). Over 30 foreign military bases under the United Nations flag are already set up in the US, all with the approval of special appointees in high Federal positions. These bases are already manned with over ONE MILLION troops from Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Great Britain, Nicaragua, and Asian countries. Why are they here? Because unlike our own troops many of which along with the Guard and Reserve of 24 states are being deployed overseas, will have no qualms about firing on U.S. citizens when the time comes. There are more than 2,000 Russian tanks, military trucks and chemical warfare vehicles just outside Gulfport, Mississippi. They began arriving in January of 1994. There are 180 foreign troops at Fort Reilly which was confirmed to me by a Brigadier General. There are 300 who came into the Birmingham, Alabama airport on a big white Russian cargo plane on December 13, 1995. As of 1995, there were 10,000 plus foreign troops at Fort Chafee, Arkansas reportedly making preparations for 10,000 ‘detainees.’ This is going on all over the country. German troops are known to be at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, and Fort Hood, Texas. Chinese troops are known to be at the Long Beach Naval Station in California. There’s not going to be some future event when the invading troops are going to show up. They’re already here! When martial law is implemented, these foreign U.N. troops will be policing our country, carrying out the plans of the New World Order.
Are you among the chosen???

ITEM 19: The Watchman On The Tower
Michael the Archangel says:
"I am not afraid of the New World Order devils and demons who walk among us in human bodies. I intend to confiscate their headquarters, the United Nations Building, arrest and imprison all of its diplomats who are not pro-American and pro-freedom as they are all Communazis along with the less than 5,000 members of the Communazi Illuminati chief devils who will be hunted down if they do not surrender to my administration when I take office in January 2009. They will be put in the same execution camps they have prepared for "dissidents" and "resisters," and then they will be annihilated as traitors. Bill and Billary Clinton will be among them as they were involved in these Satanic plans during the Clinton administration and the true patriots at that time knew it. Take courage from me, the Angel of Courage, and do not fear these human devils and their demons."

ITEM 20: Testimony against psychiatry
Famous psychiatrist L.R. Mosher resigns from the American Psychiatric Association in disgust
This is a copy of a letter by Dr. Mosher resigning from the American Psychiatric Association. Note that Dr. Mosher was a pioneer in establishing programs of psychosocial community care in the field of psychiatry (e.g., Sartoria); his publications in that regard have been very influential (e.g.: Mosher, L., & Burti, L. (1989). "Community mental health: Principles and practice". New York: Norton.).
Loren R. Mosher M. D.
2616 Angell Ave
San Diego, CA 92122
Ph: 619-550-0312
Fx: 619-558-0854
December 4 1998
Rodrigo Munoz, M.D., President
American Psychiatric Association
1400 94 Street N. W.
Washington, D.C. 20005
Dear Rod;
After nearly three decades as a member it is with a mixture of pleasure and disappointment that I submit this letter of resignation from the American Psychiatric Association. The major reason for this action is my belief that I am actually resigning from the American Psychopharmacological Association. Luckily, the organization's true identity requires no change in the acronym. Unfortunately, APA reflects, and reinforces, in word and deed, our drug dependent society. Yet, it helps wage war on drugs. Dual Diagnosis clients are a major problem for the field but not because of the good drugs we prescribe. Bad ones are those that are obtained mostly without a prescription. A Marxist would observe that being a good capitalist organization, APA likes only those drugs from which it can derive a profit, directly or indirectly. This is not a group for me. At this point in history, in my view, psychiatry has been almost completely bought out by the drug companies. The APA could not continue without the pharmaceutical company support of meetings, symposia, workshops, journal advertising, grand rounds luncheons, unrestricted educational grants etc. etc. Psychiatrists have become the minions of drug company promotions. APA, of course, maintains that its independence and autonomy are not compromised in this enmeshed situation. Anyone with the least bit of common sense attending the annual meeting would observe how the drug company exhibits and industry sponsored symposia draw crowds with their various enticements while the serious scientific sessions are barely attended. Psychiatric training reflects their influence as well; i.e., the most important part of a resident curriculum is the art and quasi-science of dealing drugs, i.e., prescription writing. These psychopharmacological limitations on our abilities to be complete physicians also limit our intellectual horizons. No longer do we seek to understand whole persons in their social contexts rather we are there to realign our patients' neurotransmitters. The problem is that it is very difficult to have a relationship with a neurotransmitter whatever its configuration. So, our guild organization provides a rationale, by its neurobiological tunnel vision, for keeping our distance from the molecule conglomerates we have come to define as patients. We condone and promote the widespread overuse and misuse of toxic chemicals that we know have serious long term effects: tardive dyskinesia, tardive dementia and serious withdrawal syndromes. So, do I want to be a drug company patsy who treats molecules with their formulary? No, thank you very much. It saddens me that after 35 years as a psychiatrist I look forward to being dissociated from such an organization. In no way does it represent my interests. It is not within my capacities to buy into the current biomedical-reductionistic model heralded by the psychiatric leadership as once again marrying us to somatic medicine. This is a matter of fashion, politics and, like the pharmaceutical house connection, money. In addition, APA has entered into an unholy alliance with NAMI (I don't remember the members being asked if they supported such an organization) such that the two organizations have adopted similar public belief systems about the nature of madness. While professing itself the champion of their clients the APA is supporting non-clients, the parents, in their wishes to be in control, via legally enforced dependency, of their mad/bad offspring. NAMI, with tacit APA approval, has set out a pro-neuroleptic drug and easy commitment-institutionalization agenda that violates the civil rights of their offspring. For the most part we stand by and allow this fascistic agenda to move forward. Their psychiatric god, Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, is allowed to diagnose and recommend treatment to those in the NAMI organization with whom he disagrees. Clearly, a violation of medical ethics. Does APA protest? Of course not, because he is speaking what APA agrees with but can't explicitly espouse. He is allowed to be a foil; after all he is no longer a member of APA. (Slick work APA!) The shortsightedness of this marriage of convenience between APA, NAMI and the drug companies (who gleefully support both groups because of their shared pro-drug stance) is an abomination. I want no part of a psychiatry of oppression and social control. Biologically based brain diseases are convenient for families and practitioners alike. It is no fault insurance against personal responsibility. We are just helplessly caught up in a swirl of brain pathology for which no one, except DNA, is responsible. Now, to begin with, anything that has an anatomically defined specific brain pathology becomes the province of neurology (syphilis is an excellent example). So, to be consistent with this "brain disease" view all the major psychiatric disorders would become the territory of our neurologic colleagues. Without having surveyed them I believe they would eschew responsibility for these problematic individuals. However, consistency would demand our giving over "biologic brain diseases" to them. The fact that there is no evidence confirming the brain disease attribution is, at this point, irrelevant. What we are dealing with here is fashion, politics and money. This level of intellectual/scientific dishonesty is just too egregious for me to continue to support by my membership. I view with no surprise that psychiatric training is being systemically disavowed by American medical school graduates. This must give us cause for concern about the state of today's psychiatry. It must mean, at least in part, that they view psychiatry as being very limited and unchallenging. To me it seems clear that we are headed toward a situation in which, except for academics, most psychiatric practitioners will have no real relationships, so vital to the healing process, with the disturbed and disturbing persons they treat. Their sole role will be that of prescription writers, ciphers in the guise of being "helpers". Finally, why must the APA pretend to know more than it does? DSM IV is the fabrication upon which psychiatry seeks acceptance by medicine in general. Insiders know it is more a political than scientific document. To its credit it says so, although its brief apologia is rarely noted. DSM IV has become a bible and a money making best seller - its major failings notwithstanding. It confines and defines practice, some take it seriously, others more realistically. It is the way to get paid. Diagnostic reliability is easy to attain for research projects. The issue is what do the categories tell us? Do they in fact accurately represent the person with a problem? They don't, and can't, because there are no external validating criteria for psychiatric diagnoses. There is neither a blood test nor specific anatomic lesions for any major psychiatric disorder. So, where are we? APA as an organization has implicitly (sometimes explicitly as well) bought into a theoretical hoax. Is psychiatry a hoax, as practiced today? What do I recommend to the organization upon leaving after experiencing three decades of its history?
1.. To begin with, let us be ourselves. Stop taking on unholy alliances without the members' permission.
2.. Get real about science, politics and money. Label each for what it is - that is, be honest.
3.. Get out of bed with NAMI and the drug companies. APA should align itself, if one believes its rhetoric, with the true consumer groups, i. e., the ex-patients, psychiatric survivors etc.
4.. Talk to the membership; I can't be alone in my views.
We seem to have forgotten a basic principle: the need to be patient/client/consumer satisfaction oriented. I always remember Manfred Bleuler's wisdom: "Loren, you must never forget that you are your patient's employee." In the end they will determine whether or not psychiatry survives in the service marketplace.
Loren R. Mosher M. D.

Is Involuntary Commitment for "Mental Illness" a Violation of Substantive Due Process?
by Lawrence Stevens, J.D.
According to Lockhart, Kamisar & Choper's textbook Constitutional Law, substantive due process guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution is "a limitation of the substance of legislative action by the state and federal governments" (West Pub. Co., 1970, p. 454, emphasis added). A majority opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1887 written by Justice Harlan said: "Under our system that power is lodged with the legislative branch of the government. It belongs to that department to exert what are known as the police powers of the state, and to determine, primarily, what measures are appropriate or needful for the protection of the public morals, the public health, or the public safety... [But] It does not at all follow that every statute enacted ostensibly for the promotion of these ends is to be accepted as a legitimate exertion of the police powers of the state. There are, of necessity, limits beyond which legislation cannot rightfully go. While every possible presumption is to be indulged in favor of a statute, the courts must obey the constitution rather than the lawmaking department of government, and must, upon their own responsibility, determine whether, in any particular case, these limits have been passed... The courts are under a solemn duty, to look at the substance of things, whenever they enter upon the inquiry whether the legislature has transcended the limits of its authority. If therefore, a statute purporting to have been enacted to protect the public health, the public morals, or the public safety, has no real or substantial relation to those objects, or is a palpable invasion of rights secured by the fundamental law [the constitution], it is the duty of the courts to so adjudge, and thereby to give effect to the constitution" (Mugler v. Kansas, 123 U.S. 623 at 661). In his book "The Myth of Mental Illness," psychiatry professor Thomas Szasz, M.D., says "It is customary to define psychiatry as a medical specialty concerned with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses. This is a worthless and misleading definition. Mental illness is a myth. Psychiatrists are not concerned with mental illnesses and their treatments. In actual practice they deal with personal, social, and ethical problems in living" (Dell Pub. Co., 1961, p. 296). According to the cover article in the July 6, 1992 Time magazine, schizophrenia is the "most devilish of mental illnesses" (p. 53). But in his book "Against Therapy," published in 1988, Jeffrey Masson, Ph.D., a psychoanalyst, says "There is a heightened awareness of the dangers inherent in labeling somebody with a disease category like schizophrenia, and many people are beginning to realize that there is no such entity" (Atheneum/Macmillan Pub. Co., 1988, p. 2). If there is no such entity as mental illness, can laws which authorize incarcerating people not because they have performed unlawful acts but merely because they have "mental illness" be constitutional? Suppose that instead of believing in mental illness, people today believed in evil spirit possession and explained weird or unacceptable behavior as the product of evil spirits. Suppose some or all of the states then enacted laws authorizing the incarceration of people who are possessed by evil spirits (instead of people who supposedly are possessed by mental illnesses). Would this be a proper and constitutional exercise of legislative power? Evil spirit possession has no objective reality and exists only in the imaginations of people who believe in evil spirits. Mental illness also has no objective reality and exists only in the imaginations of people who believe in mental illness. The behavior that gets people labeled mentally ill (or possessed by evil spirits) isn't imaginary; but mental illness or evil spirit possession as an explanation of why they behave as they do is. Today in many states of the United States there are laws which permit the involuntary commitment (incarceration) of people for mental illness alone without requiring a showing the person has ever committed an illegal act. If we want to incarcerate people because they seem peculiar to us or because they say things that are not true or that don't make sense, or because we think that despite a past that includes no unlawful activity they might do something bad in the future, then that's what the laws should say, although doing so might raise constitutional questions. Using "mental illness" as the justification for incarceration is as illogical and unjustified as explaining behavior we dislike and don't understand as the product of evil spirit possession and having commitment laws for people who are possessed by evil spirits. Since laws in some states use "mental illness" as the sole justification for incarcerating people who may have never done anything illegal (or sometimes as one required element coupled with alleged need for hospitalization or predicted future conduct, "dangerousness"), and since there is no such thing as mental illness, are not these statutes violations of substantive due process? There are a few groups in particular who tend to be the target of America's involuntary psychiatric commitment laws. Included in these are the young, the old, and the homeless. Sometimes old people are placed in mental hospitals just to get them out of the way. In most cases, nursing homes would be more appropriate, but often nursing homes are not preferred by the family because they are more costly and must be paid for by the family. Involuntary psychiatric commitment laws are used to get homeless people off the streets and sidewalks. Adolescents are committed by parents as a way of shifting the balance of power towards parents in intra-family conflicts, parents usually being the ones who have the money to hire psychiatrists to incarcerate their family member adversaries and define their opposing views and disliked behaviors as illnesses. In many states parents have statutory power to commit their children who are under age 18 without judicial proceedings, in large part because of the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in Parham v. J.R., 442 U.S. 584 (1979). This Supreme Court decision in 1979 is probably largely responsible for the fact that in the years immediately following it "adolescent admission rates to psychiatric units of private hospitals have jumped dramatically, increasing four-fold between 1980 and 1984" (Lois A. Weithorn, Ph.D., "Mental Hospitalization of Troublesome Youth: An Analysis of Skyrocketing Admission Rates," 40 Stanford Law Review 773). According to another report, "private psychiatric hospital admissions for teenagers are the fastest-growing segment of the hospital industry. Between 1980 and 1987 the number of people between 10 and 19 discharged from psychiatric units increased 43 percent, from 126,000 to 180,000. One reason is the aggressive advertising used by for-profit psychiatric facilities" (Christina Kelly, "She's Not Crazy But 14-year-old Sara Got Committed Anyway", Sassy magazine, March 1990, p. 44). According to another report, between 1971 and 1991 "the number of teenagers hospitalized for psychiatric care has increased from 16,000 to 263,000" (Time magazine, August 26, 1991, p. 12). According to University of Michigan Professor Ira Schwartz, "psychiatric hospitals are turning into jails for kids" (Sassy magazine, March 1990, p. 44). Of course, mental "hospitals" are jails for all persons detained there against their will. Furthermore, they are places where people may be incarcerated with no showing of prior illegal (or otherwise harmful) conduct, only "mental illness." Yet statutes authorizing commitment for mental illness do not define mental illness but let supposed professionals (psychiatrists) define it any way they see fit. If subjected to proper constitutional scrutiny, such laws would be void for vagueness, as would a statute allowing imprisonment for something called "crime" but which failed to define crime, leaving potential "criminals" in doubt about whether marijuana or alcohol use is legal, whether driving 65 mph on the highway is legal, or whether the age of consent for what in the presence of a statute would be called statutory rape is 16 or 18 or some other age, allowing each prosecuting attorney to determine after the fact whether a particular act is definable as "crime," much as psychiatrists often determine after the fact whether a particular act or expression of ideas constitutes "mental illness." Have we forgotten that America is supposed to be a nation where all law-abiding persons are guaranteed liberty? How can a person know what behavior is prohibited if the laws are not clearly written? People like myself who believe strongly in individual freedom argue that violation of the rights of others should be the only acts prohibited by law; others will defend victimless crime laws. In either case, violation of law should be the only basis for depriving a person of his or her liberty over his or her protest. One 14 year old girl who had been involuntarily committed to a private psychiatric hospital after an argument with her parents said "My parents would always threaten me with the hospital" (Sassy magazine, March 1990, p. 82). But it isn't only adolescents and old people who are threatened with psychiatric incarceration in their conflicts with family members. In her autobiography, "Will There Really Be a Morning?," actress Frances Farmer tells how even when she was 30 years old her mother in seemingly every dispute would threaten her with commitment to a mental hospital near her home in Seattle, Washington: "'I'm just about at the end of my rope with you,' she warned. 'I've just about had all I can take. I've put up with you for years and what do I get for it? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! But you're my daughter and you're going to do exactly as I say, or back [to the mental hospital] you go. Do You understand me? Back you go! And this time for keeps! You're a disgusting brat!' she spat contemptuously. 'I'm a thirty-year-old woman,' I answered bitterly. 'And I know damn good and well that you'll send me back the first chance you get.' I could not cope with another fight. 'I'm going back to bed,' I said flatly. 'This whole thing is absurd.' "I started up the stairs, but her reply stopped me short. 'I'm sending you back, Frances.' I was chilled by her sudden calm. 'And this time,' she went on, `I'll see you that you stay.' It was morning, and I heard my mother rise. It startled me when she knocked softly at my door. "'Frances,' she said calmly. `I'd like you to get dressed and come down stairs. There are some people here who want to meet you.' My mother was in the living room with two uniformed men and I knew! They straddled me, and I felt the rough canvas of the straitjacket wrap around me and buckle into place'" (Dell Publishing Co., 1972, pp. 15-33). In America and other nations that claim to value freedom and defend human rights, legislators writing "mental health" laws and those making personal or judicial decisions about what to do with a so-called mentally ill person or persons should keep in mind that America's guarantees of personal freedom are the basis for American patriotism. Listen, for example, to the words of a patriotic song, "God Bless the USA": "If tomorrow all the things were gone I'd worked for all my life, and I had to start again with just my children and my wife, I'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today. 'Cause the flag still stands for freedom, and they can't take that away! And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me. And I'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today. 'Cause there is no doubt I love this Land. God bless the USA!" (emphasis added). Similarly, a Russian immigrant to the United States said this in an article published in Reader's Digest in 1991: "I looked up at the [United States] flag, fluttering in the breeze. Suddenly, I understood. America isn't about school sweaters or Johnny Mathis records or shiny new cars. It's about freedom and opportunity, not just for the privileged or the native-born but for everyone" (Constantin Galskoy, "How I Became an American," Reader's Digest, August 1991, p. 76). The USA's official national anthem "The Star Spangled Banner" refers to America as "the land of the free". The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America ends with the words "with liberty and justice for all." One of America's most popular and prominent symbols is the Statue of Liberty. Another statue, this one sitting atop the dome of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., is called the Statue of Freedom. In 1987 in a law journal article discussing constitutional due process, U.S. Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan, Jr., said "every enactment of every state may be challenged at the Bar of the Court on the ground that such action, such legislation, is a deprivation of liberty without due process of law...those ideals of human dignity, liberty and justice for all individuals will continue to inspire and guide us because they are entrenched in our Constitution" (Case & Comment, September-October 1987, p. 21). Imagine how empty and meaningless these patriotic words in these articles, patriotic songs, the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, the names of these national monuments, and the U.S. Constitution sound to a law-abiding person who has been imprisoned (involuntarily "hospitalized") for so-called mental illness in the USA merely because others dislike his or her thoughts, ideas, emotions, lifestyle, personality, or lawful (even if irritating) behavior, or because he or she gets along poorly with others in his or her family. A reason involuntary psychiatric commitment of law-abiding people is a violation of constitutionally guaranteed substantive due process is it is contrary to the most important values America and other democracies claim to stand for. This is just as true for those under the arbitrarily defined age of majority as it is for adults. In his inaugural address on January 20, 1989, President George Bush said "Great nations, like great men, must keep their word. When America says something, America means it - whether a treaty, or an agreement, or a vow made on marble steps." One of the consequences of belief in the myth of mental illness is America's failure to live up to one of its most fundamental promises: liberty for all law-abiding Americans.
THE AUTHOR, Lawrence Stevens, is a lawyer whose practice has included representing psychiatric "patients". His pamphlets are not copyrighted. You are invited to make copies for distribution to those who you think will benefit.
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"...any deprivation of liberty, incarceration, or physical detention is, in reality, a form of punishment," Hamilton v. Love, 328 F.Supp. 1182, 1193 (E.D.Ark 1971).
"Incarceration may not seem 'punishment' to the jailors, but it is punishment to the jailed." Cross v. Harris, 418 F.2d 1095, 1101 (D.C. Cir. 1969)
both of the above quoted in: Bruce J. Ennis & Paul R. Friedman, Legal Rights of the Mentally Handicapped - Volume I (Practising Law Insitute - The Mental Health Law Project, 1973), p. 401
"Speaking of crime, there isn't a shred of evidence that the incidence of crime among ex-mental hospital patients is any higher than for the general population, and there is some evidence that it may be less."
This statement appears in the "Position Statement on the Medical Treatment of the Mentally Ill" by the American Psychiatric Association and the National Association for Mental Health submitted to the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Righs during hearings on the "Constitutional Rights of the Mentally Ill" in March 1961. The statement was written by Francis J. Braceland, M.D., and Jack R. Ewalt, M.D.; reprinted in The Age of Madness: The History of Involuntary Mental Hospitalization Presented in Selected Texts, edited by Thomas S. Szasz, M.D. (Anchor Books - Garden City, New York - 1973).
Donald H. Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense and former U.S. Representative from Illinois:
"The United States of America represents something so important to the world - our free way of life. If you care about human beings, you have to care that the U.S. model, which benefits not just the people in our country but across the globe, succeeds. Free people are free to be wise and unwise. That's part of what freedom is."
quoted in "We Have to Defend Our Way Of Life," by Lyric Wallwork Winik, Parade Magazine (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta, Georgia, Sunday, November 18, 2001, pages 7 & 9
President Abraham Lincoln in his famous "Gettysburgh Address," November 19, 1863:
"FOURSCORE and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon, this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. It is for us, the living to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us, that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom."
U.S. Vice-President Richard B. Cheney (also a former U.S. Representative and former U.S. Secretary of Defense), in his address accepting the Republican Party's nomination for vice president on August 2, 2000:
"Ladies and gentlemen, we are so privileged to be citizens of this great republic. I was reminded of that time and again when I was in my former job as secretary of defense. I traveled a lot, and when I came home, my plane would land at Andrews Air Force Base and I'd return to the Pentagon by helicopter. When you make that trip from Andrews to the Pentagon and you look down on the city of Washington, one of the first things you see is the Capitol and just before you settle down on the landing pad, you look out upon Arlington National Cemetery, its gentle slopes and crosses row on row. I never made that trip without being reminded of how enormously fortunate we are to be Americans and what a terrible price thousands have paid so that all of us and millions more around the world might live in freedom." (italics added)
"That government being instituted for the common benefit, the doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind." Tennessee Constitution, Article I, Declaration of Rights, Section 2
Unjustified psychiatric commitment - Why? "...clinicians' increasing liability for the violent actions of their patients has forced evaluators to err on the side of commitment..."
Robert D. Miller, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Psychiatrist, Colorado Department of Corrections & professor of psychiatry, Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado, in his article "Grievances and Law Suits Against Public Mental Health Professionals: Cost of Doing Business?," Bull Am Acad Psychiatry Law, Vol. 20, No. 4, 1992.
See "Psychiatrist Held Liable for Failing to Predict the Future" in Antipsychiatry News Clips.
"Nothing has harmed the quality of individual life in modern society more than the misbegotten belief that human suffering is driven by biological and genetic causes and can be rectified by taking drugs or undergoing electroshock therapy. If I wanted to ruin someone's life, I would convince the person that biological psychiatry is right, that relationships mean nothing, that choice is impossible, and that the mechanics of a broken brain reign over our emotions and conduct. If I wanted to impair an individual's capacity to create empathetic, loving relationships, I would prescribe psychiatric drugs, all of which blunt our highest psychological and spiritual functions." Peter R. Breggin, M.D., in the Foreward to Reality Therapy in Action by William Glasser, M.D. (Harper Collins, 2000), p. xi (underline added).
"Advocates of psychiatric drugs often claim that the medications improve learning and the ability to benefit from psychotherapy, but the contrary is true. There are no drugs that improve mental function, self-understanding, or human relations. Any drug that affects mental processes does so by impairing them." Peter R. Breggin, M.D. & David Cohen, Ph.D., in their book, "Your Drug May Be Your Problem: How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Drugs," Perseus Books, Reading, Massachusetts, 1999, p. 97-98.
"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." - Martin Luther King, Jr. (quoted by Governor Jesse Ventura in his book "Do I Stand Alone?" Pocket Books, New York, 2000, p. 128)
"Is NAMI [National Alliance for the Mentally Ill] a health care advocate as it would have the public believe? Having accepted $11.72 million from eighteen drug firms between 1996 and mid-1999, it is no less an arm of the pharmaceutical industry than is psychiatry itself." - excerpted from "Fraud or Calling Psychiatric Disorders Diseases: A Letter to the Surgeon General," by Fred A. Baughman Jr., M.D.
"Contrary to what is often claimed, no biochemical, anatomical, or functional signs have been found that reliably distinguish the brains of mental patients." Elliot S. Valenstein, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Michigan, in his book Blaming the Brain: The TRUTH About Drugs and Mental Health (Free Press, New York, 1998, page 125).

Roger Mills: The field of psychology today is literally a mess. There are as many techniques, methods, and theories around as there are researchers and therapists. I have personally seen therapists convince their clients that all of their problems come from their mothers, the stars, their bio-chemical makeup, their diet, their lifestyle, and even the "kharma" from their past lives. (psychologist)
Sigmund Koch: The hope of a psychological science became indistinguishable from the fact of psychological science. The entire subsequent history of psychology can be seen as a ritualistic endeavor to emulate the forms of science in order to sustain the delusion that it already is a science. Throughout psychology's history as "science," the hard knowledge it has deposited has been uniformly negative. (psychiatrist)
Thomas Szasz: It [psychology] is not merely a religion that pretends to be science, it is actually a fake religion that seeks to destroy true religion. Psychotherapy is a modern, scientific-sounding name for what used to be called the "cure of souls." With the decline of religion and the growth of science in the eighteenth century, the cure of (sinful) souls, which had been an integral part of the Christian religions, was recast as the cure of (sick) minds, and became an integral part of medicine. It is customary to define psychiatry as a medical specialty concerned with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness. This is a worthless and misleading definition. Mental illness is a myth. The notion of a person "having a mental illness" is scientifically crippling. It provides professional assent to the popular rationalization, namely, that problems in living experienced and expressed in terms of so-called psychiatric symptoms are basically similar to bodily diseases. (psychiatrist)
Carl Jung: Religions are systems of healing for psychic illness. That is why patients force the psychotherapist into the role of a priest, and expect and demand of him that he shall free them from their distress. This is why we psychotherapists must occupy ourselves with problems which, strictly speaking, belong to the theologian. (occultist and transpersonal psychologist)
Jacob Needleman: A large and growing number of psychotherapists are now convinced that the Eastern religions now offer an understanding of the mind far more complete than anything yet envisaged by Western science. At the same time, the leaders of the new religions themselves, the numerous gurus and spiritual teachers now in the West are reformulating and adapting the traditional systems according to the language and atmosphere of modern psychology. (philosopher)
E. Fuller Torrey: The techniques used by Western psychiatrists are with few exceptions on exactly the same scientific plane as the techniques used by witch doctors. The term itself ["mental illness"] is nonsensical, a semantic mistake. The two words cannot go together; you can no more have a mental "disease" than you can have a purple idea or a wise space. The mind cannot really become diseased any more than the intellect can become abscessed. Furthermore, the idea that mental "diseases" are actually brain diseases creates a strange category of "diseases" which are, by definition, without known cause. Body and behavior become intertwined in this confusion until they are no longer distinguishable. It is necessary to return to first principles: a disease is something you have, behavior is something you do. (research psychiatrist)
Richard Feynman: Psychoanalysis is not a science [and it is] perhaps more like witch-doctoring. (Nobelist)
American Psychiatric Association: An experiment at the All-India Institute of Mental Health in Bangalore found that Western-trained psychiatrists and native healers had a comparable recovery rate. The most notable difference was that the so-called "witch doctors" released their patients sooner.
Dr. Lee Coleman: There is no such thing as these repressed memories. That is a fraud, it's a fake, it doesn't exist. They are completely the product of suggestibility in which vulnerable people end up getting manipulated by some individual or group therapy setting. (psychiatrist and expert court witness on false memories)
CAPS: We are often asked if we are "Christian psychologists" and find it difficult to answer since we don't know what the question implies. We are Christians who are psychologists but at the present time there is no acceptable Christian psychology that is markedly different from non-Christian psychology. It is difficult to imply that we function in a manner that is fundamentally distinct from our non-Christian colleagues. As yet there is not an acceptable theory, mode of research or treatment methodology that is distinctly Christian. (paper presented at meeting of Christian Association for Psychological Studies)
J. Vernon McGee: So-called Christian psychology is secular psychology clothed in pious platitudes and religious rhetoric. (Bible teacher)
Jay E. Adams: In my opinion, advocating, allowing and practicing psychiatric and psychoanalytical dogmas within the church is every bit as pagan and heretical (and therefore perilous) as propagating the teachings of some of the most bizarre cults. The only vital difference is that the cults are less dangerous because their errors are more identifiable. (theologian and biblical counselor)
Ed Payne: The amount of research against psychology is amazing and from people in their own camps. The impossibility of integration of avowedly pagan psychologists with Scripture seems obvious. One begins to wonder whether these promoters of psychology have any biblical discernment. Church leaders must bear the guilt of the invasion of psychology into the church. These are the people who are ordained of God to guard the minds of their sheep [I Tim. 4:1,2,6]. Instead, they have invited wolves into the fold. Christian publishers are guilty as well. The "profit margin" has become the most important consideration for them. In reality Christian publishers ought to be under the authority of the church, so even in this area church leaders are at fault. (medical doctor and author)
Hilton P. Terrell: A Trojan horse full of dangerous psycho-fantasies has been professionally prepared for us by Christian psychiatrists and psychologists. At base, such therapies stand upon dogma, not scientific observations, and the dogma is the odious one of Freud and his followers who were some of the century's most anti-Christ teachers. No amount of well-intentioned refinement of deadly doctrines will make them clean for use by Christians. Though gems are usually found in coal mines, Christians who go fossicking for gems of God's truth in psychoanalytic coal mines will usually emerge empty-handed and filthy. Christians of discernment should avoid the dangerous system completely. (medical doctor)

By Stuart A. Kirk; STUART A. KIRK is a professor of social welfare at UCLA. He is the coauthor of "The Selling of DSM" and "Making Us Crazy." His most recent book is "Mental Disorders in the Social Environment."
PSYCHIATRIC researchers recently estimated that half of the American population has had or will have a mental disorder at some time in their life. A generation ago, by contrast, only a small percentage of the American population was considered mentally ill. Are we all going mad?
Freud started this. He made us suspicious that any behavior was potentially rife with psychopathology. As a neurologist, he used the medical language of pathology to suggest that the demands of civilization on our fragile human nature were such as to make all of us somewhat neurotic.
The current psychiatric bible published by the American Psychiatric Association, "The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders," or the DSM, continues this tradition of making us all crazy.
Because there are no biological tests, markers or known causes for most mental illnesses, who is counted as ill depends almost entirely on frequently changing checklists of behaviors that the DSM considers as symptoms of mental disorder. In the recent research, lay interviewers asked a sample of people to respond to lengthy questionnaires based on the DSM lists. Computer programs then counted the responses to determine if those interviewed had ever had the required number of behaviors for any mental disorder at some time in their life.
We keep getting higher estimates of mental disorders in part because the APA keeps adding new disorders and more behaviors to the manual.
Since 1979, for example, some of the new disorders and categories that have been added include panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social phobia, borderline personality disorder, gender identity disorder, tobacco dependence disorder, eating disorders, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, identity disorder, acute stress disorder, sleep disorders, nightmare disorder, rumination disorder, inhibited sexual desire disorders, premature ejaculation disorder, male erectile disorder and female sexual arousal disorder. If you don't see yourself on that list, don't fret, more are in the works for the next edition of the DSM.
Because so little is known about the causes of most mental disorders, just about any behavior can look like a symptom. Here is a selection from hundreds of behaviors listed in the DSM, behaviors that signify one disorder or another: restlessness, irritability, sleeping too much or too little, eating too much or too little, difficulty concentrating, fear of social situations, feeling morose, indecisiveness, impulsivity, self-dramatization, being inappropriately sexually seductive or provocative, requiring excessive admiration, having a sense of entitlement, lacking empathy, fear of being criticized in public, feeling personally inept, fear of rejection or disapproval, difficulty expressing disagreement, being excessively devoted to work and productivity, and being preoccupied with details, rules and lists. For children, signs of disorder occur when they are deceitful, break rules, can't sit still or wait in lines, have trouble with math, don't pay attention to details, don't listen, don't like to do homework or lose their school assignments or pencils, or speak out of turn.
Granted, one momentary feeling or behavior will not qualify you as having a DSM mental disorder; it requires clusters of them, usually for several weeks, accompanied by some level of discomfort. Nevertheless, as Freud suggested, the signs of potential pathology are everywhere.
The vast broadening of the definition of mental disorders has its skeptics, myself included, who are suspicious of the motivations of the APA and the drug companies that may view the expanding sweep of mental disorders like a lumber company lusting after a redwood forest. But unlike the environment, with its leagues of watchdogs, the medicalization of human foibles has few challengers. That's too bad: The misdiagnosis of mental illness often leaves a lasting trail in medical records open to schools, employers, insurance companies and courts.
Does it advance psychiatry to view an increasing expanse of human troubles as the expression of psychopathology rather than as part of the texture and diversity of life? Psychiatry once focused on the prevention and treatment of serious behavioral problems, of which there are plenty. But based on the metastasizing DSM, the psychiatric association appears to be caught up in a contemporary narcissistic quest for individual perfection.
The grand American experiment once was an attempt to structure our social and political institutions to create a more civil and just society. Perhaps, frustrated that we still contend with gross inequality, stinging poverty and rampant political and corporate corruption, we now embrace the perfectibility of individuals, not social institutions. The public is being asked to swallow the view that all manner of human troubles, from anxiety, interpersonal squabbles to misbehavior of many kinds, be viewed not as inevitable parts of the human comedy, but as psychopathology to be treated, usually with drugs, as expugnable illnesses. The implicit ideal, the healthy, normal and truly happy camper, will, properly medicated, harbor no serious worries or animosities, no sadness over losses or failures, no disappointments with children or spouses, no doubts about themselves or conflicts with others, and certainly no strange ideas or behaviors. Their moods will be perfectly controlled in all circumstances, and bad hair days will be things of the past.
Is it inevitable that the rest of us, the recalcitrant, flawed resisters to the movement for individual perfection, will show up in future counts of the mentally disordered? Count me in.

by James B. Gottstein, Esq.
November, 2002
The purpose of this article is to set forth just the basic legal principles, underpinnings and practices employed in the widespread use of legal force to compel unwilling patients into locked psychiatric hospitals and, most importantly, force brain damaging drugs and other brain damaging treatments such as Electroshock upon them over their desperate, but hopeless objections. The companion article, Unwarranted Court Ordered Medication: A Call to Action, describes what might be done about it and this article is really background for that one. In addition, there are a number of excellent law review articles on the subject, a small sampling of which are listed at the end of this article.
The impetus for this article is the realization that the scientific basis for these forced treatments is non-existent and they are permanently damaging hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. No other field of medicine allows this sort of forced treatment. Of course, there are many people who see psychiatrists and voluntarily, even eagerly, take psychiatric medications. This article has absolutely no complaint about this. It is unwarranted forced treatment that is being addressed. This article also does not address the issue of somewhat more subtle coercion such as "if you don't take the medication, we will take your housing away from you," or "if you don't take your medication, we will have you committed to the mental hospital." This article is solely concerned with using the force of law (court orders) to compel people to submit to unwarranted psychiatric treatments they do not want. What unfolds is a legal system of Catch-22's for the patients and one where the courts have not only abdicated to "professionals" their responsibility to protect the rights of people coming before them, but also condones perjury in furtherance of this abdication.
This outright disregard of the law is done in the name of "we know what is right for the person" and therefore it is okay to ignore the law. It is not the purpose here to show that this assertion (of knowing what is right) is scientifically invalid. See "Psychiatric Myths and Scientific Research by Topic" for places to learn about that. There is a growing revolt among principled psychiatrists over the abuses of forced psychiatry. For purposes here, it will only be suggested that one should be very skeptical of the validity of a process that relies on lies to achieve its results.
Involuntary Commitment
Forced Medication
Corruption in the Courts
Other References
Law Review Articles
Annotated List of Cases
FACT SHEET: Tort Litigation Against Pharmaceutical Companies Involving Psychiatric Drugs: Lessons For Attorneys And Advocates, by Susan Stefan, Center for Public Representation.
Mental Health Law from Cornell's Legal Information Institute
New York Involuntary Commitment/Treatment Cases
Center for Community International's Involuntary Treatment News Archive
News Archive
Major Sites and Overview
List of Landmark Cases from the American Academy of Psychiatrists and the Law
Involuntary Commitment
While using different specific language, most states provide that people can be involuntarily committed to a mental institution if the person is Mentally ill, and Danger to self or others. In many states, the dangerousness is supposed to be fairly immediate or "imminent." Also, many states provide that even if the person is not dangerous, he/she can be committed if he/she is unable to take care of him/herself. In most states this is called being "gravely disabled." The United States Supreme Court case of Foucha v. Louisiana, 504 U.S. 71 (1992) held that "The State may [in addition to punishment for a crime] also confine a mentally ill person if it shows 'by clear and convincing evidence' that the individual is mentally ill and dangerous." (emphasis added) In the recent case of Kansas v. Crane, 122 S.Ct. 867 (2002), the US Supreme Court reiterated: "[w]e have consistently upheld such involuntary commitment statutes" when (1) "the confinement takes place pursuant to proper procedures and evidentiary standards," (2) there is a finding of "dangerousness either to one's self or to others," and (3) proof of dangerousness is "coupled with the proof of some additional factor, such as a 'mental illness' or 'mental abnormality.'"
So, the first thing that jumps out at one is that the "gravely disabled" (or similar) standard for involuntary commitment is unconstitutional, or at least the U.S. Supreme Court has never said it is constitutional.
As is explored at more (but not great) length in Unwarranted Court Ordered Medication: A Call to Action and Psychiatric Myths, the scientific reliability of diagnosing someone with a mental illness is very questionable. Even more questionable is the ability to reliably predict dangerousness. Thus, a vigorous attack on the scientific basis of psychiatric (expert) testimony on these elements can be mounted. In addition, attacks can be made on the way that the psychiatrist arrived at his or her opinion. For example, what was the standard for determining dangerousness? What authoritative work was used that sets the criteria? What level of dangerousness? As is shown by the Corruption in the Courts section below, the way that most of these commitment orders are obtained is quite simple. They lie about meeting the legal requirements for getting the orders.
With respect to the mental illness diagnosis itself, when a psychiatrist decides that a person has a mental illness and that person disagrees, according to the psychiatrist, that disagreement just shows the person lacks "insight" and is in itself proof of the mental illness. Catch-22.
Forced Medication
The United States Supreme Court decisions of Youngberg v. Romeo, 102 S.Ct. 2452, U.S.Pa.,1982, Mills v. Rogers, 102 S.Ct. 2442 (1982) and Rennie v. Klein, 102 S.Ct. 3506 (Mem), U.S., 1982, have been widely interpreted as holding that federal constitutional safeguards involving a person's right to refuse psychiatric medications are mostly defined by state law and that federal protection is limited to whether the treatment is "a substantial departure from accepted professional judgment, practice or standards" (the "Professional Judgment" standard). Under the "professional judgment" standard, if scientifically invalid pharmacology is "accepted practice" then, it doesn't matter that it is invalid. Catch-22. For example, in Kulak v. City of New York, 88 F.3d 63 (C.A.2 1996), mentioned in the annotated list of cases, held that the involuntary administration of Haldol was a proper exercise of professional judgment. Ultimately, however, it makes absolutely no sense that "professional judgment" prevails when the professional judgment can be shown to be fallacious.
It has been suggested that this is not what the Supreme Court actually held and that the Professional Judgment standard never was supposed to apply to forced medication cases. See: "Reevaluating Substantive Due Process as a Source of Protection for Psychiatric Patients to Refuse Drugs," Indiana Law Review, 1998, 31 INLR 937. This view is lent great credence in the June, 2003, case of Sell v. United States, 539 U.S. 166, 123 S.Ct. 2174 (2003), which while a competence to stand trial case, demonstrates much less deference to "professional judgment" than has been suggested the Supreme Court held in Youngberg. In Sell, the U.S. Supreme Court laid down the following constitutional guidelines: First, a court must find that important governmental interests are at stake.
Second, the court must conclude that involuntary medication will significantly further those concomitant state interests.
Third, the court must conclude that involuntary medication is necessary to further those interests. The court must find that any alternative, less intrusive treatments are unlikely to achieve substantially the same results.
Fourth, as we have said, the court must conclude that administration of the drugs is medically appropriate, i.e., in the patient's best medical interest in light of his medical condition. The specific kinds of drugs at issue may matter here as elsewhere. Different kinds of antipsychotic drugs may produce different side effects and enjoy different levels of success. (italics in original)
While Sell is a competence to stand trial case, it is hard to see how a person facing forced drugging in the context of civil commitment has fewer rights. Moreover, all of these guidelines are basic constitutional principles that should be applicable to the civil forced psychiatric medication context. The question of what federal constitutional rights people facing forced drugging in the civil context have should be taken to the United States Supreme Court in an appropriate case. PsychRights has raised these issues in an Alaskan case, Myers v. Alaska Psychiatric Institute, S-11021, which is awaiting decision by the Alaska Supreme Court. It seems fairly likely, however, that the Myers case will be decided on state constitutional grounds.
Corruption in the Courts
It turns out that psychiatrists, with the full understanding and tacit permission of the trial judges, regularly lie in court to obtain involuntary commitment and forced medication orders:
[C]ourts accept testimonial dishonesty, specifically where witnesses, especially expert witnesses, show a "high propensity to purposely distort their testimony in order to achieve desired ends."
Experts frequently and openly subvert statutory and case law criteria that impose rigorous behavioral standards as predicates for commitment. This combination helps define a system in which (1) dishonest testimony is often regularly (and unthinkingly) accepted; (2) statutory and case law standards are frequently subverted; and (3) insurmountable barriers are raised to insure that the allegedly "therapeutically correct" social end is met.In short, the mental disability law system often deprives individuals of liberty disingenuously and upon bases that have no relationship to case law or to statutes.
The ADA and Persons with Mental Disabilities: "Can Sanist Attitudes Be Undone?" by Michael L. Perlin, Journal of Law and Health, 1993/1994, 8 JLHEALTH 15, 33-34.
The psychiatric profession explicitly acknowledges psychiatrists regularly lie to the courts in order to obtain forced treatment orders. E. Fuller Torrey, M.D., probably the most prominent proponent of involuntary psychiatric treatment says: "It would probably be difficult to find any American Psychiatrist working with the mentally ill who has not, at a minimum, exaggerated the dangerousness of a mentally ill person's behavior to obtain a judicial order for commitment." Torrey, E. Fuller. 1997. Out of the Shadows: Confronting America's Mental Illness Crisis. New York: John Wiley and Sons. 152. Dr. Torrey goes on to say this lying to the courts is a good thing. Dr. Torrey also quotes Psychiatrist Paul Applebaum as saying when "confronted with psychotic persons who might well benefit from treatment, and who would certainly suffer without it, mental health professionals and judges alike were reluctant to comply with the law," noting that in "'the dominance of the commonsense model,' the laws are sometimes simply disregarded." It is also well known that: Traditionally, lawyers assigned to represent state hospital patients have failed miserably in their mission. Competency, Deinstitutionalization, and Homelessness: A Story of Marginalization, Michael L. Perlin, Houston Law Review, 28 Hous. L. Rev. 63 (1991). So, sad to say, in what will no doubt be shocking to most all Americans who have not experienced this process, but is not even surprising to those who are involved with the system, it turns out that the legal protections for people diagnosed as mentally ill are illusory and the court proceedings are fairly characterized as a sham. The effect of this is eloquently described by Professor Perlin: Its toxin infects all participants in the judicial system, breeds cynicism and disrespect for the law, demeans participants, and reinforces shoddy lawyering, blase judging, and, at times, perjurious and/or corrupt testifying. The reality is well known to frequent consumers of judicial services in this area: to mental health advocates and other public defender/legal aid/legal service lawyers assigned to represent patients and criminal defendants who are mentally disabled, to prosecutors and state attorneys assigned to represent hospitals, to judges who regularly hear such cases, to expert and lay witnesses, and, most importantly, to the person with a mental disability involved in the litigation in question.
Sanist Attitudes, supra.
Law Review Articles
The following is just a small sampling of the Law Review articles on the subject that have been written, focusing on those within the last 15 years.
Therapeutic Justice: Our Commitment Process Could Stand a Second Look, 28-JUN VTBJ 48, Vermont Bar Journal, June, 2002,br> PROTECTING OUR MENTALLY ILL: A CRITIQUE OF THE ROLE OF INDIANA STATE COURTS IN PROTECTING INVOLUNTARILY COMMITTED MENTAL PATIENTS' RIGHT TO REFUSE MEDICATION, 76 INLJ 983, Indiana Law Journal, Fall, 2001
Mental Health Law: Three Scholarly Traditions, 74 SCALR 295, Southern California Law Review, November, 2000
Reevaluating Substantive Due Process as a Source of Protection for Psychiatric Patients to Refuse Drugs, Indiana Law Review, 1998, 31 INLR 937
The ADA and Persons with Mental Disabilities: Can Sanist Attitudes Be Undone? by Michael L. Perlin, Journal of Law and Health, 1993/1994, 8 JLHEALTH 15, 33-34.
Competency to Refuse Treatment, April, 1991, North Carolina Law Review, 69 NCLR 945
Nonconsensual Treatment of Involuntarily Committed Mentally Ill Persons With Neuroleptic or Antypsychotic Drugs as Violative of State Constitutional Guaranty, 74 A.L.R.4th 1099 (1989)
The Mentally Ill's Right to Refuse Drug Treatment: A Panacea or a Bitter Pill to Swallow? 29 Washburn L.J. 62, 105 (1989)
The Right to Refuse Mental Health Treatment: A First Amendment Perspective, 44 UMIALR , September, 1989
ABUSE OF THOSE CONSIDERED MENTALLY ILL, prepared by Prof. Donald Bersoff Villanova University Law School and Eric Rosenthal Mental Disability Rights International

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In the last 30 years the Muslim population of Great Britain rose from 82,000 to two million.
Finsbury Park Mosque in North London, a Base for Islamic Extremism
Muslims in Britain have made it clear that they have no intention of assimilating. Dr. Zaki Badwari, former Director of the Islamic Cultural Centre of London wrote, "A proselytizing religion [like Islam] cannot stand still. Islam endeavors to expand in Britain. It aims at bringing its message to all corners of the earth. It hopes that one day the whole of humanity will be one Muslim community, the Umma." Britain operates as a strategic base for some of the most radical Islamic groups which preach hatred, incite to violence and recruit volunteers for terrorist activities. Britain now has one of the highest concentrations of closed-circuit TV cameras in Europe, nearly 1.5 million in operation! In late May 2001 the Brits were treated to their very own Muslim-Pakistani rioting! There is something deservedly humorous that this should happen to the pro-Muslim Brits who waste no time dumping on Israel! God Save the Queen!
Two of Europe's most legally tolerant regions, namely, the Dutch-language areas around Europe's most important west coast harbors, Antwerp [Belgium] and Rotterdam [Netherlands] are the main breeding ground for Muslim-fundamentalist terrorist groups. Osama bin Laden 's organization even runs shipping companies as fronts from Amsterdam.
Something rotten in Denmark? How about the 200,000 Muslim immigrants trying to dictate their anti-Israel, anti-America and anti-Western values upon 5 million Danes? Even though they represent only 4% of the population, the Muslims consume upwards of 40 percent of welfare spending. They also account for 65-75% of the country's convicted rapists with almost all victims non-Muslim Danes! Demographers have predicted that in just 40 years, one out of every three Danes will be Muslim. At this point, we're sure the Danes wish it were their Jewish population which was growing faster than rabbits on a hot tin roof. Jews are almost always model citizens! But the Danish Jews only number 6,000.
Dateline Sweden: Cold temperatures have not discouraged Muslim immigration. One out of every 22 Swedes are now Muslims and Islam is the nation's second largest religion. Of the nearly 9 million people in Sweden, 400,000 are Muslim, leading to a drastic increase in anti-Semitic acts against Sweden's 18,000 Jews. Say farewell to the stereotypical blue-eyed, blonde haired Swede.
In Holland [aka The Netherlands], because of its total lack of anti-terrorism laws and its very high level of religious, cultural and judicial tolerance, Muslim-fundamentalist terrorist groups are allowed to thrive. The Muslims now number about 15% of the population. In 20 years' time the majority of Holland's under 18 year old children will be Muslim. In fact, 50 per cent of the newborns during the next twenty years will be Muslim! In Amsterdam, the most popular name for a newborn boy is Mohammed, and a majority of residents will be Muslim within 10 to 15 years. A finger in the dike won't work this time, folks!
Two million Muslims have soaked into Germany; one million into Italy; 200,000 in Spain; 500,000 in Belgium, 1/10th its entire population and 1/4 of Brussels, its capitol city. Half of all babies born in Belgium are now Muslims! In total, 11,000,000 Muslims have saturated Western Europe! It now becomes clear just who is organizing and marching in Europe's anti-Israel and anti-American demonstrations!
In Italy, 95% of all rapists are Muslims. Eighty-five percent of all murderers are Muslims. Ah, such a wonderful religion of peace! What does the Pope and the rest of the Vatican Church have to say about this? Nothing! And what will the ordinary Italian say when, in ten years, Muslims will be the majority in Italy!!!
France is faring no better. In 1945, there were 100,000 Muslims in France. A fifty fold increase since then now has them numbering 6 million out of a total population of 60 million! In twenty years, one out of every five Frenchmen will be a Muslim! And if the French-Muslim birth rate continues as projected, France will have a Muslim majority in less than 25 years! Another telling statistic is that although the Muslims are 10% of France's population, 70 percent of a total of 60,775 prisoners in France are Muslims! All the urban suburbs are steered by Moslem black African or Arabic gangs. One-fifth of all births in France are Muslims! Mohammed is one of the most common names next to Pierre! And Paris has the largest Arab community outside of the Middle East! This is a result of a lenient immigration policy, high Muslim birthrate and conversions. A very high proportion of French Muslims are in the underclass, that segment of the population that relies not so much on education and work as on welfare and predatory activities. In fact, over one thousand Muslim neighborhoods are under monitoring throughout France. Seven hundred of those Muslim neighborhoods are listed as "violent" and nearly 400 hundred are listed as "very violent." Violence ranges from rape (95% of rapists are Muslim), murder (85% of murderers are Muslim), theft and looting of cars (58% committed by Muslims) and street fighting to assault on teachers and civil servants. Periodic outbursts of large-scale unrest or rioting sometimes occur. And most distressing are the high numbers of assaults or rebellions against the police. As in England, one thousand mosques are said to operate in France. Oh, mon dieu, what is a Frenchman to do! Check out "The Death of France."
There are 14 to 17 million Muslims now living within the European Union. If only a minuscule fraction of the growing Muslim fundamentalist population of Europe were to join bin Laden's holy warriors (or some of the many Arab/Muslim/Islamic terrorist groups), internal-security officers would confront nightmare scenarios!
(Council on American-Islamic Relations) spokesman Ibrahim Hooper indicated in a 1993 interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he wants to see the United States become a Muslim country.
Before Americans start pitying the poor Brits (who truly deserve a good bashing from Islam), they should check their own neighborhoods! Besides Louis Farrakan's Nation of Islam, the Black Panther and New Black Panther Parties with all their black wanna-be Muslims, there are also REAL Muslims and their communities are springing up everywhere. In 1970 there were an estimated one-hundred thousand Muslims in the United States. Today, a mere 34 years later, the number is approximately 7-10 million! More than a quarter of a million people of Arab descent live in southeastern Michigan, making the area the second-largest Arab community outside the Middle East (after Paris, France). One frightening example of their prolific growth in American is Dearborn, Michigan. Of a total population of 90,000 Dearborn residents, 25,000 are now Arabs! And of all the Dearborn children under the age of 18, a full 58% are Arab children! Other developing centers of Arab/Muslim growth are Florida, Texas, New Jersey and California. God Bless America!
Every year huge numbers of Arabs/Muslims from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kuwaitis, Syria, Egypt, Albania and dozens of other ethnic Muslim states who hate America swarm into the United States and add to the already increasing numbers of Arab/Muslims. And every year hundreds of mosques, which preach the extermination of all non-Muslims and the Islamization of America, are being added to the thousands already pointing their minarets skyward. The vast majority (80%) of American mosques are funded with Saudi Arabian money and most subscribe to 18th century Wahhabism that calls for the spread of Islam through violence. Many mosques, "Islamic Learning Centers," and Arab/Muslim Student Unions are distributing large numbers of pamphlets and leaflets attacking Judaism, Christianity and other non-Muslim religions and urging young Americans (esp. angry black Americans) to convert to Islam! Not surprisingly, a large number of African-Americans convert to Islam while in the prison systems! The National Islamic Prison Foundation, which coordinates a campaign to convert inmates to Islam claim an average of 135,000 such conversions per year. And if thousands of self-hating, Leftwing Jews hadn't already converted to Buddhism, they too might be targeted!
The nerve of these evil people to exploit the freedoms given to them here in America and other democracies when their goal is to extinguish ALL freedom!
Many Arabs in America are a disloyal fifth column. They work relentlessly to undermine the U.S. struggle to survive in the face of the growing Muslim terrorist threat. The huge Muslim birthrate, Muslim immigration, the massive expansion of Muslim religious and educational institutions that convert Christians to Islam and the purchase of major U.S. companies by Muslim oil sheiks are all also part of their strategy. America's great friend (???), Saudi Arabia, from whose land came fifteen of the nineteen September 11th Arab hijackers (who flattened the World Trade Center, a portion of the Pentagon and made a very big hole in a Pennsylvania field), has for some time been spear-heading the spread of Islamic doctrine. The Saudis have wholly or partly financed some 210 Islamic Centers, more than 1,500 mosques and 202 colleges and almost 2,000 schools for educating Muslim children in non-Islamic countries in Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, Australia and America. Check out the mosque near you and look for Islamic propagandists exalting the virtues of Islam to appear soon in YOUR kid's school. Speaking of schools, watch them try to infuse Islam and Islamic rights INTO school systems! Did you know that some Islamic schools in America are teaching hatred toward American Jews and Christians? And what about regular North American colleges and universities? Check out one of the so-called "social activities" of the M.S.A. (Muslim Student Association)! And don't forget to pick up the U.S. Postal Service's new 34 cent Eid-il-Mubarak stamp!
The U.S.- Canadian border is 4,000 miles long. Nearly all of this runs along territory which can never be fortified! Those seeking to sneak into the United States can do so by simply crossing waist high streams or forested areas. Geographically, Canada is the largest nation on earth [nearly 6.2 million square miles] yet her population is but a puny 28 million. The earliest record of a Muslim presence in Canada dates back to 1871 when the Canadian census recorded just 13 Muslim residents! One hundred and ten years later in 1981 there were 98,165 Muslims. And now, just 20 years after that last census, there are 400,000 Muslims in Canada! There are more than 80 mosques in Canada, four of which are located in Ottawa alone. In addition to mosques there are numerous locations in most major cities where space (known as musallah) is set aside for prayer purposes. In fact, Muslims now outnumber the Canadian-Jewish population and Islam is now the fastest-growing faith in Canada. One out of every fifty Canadians is a Muslim!
News Flash: Not all of these Muslims drive taxis! Experts estimate that there are at least 50 international terrorist organizations operating in Canada, including al-Qaida. Many of them are campus organizers pushing forward their anti-Israel and anti-West agendas. Thus, on September 9, 2002 on Montreal's Concordia University, violent clashes erupted between riot police and Arab/Muslim demonstrators preventing a speech by former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. So much for free speech and democratic values. Is this the sort of "secular, democratic state" that Arafat and his "Palestinian" nation-builders envision?
For a while there was talk about the province of Quebec (containing both Montreal and Quebec City) separating from Canada and forming its own government. Perhaps in time the Muslims will want a chunk of Canada for their own Islamic Republic!
Every single Muslim country on this planet is a brutal dictatorship. Make no mistake about it. Islam is on the move and is prepared to extinguish any and all civilizations that get in its way. Muslims are fundamentally non-assimilatible. Many foot soldiers of Islam have been sent to the four corners of the globe to "blend in" as "sleepers" and form future terror cells to await the call for action. Islam stands out among "religions" for its murderous tendency wherever it builds up to "critical mass," typically 20% or more of a given population. (France, Belgium and the Balkins ALREADY have at least a 10% Muslim population!) How many countries have been, or will be, partitioned or redrawn to accommodate Islamic constituencies? With the world's Muslim population now DOUBLING every 35 years, the trends are clear and these processes are irreversible. Unless the civilized world resists and fights back, Muslims will vanquish the planet within a few decades. Only THEN will the "civilized world" know what devilish barbarism and uncompromising rigidity Israel has for so long been up against!!!
Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. One out of every five people in the world is now a Muslim! One out of every three babies born in the world today are Muslim. Apparently the Muslims can still breed with a vengeance much faster than they can purge each other off the planet. Interestingly, there are no "hate groups" in Islamic countries. They don't need hate groups as long as hate is institutionalized right from the local mosques! For sure the most dangerous time on the streets for non-Muslims is right after the mosque prayers end on Friday evening!
There seems to be no end to the limitless supply of willing Jihadist martyrs volunteering into the service of Allah. In the Israeli/Arab-Palestinian conflict alone, Muslim children rush forward to confront Israeli soldiers (guarding Jewish settlements) with rocks, Molotov Cocktails, iron bars all in the name of Islam. Summer camps for Palestinian children teach not how to sing and play but rather how to fire automatic weapons and properly strap dynamite onto their chests! They are taught a hatred of Jews and a love of death right from the cradle!
The vast majority of Muslims, even in the West, are loyal and wedded to basic Koranic values. At best, they are passive supporters of fundamentalist and militant Islam and hope for the eventual destruction of Israel; at worst, they are vocal (or active) supporters of the Arab suicidal/homicidal bombers and plot for the eventual transformation of Western, democracies into Islamic nations. This is not to say there aren't Muslims who are "good" people; obviously there are. But Muslim culture, values and outlook are warlike, violent, undemocratic and with a set of rules and values diametrically opposed to Judeo-Christian teachings. Will the Muslim world ever change or try to compromise? THIS is indeed unlikely for they have declared that "any compromise is impossible for us since the Islamic Laws were laid down by Allah himself, not by men!" So the next time you feel like lecturing Israel on how to get along with the Muslim world, think instead how YOU will get along with that same Muslim world when they come looking for you!
Induction Into the Service of Islam or Maternal Instincts Turned Inside-Out!
"The only way Muslims can have assurance of salvation and eternal life is by becoming a martyr for the cause of Islam. Dying and killing for the cause of Islam is not only an honor, but also a way of pleasing Allah." From Reza F. Safa, author of "Inside Islam."
WARNING: WORLD WAR THREE IS UNDERWAY and it's much more sinister than you could have imagined. When did it start? Fourteen centuries ago. Who started it? An insane pedophile named Mohammed who, along with his gang of terrorists, formed the savagely oppressive, dehumanizing religion of Islam.
Through centuries of fanatical conquests (Jihads) and terrorism (when Jihads failed), Islam has metastasized into a modern day world cancer. As we speak, the civilized world is beginning to collapse under it and has no idea how to react. How does one stop a grotesque cult which will settle for nothing less than TOTAL world domination? So while the U.S. looks under every rock for Osama bin Laden, the bloody borders of Islam are closing in on all sides for in fact EVERY American Muslim has the potential to become a bin Laden or an abettor of a bin Laden!
Even a Jew-basher/Israeli-basher like Pat Buchanan has it correct when he wrote "In population, Islam is exploding, the West dying. Islamic warriors are willing to suffer defeat and death, the West recoils at casualties. They are full of grievance; we, full of guilt. Where Islam prevails, it asserts a right to impose its dogma, while the West preaches equality. Islam is assertive, the West apologetic about its crusaders, conquerors and empires. Don't count Islam out. It is the fastest growing faith in Europe and has surpassed Catholicism worldwide. And as Christianity expires in the West and the churches empty out, the mosques are going up."
An impending disaster lies ahead. Unfortunately the U.S. military cannot help for it was always preparing for the wrong war. Soviet or Chinese communism was never driven by such fanaticism. Besides, the Russians stayed in Russia and the Chinese in China. By contrast, the Soldiers of Islam are spreading into all societies first as simple shop owners and cab drivers, then students, then student activists, then violent agitators and finally assassins and bombers. Look for a mosque to appear soon in YOUR neighborhood.
Christians, Jews and Hindus should really think about joining forces instead of getting on their knees like young girls begging not to be gang raped!
"HEIL HITLER" Now Upgraded to "ALLAH AKBAR?"
You may already know about this one: O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. [al-Ma'idah 5:51.11]
But did you know that there are 123 verses in the Quran concerning fighting and killing for the cause of Allah? Here are but a few passages:
Muslims are encouraged to be wholly occupied (Sura 2:273) with fighting for Allah's cause.
Allah will give "a far richer recompense to those who fight for him" (Sura 4:96).
Regarding infidels (unbelievers), they are the Muslim's "inveterate enemies" (Sura 4:101).
Muslims are to "arrest them, besiege them and lie in ambush everywhere" (Sura 9:5) for them.
They are to "seize them and put them to death wherever you find them, kill them wherever you find them, seek out the enemies of Islam relentlessly"(Sura 4:90).
"Fight them until Islam reigns supreme" (Sura 2:193).
"Cut off their heads, and cut off the tips of their fingers" (Sura 8:12).
If a Muslim does not go to war, Allah will kill him (Sura 9:39).
He is to be told, "the heat of war is fierce, but more fierce is the heat of Hell-fire" (Sura 9:81).
A Muslim must "fight for the cause of Allah with the devotion due to him" (Sura 22:78)
Muslims must make war on the infidels (unbelievers) who live around them (Sura 9:123).
Muslims are to be "ruthless to unbelievers" (Sura 48:29).
A Muslim should "enjoy the good things" he has gained by fighting (Sura 8:69).
A Muslim can kill any person he wishes if it be a "just cause" (Sura 6:152).
Allah loves those who "fight for his cause" (Sura 61:3).
Anyone who fights against Allah or renounces Islam in favor of another religion shall be "put to death or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off alternative sides" (Sura 5:34).
Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him. Sahih Al-Bukhari (9:57)
Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush. (Koran 9:5)
Take him and fetter him and expose him to hell fire. (Koran 69:30-37)
I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, Smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger tips of them. (Koran 8:12)
They should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides. (Koran 5:33)
Know that paradise is under the shades of swords. Sahih al-Bukhari Vol 4 p55
And Speaking of Paradise...
"There will be "gushing fountains" and everyone "shall recline on jeweled couches face to face, and there shall wait on them immortal youths with bowls and ewers and a cup of purest wine." Suras (or chapters) 55 and 56 of the Quran.
"Therein are bashful virgins whom neither man nor jinnee will have touched before ... virgins as fair as corals and rubies," sura 55.
A few lines later, you might remind them of "virgins chaste and fair ... they shall recline on green cushions and fine carpets."
"The smallest reward for the people of Paradise is an abode where there are 80,000 servants and 72 wives, over which stands a dome decorated with pearls, aquamarine, and ruby, as wide as the distance from Al-Jabiyyah [a Damascus suburb] to Sana'a."
It will be the day, God willing, you spend with the women of paradise...Know that the gardens of paradise are waiting for you in all their beauty, and the women of paradise are waiting, calling out, "Come hither, friend of God."
-- September 11, 2001 NYC World Trade Center Towers -- Islamic Fundamentalist fanatics conduct a Wall Street "transaction!" We are facing an enemy that will not rest until they are either successful in destroying our blessed nation or destroyed themselves! (Don't say we didn't warn you!)
Some Americans will continue to portray the September 11, 2001 attacks as the work of a lunatic fringe rather than of a global religious movement. The perpetrators of the attacks in New York and Washington are being portrayed as Muslim "extremists" when in fact, they were "faithful" Muslims. Most of the Muslims in America are also "faithful" to Islam. Don't say we haven't warned you about this either!
Another thing, if you're a Western European and are feeling sorry for Americans, don't bother. Your countries are ALREADY Muslim-infested beyond salvage! Southern France has more mosques than churches. In fact, 10% of France's "Frenchmen" are Arabs! (And France thinks Israel is a sh***y country!!) And to all you other Europeans who sell out Israel for Arab oil, you too will soon have YOUR September 11th. Guaranteed!
Warning to Americans: As long as you continue to be force-fed a daily sanitized version of Islam by corrupt media outlets like CNN or a State Department campaign declaring that America is at war against terrorists but not Islam, your Middle East policy will continue to be marked by failure and your interests both home and abroad will remain in danger.
Definitely Not

A powerful and very dangerous alien life form is mentally enslaving the people of America and all the world! Unseen and nearly undetected, it has entered the human mind, gaining control and transforming each person into a humanoid slave. The transformed human being actually becomes one of them. This is not some science fiction story. This action has already happened and has transformed nearly all literate people on this earth into that unseen, alien life form! The elusiveness of this life form is witnessed by the fact that the vast majority of the people do not realize that they are, in fact, mentally transformed. Further, the enslaved will argue against any accusations that their mind has been controlled beyond their control. It is beyond their comprehension that they are a controlled organism responding to the whims of the alien. Therein lies the extreme difficulty in removing the alien life form without destroying its human host.
You can not hide from the Mental Alien. It reaches out to all people in all cultures and societies. When people contact one another in any way, they transmit the spores of the alien life form. The only possible exceptions are small groups of people who are totally isolated from the rest of the world, though those are rare. But this isolation was seen to be diminishing in the last century. Consequently, the Mental Alien life form is enslaving all people.
You cannot run from the Mental Alien. Just in case you thought about leaving town at midnight, forget it. Its spores reach everywhere. Even though you might retreat to the most remote region in America, others running from the grasp of the invading species will soon push at your retreat, if they were not there before you. Sooner or later you will need medical supplies and services, if not for yourself, for your child. From that point on you are again in its grasp. All people in the kingdom must pay the assessment to the alien life form. For, so far reaching is the power of the Mental Alien that it influences all human life in all societies and governments, eventually transforming them into the alien species, though retaining their humanoid form. It is indeed scary!
Perhaps the most treacherous aspect of that alien life form is its concealment. For, you see, it is invisible. It is imaginary, meaning unreal. Deception has been raised to the ultimate level in this life form. For nothing could be more effective than for the victim to support and fight to protect the very alien life form that is assaulting that victim who is all the while unaware of the assault. It is the same mechanism used by viruses that attack the human immune system, causing that immune system to attack the body they were born to protect. It resembles a dope habit that alters the chemical make up of the brain, causing the mind to call for more dope that destroys the brain and body of its host. Being of superior intelligence, the Mental Aliens have infiltrated the human species in a most vulnerable area: the imaginary human mind.
The Mental Aliens have infiltrated our education system. From first grade through graduate school, we are brainwashed to believe in the Mental Alien life form species, even though the vast majority of us are totally unaware of their existence. We are not told the truth of the history of our pre-alien existence. Our economic calculations are based on a fallacy, somehow made to appear correct and justified. That which is unreal is made to appear real. How could it be? How could such an intelligent species, meaning Man in this case, be so mentally blind? Perhaps it is an inherent trait to be lazy. Work only when a basic instinct arouses one. Grow food only when hungry. It appears that Man does not want to see the truth. Having added our intelligence to theirs, the Mental Aliens are indeed of superior intelligence. They are keeping just enough of the right people happy and contented to avoid social upheaval. This keeps the multitudes under control, totally unaware of their continuing mental transformation. But even that peace may be short lived, for Man has an inherent tendency to fight. When the species Man is deprived of his basic needs for survival, Man will resort to violence. Observe history. Through the centuries, hungry societies have conquered neighboring societies for their food.
It is entirely possible that a basic trait of the species Man is the need for power. The urge to control may exist in only selected individuals. Or it may exist in all human minds in latent form, waiting for the needed blend of mental capacities to enable that urge for control to emerge. Or perhaps the need to control is simply a suborder of the need to propagate the species. The basic and strong urge to multiply the species can be subdivided into the survival of the society. This might explain the more than thirty wars and revolutions in the world today. Or it might be Mental Alien plans.
These basic urges of Man are being exploited by the Mental Aliens. Of superior intelligence, the Mental Aliens have taken control of the mind of Man and are using Man’s basic traits of violence to control the species Man. Of infinite shrewdness, they are causing Man to control Man according to the whims of the Mental Aliens. Such efficiency!
Unfortunately, the Mental Aliens have faults apparently inherent to all life forms in our universe. As they propagate their species, wars for possession will develop in an overcrowded world, and in the process of a few, elite Mental Aliens gaining total control, millions of Aliens will be killed in a relentless holocaust. Those elite will ultimately control a one world dictatorship in a world of Mental Alien life form. The only humanoid form to inhabit the planet Earth will carry, as host, the life form known as the species Mental Alien, residing in and controlling the human mind, and hence, the host body. All humanity and alien life will answer to the elite.
In its offensive to propagate its species by transforming all intelligent human beings, that unseen, clandestine life form will eventually cause the destruction of the social and economic structure of its hosts. All national governments will be destroyed. It will destroy any and all civilizations that it infects.
As a double indemnity, they will sacrifice their humanoid hosts. The Mental Aliens consider the human host body dispensable. With their inherent fatal error, they will continue to overpopulate their species until they destroy themselves. To our grave danger, this spells our doom, for the Mental Aliens have transformed nearly all of the species Man. We will be destroyed! There are over thirty wars and revolutions waging concurrently in the world today. If the Mental Aliens ever organize these conflicts into one, gigantic war, that holocaust could destroy the planet Earth. When one casts a scholarly, yet clear, uninfected humanoid eye upon history and current events, it becomes readily apparent that just such organization exists. Even with their superior intelligence, the Mental Aliens are multiplying their own species to the destruction of their vital host, the human body! It is readily apparent that the Mental Alien species is in total control.
Perhaps you are wondering how this author can be so informative. He was once a transformed Mental Alien, but, through determined concentration, exorcised the alien life form from his mind. Welcome to the real world, folks. If you believe that bank owners are nice people, you have been transformed by the Alien Species. As fleeting and elusive as a thought, the Mental Aliens enter our mind through our eyes and ears. It is, therefore, through our eyes and ears that we must free ourselves from their enslavement. Open your mind and look around you to verify these real life facts: 1. Money is imaginary. Remember that. Coins and bills are currency that merely represents imaginary money.
2. The banklords control our money and are in complete control of nearly all people. Banklords are transformed.
3. America has been ruined by the Federal Reserve System, our national banking system, lair of the Alien Species.
4. The Federal Reserve System is privately owned and privately operated in secret for private gain, for practical purposes. That is the essence of a ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco.
5. Not even our elected President and Congress can control the Fed, except to abolish it if we force them to.
6. Over thirty wars and revolutions are waging in the world today, with America supplying the largest amount of munitions.
7. America is going exponentially deeper in debt while costs rise exponentially, with unemployment always serious.
8. Our Constitution states that Congress shall create money to run our government debt free, without paying for it.
The invading Mental Aliens are imaginary debt money. The friendly bankers that we see are OK, though transformed. The elite Mental Alien leaders are the bank owners, called banklords, totally transformed. They have usurped nearly complete control of our money and us. For whoever, or whatever, controls the money controls all people. Yet few people believe this simple truth. See the alien influence now? Read "Banklords Game Plan" to see how they do it.
We have but one way to exorcise the invading Alien Species:
Congress must create needed money and never borrow again. Each and every one us must clear our mind and demand that our Congress obey us. That move will create a hostile environment for the invading Alien Species, destroying them. The host will have cut off the mental energy sustaining the Aliens. We do not have much time.
To suck the life out of us, the alien billionaire banklords use several tricks, all imaginary things:
1. They got a bill through Congress that allows only banklords to create our money. They control us right there.
2. They charge us for creating our money and never create enough to pay the interest. The bill is the national debt.
3. They cause wars. Wars are very profitable for the banklords and the rich kids don’t have to fight. Henry Ford, Sr., stated that we could stop all wars if we removed the power of money from the banklords.
4. They use compound interest. One penny at six percent for 2000 years equals many gold balls the size of our sun!
5. They keep the bill not payable by causing a money shortage and stealing our credit so we can’t find jobs or money.
Actually, this is outright bank robbery that has continued unabated for the better part of a century, while Congress looks the other way. We must clear our minds and transform our Congress back to human mind form.
As the rich become richer, they take more and more money out of the economy while we people are burdened with ever increasing taxes. People are obliged to work harder and longer to pay the fat cat Aliens who do no work. This simple sounding process compounds and confounds itself as it destroys our society and our economy. In time this relentless Alien Species will destroy the civilization it infiltrates. Most of the worst of our social and economic problems can be traced to the private Fed Reserve and its debt money system. Its operators are, beyond doubt, the lowest of ruthless scum, though very clever. Yet people defend it as it destroys their very way of life. How could it be? We are, though unaware, nearly completely controlled by the billionaire banklords, completely transformed by the Mental Aliens. Not much time remains.
You better call, today, your Congressional Reps and demand that Congress create needed money and never borrow again. They are working for you. If not, recall them! Show your power!! Replace them with a cleansed mind.
Just a Thought
The dictionary defines species as a plural noun used both in the plural and the singular to indicate forms of life. However, specie is defined as a type of money. So, to put a little reality into this realistic essay, change species to specie. In other words, change alien life form to money. It is so true it is profoundly scary!
The President said he is reducing taxes.
Congress says they are balancing the budget.
uhuh. Sez who?
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Rush Limbaugh is taking a fun swipe at Sen. John McCain and his "Gang of 14" membership with a satirical ad saying McCain used "Rugout," a spray that "pulls the rug out from under your friends." The print "ad" on the back page of a recent edition of The Limbaugh Letter, Rush's must read newsletter, shows the Arizona Republican wielding the "amazing new product," which "has been tested under real-life conditions, the Floor of the U.S. Senate." Limbaugh's beef: The Republicans held a 55-to-45-vote majority in the Senate, and planned to change rules to prevent the Democrats from using a filibuster to block judicial nominees. But seven Republicans, McCain prominent among them, joined seven Democrats in an agreement that ditched the rule change and brought a "worthless promise" from Democrats not to filibuster judges except in "extraordinary circumstances." Writes Rush: "Rugout enabled the Gang of 14 Senators to sign a pact that effectively obstructed the majority." What are these "extraordinary circumstances?" Limbaugh asked. "Thanks to Rugout, nobody has any idea." The current issue of NewsMax Magazine features an exclusive front-page report, "Inside McCain's Head," that offers an in-depth look at the enigmatic McCain, and tells why Limbaugh takes a dim view of a McCain run for the White House in 2008. Continuing the spoof in the Limbaugh Letter, Rush says: "If Rugout can do that in the Senate, imagine what it can do in your house. Is your spouse nagging you to take out the garbage? Get the Rugout. Rugout will render her (or him, depending) immediately powerless." Ten percent of all Rugout proceeds, Limbaugh jests, "will go to McCain 2008, McCain 2012, or McCain 2016." But one caveat: Rugout is "only available in D.C."

by Steven Yates and Ray E. Bornert II
Slavery, we are reminded incessantly these days, was a terrible thing. In today’s politically correct society, some Blacks are demanding reparations for slavery because their remote ancestors were slaves. Slavery is routinely used to bash the South, although the slave trade began in the North, and slavery was once practiced in every state in the Union. Today’s historians assure us that the War for Southern Independence was fought primarily if not exclusively over slavery, and that by winning that war, the North put an end to the peculiar institution once and for all.
Whoa! Time out! Shouldn’t we back up and ask: what is slavery? It has been a while since those ranting on the subject have offered us a working definition of it. They will all claim that we know good and well what it is; why play games with the word? But given the adage that those who can control language can control policy, it surely can’t hurt to revisit the definition of slavery. There are good reasons to suspect the motives of those who won’t allow their basic terms to be defined or scrutinized.
Here is a definition, one that will make sense of the instincts telling us that slavery is indeed an abomination: slavery is non-ownership of one’s Person and Labor. It is involuntary servitude. A slave must work under a whip, real or figurative, wielded by other persons, his owners, with no say in how (or even if) his labors are compensated. His is a one-way contract he cannot opt out of. A slave is tied to his master (and to the land where he labors). He cannot simply quit if he doesn’t like it. Moreover, a slave can be bought and sold like any other commodity.
In this case slavery is at odds with libertarian social ethics, in which all human beings have a natural right to ownership of Person and Labor. According to libertarian social ethics, contracts should be voluntary and not coerced. This is sufficient for us to oppose slavery with all our might. However, notice that this clear definition of slavery is a double-edged sword. There is no reference to race in the above definition. That Whites enslaved Blacks early in our history is an historical accident; there is nothing inherently racial about slavery. Many peoples have been enslaved in the past, including Whites. The South, too, has no intrinsic connection with slavery, given how we already noted that it was practiced in the North as well. No slaves were brought into the Confederacy during its brief, five-year existence, and it is very likely that the practice would have died out in a generation or two had the Confederacy won the war.
Finally, it is clear that when most people talk about slavery, they are referring to chattel slavery, the overt practice of buying, selling and owning people like farm animals or beasts of burden. Are there other forms of slavery besides chattel slavery?
Before answering, let’s review our definition above and contrast slavery with sovereignty, in the sense of sovereignty over one’s life. Slavery, we said, is nonownership of Person and Labor. In that case, sovereignty is ownership of Person and Labor. The basic contrast, then, is between slavery and sovereignty, and the issue is ownership. And there are two basic things one can own: one’s Person (one’s life), and one’s Labor (the fruits of one’s labors, including personal wealth resulting from productive labors).
Let us quantify the situation. A plantation slave owned neither himself nor the fruits of his labors. That is, he owned 0% of Person and 0% of Labor. In an ideal libertarian order, ownership of Person and Labor would be just the opposite: 100% of both. In this case, we have a method allowing us to describe other forms of slavery by ascribing different percentages of ownership to Person and Labor. For example, we might say that a prison inmate owns 5% of Person and 50% of Labor. Inmates are highly confined in person yet they are allowed to own wealth both inside the prison and outside. Some, moreover, are allowed to work at jobs for which they are paid. When slavery was abolished, ownership of Person and Labor was transferred to the slave, and he became mostly free. So let us define the following categories in terms of individual percentage ownership:
Category Characteristics
Chattel Slavery 0% ownership of Person and Labor
Partial Slavery some % ownership of Person and Labor
Perfect Liberty 100% ownership of Person and Labor
With this in mind, here is our question for our readers: how much ownership do you have in your person and your labor? Are you really free? Or are you a partial slave? We are not, of course, talking about arrangements that cede a portion of ownership of Person and Labor to others through voluntary contract. We submit that forcible taxation on your personal income makes you a partial slave? For if you are legally bound to hand a certain percentage of your income (the fruits of your labors) over to federal, state and local governments, then from the legal standpoint you only have "some % ownership" of your person and labor. The pivotal point is whether or not ownership is ceded through voluntary contract. Have you any recollection of any deals you signed with the IRS promising them payment of part of your income? If not, then if 30% of your income is paid in income taxes, then you have only 70% ownership of Labor. You are a slave from January through April – a very conservative estimate at best, today!
If one wants to stand on the U.S. Constitution as one’s foundation, then the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution can be used as an ironclad argument against a forcible direct tax on the labor of a human being. The 13th Amendment says: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation."
The 13th Amendment makes it very clear that we cannot legally or Constitutionally be forced into involuntary servitude. As such, we maintain that a human being has an inalienable right to own 100 % of Person and 100% of Labor, including control over how the fruits of his actions are dispensed. A human being has an inalienable right to control the compensation for his labor while in the act of any service in the marketplace, e.g., digging ditches, flipping burgers, word-processing documents for a company, programming computers, preparing court cases, performing surgery, preaching sermons, or writing novels.
A forcible direct tax on the labor of a human being is in violation of this right as stated in the 13th Amendment. If we work 40 hours a week, and another entity forcibly conscripts 25% of our compensation, then we argue that we have been forced into involuntary servitude, slavery, for 10 of those 40 hours, and we were free for the other 30. If we could freely choose to work just the 30 hours and decline to work the 10 hours, then our wills would not be violated and the 13th Amendment would be honored.
However, Congress, the IRS and their Internal Revenue Code (IRC) lay direct claim to those ten hours (or some stated percentage) without our consent. In other words, in a free and just society, a society in which there is no slavery of any form: Human beings are not forced to work for free, in whole or in part. Human beings are not slaves to anything or anyone. Anyone who attempts to force us to work for free, without compensation, has violated our rights under the 13th Amendment. This, of course, is not the state of affairs in the United States of America at the turn of the millennium, in which: We labor involuntarily for at least four months out of every year for the government. We are, therefore, slaves for that period of time. The government, having forced us to work for free, without compensation, has violated the 13th Amendment. Of course, what follows from all this discussion is that there is an issue about slavery. But it is not the issue politically correct historians and activists are raising. As for reparations, we suspect many of us might be willing to let bygones be bygones if we never had to pay out another dime to the IRS. We often read about how great the economy is supposedly doing.
Just imagine how it would flourish if human beings owned 100% of Person and Labor, and could voluntarily invest the capital we currently pay to the government in our businesses, our homes, our schools, and our communities! For those of you who believe that the 16th Amendment repealed, replaced, modified, appended, amended or superceded the 13th Amendment, you are mistaken. For an Amendment to be changed, in any way, there must be an Amendment that emphatically declares this action. There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that alters the efficacy of the 13th Amendment in even the slightest way. The 16th merely allowed the government to enter the "National Social Benefits" business where it finances the system with the mandatory contributions of voluntary participants. While all Americans certainly understand the concept of mandatory contributions, they fail to understand the concept of voluntary participation, largely due to a very effective marketing campaign on the part of our central government for several generations now since the Great Depression.
The 16th gave the government the power to legally enter a contractual relationship with its citizens wherein the citizen contributes a portion of his labor in exchange for social benefits. In order for both Amendments to peacefully coexist, the contractual relationships in the system created by the 16th cannot be forced upon the citizens. For to do so would be to contradict the 13th completely.
Two final questions, and a few final thoughts. Can we really take seriously the carpings of politically correct historians about an arrangement (chattel slavery) that hasn’t existed for 140 years when they completely ignore the structurally similar arrangements (tax slavery) that have existed right under their noses during most of the years since? And does a governmental system which systematically violates its own founding documents, and then oversees the imprisoning of those who refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the violations, really have a claim on the loyalty of those who would be loyal to the ideals represented in those founding documents?
Eventually, we have to make a decision. How long are we going to continue to put up with the present arrangements? In the Declaration of Independence is found these remarks: "[a]nd accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed." We are accustomed to the income tax. Most people take it for granted, and don’t look at fundamental issues. Yet some have indeed opted out of the tax system. It is necessary, at present, to become self-employed and hire oneself out based on a negotiated contract in which you determine your hourly rate and then bill for your time. Then you send your client an invoice, they write a check directly to you in response, and you take the check and deposit it in your bank account; you may wish to open a bank account with a name like John Smith Enterprises DBA (DBA stands for ‘Doing Business As’). If the bank asks for a tax-ID number, you may give your social security number. This is perfectly legal since you are not a corporation nor are you required to be. Nor does the use of a government issued number contractually obligate you to participate in their system.
We should specify here that we are discussing taxes on income resulting from personal labor, to be carefully distinguished from taxes for the sale of material items, or excise taxes. These are an entirely separate matter. By advocating opting out of the tax slavery system, we are not advocating anything illegal here; that is the most surprising thing of all. The Treasury Department nailed Al Capone not because of failure to pay taxes on his personal labor but for his failure to pay the excise tax on the sale of alcoholic beverages. So a plan to be self-employed that includes profit from the sale of material goods should include a plan to pay all the excise taxes; you risk a prison sentence if you don’t. But the 13th Amendment directly prohibits anything or anyone from conscripting your person or the fruits of your physical or cognitive labors; to do so is make a slave of you. You may, of course, voluntarily participate in the SSA-W2 system by free choice. In this case you are required to submit to the rules as outlined in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). And this means that you will contribute a significant fraction of your labor to pay for the group benefits of the system in which you are voluntarily participating.
Your relationship with the system technically begins with the assignment of a Social Security Number (Personal Tax ID Number). This government-issued number, however, does not contractually obligate you to anything. The government cannot conscript its citizens simply by assigning a number to them. Assigning the number is perfectly fine. But conscripting them in the process is a serious no-no. Some people that feel strongly about the last chapters of the book of Revelation might view this as pure evil.
The critical point in the relationship begins when a citizen accepts a job with an IRS registered corporation. Accepting the government owned SSA-W2 job marries you to the system. The payroll department has the employee fill out a W4. This W4 officially notifies the employee that the job in question is officially part of the SSA-W2 system and that all job income is subject first to the rules and regulations of the IRC and then secondly to the employee. When you sign that W4 you are at that point very, very married to the system.
So why not just decline to sign the W4?
You can decline to sign a W4 but this does not accomplish much nor does it unmarry you from the system. Your payroll office will merely use the IRC defaults already present in the payroll software and all deductions will be based on those parameters.
Okay, you might say, fine, I'll sign a W4 but I'll direct my payroll department to withhold zero. (You can do this for federal withholding but not for social security tax.) This still does not unmarry you from the system. Your payroll department still reports the gross income and deductions for your SSA-W2 job to the IRS each and every quarter. And at the end of the year you will probably end up writing a large check to the IRS for the group contributions you declined to pay during the year.
You then might say, Okay, then I'll just direct my payroll office to decline to report income to the IRS.
Reply: they cannot legally decline to report your SSA-W2 income because of their contractual obligations under the IRC that were agreed to when they established their official IRS registered corporation. The corporation can get into deep trouble by violating their contract.
Okay, you reply in turn, I'll just get the corporation to create a non-SSA-W2 job for me.
Response this time: the corporation cannot do this either; their contract under the IRC requires every single employee job in that corporation to be an SSA-W2 job. This is similar to labor union practices of insisting that all jobs in a plant be union jobs.
You retort: isn't this a government monopoly on every corporate job in America???
The short answer is YES.
So how can I legally decline to work for free?
The answer is to decline to be an 'employee' of an official IRS registered corporation.
How is that possible?
The answer is simple. You become an independent contractor. The Supreme Court upholds the sovereignty of the individual and has declared that your "...power to contract is unlimited." Corporations hire the labors of non-employees each and every day.
If there is an infestation of cockroaches near the employee break-room, the corporation doesn't create an SSA-W2 employee exterminator job. They hire a contract exterminator to kill the bugs. When the bug-man arrives they don't hand him a W4 and ask him to declare his allowances, they lead him straight to the big-fat-ugly roaches and implore him to vanquish the vermin immediately. When the bug-man finishes the job he hands them an invoice for his services. And the company sends him a check to pay the invoice. And nowhere on that check will you find a federal, state, county or city withholding deduction or a social security deduction or a medical or dental deduction or a garnishment or an "I'll-be-needing-an-accountant-to-figure-all-this-out" deduction or a "Tuesday-Save-The-Turnips-Tax" deduction. On the contrary, the bug-man receives full remuneration for his service. This simple arrangement is completely legal and the IRC has zero contractual claim to any part of this check (assuming the bug-man has made no contract under the IRC). And anyone or anything that attempts to forcibly conscript any part of that check is violating the bug-man's rights under the 13th Amendment.
"There is a clear distinction in this particular case between an individual and a corporation, and that the latter has no right to refuse to submit its books and papers for an examination at the suit of the State. The individual may stand upon his constitutional rights as a citizen. He is entitled to carry on his private business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no such duty to the State, since he receives nothing therefrom, beyond the protection of his life and property. His rights are such as existed by the law of the land long antecedent to the organization of the State, and can only be taken from him by due process of law, and in accordance with the constitution. Among his rights are a refusal to incriminate himself, and the immunity of himself and his property from arrest or seizure except under a warrant of the law. He owes nothing to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their rights." Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43 at 47 (1905).
What does the bug-man do with his check?
The short answer is he keeps it, all of it.
What about filing a tax return?
The bug-man declines to file a return since he has nothing to report that is under the jurisdiction of the IRC. Since he does not work in a government owned SSA-W2 job he is out of the system and under no contractual obligation to make contributions. The corporation that wrote him a check for his service legally reports it as an internal business expense. He is legally classified as a non-participant.
If you are in the SSA-W2 system:
The purpose of an individual year-end tax-return is to settle the exact amount of contractually required contributions to the SSA-W2 system as determined by the IRC. Filing is purely voluntary. You can decline to file but doing so does not release you from your contractual obligations under the IRC. In the absence of a tax-return, the IRC permits the IRS to file a tax-return on your behalf and they are allowed to file a return that maximally favors them. And this they will do if it creates a receivable, accounting lingo for "you owe them money." They will decline to file a return if it would create a payable, accounting lingo for "they owe you money." If the IRS files a return and creates a receivable against you they will send you a notice declaring their claim. If you decline to pay, the IRC permits the IRS to file a tax-lien against you. This of course will be seen on your credit report. And the end result is your credit is damaged. The IRS computers will see to it that the lien remains on your credit report until the lien is paid. You can't beat a computer.
What if I file a return but cheat like crazy?
This is a very bad idea. The Treasury Department nailed Leona Helmsley not because she failed to pay taxes on her personal labor but because she filed a fraudulent tax return. Filing a dishonest tax return puts you at risk. The IRS is very astute at defending itself. Basically the IRS is responsible for enforcing the IRC rules. If you are in the SSA-W2 system you have to live by the IRC. If you decide to stay in the system, we recommend securing the services of a highly qualified CPA or tax attorney that can assist you in filing the most advantageous return possible without committing fraud or risking an audit.
In the end, the law does allow you to opt-out because you can't be forced to work for free. If you do opt-out there are at least 2 potential inconveniences you need to understand:
1) Difficulty with conventional loans.
You will have a far more difficult time getting loans from conventional banks, because so often these depend on verifying your income with signed tax returns you no longer have. You can hire an accountant to compose a certified financial statement that some loan institutions may accept as valid proof of income.
2) No unemployment benefits.
This benefit is part of the SSA-W2 system and since you're not in the system you can't use the benefits. If you have no contracts you only have yourself to complain to; you can't complain to the government because you can't get anyone to do business with you.
Moreover, some who have opted out have moved all their physical assets into a trust. This measure makes it almost impossible for the IRS to touch the assets. The IRS, after all, cannot simply decide to go after a person’s wealth. They have to obey IRC rules as well. If there is no income over which they have jurisdiction then they can legally do nothing.
It is worth noting, finally, that the government is in the "National Social Benefits" business. The government entered this business with the ratification of the 16th Amendment and has achieved a near perfect monopoly in this market (a violation of anti-trust laws). If you don't believe this, try finding a non-SSA-W2 job with a U.S. corporation. As such, it is in the interest of any business that has a monopoly to get the customers to believe that there is no alternative to the present business relationship. The government is not about to provide any of its customers (you and I) with any information suggesting otherwise. In obtaining such information, we are clearly on our own; no government agency will assist you in opting out of the income tax system or the social security system, with the possible exception of the U.S. Supreme Court, should the right case one day come before them.
So one’s best weapon is still the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the 13th Amendment, and information. Whatever the inconveniences, the reward is personal sovereignty, otherwise known as freedom. October 7, 2000 Steven Yates has a Ph.D in Philosophy and is the author of Civil Wrongs: What Went Wrong With Affirmative Action (San Francisco: ICS Press, 1994). A free lance writer, lecturer, and frequent contributor to LewRockwell.com and The Edgefield Journal, he lives in Columbia, South Carolina.
Ray E. Bornert II is President of HixoxiH Software. A portion of this article has been adapted from his essay Are You A Slave? He lives in Snellville, Georgia.
Steven Yates Archives

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
October 14, 2002
If you detect the devil's hand in current events, you may be closer to the truth than you think. A woman who was raised in the Illuminati cult describes a powerful secret organization comprising one per cent of the U.S. population that has infiltrated all social institutions and is covertly preparing a military takeover. Her revelations cast the "war on terror" and "homeland security" in their true light. "Svali" is the pseudonym of the woman, age 45, who was a mind "programmer" for the cult until 1996. She was the sixth head trainer in the San Diego branch and had 30 trainers reporting to her. She has risked her life to warn humanity of the Illuminati's covert power and agenda. She describes a sadistic Satanic cult led by the richest and most powerful people in the world. It is largely homosexual and pedophile, practises animal sacrifice and ritual murder. It works "hand in glove" with the CIA and Freemasonry. It is Aryan supremacist (German is spoken at the top) but welcomes Jewish apostates. It controls the world traffic in drugs, guns, pornography and prostitution. It may be the hand behind political assassination, and "terrorism," including September 11th, the Maryland sniper and the Bali bomb blast. It has infiltrated government on a local, state and national level; education and financial institutions; religion and the media. Based in Europe, it plans a "world order" that will make its earlier attempts, Nazism and Communism, look like picnics. One other detail: these people are not happy. Svali's courageous testimony explains why our children are no longer taught civic values, why they are being habituated to homosexuality and violence, and why our "culture" is descending into nihilism and sexual depravity. It raises the possibility that George W. Bush and his Administration are Illuminists and much of the world "elite" is engaged in a mind-boggling criminal conspiracy. In March 2000, Svali began writing a monthly column for survivors of Illuminati ritual abuse at Suite101.com. In December 2000, H.J. Springer, the editor of CentrExNews.com contacted Svali and conducted an extended 18-part interview with her by email, which is reproduced on line and is copyrighted. "I am convinced she is the real McCoy," Springer wrote to me. "I have personally relayed numerous email messages to her from other members, ritually abused, brainwashed, raped, sexually abused people and you name it, some of them confirming to me her story. So I have absolutely no doubt that Svali has been part of the Illuminati since childhood." I also trust Svali's testimony because it confirms my intuition and intensive research. Everything fits: from the dead hand that seems to suppress humanity to why Clinton gave secret technology to the Chinese, to persistent reports of concentration camps in the US. It explains why people I know behave in a conspiratorial way. I thank Svali for giving me a frightening but incredible key to understanding the world. A friend urged me to beware of a hoax and offered to help confirm Svali's personal story. I accepted. I invite you to read her entire testimony and make up your own mind. Read "Part One" to "Part 18" first, starting at the middle of the list and working up. With their permission, here are some highlights of Svali's correspondence with CentrExnews.com's H.J. Springer. I have also included material from her article "Are the Illuminati Taking Over the World?"
Pervasive Presence
Svali: "The Illuminati are present in every major metropolitan centre in the United States. The Illuminati believe in controlling an area through its banks and financial institutions (guess how many sit on banking boards? You'd be surprised) Local government: guess how many get elected to local city councils? Law: children are encouraged to go to law school and medical school. Media: others are encouraged to go to journalism school, and members help fund local papers.
Svali: "The Illuminati is a group that practices a form of faith known as "enlightenment". It is Luciferian, and they teach their followers that their roots go back to the ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, and Celtic druidism. They have taken what they consider the "best" of each, the foundational practices, and joined them together into a strongly occult discipline. Many groups at the local level worship ancient deities such as "El", "Baal", and "Ashtarte", as well as "Isis and Osiris" and "Set." I do know that these people teach and practice evil." Weishaupt:
Svali: "Weishaupt did not create the Illuminati; they chose him as a figurehead and told him what to write about. The financiers, dating back to the bankers during the times of the Templar Knights who financed the early kings in Europe, created the Illuminati. Weishaupt was their "go fer" who did their bidding."
Military Takeover
Svali: "Briefly, each region of the United States has "nerve centres" or power bases for regional activity. The United States has been divided up into seven major geographical regions. Each region has localities within it that contain military compounds and bases that are hidden in remote, isolated areas or on large private estates. These bases are used intermittently to teach and train generational Illuminati in military techniques, hand-to-hand combat, crowd control, use of arms, and all aspects of military warfare. Why? Because the Illuminists believe that our government, as we know it, as well as the governments of most nations around the world, are destined to collapse. These will be planned collapses, and they will occur in the following ways: The Illuminati has planned first for a financial collapse that will make the great depression look like a picnic. This will occur through the manoeuvring of the great banks and financial institutions of the world, through stock manipulation, and interest rate changes. Most people will be indebted to the federal government through bank and credit card debt, etc. The governments will recall all debts immediately, but most people will be unable to pay and will be bankrupted. This will cause generalized financial panic, which will occur simultaneously worldwide, as the Illuminists firmly believe in controlling people through finances. Doesn't sound pleasant, does it? I don't know the exact time frame for all of this, and wouldn't want to even guess. The good news is that if a person is debt-free, owes nothing to the government or credit debt, and can live self sufficiently, they may do better than others. I would invest in gold, not stocks, if I had the income. Gold will once again be the world standard, and dollars will be pretty useless (remember after the Civil War? Our money will be worth about what confederate money was after the collapse). Next there will be a military takeover, region by region, as the government declares a state of emergency and martial law. People will have panicked, there will be an anarchical state in most localities, and the government will justify its move as being necessary to control panicked citizens. The cult trained military leaders and people under their direction will use arms as well as crowd control techniques to implement this new state of affairs. Military bases will be set up, in each locality (actually, they are already here, but are covert). In the next few years, they will go above ground and be revealed. Each locality will have regional bases and leaders to which they are accountable. The hierarchy will closely reflect the current covert hierarchy. About five years ago, when I left the Illuminati, approximately 1% of the US population was either part of the Illuminati, sympathetic to it, or a victim of Mind Control (and therefore considered useable). While this may not sound like many, imagine 1% of the population highly trained in the use of armaments, crowd control, psychological and behavioral techniques, armed with weapons and linked to paramilitary groups."
Svali: "The national council [consists of] influential bankers with OLD money such as: The Rockefellers, the Mellon family, the Carnegie family, the Rothschild family etc. I know I shouldn't name names, but I will. The "Supreme World Council" is already set up as a prototype of the one that will rule when the NWO comes into being. It meets on a regular basis to discuss finances, direction, policy, etc. and to problem-solve difficulties that come up. Once again, these leaders are heads in the financial world, OLD banking money. The Rothschild family in England, and in France, have ruling seats. A descendant of the Hapsburg dynasty has a generational seat. A descendant of the ruling families of England and France have a generational seat. The Rockefeller family in the US holds a seat. This is one reason that the Illuminati have been pretty "untouchable" over the years. The ruling members are very, very, very wealthy and powerful. I hope this information is helpful. How do I know this? I was on a local leadership council (a head trainer), but I talked to those on regional. Also, every Illuminati child is taught who their "leaders" are, and told to take an oath of allegiance to them and the "New Order to come"."
Svali: "The Illuminati leadership state that they are descended from royal bloodlines, as well as unbroken occult heritage. See, there were two definitions of "royalty" used. Open royalty that is currently seen now, and "hidden royalty" of royal lineage and extreme occult power. Sometimes the two were concurrent, such as with the Prince of Wales. I never thought of which country/line held the most power, since I was just a peon busily doing my job. But my understanding was: The Hanoverian/Hapsburg descendants rule in Germany over the Bruderheist. They are considered one of the strongest lines for occult as well. The British line is just under them, with the royal family. Definitely, they rule the UK branch under the Rothschilds in the occult realm, even though parliament rules the country openly. In France, again, descendants of the royal families are also in power in the occult realm, but the French Rothschilds hold the reins over all of them."
Rank of the US
Svali: "The U.S. is considered lower, and younger, than the European branches. Germany, France, and the UK form a triumvirate that rules in the European cult. The USSR is considered important, and has the strongest military groups. The USSR has been promised fourth position in the New World Order, BEFORE the role the U.S. would have, because the USSR has been more helpful and cooperative over the years with furthering the agenda. The descendants of the former ruling families there are also involved in the occult leadership, along with the newer ones. There is no Marxism in the cult. China will be ranked after the USSR, then the U.S. But a lot of the current U.S. leadership will be in Europe when the change occurs, and many have homes there. They will be "changing nationalities" overnight, as it were. This is the little that I do remember. Wish I had been a better student of this stuff, but I was too busy trying to stay alive when I was in it. Russia will be the military base and powerhouse of the group, since their military commanders (Illuminist) are considered the best in the world, and very, very disciplined. China, because of its roots in oriental occultism, and its large population, will also be considered a higher power than the US. But again, the real power will reside in Europe, according to what I was taught when part of the group.
The United Nations
Svali: "The UN was created early in this century in order to help overcome one of the biggest barriers to a one-world government ...That barrier is the one of nationalism, or pride in one's country. This is why it was NOT a popular concept when first introduced, it took years of country bashing in the media and the destruction of any sense of national pride by a (not so subtle) media campaign over the years. The UN is a preparation, but it is not the real power in the world, and will be relatively unimportant when the NWO comes into being. The real councils will then step forward. But as a means of getting the general public to accept the idea of a "global community" and the "one world community" the UN is a stepping stone in their working towards the NWO."
Svali: "The conflict in the Middle East is only to the advantage of the Illuminists. They HATE Israel, and hope one day to see it destroyed, and are biding their time. One of the olive branches offered by the UN when it takes over is that they will prevent war in the Middle East, and this will be greeted with joy by many. At the same time, the Illuminati covertly supply guns and funds to BOTH sides to keep the conflict fuelled. They are very duplicitous people. They used to funnel guns through the USSR to Palestine, for example, in the name of promoting "friendliness" between the USSR and this state and other Arab nations. Then, the US Illuminists would help funnel guns to Israel, for the same reason. These people love the game of chess, and see warfare between nations as creating an order out of chaos. The USSR is going to get stronger again. It has too strong a military both openly, and covertly (ALL Illuminati military trainers have visited Russia to learn from them) to sit quietly and quiesciently to the side. In the NWO, they will be stronger than us."
Is the Illuminati a JEWISH conspiracy?
Svali: "Absolutely not. In fact, Hitler and his people (especially Himmler and Goebbels) were top Illuminists. The Illuminati are racist in the extreme, and as a child, I was forced to play "concentration camp" both on my farm in Virginia, and also in Europe in isolated camps in Germany. The Jews historically fought against the occult (see Deuteronomy and the Old Testament for how God through the Jewish people tried to cleanse the land of the occult groups that were operating there, such as those who worshipped Baal, Ashtarte, and other Canaanite and Babylonian gods. (from an email to Henry Makow) Yes, there are some very powerful Jewish people in this group. For instance, the Rothschild family literally runs the financial empire in Europe (and indirectly the States), and are a well-known Jewish family. I have also known people whose parents were Jewish diamond merchants in the group, and at every level. But to rise to power in the Illuminati, a Jewish person at night would be forced to renounce their faith, and to give their first allegiance to Lucifer and the beliefs of the Illuminati. In return for this betrayal, they believe that power (financial) and rewards come; and in one sense they do, but at too high a price (losing their eternal soul). The nazi/concentration camp mentality is very strong, though, and I was told that Hitler, Himmler, Goebel, and others were high-ranking German members of the group (Himmler was higher than the other two), and Mengele their paid puppet as well, who later worked as a high trainer of the American branch between his periods of hiding in South America. They honestly believed that they were acting as agents of their 'gods' to exterminate the Jewish race, and I am so, so sorry that this group has enacted so many horrors on the earth (and so, so glad that I left it). I hope this helps you. I have always wondered this, though, why some of the highest ranking financial families in the group (baron Rothschild of France is one of the 13 European lords, or "kings" that run the group in Europe, and sits on the World Council) are Jewish, yet the group espouses hatred of their own race."
Svali: "Lots of Illuminists have Fourth Reich programming inside. The Illuminati are racist, and have a very "Aryan" outlook. They believe strongly in the rule of the "pure" and "intelligent" by their definitions, and in their ceremonies, there will occasionally be minorities killed in ceremonies. They are trying to breed a "genetically superior" race to rule, with their children and descendants. They are also followers of Plato's Republic, and believe that they will be the ones to usher in this "Utopian" rule with the NWO in their opinion. In their Utopia, the intelligentsia will rule, and the sheep like masses will follow their leaders (that is their view of the world; that the occult leaders are "enlightened' and intelligent, while the average person is a "sheep" to be led by the nose)."
Svali: "The Freemasons and the Illuminati are hand in glove. I don't care if this steps on any toes, it's a fact. The Masonic temple at Alexandria, Virginia (the city itself was named after Alexandria, Egypt, and is a hotbed of Illuminati activity) is a centre in the Washington, DC area for Illuminati scholarship and teaching. I was taken there at intervals for testing, to step up a level, for scholarship, and high ceremonies. The leaders in this Masonic group were also Illuminists. This has been true of every large city I have lived in. The top Freemasons were also top Illuminists. My maternal grandparents were both high ranking Masons in the city of Pittsburgh, Pa. (president of the Eastern Star and 33rd degree Mason) and they both were also leaders in the Illuminati in that area. Are all Masons Illuminati? No, especially at the lower levels, I believe they know nothing of the practices that occur in the middle of the night in the larger temples. Many are probably fine businessmen and Christians. But I have never known a 32 degree or above who wasn't Illuminati, and the group helped create Freemasonry as a "front" for their activities." The CIA and FBI are all infiltrated. So are Mormons etc. Svali: "Many of the administrators and directors at the FBI are also Illuminists. The CIA helped bring over German scientists after WWII. Many of these were also Illuminati leaders in their own country, and they were welcomed with open arms by the U.S. group. They also funnelled all information they were learning to the Illuminati. The Mormons affiliated years ago in a meeting with Illuminati leadership in the 1950s. The same with the Jehovah's Witnesses."
The Cold War
Svali:"Russia was never really a threat to us. Marxism was funded by the Illuminati, and espoused as a counterbalance to capitalism. The Illluminati believe strongly in balancing opposing forces, in the pull between opposites. They see history as a complex chess game, and they will fund one side, then another, while ultimately out of the chaos and division..., they are laughing because they are ultimately beyond political parties. A top western financier will secretly meet with an eastern or Russian "adversary" during those years, and have a good laugh at how the "sheep" were being deluded. I am sharing here what I was taught, and also observed. They are truly an international group, and the group's agenda supersedes any nationalistic feelings. There is also a lot of trading back and forth of members in these groups. A Russian trainer might come to the US for awhile, complete a job, then go back, or vice-versa."
Assassin Training
Svali: "Here is how it is done (how it was done to me): [1] When the child is 2 years old, place them in a metal cage with electrodes attached. Shock the child severely. [2] Take the child out, and place a kitten in its hands. Tell the child to wring the kitten's neck. The child will cry and refuse. [3] Put the child into the cage, and shock them until they are dazed and cannot scream any more. [4] Take the child out, and tell them again to wring the kitten's neck. This time the child will shake all over, cry, but do it, afraid of the torture. The child will then go into the corner and vomit afterwards, while the adult praises them for "doing such a good job". This is the first step. The animals get bigger over time, as the child gets older. They will be forced to kill an infant at some point, either a set up or VR, or in reality. They will be taught by age 9 to put together a gun, to aim, and fire on target and on command. They will then practice on realistic manikins. They will then practice on animals. They will then practice on "expendables" or in VR. They will be highly praised if they do well, and tortured if they don't comply. The older the child or teen, the more advanced the training. By age 15, most children will also be forced to do hand to hand combat in front of spectators (high people who come to watch the "games" much as the ancient gladiators performed). These matches are rarely done to the death, usually until one child goes down. They use every type of weapon imaginable, and learn to fight for their lives. If a child loses a fight, they are heavily punished by their trainer, who loses "face." If they win, they are again praised for being "strong" and adept with weapons. By the time they are 21, they are well trained combat/killing machines with command codes to kill and they have been tested over and over to prove that they WILL obey on command. This is how children in the German Illuminati are brought up, I went through it myself."
Trust in Family
Svali: "They tell their children as they are torturing them, "I am doing this because I love you." To them, the greatest love is to make a child strong, and fit to lead or to move higher in the group, by whatever means it takes. If a leader sees a child, and wants it as a prostitute, the loving parents will give it away, happy that their child will rise in status. Also, again, they view betrayal as the greatest good. They will do set up after set up to teach their children to never openly trust others. I remember hundreds of agonizing set ups and betrayals, and hearing when I was betrayed or wounded, "And such is the heart of man." Those doing this to me thought they were teaching me something of value, that would help me. And because of the vicious and political nature of the group, in one sense they were right; the naive get stepped on and wounded. I have known parents who tried to spare their children some of this out of love, but often they were overruled by other family members, who viewed these parents as "weak" and "unfit" to teach their child."
Svali: "Most of them are wounded, abused victims, who don't realize that it is possible to leave the group. There is a lot of discontent in the ranks, and there would be a mass exodus if the members believed it were really possible to get out (and live). Many of the trainers I knew (I know wicked, torturing pedophiles) were NOT happy with what they did. They would whisper quietly, or give a look, to show that they disagreed with what they had to do. They would resignedly do their jobs, in the hope of advancement. Know what one of the biggest carrots offered to those who advance up in the group is? That you don't have to hurt people anymore, and that you can't be abused (it's true: only those higher than you in the group can abuse you, so everyone wants to move up, where the pool of candidates becomes smaller). Of course, people can choose to abuse anyone beneath them, and that motivates. The Illuminati are a very political and back stabbing group, a "dog eat dog" mentality; everyone wants to move up. These are NOT nice people and they use and manipulate others viciously. They cut their eyeteeth on status, power, and money. They never openly disclose their agenda, or their cult activities, as often they are amnesic to them. These are well-respected, "Christian" appearing business leaders in the community. The image in the community is all-important to an Illuminist; they will do anything to maintain a normal, respected facade, and DESPISE exposure. None of the lluminists that I have known had unkind, or evil appearing, persona in their daytime lives, although some were dysfunctional, such as being alcoholics. The dissociation that drives the Illuminists is their greatest cover. Many, if not most, of these people are completely unaware of the great evil that they are involved in, during the night."
Also, remember those studies that stated that "TV violence doesn't affect children's behaviour" years ago? Guess who funded them? They are a bunch of bullcrud. What a person watches DOES influence them, and this is well known by the behaviourists in the group. In fact, they know that TV is a tool that they purposely use to influence "the masses". It cannot create a total personality change in the average citizen, but it can desensitize us increasingly to violence, pornography and the occult, and influence the perceptions of young children.
Rock Music
I believe that Brittany Spears, Eminem, and others are being used by them to sing lyrics they like (ever notice that he wears a Neo-Nazi look and sings hate lyrics? This is NOT by chance). In fact, many of the top pop singers come from an internship with the "Mickey Mouse club" (yep, good old Walt the Illuminist's Empire) and I believe they are offered stardom in exchange for allegiance or mind control. How many lyrics advocate suicide, violence, despair, or New Age spirituality in pop/rock today? Or just get a copy of the words and read (but be aware that many are possibly triggering to survivors of mind control).
Illuminati Weaknesses
Svali: "1. Their arrogance (I think I mentioned this before) is their weakness. These people think they are untouchable, and this could make them careless. 2. If by a miracle, enough people took this SERIOUSLY and started organizing in some way to stop the Illuminati take over, with prayer and God's guidance, perhaps they could be stopped. I hope so, with all of my heart. 3. Stopping pornography and child prostitution and drug smuggling and gun running would take out a huge chunk of their profits. Maybe they would slow down. But honestly, stopping the above would be as difficult as stopping the group."
Public's Denial Mechanism
Svali: The evidence is there, but in my opinion, the average person does NOT want to know, and even when confronted with it, will look the other way. The Franklin case is a point. How much evidence has come out? Or the MK-Ultra documents that have been declassified, shown as real, and people ignore it. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox. But I believe that the media that downplays ritual abuse is feeding into a deep need in the average person to NOT know the reality. In fact, how can a person face the fact of great evil in mankind, unless they have either a strong faith in God, or are faced with insurmountable evidence? We as human beings want to believe the BEST of our race, not the worst. I really don't believe people will do anything about the Illuminati even if they know. Sorry for the cynicism, but it is based on a lifetime of experience. The Illuminists don't care who prints this stuff, or if they are "exposed" because they are counting on the majority not believing it, having done a pretty good job with a media blitz campaign (seen any articles in Newsweek or Time lately that addresses this other than as a laughable conspiracy theory? Guess who owns Time-Warner?). I have heard them laughing about this very thing in leadership meetings five years ago, and I doubt their attitude has changed much since then. If people DID believe this, if action could be taken, then I would be very surprised and quite happy."
"Svali" is a registered nurse and freelance writer living in Texas.
Henry Makow, is the inventor of the board game Scruples, and the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at henry@savethemales.ca.

By Bill Koenig
What do these major record-setting events have in common? Nine of the ten costliest insurance events in U.S. history. Six of the seven costliest hurricanes in U.S. history. Three of the four largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history. Nine of the top ten natural disasters in U.S. history ranked by FEMA relief costs. The two largest terrorism events in U.S. history. All of these major catastrophes transpired on the very same day or within 24 hours of U.S. presidents Bush, Clinton and Bush applying pressure on Israel to trade her land for promises of "peace and security," sponsoring major "land for peace" meetings, making major public statements pertaining to Israel's covenant land and/or calling for a Palestinian state. Are each one of these major record-setting events just a coincidence or awe-inspiring signs that God is actively involved in the affairs of Israel? In this book, Bill Koenig provides undeniable facts and conclusive evidence showing that indeed the leaders of the United States and the world are on a collision course with God over Israel's covenant land. "And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem." -Zechariah 12:9. Bill Koenig is the president of "Koenig's International News" (http://watch.org). The daily news service has readers in 50 states and 79 countries. Bill co-authored "Israel: The Blessing or the Curse in 2001." Bill and his wife Claudia reside in the Washington, D.C., area where he is a White House correspondent. As a very special added bonus, when you purchase "Eye to Eye" from WorldNetDaily's online store, you can also receive – FREE – three issues of our acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, which many have called the best news magazine in the world. That's a $22.50 free value! (Offer good in the U.S. only.) Watch for the free offer during checkout.
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Sent: : Sunday, September 18, 2005 5:01 PM
To: Allen Metzger
Subject: Seven elements of jurisdiction, case law...
Subject: Re: Jurisdictional Challenge-7 Elements
Below are the seven issues of jurisdiction in any and every court case. Remember, if any one of these seven are not proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the case cannot continue. 1. The accused must be properly identified; identified in such a fashion there is no room for mistaken identity. The individual must be singled out from all others; otherwise, anyone could be subject to arrest and trial without benefit of "wrong party" defense. Almost always the means of identification is a person's proper name, BUT, any means of identification is equally valid if said means differentiates the accused without doubt. (By the way, there is no constitutionally valid requirement that you must identify yourself to the judge or to anyone.) For stop and identify issues (4th Amendment) see Brown v. Texas, 443 US 47 and Kolender v Lawson, 461 US 352. 2. The statute of offense must be identified by its proper or common name. A number is insufficient. Today, a citizen may stand in jeopardy of criminal sanctions for alleged violation of statutes, regulations, or even low-level bureaucratic orders (example: Colorado National Monument Superintentdent's Orders regarding an unleashed dog, or a dog defecating on a trail). If a number were to be deemed sufficient, government could bring new and different charges at any time by alleging clerical error. ("I'm sorry, your Honor. I assumed that the regulation indicated by that number was a legitimate statute. My secretary must have made an error.") For any act to be triable as an offense, it must be declared to be a crime. Charges must negate any exception forming part of the statutory definition of an offense, by affirmative non-applicability. In other words, any charge must affirmatively negate any exception found in the law. Example of exception from a case where someone was on trial for Section 7203, Wilfull Failure to File(a Form 1040): "... thereof to make a return (other than a return required under authority of 6015)... Indictment or information is defective unless every fact which is an element in a prima facie case of guilt is stated. The assumption of an element is not lawful. Otherwise, the accused will not be thoroughly informed. 26 USC 6012 is a necessary element of the offense. Since 6012 isn't cited, the information is fatally defective. Additionally, the information did not negate the exception (other than required under authority of section 6015)." After reading 6012 and 6015, and knowing that the essential section 7203 elements are: A. Required to perform. B. Failed to perform. C. Failure was willful you may wish to ask, "how often is a valid Section 7203 indictment or other information or indictment brought? Very seldom. How many citizens have been convicted on a fatally defective process? Perhaps thousands, all with the knowing or willing participation of a federal judge. It is the judge's job to assure that justice is accomplished. But the judge will almost always stop short of doing his/her job and wait until the defense takes the important steps. The fact that most defense attorneys don't know how to fight a case against the IRS doesn't seem to matter to the judges. Nor does it seem to matter to the judge 3. The acts of alleged offense must be described in non- prejudicial language and detail so as to enable a person of average intelligence to understand nature of charge (to enable preparation of defense); the actual act or acts constituting the offense complained of. The charge must not be described by parroting the statute; not by the language of same. The naming of the acts of the offense describe a specific offense whereas the verbiage of a statute describes only a general class of offense. Facts must be stated. Conclusions cannot be considered in the determination of probable cause. 4. The accuser must be named. He may be an officer or a third party. Some positively identifiable person (human being) must accuse. Some certain person must take responsibility for the making of the accusation, not an agency or an institution. This is the only valid means by which a citizen may begin to face his accuser. Also, the injured party (corpus delicti) must make the accusation. Hearsay evidence may not be provided. Anyone else testifying that he heard that another party was injured does not qualify as direct evidence. 5. The accusation must be made under penalty of perjury. If perjury cannot reach the accuser, there is no accusation. Otherwise, anyone may accuse another falsely without risk. 6. To comply with the five elements above, that is for the accusation to be valid, the accused must be accorded due process. Accuser must have complied with law, procedure and form in bringing the charge. This includes court-determined probable cause, summons and notice procedure. If lawful process may be abrogated in placing a citizen in jeopardy, then any means may be utilized to deprive a man of his freedom. All political dissent may be stifled by utilization of defective process. 7. The court must be one of competent jurisdiction. To have valid process, the tribunal must be a creature of its constitution, in accord with the law of its creation, i.e. (article III judge). Hope this helps. (I originally found this posted on Richard McDonald's BBS about twenty years ago. I'm currently not at a location where the bulk of my data is stored -- also, incurred heavy casualties with harddrive death) Yours in Liberty and Peace;
At arms length;

Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 18:44:55
From: "John Hughes"
Subject: States & Agents NOT Immune To Suit
I found the following on www.landrights.com. Normally, a state asserts the "11th Amendment" immunity privilege against lawsuits, and walks away from almost every conceivable type of action for violating common sense and people's rights, thereby continuing the myth that there's really not much that can be done about the horrors of social injustice, except lobbying, petitioning, and other types of slow, lame, and tame methods that account for very little change, if at all...NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE *REAL* TRUTH OF WRITTEN FEDERAL LAW! Here's the gist of the real truth: States ARE typically immune from suit, but they are expressly NOT immune from suits involving situations related to incidents involving ANY program that receives assistance in federal funding!!! (In other words, virtually everything associated with "family courts," including judges, social workers, agencies, and the entire processes themselves...) See the first paragraph of 42 USC 2000d to learn the TRUTH! Below is a large list of federal laws that specifically WAIVE state immunity whenever there is discrimination on race, color, religion, age, sex, handicap, national origin, and other forms, and/or violations of civil and/or constitutional rights, and/or violations against their own duties under law... and still, there are even more such "exceptions". The below is only a sampling... These laws provide TWO things: (1) they establish a federal *right*, and (2) they open a door for suit. The wide-open definition of what state "programs or activities" are open to suit is 42 USC 2000d-4a. (Note: all of the following hyperlinked constitutional amendments, laws, and US Supreme Court case decisions come from: http://www.law.cornell.edu and http://www.findlaw.com. When state officials, officers, and/or employees have violated your civil rights, they have committed a breach of 18 USC 242 (the individual criminal act against civil rights); If they acted together in any way, then it has become a breach of 18 USC 241 (the criminal conspiracy...); Violation of 242 is punishable by up to ONE YEAR in federal prison, while violation of 241 is punishable by up to TEN YEARS in fed prison... (i.e., it really IS a *federal crime* to violate, deprive, or interfere with ANY civil rights, OR any "regular" rights secured by ANY federal law) This includes violating not only your more commonly known "Constitutional Rights", but also the various civil rights and "regular" statutory rights that are sampled below for you... (AGAIN, there are MORE of them, and they were meant to protect you!). See also 28 USC 1652 IMPORTANT TO KNOW!: Since WE are not official government prosecutors, WE cannot directly file charges against those wayward government officers ourselves... BUT, under federal law, we COULD force federal judges to have them arrested and prosecuted! After anyone violates any of your civil rights (see 18 USC 241 and 242 above, and this entire page...), YOU do your duty to report the crime directly to (any) federal judge, under 18 USC 4, then the federal statute 42 USC 1987 legally forces the federal judge to ensure criminal prosecutions. Note: this federal statute has been revised several times over the years, so to the average layman there would not readily appear to be any so-called "right" to actually enforce such prosecution. But, seeking criminal prosecutions are remedies that are in addition to the option of personally suing for monetary damages under any and/or all of the following civil laws (and again there are others...): 42 USC 1981, Equal rights under the law 42 USC 1983, Civil action for deprivation of rights (the typical "1983" action comes from this statute) 42 USC 1985 Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights, 42 USC 1986 Action for neglect to prevent (i.e., to prevent interference with civil rights), 42 USC 1988 Proceedings in vindication of civil rights 42 USC 2000b-2 Personal suits for relief against discrimination in public facilities (like state courts!!!), 42 USC 2000d Prohibition against exclusion from participation in, denial of benefits of, and discrimination under federally assisted programs on ground of race, color, or national origin (NOTE: the US Supreme Court has added "sex" [gender] to the list of discrimination types this law prohibits... NOTE: "federally assisted programs" are all over the place within every state's systems, with matching funds being paid to the states for all kinds of things for courts, prosecutors, and virtually all state agencies!!! Get the picture? Legally, they're ALL on the hook!) 42 USC 2000d-7 Civil rights remedies equalization this is what is quoted at top... NOTICE the "all-encompassing" part that says: "or the provisions of any other Federal statute prohibiting discrimination by recipients of Federal financial assistance." Of course, the rights to press criminal charges, and the rights to file suit for damages, also include ALL of your rights guaranteed under the US Constitution, especially: the 1st through 10th Amendments [the general "Bill of Rights"] plus the 14th Amendment [which duplicates some of the 5th Amend and adds more, [i.e., Privileges and Immunities, Due Process, Equal Protection] plus - ANY and ALL rights existing just under federal law (US Code), including, but not limited to just the various rights sampled for you below (again, and again - there's a LOT more...!), regarding your rightful treatment by, and lawful behavior by, a state court, virtually ANY state agency, CPS and other forms of caseworkers/socialworkers, prosecutors, and just about every other state employee of the types that we don't especially care for...All that is required is to determine which TWO federal statutes apply to particular situations (our arguments) - the statute(s) that provide federal funding for the questioned "program or activity", and the related statute that prohibits discrimination in that "program or activity"...Part of our complaints are "global" actions for, essentially, instant removal of all state family court cases to the jurisdiction of federal courts (based on the numerous common civil rights violations), under 28 USC §§ 1441 and 1443, while another large part of our complaints are our solid constitutional arguments regarding all "fit" parents' natural, and equal, fundamental rights to the "care, custody, and management" of their children. Here are some examples of the various rights that we all have under federal law (US Code) - again, this does NOT include all of the various Constitutional Rights, which will also be used, of course: 1. Petitioner's Class have inherent federal question rights, under the guarantees of 42 USC § 2000a, to full and equal lawful treatment in a state court of law, and according to the various protections under the U.S. Constitution. 2. Petitioner's Class have inherent federal question rights, under the protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 USC § 2000d, et seq., and as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court to include prohibitions against discrimination based on sex or gender, to now remove all suspect instant state proceedings, under 28 USC §§ 1441 and 1443, in order to be free from the denial of such equal civil rights and treatment established by the above allegations. See also 42 USC § 2000d-7. 3. Petitioner's Class have inherent federal question rights, under the protections of 42 USC §§ 3617 and 3631, which include prohibitions against discrimination based on sex or gender, to remove all suspect instant state proceedings, under 28 USC §§ 1441 and 1443, in order to be free from the denial of such equal civil rights and treatment established by the above allegations. See also 42 USC § 2000d-7. 4. Petitioner's Class have further inherent federal question rights, under the protections of 42 USC § 5891, which include prohibitions against discrimination based on sex or gender regarding other matters and allegations expressed supra, to remove all suspect instant state proceedings, under 28 USC §§ 1441 and 1443, in order to be free from the denial of such equal civil rights and treatment established by the above allegations. See also 42 USC §§ 5106a (Grants to States for child abuse and neglect prevention and treatment programs), 5106c (Grants to States for programs relating to investigation and prosecution of child abuse and neglect cases), 10406 (Discrimination prohibited in Family Violence Prevention and Services), 10420 (Safe havens for children pilot program), 10701 (Definitions - regarding state activity in domestic violence, false imprisonment, and abuse of a minor), and etc. 5. Petitioner's Class have further inherent federal question rights not to be discriminated as articulated according to the above allegations, and against the expressed public policy of the United States of America, by and through certain Acts of Congress strictly specifying the critical value of protecting children, youth, and family bonds, and the joint responsibilities of federal courts therein. See 42 USC §§ 12301, 12351, 12352, 12371, 12635, and etc. 6. Petitioner's Class have further inherent federal question rights to ensure that their minor children are free from experiencing abuse and/or neglect, due to unlawful sex or gender discrimination in awards of child custody, and to ensure that any involved state judicial systems have met or exceeded their required corresponding duties under 42 USC §§ 13001, 13003, 13021, 13031, and etc. 7. Petitioner's Class have further inherent federal question rights, under 42 USC § 14141, to be free from unlawful violations of civil rights committed by any parties, government or otherwise, involved in such state proceedings. The common result? There are many wide-open doors to sue the states for violating their duties and our rights, and there is absolutely NO immunity for the states, in ANY way, shape, or form...

Subject: FW: Dave Champion has fun with IRS Revenue Officers
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 08:03:12
From: dave
By Dave Champion: http://www.nontaxpayer.org/
Dear Friends,
Well, yesterday (Thursday, Sept. 30th) was my meeting with the IRS pursuant to a summons that they had left at my house several weeks ago. First of all I want to say that I had a GREAT time!!!!!! If you are properly prepared (both mentally and with documents), remain calm, and pay strict attention to all that is being said and done in the meeting room you can demolish their purported authority to summons from many different legal perspectives. I know I said this before, but I had FUN!!! As always, I was affable as could be with the Revenue Officers (herein RO); after all, if you've got the law on your side, there's no reason to be unpleasant. The old adage, "kill them with kindness [or at least civility]" comes to mind. This also has the added benefit of helping to overturn the garbage that they are fed in training about us "Patriots." Being well mannered and having sufficient evidence to devastate their authority is the best revenge! They HATE that!!!! Whether it be the style of the new, more friendly, IRS or just the "tactics" of these particular RO's, we sat and BS'd for about an hour before they ever asked any questions that fell within the scope of "producing books and records." That was fine with me because I had blocked out several hours for the meeting and I had decided many days ago that I would not "take the fight to them," but rather would allow them to voluntarily enter the minefield! It was kinda cute because the lead RO (Billingsley) just sort of slipped a question in about what I'm doing for a living these days. It really sounded quite conversational. It almost sounded like a common question that someone might ask you over a friendly beer - almost, but not quite! At that point I asked if we were entering the portion of the meeting that would fall under his alleged authority to summons me for books and records. He was not happy that his little ploy had not worked, but he admitted that we were now in that area. As I had written to him in advance and had requested several documents to support his claim of alleged authority, he voluntarily handed me (without being asked a second time) a copy of the Delegation of Authority Order which he stated showed his delegated authority from the District Director to summons me. Interestingly, upon review, the Order [LA-6 (rev 16)] showed that the authority to "issue" summons was indeed delegated to RO's with a GS-9 and above rating [item 3 in the Order]. However, in item 4 of the Order I found that the authority to "serve" the summons was delegated ONLY to a Tax Fraud Investigative Aide. Isn't it nice of the District Director to be so specific! I asked the RO who had served the summons at my home if he was also a Tax Fraud Investigative Aide. He stated that he was not. I informed him that we had a little problem. I told him that if he was not a Tax Fraud Investigative Aide, then his service of the summons was a nullity because he exceeded his authority and everything from that moment forward was legally void. He wasn't too hot on that little reality check! RO Billingsley then started making accusations of non-cooperation. In the spirit of cooperation (and having far more ammunition up my sleeve) I told him that if he preferred, we could pretend that his service was good and move on. He liked that idea and then requested my books and records. I explained that I meant that we should go on to the next question concerning the validity of his alleged authority. I wish I had a blood pressure monitor hooked up to that guy! I think it would have exploded! I thought I'd go easy on him a while, so I moved directly to the language of IRC section 7602. Section 7602 states (in its relevant part) that, "...the Secretary is authorized...to summon the person liable for tax...". I pointed out to the RO's that the language of 7602, i.e. "the person liable", is present tense. In other words, in order for 7602 to have any legal effect, the IRS must ALREADY KNOW that the person IS liable for a tax. I pointed out that section 7602 does not contain any authority for the Service to go on a "fishing trip" in the hope of uncovering some fact(s) that might then create liability. I then asked the RO's to place "on the record" (I was taping the meeting) any evidence they had that proved I was liable for any tax contained in the IRC for the years indicated on the summons. As could be expected, there was no evidence. I thought it was time to get ugly again, so I shifted to the IRS' history and organizational statement in Part 1100 of the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM). I asked the RO's in which Division they worked. Both stated that they worked in the Collections Division. I had brought copies of the section which outlines the organization of the various Offices/Divisions/Departments, etc. of the Service. In the section I brought, it numerically designates the Office of the Assistant Commissioner (International) as 1132. Every division/department within the Office of the Assistant Commissioner (International) is designated with 1132 followed by a period and then one or two more digits. As an example, the Office of Resource Management is 1132.5, while the Director of the Office of Resource Management is 1132.51. Now watch this series carefully: Officer of Asst. Commissioner (International) 1132 Office of Taxpayer Service and Compliance 1132.7 Director, Office of Taxpayer Service and Compliance 1132.71 Collection Division 1132.72. Hello! That doesn't take a rocket scientist. And for those inquiring minds - yes, 1132.72 is the ONLY collection division listed in the entire IRS organizational statement. Needless to say, both RO's vehemently denied that they work for the Assistant Commissioner (International), but could not provide any evidence to refute their own manual. I then read them the functional description of their division from 1132.72, to wit; "Executes the full range of collection activities in delinquent accounts which includes securing delinquent returns involving taxpayers outside the United States and those in United States territories, and possessions and in Puerto Rico. Administers the program for mutual collection assistance under tax treaties. Provide assistance...". Despite the fact that there is only one collection division mentioned in the org statement and that the functional description is from their own manual, they were adamant that I had lost my mind! Of course when I suggested that they return me to sanity by providing documentary evidence which would dispute 1132.72, they demurred. Hmmm. I then went to the old standard - there are no implementing regulations for 7602 in Title 26. The only reg promulgated by the Secretary for 7602 is found in Title 27 (which deals exclusively with ATF matters). The RO's stated that the statute was sufficient and that there was no need for regs in this matter. I simply reminded them that the Secretary obviously thought otherwise because he had promulgated regs for 7602 in Title 27. I pointed out that that fact clearly confirms that a reg IS needed to implement 7602 and that the Secretary had apparently decided that 7602 was NOT to be applied to tax matters other than those relating to alcohol, tobacco and firearms. Of course, once again, the RO's assured me that I was an idiot and that they did have authority to apply 7602 to me in matters of non-ATF taxes. Needless to say, I was told that I would simply have to take their word for it. And last but not least, I informed them that Treasury Decision 120-01 (which transferred the functions of the IRS' Division of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to the newly-created "Bureau" of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) specifically transferred the functions of Revenue Officers to the BATF. Boy oh boy! You would have thought I set off firecrackers in their pants! They got down right nasty about this time. Anyway, I asked them if they had any evidence that I was involved in ATF activities. Of course the answer was "no". About this time I think they were getting tired of getting beat down with their own agency's paperwork showing the authority they DIDN'T have, so they decided that our meeting was over. Too bad - I was having such a good time and I had so much more to offer! In the near future I'll be editing the recording tape down to the parts that are the most fun, useful, and interesting and I'll be offering the finished product for sale at about $20.00 per copy. Whether you have a potential summons in your future, or you've never been to one and want to hear what really goes on, or you just want to be entertained, I'm sure you'll find it worth the money. Take care,
Dave Champion
ICE - Investigating Curious Evidence
Kenneth-Charles wrote:
I recently noted a reference to the IRS being kicked out of court because they didn't have legal standing. I believe, it had something to do with a federal case recently posted. Does anyone have any information on this. I am a pastor of a 508 church and the Revenue officer has been told that I am the overseer of this church. The name is A. Weber with the id #33-04870, this RO is trying to go through the back door to gain information through a local bank which sent me notice of this summons. They have mentioned I can petition or file a motion to quash this summons but it must be received by the bank by the 25th of September.
Blessings! Jimmy Turner http://www.save-a-patriot.org/files/RA-SpecialEdition.pdf www.GiveMeLiberty.org http://www.libertydollar.org/ www.TxLJ.us

Mark Noll on Catholics and Evangelicals' Improving Relationship
WHEATON, Illinois, OCT. 5, 2005 (Zenit.org).- From antagonists following the Reformation to allies in recent years, Catholics and evangelical Protestants are forming new bonds and identifying points of common Christian affirmation. So says Mark Noll, the McManis Professor of Christian Thought at Wheaton College, senior adviser to the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals, and co-author of "Is The Reformation Over?: An Evangelical Assessment Of Contemporary Roman Catholicism" (Baker Publishing Group) with Carolyn Nystrom. Noll shared with ZENIT how he thinks Catholics and evangelicals are bridging the gap, and what may still stand in the way of Christian unity. Q: What evidence have you seen of an increasingly warm relationship between Catholics and evangelicals recently? Could you briefly describe what has been the relationship between the two groups in the past? Noll: Historically, evangelical Protestants and Roman Catholics were antagonists. From shortly after the beginning of the Reformation in the 1520s until the 1960s, the standard Protestant picture was that the Catholic Church had perverted Christianity, and the standard Catholic picture was that Protestants had wrecked Christianity. Although it is possible to find views with more nuances in the intervening centuries, things began to change seriously only in the 1950s and 1960s. Evidence of those changes abounds on every side. More and more evangelicals and Catholics take part in ad hoc or para-church religious movements such as Alpha. More and more contacts for cooperation have been made in political matters, especially between culturally conservative Catholics and culturally conservative evangelicals, but also on some questions between culturally liberal Catholics and culturally liberal Protestants. There is more evangelical respect for leading Catholics such as Mother Teresa and John Paul II and more Catholic respect for leading evangelicals such as Billy Graham. Many evangelicals in academic life benefit from instruction or models from Catholic intellectuals such as Alasdair MacIntyre or Charles Taylor, and at least a few Catholic academics benefit from the work of Protestant intellectuals such as Alvin Plantinga. In many local neighborhoods, home Bible studies usually organized by women for women draw in both Catholics and evangelicals to study the Scriptures together. Formal dialogues, as initiated by the Vatican after the Second Vatican Council, have helped reduce tensions, as have a large and growing number of opportunities for Catholics and evangelicals to dialogue more informally in many different settings. Informal but visible movements like Evangelicals and Catholics Together also have spotlighted opportunities for cooperation. Q: What issues in particular are bringing evangelicals and Catholics together? Perhaps concerns about same-sex marriage and the rising hostility toward traditional marriage? Noll: High-visibility political issues such as opposition to abortion-on-demand and to same-sex marriage have definitely played a role. My co-author, Carolyn Nystrom, and I feel, however, that seismic changes in religious matters may be even more important. We have seen evidence for at least some Catholics and some evangelicals to identify points of common Christian affirmation on the Trinity, on the work of Christ in redeeming sinners, on the truth-telling character of the Bible and then, on that basis, to advance in dialogue concerning remaining differences, but also cooperation in a wide number of social and religious matters. Q: To what extent have long-standing hostilities of evangelicals toward Catholics been really overcome? Noll: The best answer, I think, would have to be "to some extent." Just today I received two e-mails within minutes of each other. One was a review in a Canadian paper in which the author more or less celebrated the breaking down of former hostilities between the two camps. The other was a long list of about 30 Bible passages that the compiler, an ex-Catholic who had become an evangelical, was presenting to demonstrate how wicked and dangerous the Catholic Church remained. I think these two e-mails would represent poles of evangelical attitudes toward Catholics, but it would be possible to find positions at every intermediate point along the spectrum between these two poles. Q: Is there anything in particular that evangelicals find attractive about the Catholic Church? Its social doctrine? The magisterium of John Paul II? Noll: Evangelical churches tend to be populist and not overly intellectual, but among evangelical academics I think there is growing respect for Catholic intellectual traditions like the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas or the social teaching of Leo XIII. Certainly it is the case that many evangelicals admired John Paul II for his courageous life of service under the Nazis and communists and also for his obvious Christian piety as Pontiff. Carolyn Nystrom and I both have quite a few personal acquaintances who also have come to value tradition more highly, to stress the corporate dimensions of Christian faith and to enjoy Christian literature from the whole of the Church's past. In all of such folk there is almost inevitably more respect for at least some aspects of Catholic tradition and some leading exemplars in Catholic history. And it goes almost without saying that on many hot-button cultural-political issues such as opposition to abortion-on-demand, many evangelicals have been greatly stimulated by Catholic leaders. Q: What is the general feeling of evangelicals toward Mary? Are they warming to her? What obstacles remain? Noll: Mary remains a sticking point for a number of reasons. With our strong focus on Christ as the only redeemer of sinners, we evangelicals are nervous about any talk concerning Mary that makes her sound like a savior. Practically speaking, what I think most Catholics consider devotion to Mary is perceived by evangelicals as worship of Mary. In addition, evangelicals by and large do not grasp what is spelled out about Mary pretty clearly in documents such as the Catechism of the Catholic Church: Mary stands as first among the faithful in the Bride of Christ. That is, the centrality of Mary in the Church and the identification of the Church with Christ are Catholic convictions that most evangelicals do not understand. Such issues are very sensitive because they combine refined doctrine and popular practice. On such issues, some progress has probably been made through the efforts of Catholic leaders to spell out carefully what Catholic tradition really does and does not affirm about Mary. Evangelicals who take the time to study such careful statements come away reassured, as least somewhat, about Catholic practice, but attitudes toward Mary remain a major difference between the two traditions. Especially among earnest lay believers who know very well what practices they treasure, or fear, but cannot offer sophisticated theological explanations potential for mutual suspicion remains high. Q: What is the significance of current Catholic-evangelical interaction in today's divided Christendom? Noll: Christian believers, whether Catholic or evangelicals, who believe in "the communion of saints" should be heartened by new levels of discussion, mutual instruction, and dialogue that had not been achieved since early in the 16th century. My own sense is that, as Western cultures become increasingly secular, it is easier for believers of different types to affirm together basic Christian teachings, on the Trinity, on Christ as Word of God, on the Scriptures as authoritative revelation from God while nonetheless still being able to recognize that serious differences still separate the major streams of Christian tradition. From another angle, as the Christian faith advances so rapidly in parts of the world that did not pass through the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, much of Africa, Asia and the Pacific, these newer Christian movements do not have the same investment in old religious quarrels as Western Catholics and Protestants. They are more concerned about Christian faith in response to difficulties today and far less concerned about historical differences. When this attitude spins back to the West, ancient antagonisms fade in importance. Carolyn and I came to the conclusion as we worked on the book that because both the Catholic Church and the evangelical world are both facing rapid changes, it is hard to predict the future. It is likely, however, that connections between a certain type of evangelical and a certain type of Catholic will continue to expand and deepen, although I don't think we would make that prediction for all evangelicals and all Catholics as a whole. ZE05100521

Sends Messages to Congress in Lucca
LUCCA, Italy, OCT. 6, 2005 (Zenit.org).- Benedict XVI raised his voice "to extol the great works wrought by the Holy Spirit" in the 20th century, as he saluted an international congress held in Lucca, Italy. The congress, which attracted cardinals, bishops, and personal secretaries of the last four Popes, as well as founders and representatives of Catholic movements and associations, promoted a spiritual rereading of the last century. Benedict XVI's wishes were conveyed in a message sent Sunday on his behalf by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican secretary of state. The message was to be read at the meeting. The theme of the congress is "The Signs of the Spirit in the 20th Century. A Historical Re-reading: The Witnesses' Account." Among the participants are leaders of the cultural, scientific, economic and political world. In his message, the Pope greeted all those who promoted and organized the three-day meeting, which ended Sunday. The promoters and organizers included the general coordinator of Renewal in the Spirit, Salvatore Martinez; the general superior of the Congregation of Oblates of the Holy Spirit, Sister Gemma Girolami; the founder of the Focolare Movement, Chiara Lubich; and the founder of the Community of Sant'Egidio, Andrea Riccardi. "Wonderful testimonies" In the congress's host city, Lucca, "was born Blessed Mother Elena Guerra, founder of the Institute of Oblates of the Holy Spirit, who, at the beginning of the 20th century, requested Leo XIII to consecrate the world to the Holy Spirit, something the Supreme Pontiff did on January 1, 1901," states the cardinal's message sent in Benedict XVI's name. The message expresses the Holy Father's appreciation "for this significant initiative oriented to covering the spiritual memory of the century just ended full of sad pages of history, but soaked also 'with wonderful testimonies of spiritual and charismatic awakening in all areas of human life.'" "Starting from such a historical-ecclesial reference," the congress engaged in a broad rereading of the past century, "animated by a sentiment of gratitude to the Holy Spirit," the message said. "The Second Vatican Council is situated precisely in the heart of the 20th century, main ecclesial event of the century, inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit," states the message signed by Cardinal Sodano. "The whole Christian people continues to look" at that event, "while it enters the third millennium, announcing and proclaiming with joy the Gospel of life and love," it states. For its part, "the conciliar 'Pentecost,' perceived in all its force, has not failed to make its beneficent gust felt in the whole world." Man's Redeemer: "To a humanity at times worried and even perturbed by the great challenges of the modern age," continues the message, "the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council has launched a courageous invitation to hope, an invitation based not on ideologies or utopias, but in the living presence of Christ, dead and risen." "He alone is man's Redeemer, the Lord of history capable of satisfying the most profound expectations of the human heart. Only Christ is the Truth that illuminates man's existence, unmasking the dangers and snares that threaten it and valuing every positive resource in it." Finally, the cardinal expresses the Pope's hope that the Lucca congress will be a tribute "to make evident the importance of Christians' mission in our time, called to develop a prophetic evangelizing action in every realm." The general coordinator of the Italian group Renewal in the Spirit, Salvatore Martinez, said: "The wonder of the Holy Spirit's effusion," which continues to nourish the Church, is "a mystery that must be communicated to the men of our time." Recalling the troubled 20th century, Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko, president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, stressed that "these atrocities should drive us even more to identify the signs of hope," including in the darkest years, because "the silent but powerful motor of history is the Holy Spirit." Archbishop Rylko emphasized that history is not in the hands of the powerful or left to human forces, because God, who is not indifferent to human vicissitudes, arises in the world and in history. "The program of the 20th century was to no longer wait for God's intervention," he said, "and we have witnessed where the absolutization of what is not absolute but relative leads: to totalitarianism." ZE05100620

The congressionally mandated U.S.-China Security Review Commission has indicated that the Chinese military is attempting to hack into computer networks at the U.S. Defense Department as part of its "unrestricted warfare" - confirming earlier reports from NewsMax. "It is believed that China is attempting to exploit perceived vulnerabilities to launch viruses, crash networks, collect intelligence and spread disinformation," according to the Transnational Threats Project of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). NewsMax reported in August: "Chinese Web sites are being used to target computer networks in the U.S. Defense Department and other federal agencies. "Some analysts in the Pentagon believe the attacks constitute a coordinated effort by the Chinese government to spy on U.S. databases." Our report also disclosed that the attacks have been code-named "Titan Rain" by American investigators. The CSIS revelations confirm that the Chinese hacker ring has been dubbed "Titan Rain," and refers to a book written in 1999 by two Chinese colonels, entitled "Unrestricted Warfare," which describes "understanding and employing the principle of asymmetry correctly to allow us always to find and exploit an enemy's soft spots." According to the CSIS, "Officials believe this signals cyber espionage against the United States." NewsMax was the first media organization to call attention to the book "Unrestricted Warfare." In October 2001, just a month after the 9/11 attacks, NewsMax disclosed that security officials believed the attacks were probably based on ideas presented in "Unrestricted Warfare," which was published by the People's Liberation Army. Additionally, the Chinese press hailed the book and its authors after the September 11th attacks. The book states that an enemy can do maximum harm to a developed nation by hijacking civilian aircraft and turning them into "flying bombs." It also specifically stated that if Osama bin Lader were to bomb the World Trade Center, it would be a perfect example of the new "unrestricted warfare." The report from the CSIS suggests that in addition to military networks, Chinese hackers could also target civilian communications systems and economic institutions such as the New York Stock Exchange. South Korea claims its security institutions have also been attacked by hackers operating in China, the CSIS disclosed, adding: "Cyber attacks against Korean sites are up almost twofold from 2004."

Oct 17, 2005
by John Leo
The cultural left has a new tool for enforcing political conformity in schools of education. It is called dispositions theory, and it was set forth five years ago by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education: Future teachers should be judged by their "knowledge, skills, and dispositions." What are "dispositions"? NCATE's prose made clear that they are the beliefs and attitudes that guide a teacher toward a moral stance. That sounds harmless enough, but it opened a door to reject teaching candidates on the basis of thoughts and beliefs. In 2002, NCATE said that an education school may require a commitment to social justice. William Damon, a professor of education at Stanford, wrote last month that education schools "have been given unbounded power over what candidates may think and do, what they may believe and value." NCATE vehemently denies that it is imposing groupthink, but the ed schools, essentially a liberal monoculture, use dispositions theory to require support for diversity and a culturally left agenda, including opposition to what the schools sometimes call "institutional racism, classism, and heterosexism." Predictably, some students concluded that thought control would make classroom dissent dangerous. A few students rebelled when a teacher at Brooklyn College School of Education showed Michael Moore's movie Fahrenheit 9/11 in class and dismissed "white English" as "the language of oppressors." Five students filed written complaints and received no formal reply from the college. One was told to leave the school and take an equivalent course at a community college. Two of the complaining students were then accused of plagiarism and marked down one letter grade. The two were refused permission to bring a witness, a tape recorder, or a lawyer to meet with a dean to discuss the matter.
K. C. Johnson, a history professor at the school who defended the dissenting students, became a target himself. After writing an article in Inside Higher Ed attacking dispositions theory as a form of mind control, Johnson faced a possible investigation by a faculty Integrity Committee. The Philadelphia-based Foundation for Individual Rights in Education entered the case on Johnson's behalf, accusing the college of viewpoint discrimination and a violation of academic freedom. FIRE is a national civil liberties group that does what the American Civil Liberties Union should be doing but usually won't. FIRE said: "Brooklyn College must confirm that it tolerates dissent, that it is not conducting another secret investigation of one of its own professors." FIRE says the college has "disavowed any secret investigation."
Backing down. Another battle over dispositions theory has been unfolding at Washington State University's college of education. The college threatened to terminate a student, Edward Swan, 42, for failing four "professional disposition evaluations." Swan, a religious man of working-class background, has expressed conservative opinions in class. He opposes affirmative action and doesn't believe gays should adopt children. His grades are good, and even his critics say he is highly intelligent. One teacher gave Swan a failing PDE after spotting the statement "diversity is perversity" in Swan's copy of a textbook.
At the start of the current semester, Swan was offered a choice: Sign a contract with the college or be expelled. The contract included mandatory diversity training, completing various projects at the faculty's direction, and the possibility of above-normal scrutiny during Swan's student teaching this fall. Instead of signing, Swan contacted FIRE. "Almost immediately, Swan's situation changed," said an article in the local newspaper, the Moscow-Pullman Daily News. The faculty told Swan he did not have to sign the contract and would not be expelled. Judy Mitchell, dean of the college of education, said the school would continue using the PDEs. A reporter asked her if Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia would pass a PDE if he were a student at the college. "I don't know how to answer that," Mitchell replied.
David French, president of FIRE, then jumped in. "I commend the dean for her honesty," he said. "But the answer is alarming because Scalia shouldn't fail any 'character' test because of his beliefs." Obviously, the dean had a problem. She couldn't say that no conservatives need apply, and she couldn't tell her faculty that the PDE s would be waived for someone like Scalia. In both the Johnson and the Swan cases, the colleges backed down when FIRE went public, but neither agreed to avoid using dispositions theory for apparently ideological purposes. The lesson for education students is clear: Say what you think in class, and if the administration moves against you, give FIRE a call.

Oct 17, 2005
by Diana West
There are two things every American should know about Virginia's governor's race: 1) It's the first sizable political contest to turn, largely, on the issue of illegal immigration. 2) As such, it spotlights the pathetic state of political discourse on the subject.
Just to be clear, there's nothing pathetic about the position of Republican nominee Jerry W. Kilgore. He's the guy I like. I like him simply because he says he wants to enforce the law, for example, the law prohibiting illegal aliens and other non-citizens from voting. He would even like to see the law tightened to become more easily enforceable. I also like him because he says he doesn't want to break the law, such as laws prohibiting welfare and other benefits from being distributed to illegal aliens.
But this is precisely where the debate becomes pathetic: In the United States, in the year 2005, just trying to help carry out immigration laws already on the books, and just trying not to break them, marks one as a veritable subversive with a program, as The Washington Post hysterically put it, "tinged with nativism and opportunism." In such a climate, Kilgore's support for new legislation to make existing laws more enforceable, for example, legislation that would enable police to detain illegal immigrants arrested for violent offenses and turn them over to federal immigration officials is regarded as rock-the-boat radical. This is not only pathetic, but also depressing: A commitment to keep the government functioning according to the laws that make it sovereign should not be political TNT.
But it is. "Don't ask, don't tell" is as good as it gets when it comes to government strategy, federal, state and local, on policing illegal immigrants. By contrast, the prospect of enforcing the law sounds downright revolutionary. That's because the long political silence on immigration, aside from the legislative efforts of the indomitable Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., hasn't just been deafening. It's been demoralizing. Poll after poll indicates a profound uneasiness in the gut of the American public with the culturally transforming pace of immigration, both legal and illegal. But our politicians, particularly our president, have turned their backs on the issue, hoping the taboo topic goes away, sucked deep into the maw of the cheap labor market.
Far from going away, however, the issue has come closer to home. Take what are known as "day laborers," those bands of job-seeking men, often illegal, who, in pursuit of work, have made a stereotype for themselves as small-time sexual harassers and big-time public urinators. This phenomenon has reached a breakpoint in towns, neighborhoods and Home Depot parking lots across the country. With the failure of the federal government to enforce the nation's immigration laws, some communities are seeking relief by proposing to administer, courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, day-labor recruitment centers where the men and their day-employers can mix and match. But not only do such sites enable illegals to participate in American life, they encourage American citizens to break the law. Which is not a Rockwellian scene any way you paint it.
After the northern Virginia town of Herndon decided to open such a site, Kilgore voiced his opposition. "I just don't think we should be using taxpayer dollars to fund illegal behavior, to promote illegal behavior," the former Virginia attorney general told MSNBC.com. "I think it says to those illegally in this country and to those wanting to come illegally, 'We'll make a place for you if you violate our rules.'"
Timothy M. Kaine, Kilgore's Democratic opponent, calls this approach "mean-spirited"; Kaine's solution, meanwhile, is both to defer to local officials and rely on federal enforcement which is no solution at all. An independent candidate, H. Russell Potts Jr., calls Kilgore's law-and-order position "the worst form of demagoguery." A Kaine spokesman called it "grandstanding." Kilgore had succumbed to "the temptation to fan the flames with a naked appeal for votes," according to The Washington Post, itself succumbing to the temptation to mix metaphors. The newspaper also dubbed the Kilgore plan to follow the law "populist nonsense" and "a wedge issue."
Sounds as if Kilgore is on to something. Really vital concerns are always "wedge" issues in that they divide the electorate into clear-cut camps from which leaders emerge to govern. That said, this is one weird wedge. Whoever would have imagined that a campaign to enforce the nation's laws would be considered "mean-spirited" "demagoguery" and "populist nonsense?"

How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America
Sean Hannity strongly recommends this must-read book: "Mark Levin proves once again why I call him 'The Great One.' He describes a Supreme Court that is out of control and out of order. 'Men in Black' is a modern conservative classic." The Supreme Court Endorses Terrorists’ Rights, Flag Burning, and Importing Foreign Law. Is that in the Constitution? You’re right: It’s not. But these days the Constitution is no restraint on our out-of-control Supreme Court. The Court imperiously strikes down laws and imposes new ones purely on its own arbitrary whims. Even though liberals like John Kerry are repeatedly defeated at the polls, the majority on the allegedly "conservative" Supreme Court reflects their views and wields absolute power. There’s a word for this: tyranny. In Men in Black, radio talk show host and legal scholar Mark R. Levin dissects the judicial tyranny that is robbing us of our freedoms and stuffing the ballot box in favor of liberal policies. If you’ve ever wondered why, no matter who holds political power, American society always seems to drift to the left, Mark Levin has the answer: the black-robed justices of the Supreme Court, subverting democracy in favor of their own liberal agenda.
In Men in Black, you’ll learn: How judicial activism upheld slavery and segregation, Why Roe v. Wade not only mandated abortion-on-demand but gutted the Constitution, How the Court imports laws from other countries to help win the culture war for extremists, Why the justices are granting illegal immigrants rights equal with citizens, How helping terrorists file suit against the United States is another innovation of our Supreme Court, Surprise: the liberal Supreme Court Justice who erected the "separation of church and state" was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Decades of judicial activism have made the Supreme Court the most potent threat to American freedom. "Men in Black," as Rush Limbaugh notes in his introduction, "couldn’t be more timely or important, as liberals continue shamelessly to thwart the people, Congress, the president, and state governments by using the courts to dictate national policy. "'en in Black'is a tremendously important and compelling book." It could very well be the most important book you read this year.
About the Author
Mark Levin is one of America’s preeminent conservative commentators and constitutional lawyers. He is the president of Landmark Legal Foundation, host of a number-one rated talk radio program on WABC in New York, and a contributing editor for National Review Online. Levin has authored numerous articles that have been widely published and has appeared on scores of television and radio programs. Levin also served as a top advisor to several members of President Ronald Reagan’s Cabinet, including the chief of staff to the attorney general of the United States, deputy solicitor at the Department of the Interior, deputy assistant secretary at the Department of Education, and associate director of Presidential Personnel. In 2001, the American Conservative Union honored Levin with the prestigious Ronald Reagan Award. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Temple University in 1977 at the age of nineteen, the same year he was elected to the Cheltenham Township School Board in Pennsylvania. In 1980 he graduated from Temple University School of Law.

Once again, baseball has captured the attention of many in our country. I am not referring to the pennant races or the World Series. No, this time the "boys of September" are a rabbi, a minister, a chaplain and a reporter from the *Washington Post.* That may sound like the set up to a corny joke, but this story is no laughing matter.
Last month a volunteer chaplain for the Washington Nationals Baseball team was summarily dismissed from his post for answering a question from outfielder Ryan Church during a voluntary team chapel. The question was, "If Jewish people don't believe in Jesus does that mean they are doomed?" Chaplain Jon Moeller nodded his head in the affirmative and *Washington Post* writer Laura Blumenfeld wrote about it in a front-page article. A rabbi read the article and held a press conference to spread the word that, "the locker room of the Nationals is being used to preach hatred."
A Presbyterian minister agreed with the rabbi. Pointing out that Roman Catholics and many Protestant denominations have moved toward the view that God has a continuing covenant with the Jews, he added, "for chaplain Moeller to say this is an unacceptable understanding of our faith." All of this resulted in the firing of that chaplain. In addition, outfielder Ryan Church was forced to make a public apology. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig is now considering suspending the Christian chaplaincy program for all major league baseball teams. What did the chaplain say that was so hateful and unacceptable? He simply agreed with what Jesus himself said, "for if you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins" (John 8:24b). I suppose that statement from Jesus could be viewed as extremely intolerant. But remember, Jesus is a Jewish rabbi and he was speaking to a group of rabbis in the Temple in Jerusalem. When those rabbis understood what it was Jesus was saying, John tells us, "...they took up stones to throw at Him." (vs.59) Talk about intolerance! I guess the Washington Nationals chaplain should be thankful that he was merely fired. Anyone who has followed the ministry of Jews for Jesus knows that this issue of Jewish people and the gospel is a lightning rod. 2000 years hasn't changed much on that score. What does seem to be changing however is America's commitment to freedom of religion, and particularly for Christians. Not only is there growing intolerance for Jesus' followers to express their convictions in the public square, but public pressure can be brought to bear even in a private sector. Members of a baseball team can no longer discuss their beliefs in their own locker room. It isn't surprising for a rabbi to take umbrage over a comment that there is no salvation outside of Christ. But many rabbis recognize the freedom Christians have not only to believe, but also to answer questions concerning this belief in Jesus alone for salvation. I doubt that most would want the chaplain censored for having answered this question as he did. In general, Jewish people would be the first to recognize that freedom of religion cannot be granted selectively or it ceases to be freedom. And freedom of religion includes freedom to express an opinion without fear of reprisal. Jewish people have enjoyed the fruits of that freedom in this country and don't want to see it diminished. But the fact that a Christian minister would say the chaplain's views represent "an unacceptable understanding of our faith" is very troubling. And when a major league baseball team and its commissioner punish a man for being honest about that "understanding," everyone should be concerned, Jews and Gentiles, rabbis and ministers, Christians and people of any other religion who value their freedom.
Is punishing a Christian chaplain for clearly stating his understanding of the Bible the price for living in a pluralistic society? No, it is not. It is, however, indicative of a new favorite pastime for some in this great country of ours. That pastime is the game of "gotcha." The goal of the game is to enforce a spiritual litmus test of "political correctness" that amounts to an extreme form of religious intolerance, particularly against an evangelical viewpoint. It is ironic that a favorite accusation of the day is to call someone intolerant or judgmental, ironic because people routinely judge others and build intolerance against them merely by accusing them of these things. Believers in Jesus may be accused of intolerance for insisting that Jesus is the only way for salvation, but the fact is that this is what our Messiah Himself taught. Anyone may take issue with Him or with us on that point, but we are still obligated to speak the truth in love. Intolerance forced the chaplain of the Washington Nationals out of his post and it won't stop there. Unless more Christian leaders are willing to uphold faithfully what Jesus taught about salvation in the pulpit, and when necessary, in the press, the court of public opinion will co-opt the meaning of Christianity altogether. If Christian leaders haven't the courage to say that Jewish people need Jesus just like anyone else, soon they won't have the courage to say that anyone needs Him.
The gospel is still to the Jew first in God's plan, partly because that is the very place where the truth claims of the gospel are most likely to be tested. If we don't get it right as it applies to the Jewish people, that is, if we say that Jewish people have no need of Jesus, then we are likely to get it wrong all the way down the line. Think about it, if Jesus is not the Messiah for the Jewish people, why on earth should anyone else have need of Him? He claimed to be the Jewish Messiah, in fulfillment of the Jewish prophets. Anyone who thinks the Jewish people don't need to believe in Him would be hard pressed to explain why anyone else does. Christians who "play the game" of getting along and going along with the notion that Jewish people don't need Jesus don't realize that while they may still be on the team, they are merely warming the bench, when Christ is calling them to step up to bat.
I want to speak a word of encouragement to all those who are willing to speak up, risking public censure, to say to my Jewish people, "Yes, you do need Jesus in order to be saved." Most of the Jews for Jesus staff can tell you that when we first heard that message it made us angry, too. But it also made us think and question our own beliefs to the point where we were willing to consider the truth. Without that kind of challenge, we may never have come to Christ at all. We need to cheer on those who are willing to do and say what is right despite the consequences. What happened with Chaplain Jon Moeller should remind us all of the importance of standing up for truth no matter what the cost. He paid a price for telling the truth and I believe that it's a cost that will have to be paid with increasing frequency by Christians who truly believe the gospel. What we want to say in Jews for Jesus is, we think it is all very much worth paying that cost so that men and women, Jews and Gentiles might hear the good news of salvation. We hope you will agree.

"The fields of human psychology and psychiatry are a mess of competing but fundamentally incompatible theories. Academic psychiatry has all but lost contact with the population it is supposed to serve.Criticism is, if not actively discouraged, then politely but very firmly ignored." N. McLaren, MD, Australian psychiatrist, 1999.
"What's happening in the training of psychiatrists and in the quality of a psychiatrist is that they have become drug pushers. They have forgotten how to sit down and talk to patients as to what their problems are."
Walter Afield, psychiatrist, 1994.
"...in 40 years, 'biological psychiatry' has yet to validate a single psychiatric condition/diagnosis as an abnormality/disease, or as anything 'neurological,' 'biological,' 'chemically imbalanced,' or 'genetic.'" Dr. Fred A. Baughman Jr., Pediatric Neurologist.
"Malpractice and Violation of Informed Consent"
"Everyone is neurotic. I have no trouble giving out diagnoses. In my office I only see abnormal people. Out of my office, I see only normal people. It's up to me. It's just a joke. This is what I mean by this fraud, this arrogant fraud. To make some kind of pretension that this is a scientific statement is damaging to the culture." Ron Leifer, psychiatrist, quoted in Beverly Eakman, Cloning of the American Mind, 1997.
"... modern psychiatry has yet to convincingly prove the genetic/biological cause of any single mental illness... Patients [have] been diagnosed with 'chemical imbalances' despite the fact that no test exists to support such a claim, and ... there is no real conception of what a correct chemical balance would look like." David Kaiser, psychiatrist.
"Commentary Against Biological Psychiatry"
Psychiatric Times, December 1996
"We do not have proof either of the cause of the physiology for any psychiatric diagnosis...In the absence of any verifiable diseases, in recent decades, psychopharmacology has not hesitated to construct 'disease models' for psychiatric diagnoses." Dr. Joseph Glenmullen, Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, 2000
"Hyperactivity is not a disease. It's a hoax perpetrated by doctors who have no idea what's really wrong with these children." Dr. Sydney Walker III, psychiatrist, The Hyperactivity Hoax. "Freud was wrong in almost every important respect." Frank Sulloway, Professor of Psychology, quoted in John Horgan, The Undiscovered Mind.
"What do you do when you don't know what to do? No wonder there are more suicides among psychiatrists than in any other profession." Psychiatrist R. D. Laing, Wisdom, Madness, and Folly, p. 126. "Over the years it [the National Committee for Mental Hygiene] has championed for the promotion of 'mental health' despite the fact that nobody knows what it is or how to do it."E. Fuller Torrey, psychiatrist, Nowhere to Go, New York: Harper and Row, 1988
"The basic question with which psychiatrists and particularly those interested in mental hygiene start is, What are the causes of mental and nervous disease? This question has been repeatedly raised during the twenty-two years of organized mental hygiene until it has almost become a ritual and like a ritual has led to nothing except repetition, not even a start." Frankwood E. Williams, Director, National Committee for Mental Hygiene, "Is there a Mental Hygiene", Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1932, p. 113-20.
"Many psychiatrists have had, at least to some degree, the unsettling and bewildering feeling that what they have been doing has been largely worthless and that the premises on which they have based their professional lives were partly fraudulent." E. Fuller Torrey, M.D., psychiatrist.
How do they plan to get where they want to go?
"The way to sell drugs is to sell psychiatric illness." Carl Elliot, Bioethicist, University of Minnesota, 2001. "Through strong, painful impressions we capture the patient's attention, accustom him to unconditional obedience, and indelibly imprint in his heart the feeling of necessity. The will of his superior must be such a firm, immutable law for him that he will no more resist it than he would rebel against the elements." Johann Christian Reil, (who first coined the word "psychiatry"), 1810.
"The reduction of intelligence is an important factor in the curative process. The fact is that some of the very best cures that one gets are in those individuals whom one reduces almost to amentia [feeblemindedness]." Abraham Myerson, psychiatrist, quoted in Bruce Wiseman, Psychiatry, the Ultimate Betrayal.
"If we are to infiltrate the professional and social activities of other people I think we must imitate the totalitarians and organize some kind of fifth column activity. If better ideas on mental health are to progress and spread we, as the salesmen, must lose our identity. Let us all, therefore, very secretly be 'fifth columnists.'" John Rawlings Rees, psychiatrist "Strategic Planning for Mental Health", Mental Health, v.1 no.4, p. 103-6.
"Our Committee on Preventive Psychiatry is recommending that we assume citizenship responsibilities for policy forming at whatever level we can, in the Board of Education, City Council, civic clubs, welfare groups, legislative committees, Congressional hearings. We can exert an effective influence on the betterment of mental health." William Menninger, President, American Psychiatric Association, New Directions in American Psychiatry 1944-1968, p. 79.
"[it is] a high class kind of subversion, very high class. We're not second story burglars. We go right in the front door." Mike Gorman, psychiatric publicist, remarking on National Institute of Mental Health fundraising tactics in Drew, "The Health Syndicate," The Atlantic Monthly, December 1967, P. 76.
How do they do what they do?
"... a child who sees a DSM-oriented doctor is almost assured of a psychiatric label and a prescription, even if the child is perfectly fine. This willy-nilly labeling of virtually everyone as mentally ill is a serious danger to healthy children, because virtually all children have enough symptoms to get a DSM label and a drug." Dr. Sydney Walker III, psychiatrist, The Hyperactivity Hoax.
"I produced painful, though otherwise fortunately harmless, spinal fractures (2 of them multiple) in 3 patients in fairly rapid succession." Leo T. Alexander, psychiatrist, "The Suppression of the Clonic Phase in Electrically Induced Convulsions in Man."
Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, April, 1952, p. 182.
"an area essential to the human being, his personality, is forever destroyed." Franz G. Alexander and Sheldon Selesnick, psychiatrists, describing psychosurgery (lobotomy) in The History of Psychiatry: An Evaluation of Psychiatric Thought from Prehistoric Times to the Present, p.285. "Today in Russia, children who have difficulties with studying are not placed into parents' or teachers' hands, but into psychologists' ones. From there they go to psychiatrists who cannot offer anything better than psychotropic drugs. I have ever seen a teenager helped by them, but I know of a great number of incidents where such drugs have led to dependence and depression..." Dr. Sergei Zapoulskalov, psychiatrist. "...years of medication have done nothing except reify in them an identity as a chronic patient with a bad brain. This identification as a biologically-impaired patient is one of the most destructive effects of biologic psychiatry. At the level of the individual patients this means a growing number of over-diagnosed, overmedicated and disarticulated people less able to define and control their own identities and lives." David Kaiser, psychiatrist Against Biological Psychiatry, 1996.
"In emergencies we offer [a major tranquilizer]; if refused, we stand several staff around and re-offer. If again refused, it is 'grab and jab'." Dr. Bevan Cant, psychiatric registrar, quoted in David Smith, "Patients Hit with Massive Overdoses", 1988.
"..[E]ven one or two ECT treatments risk limbic damage in the brain leading to retarded speed, coordination, handwriting, concentration, attention span, memory, response flexibility, and re-education. On the psychological side, fear of ECT has produced stress ulcers, renal disease, confusion, amnesiac withdrawal, and resistance to re-educative or psychological therapy. The research thus indicated that ECT was a slower-acting lobotomy with the added complications of shock-induced terror." Dr. Robert Morgan, 1966, quoted in Bruce Wiseman, Psychiatry, the Ultimate Betrayal.
"The brain for a while, is so injured that the patient is too confused to know or remember what was troubling him... when the brain begins to recover the problems usually return since electricity has done nothing to resolve them." Lee Coleman, psychiatrist The Case Against ECT, 1977.
"The fact remains that electric shock to the brain is a haphazardly applied, brain-damaging procedure." Moira Dolan, internist, quoted in Szasz, Cruel Compassion, 1994. "The changes one sees when electroshock is administered are completely consistent with any acute brain injury, such as a blow to the head from a hammer. In essence, what happens is that the individual is dazed, confused, and disoriented, and therefore cannot remember or appreciate current problems." Lee Coleman, psychiatrist, 1977.
"[the ideal psychiatrist] must be a kind of superman, one with higher ideals, more potent inhibitions, and wiser in life and wider in outlook than those whom he is trying to guide." Dr. Charles Dana "The Age of Neurology", Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 1913, p. 753-7.
"...every person who comes into this office who has had an experience with another therapist has some kind of horror story to tell, about some major failing on the therapist's part, including, quite often, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, things that cross the boundary of mere bad technique and come pretty damn close to the criminal." Thomas Maeder, clinical psychologist "Wounded Healers," Atlantic Monthly, January, 1989, p. 38.
"We have given a great deal of cocaine to many individuals..." Dr. Robert Byck, former professor of psychiatry and pharmacology, Yale Medical School.
"I made the preparations for this war...If I hadn't created this emotional strain in the Serbian people, nothing would have happened." Psychiatrist Jovan Raskovic quoted in "Bosnia: Ending the Religious Genocide," The Crusader, August, 1993.
If it were true, then they'd know it, right? RIGHT??
"For most of the DSM-III disorders the etiology [cause] is unknown. A variety of theories have been advanced, buttressed by evidence not always convincing to explain how these disorders come about." Introduction to DSM-III (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, edition 3) published by the American Psychiatric Association.
"The facts of the matter are that we have known for a long time that diagnoses are often not useful or reliable, but we have nevertheless continued to use them. We now know that we cannot distinguish insanity from sanity." David Rosenhan, professor of psychology, Stanford University, in "On Being Sane in Insane Places", Science 179 (1973): 250-258
"We are going in there [the brain] with the equivalent of a bulldozer to knock down roads and tear up rail lines and pull down telegraph exchanges. You have to ask, do we know enough to play these kinds of games with other people's brains?" Paul Mullen, Professor of Forensic Psychiatry, Australia (1999).
"We don't have an independent, valid test for ADHD; there are no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction and finally, after years of clinical research and experience with ADHD, our knowledge about the cause or causes of ADHD remains speculative." National Institute of Health, Consensus Conference on the Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD, 1998.
"Psychiatric diagnosis in many quarters today has deteriorated from being a fine and useful craft into an ill-regulated, superficial, unconvincing, and therefore often useless procedure." Heinz Lehmann, psychiatrist, "Discussion: A Renaissance of Psychiatric Diagnosis?" American Journal of Psychiatry 125, supplement 10 (1969): 43-46.
"There is not one iota of evidence that addiction is a brain disease." Dr. Thomas Szasz, psychiatrist, 2000.
"Finally, why must the APA pretend to know more than it does? DSM IV [the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Edition 4] is the fabrication upon which psychiatry seeks acceptance by medicine in general. Insiders know it is more a political than scientific document. It is the way to get paid." Loren R. Mosher, M. D., Former Chief of the Center for Studies of Schizophrenia, The National Institute of Mental Health, in his letter of resignation to the APA.
"The field of mental health is highly subjective, capricious, and dominated by whims, mythologies, and public relations. In many ways it is a pop culture with endless fads but with no real substance." Dr. Walter Fisher, Assistant Superintendent, Elgin State Hospital.
Power, Greed, and Stupidity in the Mental Health Racket
"...the best [psychiatric] diagnoses are provisional and somewhat fictional." Barry Nurcombe, director of child and adolescent psychiatry, Vanderbilt University.
"Despite the proliferation of child guidance clinics and their popularity, no evidence was brought forth to suggest that the clinics prevented mental illness." E. Fuller Torrey, psychiatrist, Nowhere to Go.
The fundamental agreements on behavior that form the basis of society.
"The re-interpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of the old people, these are the belated objectives of practically all effective psychotherapy." G. Brock Chisholm, past president, World Federation for Mental Health, Psychiatry: Journal of the Biology and the Pathology of Interpersonal Relations, February 1946, p. 9.
"If the race is to be freed from its crippling burden of good and evil, it must be psychiatrists who take the original responsibility." G. Brock Chisholm, past president, World Federation for Mental Health, ibid. "ECT on minors is never appropriate. [it] is a corruption of fundamental human rights." Steve Baldwin, clinical psychologist, quoted in Rhonda Siddall, "Psychiatrists Back Electric Shock for Children" London Observer, 3 July 1994.
"...psychiatry promotes a certain form of morality that is a deviant morality in regard to many areas including sexual behavior." Dr. Al Parides, Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA from an interview given on December 17, 1993, quoted in Psychiatry, The Ultimate Betrayal by Bruce Wiseman.
A social flashpoint where psychiatry shows its true colors
"In no other medical field in South Africa is the contempt of the person cultivated by racism more concisely portrayed than in psychiatry." World Health Organization report: "Apartheid and Health", 1983.
"It's simply too expensive, too slow and too risky. Africans appear to be more susceptible to the effects of anaesthetics and because we treat more Africans than Whites, we would have to double our staff if we used anaesthetics." Dr. P. Henning, psychiatrist, quoted in Peace and Freedom, S.A. January, 1976, with reference to ECT use in South Africa.
"However well they [black people] appear to be satisfied with their color, there are many proofs of their preferring that of the white people." Benjamin Rush, widely acknowledged as the Father of American Psychiatry, Medical Inquiries and Observations upon the Diseases of the Mind (1812).
"The Jews are specialized for a parasitical existence upon other nations. The average intellectual standard of the negro [sic] is some two grades below our own." Francis Galton, psychologist quoted in Lenny Lapon, Mass Murderers in White Coats (Springfield, Mass., Psychiatric Genocide Research Institute, 1986), p. 75.
"Even for their own good the blacks must be treated as what they are, an absolutely subordinate, inferior, lower type of men, incapable themselves of culture. That must once and for all be clearly stated." August Forel, psychiatrist quoted in Bernhardt Schreiber (San Francisco, Section 5 Books, 1983), p. 11-12.
"I'm certain that racism is embedded in the roots of medicine and psychiatry." Carl C. Bell, M.D., President and CEO, the Community Mental Health Council, Chicago.
"The Jew is such an alien and, therefore, when he wants to insinuate himself, he must be warded off. This is self-defense. In saying this, I do not characterize every Jew as inferior, as Negroes are, and I do not underestimate the greatest enemy with whom we have to fight..." Eugen Fischer, psychiatrist, The Principles of Human Heredity and Racial Hygiene, 1939.
"[it was] cheaper to use Niggers than cats because they were everywhere and cheap experimental animals." Harry Bailey, psychiatrist, justifying experiments on Blacks.
"Serbs by nature possess the qualities of authority with certain aggressive and open elements. Muslims are fixated on the anal phase. Their character tends to appropriate things, dominate like a boss, value people by their possessions, their money, their social position, etc....[Croats] are fixated on the castration complex under perpetual fear of castration, losing something that belongs only to himself." Psychiatrist Jovan Raskovic Luda Zemlya, 1990.
What is this brave new world they have in store for us?
"We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind." Dr. Jose M. R. Delgado, Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School, U.S. Congressional Record, 1974.
"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas." G. Brock Chisholm, psychiatrist and co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health, 1945.
"That a radical cure of the evils incident to the dependent mentally defective classes would be effected if every feeble-minded person, every imbecile, every habitual criminal, every manifestly weak-minded person, and every confirmed inebriate were sterilized, is a self-evident proposition. By this means we could practically, if not absolutely, arrest, in a decade or two, the reproduction of mentally defective persons, as surely as we could stamp out smallpox absolutely if every person in the world could be vaccinated." Carlos F. MacDonald, head of the American Medico-Psychological Association, (precursor to the American Psychiatric Association), American Journal of Insanity, July, 1914, quoted in Castel, Castel and Lovell, The Psychiatric Society, 1982.
"Those who are physically and mentally unhealthy and unworthy must not perpetuate their suffering in the body of their children." Adolf Hitler, mass murderer (and psychiatric patient) Mein Kampf, p. 255. "Authorizing the sales of [methylphenidate] for children is like physically torturing them...it is like ECT...even if it were true that three percent of children need it, I would rather see them treated with alternative methods." Antonio Guidi, Neuropsychiatrist, Deputy Health Minister, Italy.
"[psychiatrists had been] active in and primarily responsible for the different euthanasia organizations [in Nazi Germany]." German Society of Psychiatrists (DGPPN), In Memorium, August 1999.
"The young and the old are defenseless against relatives who want to get rid of them by casting them into the role of mental patient, and against psychiatrists whose livelihood depends on defining them as mentally ill." Thomas Szasz, psychiatrist Cruel Compassion, 1994.
"Meaning is but little with these men [artists], all they care about is line, shape, agreement of contours." Sigmund Freud, psychologist, quoted in CCHR, "Psychiatry Manipulating Creativity", 1997. "Actors are almost impossible to treat successfully." Martin Grotjahn, psychiatrist, quoted in CCHR, "Psychiatry Manipulating Creativity", 1997.
"The child psychiatrist's authority is altogether beyond the reach of his denominated patients. This elementary fact makes the child psychiatrist one of the most dangerous enemies not only of children, but also of adults who care for the two precious and most vulnerable things in life, children and liberty. Child psychology and child psychiatry cannot be reformed. They must be abolished." Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, 1997.
"Today, hundreds of thousands of children are imprisoned in psychiatric hospitals, most of them, even according to psychiatric authorities, unnecessarily." Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, 1994.

The “tiny cross” people at the American Civil Liberties Union are at it again. These are the folks with extra-keen eyes and powerful magnifying glasses, who examine the official seals of towns and counties, looking for miniature crosses that ACLU lawyers like to trumpet as grave threats to separation of church and state.
This time around, the folks with the magnifying glasses are leaning on the village of Tijeras, New Mexico, whose seal contains a Conquistador’s helmet and sword, a scroll, a desert plant, a fairly large religious symbol (the native American zia) and a quite small Christian cross. “Tiny cross” inspectors are not permitted to fret about large non-Christian religious symbols, only undersized Christian ones, so the ACLU filed suit to get the cross removed.
The cross is obviously not an endorsement of religion, any more than the Conquistador helmet and sword are endorsements of Spanish warfare. The courts have ruled, not always consistently, that crosses, as historic references in such seals and logos, are permissible. But the ACLU, these days, is strongly committed to seeing church-state crises everywhere, and thus pushes things way too far.
Last year the ACLU demanded that Los Angeles County eliminate from its seal a microscopic cross representing the missions that settled the state of California. Under threat of expensive litigation, the county complied. The cross was about one-sixth the size, of a not-very-big image, of a cow tucked away on the lower right segment of the seal, and maybe one one-hundredth the size of a pagan god (Pomona, Goddess of Fruit) who dominated the seal. Pomona survived the religious purge. She is not the sort of god that the ACLU worries about, whereas the flyspeck-sized cross was a threat to unravel separation of church and state, as we know it. What will happen if the ACLU learns that Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Sacramento, San Francisco, St. Louis and Corpus Christi actually have religious names? We shudder to think.

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There is some fun speculation on what Patrick Fitzgerald has found out about the forged Niger documents. The Telegraph reports that it was a French deal to trip up the US and UK: The Italian businessman at the centre of a furious row between France and Italy over whose intelligence service was to blame for bogus documents suggesting Saddam Hussein was seeking to buy material for nuclear bombs has admitted that he was in the pay of France.
The man, identified by an Italian news agency as Rocco Martino, was the subject of a Telegraph article earlier this month in which he was referred to by his intelligence codename, "Giacomo". His admission to investigating magistrates in Rome on Friday apparently confirms suggestions that by commissioning "Giacomo" to procure and circulate documents France was responsible for some of the information later used by Britain and the United States to promote the case for war with Iraq. Italian diplomats have claimed that, by disseminating bogus documents stating that Iraq was trying to buy low-grade "yellowcake" uranium from Niger, France was trying to "set up" Britain and America in the hope that when the mistake was revealed it would undermine the case for war, which it wanted to prevent. Martino also said that he had obtained the documents which he believed were legitimate from an employee of the Niger Embassy and turned them over to France, which had employed him since 2000.
Investigators in Rome suspect that Mr. Martino was first engaged by the French secret services five years ago, when he was asked to investigate rumours of illicit trafficking in uranium from Niger. He is thought to have then been retained the following year to collect more information. It was then that he is suspected of having assembled a dossier containing both real and bogus documents from Niger, the latter apparently forged by a diplomat.

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Iran's newly minted nutjob of a president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, doesn't think Israel should be allowed to exist:
TEHRAN, Oct. 26 - Iran's new hard-line president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, told a group of students at an anti-Israel event today that Israel must be "wiped off the map" and that attacks by Palestinians will destroy it, the Iranian student news agency, ISNA, reported. He was speaking to an audience of about 4,000 student[sic] at a program called The World without Zionism, in preparation for an annual anti-Israel demonstration held on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan. His tone was reminiscent of that of the early days of Iran's Islamic revolution in 1979. Iran and Israel have been bitter enemies since then, and anti-Israel slogans are common at rallies.
Senior officials had avoided provocative language over the past decade, but Mr. Ahmadinejad appears to be taking a more confrontational tone. He said in his remarks today that the issue of a Palestinian state would be resolved only when Palestinians took control of all their lands. "The establishment of Zionist regime was a move by the world oppressor against the Islamic world," Mr. Ahmadinejad said, the news agency reported. "The skirmishes in the occupied land are part of the war of destiny. The outcome of hundreds of years of war will be defined in Palestinian land." Referring to comments by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic revolution, Mr. Admadinejad said, "As the imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map."
Maybe we need a refresher course on what constitutes "news." When a radical Muslim calls for the destruction of Israel, that ain't news. Happens all the time. When a Muslim leader, radical or not, calls for recognition of and dialogue, cooperation and negotiation with Israel, this, if that ever happens, is news. Glad we cleared that up.

The McCain Amendment, SA 1977, Says The Following...
"No individual in the custody or under the physical control of the United States Government, regardless of nationality or physical location, shall be subject to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment." [emphasis added] No cruel or inhuman treatment...that sounds reasonable or does it?
But the phrase "degrading treatment" which could have been invented by Amnesty International is so vague and full of holes you could drive a Hummer through it. Solitary confinement, harsh language, ridicule, mild threats, good-cop-bad-cop, the Senate wants to outlaw all of these standard questioning techniques and restrict interrogators to the etiquette of a ladies' lawn party. These terrorists are butchering women and children all over the globe as well as launching sneak attacks on our troops, and we're supposed to walk on egg shells when we try to find out which Americans they intend to kill next? Exactly what are our troops suppose to do when questioning these terrorist thugs in an attempt to save American lives? "Pretty please Mr. terrorist... I beg you...could you please tell us the details of your NEXT attack on innocent Americans?"
That's about the size of it folks. After all, we will now have to be extra careful not to do ANYTHING THAT WOULD DEGRADE OR INSULT THESE KILLERS! The U.S. Senate hasn't gotten the message: We're at war with fanatics who hate Americans. These jihadists are willing to die for their faith, and we aren't even willing to be ill-mannered to protect our freedom.

Mike Wallace could be barred by his own network from covering gun-related stories on CBS News. The "60 Minutes" showboat correspondent appeared at a birthday party for columnist Art Buchwald, a party that was also a fundraiser for the Brady Center, a prominent advocate of gun control laws. At the event Wallace showed a 47-second video of a past "60 Minutes" segment that, by Wallace's own admission, cast former NRA President Charlton Heston in a less-than-favorable light. In introducing the video, Wallace called Heston the "self-righteous enemy of the Sarah and Jim Brady bunch," according to a CBS News blog on its PublicEye site.
After the video, he mocked Heston's widely seen comments that the government would take away his gun only from his "cold, dead hands." Linda Mason, senior vice president for standards and special projects at CBS News at the time, said that if a CBS correspondent becomes identifiable with one side of a controversial issue, the correspondent would no longer be allowed to cover that issue.
When asked if Wallace's appearance in this case made him "identifiable" on this issue, Mason said that if Wallace "suggests a story that we feel is a potential conflict, we'll look at it and if we see a conflict, we'll turn it down." So, it certainly appears that Wallace made reference to the gun debate in a way that made him identifiable with one side of this issue.
If CBS is as good as its word, we won't be seeing Wallace doing any more stories involving Second Amendment issues. Perhaps his long overdue retirement would be the next step.

Madonna's new documentary "I'm Going to Tell You a Secret," a behind-the-scenes look at her "Re-Invention Tour" has raised the ire of Catholic League president Bill Donohue. "Madonna is a mess," Donohue declared. "The same woman who brags about her journey from Catholicism to Kabbalah, and who warns young people that they will 'go to hell' unless they renounce their 'wicked behavior,' makes a film that not only takes a stab at Catholics and Jews, it delivers an attack on diversity. "That it took her an entire year to make this movie suggests that her creative talents have dissipated." The film opens with Madonna reading from the Book of Revelation, and she later says that our modern culture is the "Beast" mentioned in Revelation.
One scene caricatures Orthodox Jews and shows a woman dressed as a nun revealing her undergarments. Another shows a man dressed as a Cardinal making an obscene gesture with both hands. "It is not Madonna's quip about 'most priests are gay' that is the most telling commentary in this documentary," said Donohue. "No, it is what she says to men and women wearing various religious garb: She informs us that 'religion breeds fragmentation' and that 'these religious costumes, for most people, end up separating everybody.' She then endorses getting rid of religious garb 'so you can be one consciousness, okay?'"
"In other words, Madonna hates pluralism (a.k.a. diversity) and loves uniformity (a.k.a. inclusion). She belongs teaching multiculturalism at a local college; her increased nuttiness would make her a sure bet to win tenure."

Dear Concerned American,
In 1948, under the guise of science, sex "researcher" Professor Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues launched a mass media campaign to hoodwink America's universities. Our best and brightest soon adopted Kinsey's ideology of sexual anarchy, giving rise to radical changes in our laws and public policies, the '60s revolution, the pornography plague, abortion and school sex ed by SIECUS and Planned Parenthood. Hugh Hefner, a virgin college student till Kinsey revolutionized him, launched Playboyto spread Kinsey's ideas. Harry Hay, the communist father of the "gay" movement, read Kinsey and said that if homosexuals are 10 percent (a Kinsey lie), they could become a political force. And college professors everywhere taught vulnerable students that "everyone" was "doing it" and that mom and dad were just sexual "hypocrites." They said the Kinsey reports on America's sex lives showed sexual "freedom" would reduce VD, divorce and all forms of sexual abuse.
But Dr. Reisman has uncovered proof that Kinsey was a certifiable sexual psychopath. He was a bisexual/homosexual, pornography-obsessed pedophilia advocate who became the most influential "moral" philosopher of the 20th century, and his Kinsey Institute at the tax-funded Indiana University continues to undermine the sexual morality of the world to this day. Few people know that 80 percent of Kinsey's "normal" male research subjects were really pedophiles, "gay" activists, convicts, pimps, and sexually abused boys. Few people know his "scientific" report defined a wife as anyone who lived with a man more than a year, thus lumping prostitutes in with Susie Homemaker! And few people know that Kinsey worked with pedophiles who raped and sodomized as many as 2,035 babies and children to provide Kinsey's "data" on "child sexuality."
One chart from Kinsey's report, Sexual Behavior In The Human Male(1948) claims a five-month-old baby had three "orgams" and a four-year-old 26 "orgasms" in 24 hours -- a vicious, 'round-the-clock, Nazi-like experiment on the child. When the children "convulsed" and "fainted" and tried to escape, Kinsey said the victims "enjoyed" their torture Male report, page 180). (The Kinsey Institute refuses to open its files, to locate these children, to help them or to bring their rapists to justice.)
The entire field of "human sexuality studies" and sex ed was built on Kinsey; there was no sexology before him. Today's sexuality "experts" were trained by Kinseyites who teach in our schools, run SIECUS, lead Planned Parenthood, counsel churches and synagogues on their sex programs, and advise our judges and lawmakers. We'll keep losing the culture war till we expose the pro-pedophile Kinsey as the source of today's depraved sexual laws, policies and conduct.
Dr. Judith Reisman, an expert witness and former principal investigator for the US Department of Juvenile Justice, has led an unyielding crusade against these "scientific" mass molesters. She's the only author who has fully investigated and exposed the secret atrocities behind the infamous Kinsey books -- which the Kinsey Institute proudly republished in 1998 and which Hollywood glamorized in the film, "Kinsey." It's time to deKinsify America!
This new edition of Dr. Judith Reisman's landmark expose, Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences reveals the hundreds of brutal sex crimes against children that sex researcher Alfred Kinsey and his followers built the Sexual Revolution on --and their chilling plans for our future. You need this eye-opening volume if you've ever wondered why your daughter dresses like Britney, why your son's girlfriend is pregnant, why your pastor was arrested for downloading child pornography, why the courts favor homosexuality and bisexuality, why even church schools are teaching sex ed, why millions of babies die in abortion mills, how a sex deviate, Bill Clinton, became president, and why the Supreme Court's sweeping sodomy decision relied 100% on Kinsey for its sex science "data." You can get a copy of this ground- breaking book by giving $30 or more to the Institute for Media Education c/o California Protective Parents Association, PO box 15284, Sacramento, CA 95851-0284. The book is 342 oversized pages with nearly 1,000 illustrations, extensively indexed and fully documented. The Satan-worshiping liberal media people have stonewalled "Kinsey's Pedophiles," the British TV documentary based on Dr. Reisman's research. The Institute for Media Education needs your financial help to end the media's cover-up and bring the truth to millions.

Al Franken Furious; 'Do As I Say' Soars on Amazon
Breaking from NewsMax.com
We have no doubt that Al Franken is furious with news today that Peter Schweizer's blockbuster new book "Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy" has soared to the top of Amazon's Best seller lists.
As of Thursday morning, "Do As I Say" hit Amazon's #6 rank for all books sold - climbing more than 20,000 rankings in a week and more than 200 from two days ago when NewsMax.com first featured the book as its lead story. [If you don't believe us, check out Amazon yourself.]
The news will have Franken reaching for some Advil, as he is one of the main targets of "Do As I Say." In "Do As I Say," Hoover Fellow Peter Schweizer reveals the glaring contradictions between the public stances and real-life behavior of prominent liberals. In addition to Franken, many others come under scrutiny including Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Ralph Nader. After two years of research into liberal hypocrisy, Schweizer described his revelations as "stunning." That may be understatement. For example, Air America radio host Al Franken says conservatives are racist because they lack diversity and oppose affirmative action. But fewer than 1 percent of the people he has hired over the past 15 years have been African-American.
It gets worse. Ted Kennedy has fought for the estate tax and spoken out against tax shelters. But he has repeatedly benefited from an intricate web of trusts and private foundations that have shielded most of his family's fortune from the IRS. One Kennedy family trust wasn't even set up in the U.S., but in Fiji. Similarly, Bill and Hillary Clinton have spoken in favor of the estate tax, and in 2000 Bill vetoed a bill seeking to end it. But the Clintons have set up a contract trust that allows them to substantially reduce the amount of inheritance tax their estate will pay when they die.
Hillary, for her part, has written and spoken extensively about the right of children to make major decisions regarding their own lives, such as having an abortion without parental consent. But she barred 13-year-old daughter Chelsea from getting her ears pierced and forbade her to watch MTV or HBO. And then there's Hollywood hypocrisy. Barbra Streisand has talked about the necessity of unions to protect a "living wage." But she prefers to do her filming and postproduction work in Canada, where she can pay less than American union wages. As for other liberals who like to offshore things, there's billionaire Bush-basher George Soros. Soros says the wealthy should pay higher, more progressive tax rates. But he holds the bulk of his money in tax-free overseas accounts in Curacao, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.
Schweizer sums up his book this way: "The reality is that liberals like to preach in moral platitudes. They like to condemn ordinary Americans and Republicans for a whole host of things - racism, lack of concern for the poor, polluting the environment, and greed. But when it comes to applying those same standards to themselves, liberals are found to be shockingly guilty of hypocrisy.
"The media and the American people need to hold them accountable."

Sister Maria Laura Mainetti Murdered by 3 Teen-age Girls
CHIAVENNA, Italy, NOV. 6, 2005 (Zenit.org).- The cause of beatification has opened for Sister Maria Laura Mainetti, a 60-year-old religious murdered by three girls during a Satanic rite in 2000. Bishop Alessandro Maggiolini of Como solemnly opened the process in Chiavenna on October 23rd. "After the time of sorrow and mourning, now is the moment of joy and light," said Monsignor Ambrogio Balatti, archpriest of Chiavenna San Lorenzo, as reported by the Italian newspaper Avvenire. Sister Laura, as she was known, was stabbed 18 times on the night of June 6-7, 2000, after being taken to a dark alley by two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old. Monsignor Balatti said: "The three hapless girls could find no better excuse to attract Sister Laura, than to convince her that one of them was expecting a child, that she had been rejected by her family and boyfriend, and that she didn't know what to do or where to go.
"It makes me angry when they say that Sister Laura was naive. She took every precaution, but so did the girls. They were able to set up an astute and diabolic plan." "Saw them lost." "How could Sister Laura, whose birth cost her mother her life, who died a few days after her birth, refuse to help that young girl who said she was a mother?" the monsignor asked. Sister Laura had "a special predilection for young people," whom she "considered the real poor of today: She saw them lost, without points of reference, exposed to the risk of the existential void." Under interrogation, the accused said they killed the nun to "dispel the boredom of a life that was always the same in the small city," said Monsignor Balatti. Officials soon learned that the trio initially wanted to sacrifice a priest in their Satanic rite, and their first choice for a victim was Monsignor Balatti. "At that time, interest in Satanism and occultism had become a fad," said the archpriest. "Even dress, music and some books contributed to the spread of such a tendency. "Many young people followed more than anything out of a desire to call attention, to defy the rules. It found fertile ground in some because they were angry with God, perhaps because of personal problems, because of family troubles." "Forgive them." During the cause's opening ceremony, some of Sister Laura's thoughts were read out: "My life belongs to you, Jesus," "Lord, take also the little I have and the misery I am." The killers themselves admitted that when she was dying, Sister Laura found the strength to pray for them, saying: "Lord, forgive them."
Bishop Maggiolini said: "I am certain that all this will reflect positively also on the three girls: Sister Laura's is a light that will help them grow and mature." Sister Laura, who was baptized Teresina, was born in Colico, Italy, on August 20th, 1939. At the time of her death she was superior of the Community of Daughters of the Cross, in the Mary Immaculate Institute of Chiavenna. A foundation and a series of charitable and pro-life services have been established in her memory. Several denominational centers in Italy and Africa have been named after the murdered religious. ZE05110620

Nov 7, 2005
by Diana West
"We in America know the benevolence that is at the heart of Islam," declared Condoleezza Rice, addressing assembled Muslim dignitaries at the annual Ramadan dinner at the State Department, and provoking a second, consecutive examination in this column of the rhetoric of the most important U.S. official next to the president.
The Secretary of State's annual Ramadan dinner at the State Department is not to be confused with the president's annual Ramadan dinner at the White House, although it's easy to get mixed up. The legacy of 9/11 has left us with: an open-ended war abroad; the introduction of homeland hyper-insecurity; and the open-ended introduction of Ramadan celebrations all over official Washington, which is worth a question or two on its own, beginning with: "Why"? Why has it become the post-9/11 function of the U.S. government to celebrate Ramadan? The buzzword of "Muslim outreach" comes to mind, but, as the Judeo-Christian culture hit by Islamikazes on 9/11, haven't we got it exactly backward? That is, wouldn't Muslims better outreach themselves if the Saudi Embassy, for example, celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah? But I digress. Getting back to Ms. Rice's shindig, Ramadan wouldn't be Ramadan without Nihad Awad, the executive director of the notorious Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). His invitation alone deserves separate mention, and maybe an investigation into whether security concerns arose over bringing into the State Department someone from a Hamas-linked group boasting five current or former officials arrested, convicted or deported on terrorism-related charges. Oh well. In the holiday spirit, let's just recall, as bestselling author Robert Spencer did at www.jihadwatch.com, the words of CAIR's former board chairman, Omar Ahmad: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to be dominant."
By Washington's Ramadan measure, Mr. Ahmad's wish is America's command. After all, George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice aren't breaking the fast with Jews on Yom Kippur, supping with Hindus on Diwali, or cavorting with Druids on the Winter Solstice. And they certainly aren't feting official Christendom on Christmas Day, and no, the children's Easter Egg roll doesn't compare.
But I digress again. "We in America know the benevolence that is at the heart of Islam," Ms. Rice said. Really? Is that what history tells us? Is that what current events tell us? Ms. Rice's speechifying, which included a personal riff on Ramadan as being a time "characterized by sacrifice and abiding faith, by prayer and self-reflection and by compassion and profound joy," makes a wicked contrast to real-live Ramadan headlines. Not the big ones about Scooter and Judy and Matt and Peter, or bird flu, or Charles and Camilla, or even the substantial ones about the new Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito.
I'm thinking of the Muslim suicide bombing in Tel Aviv that killed five, and the Hitlerian promise of Iran's Shiite president that "the stain of disgrace," Israel, will be "purged from the center of the Islamic world." I'm thinking of the week of Muslim rioting in Paris, and the news that a 7/7 London suicide bomber was buried in Pakistan (his exploded remains, anyway) at the shrine of an Islamic saint. In New Delhi, Muslims are suspected of killing 60, while actor Omar Sharif has received Internet death threats, thought to come from Muslims in Italy, for playing St. Peter. And I can't stop thinking about the three Christian girls who were beheaded in Indonesia en route to their Christian high school. The killers carried off one of the severed heads to a new church, where they left it.
I could go on about the magazine editor in Afghanistan just sentenced to two years in jail for "blasphemy," that is, criticizing Sharia law. Then there's Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper in Denmark that has received bomb threats, become a potential terror target on an Al Qaeda Internet list and drawn official diplomatic protests from 11 Muslim ambassadors for having published 12 cartoons of Muhammad. Depictions of the Islamic prophet may be a no-no under Islamic law, but redoubtable Denmark and its free (non-apologizing) newspaper are not under Islamic law.
Condoleezza Rice isn't either. But her soft-soap routine comes across as supplication, not statecraft. The United States should never kowtow to the Islamic diplomatic community by pretending that no doctrinal or institutional links exist between the teachings of Islam and the terrorism that has benighted our days.
She, they must face facts. An informative place to start would be to challenge these same Ramadan diplomats to denounce, not newspapers that publish funny faces of Muhammad, but anyone who chops a schoolgirl's head off.
Diana West is a contributing columnist for Townhall.com.

TO: _________________________________ ADDRESS: _________________________________ FROM: ______________________________ ADDRESS: __________________________________ By virtue of this Constructive Notice you are hereby being made aware that it is a violation of Federal law to refuse to:

1. Open a non-interest bearing bank account if the party named above wanting to open an account does not provide a social security account number or a taxpayer identification number; or 2. To provide your services to a client or potential client because the client or potential client does not provide a social security account number or a taxpayer identification number.
You personally, and the institution you represent, may be liable for damages and attorney’s fees. In accordance with Section 1 of Pub. L. 93-579, also known as the Privacy Act of 1974, and Title 5 of U.S. Code Annotated 552(a), also known as the Privacy Act, you are being informed of the following: The right to privacy is a personal and fundamental right protected by the Constitution for the united States of America. You may maintain in your records only such information about an individual as is relevant and necessary to accomplish a purpose required by statute or by executive order of the President of the United States. Section 7 of the Privacy Act of 1974 specifically provides that it shall be unlawful for any Federal, State or Local government agency to deny any individual any right, benefit or privilege provided by law because of such individual's refusal to disclose his social security account number. "Right of Privacy is a personal right designed to protect persons from unwanted disclosure of personal information…" CNA Financial Corporation v. Local 743, 515 F.Supp. 942 (D.C. Ill. 1981). "In enacting Section 7 (Privacy Act of 1974), Congress sought to curtail the expanding use of social security numbers by Federal and Local agencies and, by doing so, to eliminate the threat to individual privacy and confidentiality of information posed by common numerical identifiers." Doyle v. Wilson, 529 F. Supp. 1343 (D.C. Del 1982). "It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State, or Local government agency to deny any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual's refusal to disclose his social security number." Doyle v. Wilson, 529 F. Supp. 1343 (D.C. Del 1982). An "agency is a relation created by express or implied contract or by law, whereby one party delegates the transaction of some lawful business with more or less discretionary power to another." State ex rel. Cities Service Gas v. Public Service Commission. 85 S.W.2d 890. If the institution you represent is a bank, you are advised that if such bank routinely collects information and provides such information to Federal, State or Local government agencies, then such bank is an agency of the government." The 1976 amendment to the Social Security Act, codified at 42 U.S.C.A., Section 301 et seq., 405(c)(2)(C)(i, iii), states that there are only four instances where social security account numbers may be demanded. These are: 1. For tax matters; 2. To receive public assistance; 3. To obtain and use a driver’s license; and 4. To register a motor vehicle. You are advised that a non-interest bearing account does not pertain to any of the above. Because the account pays no interest, there is no “need-to-know” on the part of the government. In accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974, whenever an agency fails to comply with the law, the party wronged may bring civil action in the District Court of the United States against such agency. Should the court determine that the agency acted in a manner that was intentional or willful, the agency shall be liable to the wronged party in an amount of equal to the sum of: 1. Actual damages sustained, but in no case less than $1,000.00; and 2. The cost of the action together with reasonable attorney’s fees. And finally, you should be aware of the provisions found at Title 42, United States Code, Section 408(a)(8) that says: "Whoever discloses, uses, or compels the disclosure of the social security number of any person in violation of the laws of the United States shall be guilty of a felony and upon conviction thereof shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned for not more than five years, or both." (Emphasis added)

Constructive Notice issued by: ____________________________________________________

Witness: __________________________________________

Date: ___________________________

Nov 10, 2005
by Joel Mowbray
The rioters who have terrorized Paris for two weeks now have been called many things by the mainstream media: poor, disaffected, disenfranchised, mostly immigrants or children of. But one label applied to them in passing, if at all, is one that is certainly not unimportant or irrelevant: "Muslim."
Anyone reading the accounts of perhaps the most respected news organization on earth, the Associated Press, would have no clue that Muslims were primarily behind the riots. Ditto for those consuming the BBC, though at least that is a little less surprising. And while Reuters, the New York Times, and the LA Times each feel compelled to mention that many rioters are Muslim, they treat that fact as, at most, incidental. (As Daniel Pipes has noted, the situation in the French media is no different.)
By all accounts, the primary contingent of rioters is Muslim. There have been some copycats, and there are anecdotal reports of native Frenchmen participating in the organized chaos. But there is no denying that most of the rioters are Muslim. Unless, of course, you’re in the mainstream media.
An AP story filed late Sunday night waited until the end of the 8th paragraph to identify where exactly the rioters are wreaking havoc. Deep in the story, the AP informs its readers: "Violence has been concentrated in poor suburbs with large immigrant populations."
The hot zones are indeed "poor suburbs with large immigrant populations." But they’re also heavily Muslim. And it was Muslims who were almost exclusively involved in instigating the initial waves of violence. Through the 11th day of rioting, it appears that Muslims, particularly when copycats are not counted, still account for most of the rioters. Yet none of this context appears in the AP story.
Here is how the venerable news agency explained the mushrooming violence: The violence has escalated from an outburst of anger in suburban Paris housing projects into a nationwide show of disdain for French authority from youths and minorities, most French-born children of Arab and black Africans angered by years of unequal opportunities. The word "Muslim" appears exactly once in the 1,000 word dispatch at the very end. Seemingly tacked on at the close of the article is the following: "Government officials have held a series of meetings with Muslim religious leaders, local officials and youths from poor suburbs to try to calm the violence." (emphasis added)
Similar was a BBC story that merely described the urban battlegrounds as "poor, largely immigrant communities with high levels of unemployment." Just afterward, in the next-to-last paragraph and out of nowhere is this: "Muslim leaders have urged politicians to show respect for immigrant communities."
So Muslims apparently are not involved in the riots, except in calling for their end.
Perhaps this is by the design of the French government. An AP story from Friday afternoon quotes national police spokesman Patrick Hamon saying that there was "nothing that allows us to say that Islamists" were behind car burnings, police shootings, and other acts of sadistic violence, such as setting on fire a woman on crutches as she was exiting a bus.
Treating its readers with a modicum more respect, the NY Times at least acknowledged that "a majority of the youths committing the acts are Muslim," but buried that tidbit more than 1,000 words into a 1,400 article. And in the same sentence, the paper hastened to add that "the mayhem has yet to take on any ideological or religious overtones." No religious overtones? Then why did many of the rioters, after a canister of tear gas rolled up to the steps of a mosque on Day 4, reportedly declare that their actions were a "Jihad?"
The "Jihad" chants were only reported by the mainstream media, it appears, by Newsweek’s Christopher Dickey in a piece for the November 14th issue titled, "Rage on Rue Picasso: Will the riots swell the ranks of jihadists in Europe?" Of course everyone knows that the fact that the rioters are primarily Muslim is significant. How is a different question. But it is self-evident that the violence is largely unique to Muslims. That’s why even the AP and the BBC, both of whom otherwise pretend to be blind to the religion of those destroying whole towns, mention that it is Muslim leaders urging calm.
The BBC, while engaging in absurd acrobatics in its reporting on the riots to avoid even the mention of the word "Muslim" unless it’s to describe those calling for peace, has an entire series on the state of Muslims in France. It is labeled "background" for the riots stories and it was only kicked off after the riots had raged for several days.
The role Islam, whether as opportunistic rallying cry, through hateful teachings in the name of the religion, or otherwise, played in the riots is something we might not know for some time. If ever. But it is certainly relevant. So why do so many in the mainstream media consider it not even worth mentioning?
Joel Mowbray is a contributing columnist on Townhall.com.

Nov 14, 2005
by Star Parker
November has been a banner month so far in California for assaulting the traditional family. Last Tuesday, California voters rejected Proposition 73, which would have required parental notification before allowing a minor to receive an abortion. The week before, California's wacko 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that parents do not have "exclusive" right in their children's sex education. Now, in the state of California, a 15-year-old girl has full and exclusive sovereignty over the production and destruction of life. However, her 40-year-old parents have only limited jurisdiction over the values that this child learns and how she lives her life. The absurdity speaks for itself. Aside from the angst that comes from watching the long-term implosion of a society, I have immediate concerns that California's assault on the traditional family is simultaneously an assault on blacks and the poor. The nation's highest rate of teen abortions is among blacks. It is more than double the national average and more than three times higher than the rate among whites. Data compiled by the Heritage Foundation show that teens from homes headed by single, never-married women are twice as likely to be sexually active than teens from homes headed by married couples. Black children are three times more likely than white children to be living in a single-parent household and are three times more likely to be poor. So despite arguments from Planned Parenthood and other liberal advocates that inserting government between parents and their children protects children, things are quite the opposite. The reality of the black community is testimony that the formula for keeping children poor, and assuring that their children will be poor, is to destroy the integrity of the family. Government subsidization and protection of irresponsible behavior has gotten blacks into the social black hole in which they now find themselves. Black kids are not suffering because they need more rights. They are suffering because they are not learning, from an early age, about responsibilities and consequences. It's not an accident that in polling before the Proposition 73 vote, blacks supported the initiative. It's also not an accident that 75 percent of blacks supported the ban on gay marriage that passed in Texas in the week past. Blacks are increasingly appreciating that the No.1 challenge in our community is the restoration of family. This is a challenge under any circumstances. All the more so today, in the midst of a prevailing culture that increasingly goes in the opposite direction in the values it promotes. The 9th Circuit Court ruling upheld a decision by a local school district to ask kids ages 7 to 10 to respond to a questionnaire asking explicit questions about their sexual feelings. Parents sued claiming that the school had intruded on their fundamental right to "control the upbringing of their children" regarding matters of values and sex. No, said the court. Parents have no "exclusive" right here. The school is their partner in raising their children. According to the court's Justice Reinhardt, parents have no right "to prevent a public school from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise, when and as the school determines that it is appropriate to do so." This is a supposedly free country, right? However, you don't have a choice whether to send your kid to school. And, if you don't have resources, you don't have a choice but to send your kid to a public school where, certainly in California, the government will be your partner in teaching your kid values. The very decision of the court tells you what values the government will teach. Marginalize the traditional family and have Justice Reinhardt, or his equivalent, join you as the co-parent of your kids. Poor black kids, already coming from broken homes, are forced into broken schools where they are taught the very values that will increase the probability that they will stay poor, as will their children. And liberals think they are our friends? Blacks see and feel the crisis. We are trying to rebuild our families and communities.
Star Parker is President of Coalition on Urban Renewal & Education.

ITEM 56: Jeanine Pirro Blasts Hillary's Party for Democrat Ex-Klansman
New York Senate hopeful Jeanine Pirro is blasting 2008 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton for throwing a birthday party tonight for Ku Klux Klansman-turned-Senator Robert Byrd at the home of a civil rights pioneer. "It's outrageous and shocking that Senator Clinton and her Democrat colleagues would choose Frederick Douglass' house to honor Senator Robert Byrd, who has a history of involvement with hate groups and has used racial slurs publicly," Pirro spokeswoman Andrea Tantaros told the Associated Press. "Any person who has made racially insensitive comments and participated in groups that promote ethnic prejudice, Republican or Democrat, does not deserve support from a United States senator, especially the senator from New York, at a landmark that is so cherished by those who respect and honor racial equality," Pirro's spokeswoman added. Byrd joined the Klan in 1943 and rose to the level of Kleagle before being unanimously elected to the office of Grand Cyclops. He claims to have resigned a few months later. But in 1946 Byrd wrote the Klan's Grand Imperial Wizard to express his support. "The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth," the top Democrat urged. Byrd led the filibuster of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and called notorious white supremacist Sen. Richard B. Russell, who was chiefly remembered for blocking anti-lynching legislation, "my mentor." In 1972 Byrd sponsored legislation to name the Senate's main office building after Russell. As recently as 2001, the West Virginia Democrat was still using the N-word in television interviews. Mrs. Clinton's spokesman, Howard Wolfson, defended her tribute to the longtime racist, saying Pirro's criticism was off base. "Sadly, Ms. Pirro continues to wage a campaign of insults and attacks instead of offering New Yorkers a positive agenda," he said, without explaining why Mrs. Clinton was honoring the one-time nightrider. The former first lady's tribute to Byrd is sure to spark comparisons with Sen. Trent Lott, who had to resign his Senate leadership post after he praised the late Senator Strom Thurmond at his 100th birthday party. Though Thurmond was once a pro-segregationist Dixiecrat, he never joined the Klan. Unlike the Lott episode, however, it's not clear whether any toasts to the ex-Klansman by prominent Democrats will be videotaped.

Item 57: More Sins And Crimes Of Ignorant And Evil Psychiatrists
New York Times, "Young, Assuring and Playing Pharmacist to Friends." Key points include: Antidepressants are prescribed to nearly half of the college students seen as student health centers, according to a recent report in the New England Journal of Medicine, and increasing numbers of students fake the symptoms of depression and attention deficit disorder to get prescriptions. Another study recently published in the Journal of American College Health, found that 14 percent of student as a Midwestern liberal arts college reported buying prescription stimulants from each other and that 44 percent knew of someone who had. People have grown up watching their psychiatrists mix and match drugs in a manner that sometimes seems arbitrary. One woman who tried Zoloft simply because her doctor said that she had success with taking the drug: She said, "It’s insane. I feel like you have to be informed because you’re controlling your brain." Carol Boyd, the former head of Addiction Research Center at the University of Michigan said, "Kids get messages about street drugs; they know smoking crack is a bad deal. The country needs to have a serious conversation about both the marketing of prescription drugs and where we draw the boundaries between illegal use and misuse." Fortune Magazine: The article opens with a story about Kim Witzcak, whose husband Woody committed suicide after two weeks on Zoloft. The author calls Witzak a "formidable crusader" and says her court case is "likely to put SSRI on trial as never before," and that her case will highlight the fact that antidepressants have the same side effects on adults as children. According to the author, "A black box warning for adults could have huge repercussions, vaporizing billions of dollars of future sales, increasing pressure on policy makers to curtail direct to consumer drug ads, and prompting a new slew of lawsuits." The New York Times in a front page article on the cover of the Art Section called "Looking back on an ice-pick lobotomy that he says didn't touch his soul," this is an article about a man named Howard Dully who received an ice-pick lobotomy from Dr. Walter Freeman, inventor of ice-pick lobotomy, when he was 12 years old. The article features photos of the then twelve year old boy, with a shot of him before the lobotomy, then during the actual operation with an ice-pick stuck in his eyes, and after with bruised swollen eyes. The article opens with a brief account of how case files of mental illness are filled with half-baked theories. It says that Wilhelm Fleiss believed that sexual hang-ups stemmed from irregularities in the nasal cavity and that a little snipping could set everything straight and that in 1895 he famously botched an operation on Sigmund Freud’s patient Emma Eckstein, absent-mindedly leaving a yard of surgical gauze stuffed in her head almost causing her to bleed to death. St Petersberg Times: A political dissident and former Cuban citizen is suing Fidel Castro for $10 million after being thrown in a Havana psychiatric hospital, where she was subjected to electric shock and forced to take insulin injections that rendered her unconscious. According to the article, the psych hospital has been cited in several lawsuits as the place where many detainees have been tortured. This is the third political dissident exposing psychiatry torturing patients for their political beliefs to make national and international headlines in the last several weeks. To see reports on similar abuses in China and Russia, go toPsychiatric Evils

Item 58: Christian Investing (Broker goes Christian)
By Bob Schwarz, The Charleston Gazette, W.Va. Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News
Nov. 19 - John Young goes to church with people who oppose abortion and who condemn unmarried couples living together, Why not, the stockbroker wondered, seek clients of like mind as well. Young has lately placed ads with Charleston Newspapers for his 11-month-old company, Horizon Financial Solutions. "Are you screening your investments in God's Way?" the ads ask. "You may unknowingly be investing in companies involved in abortion, pornography, non-married lifestyles and anti-family entertainment." Young, 63, is an elder at Perrow Presbyterian Church in Cross Lanes, which switched more than a decade ago from Presbyterian Church USA to the theologically conservative Evangelical Presbyterian Church. He joined the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants in January, becoming its first West Virginia member. "This is a recent turn for me," Young said. "I left my previous firm because they wouldn't let me do Bible-based money management seminars in churches anymore." A while ago, Young discovered that the mutual funds into which he was putting his own money were investing half their money in companies that had values different from his own. He moved his money into a mutual fund family called The Timothy Plan. "The thing is most people just don't know," Young said. "What I am doing is just informing them should they choose to find out. Then they can decide what to do with their money. I didn't know and I worked in the business." Young acknowledged that the ad, while attractive to some, might offend many. "I didn't have any choice. I stand out on Route 60 once a year on Pro-life Sunday holding up anti-abortion signs." "He's just trying to capitalize on religious views, just trying to get money his way," said the Rev. Lloyd Hill, who leads a local Baptist congregation but said he was speaking only for himself. "It doesn't look like much other than that to me." "It's an interesting claim of God's way," said Mel Hoover, who co-pastors with his wife the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kanawha Valley. "Whose God's way?" "I wouldn't comment on another financial adviser or another firm," said Tony Mattera, director of corporate communication for Wachovia Securities in Richmond, Va. "Typically, our financial adviser's objective is to help their clients meet their lifetime aspirations by helping them achieve their financial goals." Denominations often set boundaries on investments, said Dennis Johnson, the Baptist Temple's senior minister. "This is nothing new. I just haven't seen it advertised before. Usually there's a consultant from the denomination that helps the church think about these things." The Baptist Temple has a policy, which it gives to the brokers who invest the church's endowments. "In our case, it has to do with alcohol and traditional sins," Johnson said. "But a more comprehensive view would deal with social justice issues that are incompatible with Christian teachings. Some churches might set the boundaries at those who have questionable employment practices overseas. Some may not participate in investing in companies with defense contracts." When a white government imposed racial apartheid in South Africa, some denominations opposed investing in businesses there because they thought that they were helping to support the system, Johnson recalled. "It's an important issue for churches to consider because it does call into accountability the corporate world," Johnson said. "It's legitimate to use one's values as a screen," said the Unitarian Fellowship's Hoover. "However, it's something else to declare knowledge of God's values or that his individual religious understanding is a legitimate standard to judge other people by."

Item 59: Torturing Terrorists And Nuclear Weapons (Tortured reasoning)
Nov 22, 2005
by Thomas Sowell
Some people seem to see nothing between zero and infinity. Things are either categorically all right or they are categorically off-limits. This kind of reasoning, if it can be called reasoning, is reflected in the stampede to ban torture by Congressional legislation. As far as a general policy is concerned, there is no torture to ban. Isolated individuals here and there may abuse their authority and violate existing laws and policies by their treatment of prisoners but the point is that these are in fact violations. When some individuals violate laws against murder, no one thinks that requires Congressional legislation to add to the existing laws against murder. What it calls for is enforcement of existing laws. Banning torture categorically by federal legislation takes on a new dimension in an era of international terrorist networks that may, within the lifetime of this generation, have nuclear weapons. If a captured terrorist knows where a nuclear bomb has been planted in some American city, and when it is timed to go off, are millions of Americans to be allowed to be incinerated because we have become too squeamish to get that information out of him by whatever means are necessary? What a price to pay for moral exhibitionism or political grandstanding! Even in less extreme circumstances, and even if we don't intend to torture the captured terrorist, does that mean that we need to reduce our leverage by informing all terrorists around the world in advance that they can stonewall indefinitely when captured, without fear of that fate? This is not only an era of international terrorist networks but also an era of runaway litigation and runaway judges. Do we really want a federal law that will enable captured terrorists to be able to take their cases to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals? Regardless of what the free-wheeling judges in that unpredictable body may end up deciding, they are not likely to decide it soon. Anybody can call anything "torture" at virtually no cost to themselves but at huge costs in money and delay to the efforts to protect Americans from terrorism. There is no penalty for false claims but potentially deadly consequences for letting international terrorists tie up our legal system by exercising rights granted to American citizens and now thoughtlessly extended to people who are not American citizens and who are bent on killing American citizens and destroying American society. After decades of ignoring the fact that rights and responsibilities go together, it was perhaps inevitable that an under-educated and easily confused generation should include some who do not understand that the rights granted to captured troops by the Geneva Convention apply to those who have accepted the terms of the Geneva Convention. It does not apply to people who are not troops and who have blatantly violated the whole framework of that convention. For more than two centuries there has been a tendency on the political left, here and overseas, to make wrong-doers look like victims rather than people who are victimizing others. So it was perhaps inevitable that some would extend this attitude from criminals to terrorists. But it was not inevitable that most would carry things this far or that so many others would be taken in by the rhetoric of moral superiority, or be oblivious to the implications of an international network of cutthroats bent on destroying us even at the cost of their own lives. Think of those implications. During the last election, Osama bin Laden warned Americans that those places that voted for President Bush would be targeted for terrorist reprisals. We could ignore him then. But will our children and grandchildren be able to ignore similar threats after the terrorists are given nuclear weapons by Iran or sold nuclear weapons by North Korea? This is a chilling prospect under the best circumstances. It is madness to tie our hands in any way in trying to forestall or counter the catastrophic potential of international terrorism. Thomas Sowell is a Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow.

Vittorio Messori and "The Mary Hypothesis"
ROME, NOVEMBER 25TH, 2005 (Zenit.org).- One of the most popular Catholic writers is back in bookstores with "The Mary Hypothesis," published in Italy by Ares. Vittorio Messori, author of "The Jesus Hypothesi," (1976) is the first journalist in history to publish a book-length interview with a Pope, the best-selling "Crossing the Threshold of Hope." (1994)
He also published "The Ratzinger Report" (1987), based on an interview with then prefect of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI.
In this interview with ZENIT, Messori discusses the meaning of his most recent work, in which he reflects on the "depth of mystery" that the Virgin Mary represents.
Q: Who is Mary? How can one explain the mystery of a woman chosen by the Creator to give birth to the Son of God? Messori: Mary is but a humble woman from a humble village. No pre-Christian text speaks of Nazareth, to the point that an attempt was made to demonstrate that no place existed with that name.
For the wisdom of the world, Mary is nothing, but from the perspective of the faith she is the depth of mystery. She is a human person like us, and at the same time the indispensable instrument for the greatest and most unique event, the incarnation of God himself.
From the Catholic perspective, at present there are in heaven two bodies like ours, glorified for eternity: the one belonging to Jesus and that of his Mother. They anticipate what we too will be.
Q: Why write this book? What is the objective and meaning of this research?
Messori: When, in 1976, I published my first book, "The Jesus Hypothesis," many readers asked me to work on "The Mary Hypothesis."
The matter, then, seemed strange to me, and unacceptable. My thinking was that Jesus is on the streets, and His Mother is at home. One knows and loves her only when one attains sufficient closeness with the Son to enter where he dwells. In any event, there are two challenges that I have tried to address in these more than 500 pages. First, to show that it is possible to be devoted to Mary without falling into a certain rhetoric. Also, to show that to make room for the Virgin is not the hobby of sentimental or ignorant believers, but a need of every believer which cannot be ignored. Everything that the Church has said and says about the Mother is, in fact, at the service of Christ, in defense of his humanity and at the same time of his divinity. Mariology is, in fact, Christology. Her dogmas are but the confirmation and bulwark of her Son's. Whenever Mary has been neglected, sooner or later Christ has also disappeared.
Q: Given the waves of secularization of the last three decades, Marian devotion has preserved many Catholic communities. The latter, by praying the rosary, have kept the faith and tradition. Nevertheless, in some Catholic realms Marian devotion is considered anti-modern and too traditional. What is your opinion in this respect?
Messori: In "The Mary Hypothesis" I write a great deal about apparitions, even though I limit myself to those recognized by the Church. In the Virgin's apparitions, she continues her vocation of Mother who hastens to her children in difficult moments. Since the beginning of modernity, it is faith itself that is threatened; the flock of believers seems to be in danger of scattering.
The apparitions are a call, a jolt, a confirmation, a strengthening. I go when I can, as a pilgrim, in addition to going as a scholar, to European Marian shrines. I encounter multitudes there that no longer go to their parishes, but that are attracted by those places where the maternal presence has manifested itself. In the West, the increase in pilgrimages has been the only index of a positive sign in a Church where everything is in decline, from participation in the sacraments to vocations. Marian devotion is at present perhaps the greatest pastoral resource. And I don't know what to think of certain "intellectual clerics" who reject or even scorn this extraordinary possibility. However, fortunately, average people do not read the "adult" and "critical" theologians, but rather continue to be fascinated before the possibility that a merciful Mother awaits them in a shrine.
Q: Historically, the increase of Christians is also explained thanks to a lofty conception of woman in contrast to the pagan world. To what point does the figure of Mary explain the Christian conception of woman? What could Mary say today to the movement for the emancipation of woman?
Messori: Twenty years ago, after a few days of conversation with the prefect of the former Holy Office, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, I published "The Ratzinger Report." The future Benedict XVI told me that Christians should oppose the crisis of woman, often so painful for her, with an antidote: Mary. In that same person coexists the two great feminine vocations: virginity and maternity. If properly understood, Marian devotion is not an obstacle, but rather a precious help for women to rediscover a way that truly values the mystery of femininity. ZE05112503

ITEM 61: The Truth About Islam
Girl, 16, hanged in public in Iran
Friday, 20 August 2004
On Sunday, August 15, a 16-year-old girl in the town of Neka, northern Iran, was executed. Ateqeh Sahaleh was hanged in public on Simetry Street off Rah Ahan Street at the city center. The sentence was issued by the head of Neka's Justice Department and subsequently upheld by the mullahs' Supreme Court and carried out with the approval of Judiciary Chief Mahmoud Shahroudi. In her summary trial, the teenage victim did not have any lawyer and efforts by her family to recruit a lawyer were to no avail. Ateqeh personally defended herself. She told the religious judge, Haji Rezaii, that he should punish the main perpetrators of moral corruption not the victims. The judge personally pursued Ateqeh's death sentence, beyond all normal procedures and finally gained the approval of the Supreme Court. After her execution Rezai said her punishment was not execution but he had her executed for her "sharp tongue."
Feminists Silent on Freedom for Iraqi Women by Lisa De Pasquale
The transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqi government marks a new day for Iraqi women. Thanks to the courageous action taken by the Bush administration and its allies, Iraqi women have renewed freedom. The administration has insisted that women receive educational and small business opportunities, as well as active participation in government. For months radical feminists have been silent on the plight of Iraqi women. Instead this hypocritical bunch has condemned the war in Iraq and its subsequent liberation of women simply because the war is supported by conservatives. In March feminists gathered in front of the White House to protest military action against Saddam Hussein. The protest was called "Code Pink: Women's Pre-Emptive Strike for Peace." On the other side of the world, Iraqi women were being denied the most basic rights and have lived in fear knowing that Iraqi law freely allowed male relatives to murder them in the name of honor. In Iraqi prisons, women were raped and tortured for being related to Iraqi opposition activists. Videotapes of the acts were sent to the families. Despite obvious human rights violations and limits on freedom, feminists, led by the National Organization for Women, ignored Saddam Hussein's reprehensible treatment of women. Under the Saddam Hussein regime Iraqi women were not allowed to work outside the home. Feminists, on the other hand, talked about America's "tyrants" and the threat of "tyranny in our homes, our workplaces and our schools." Radical feminists witnessed a legitimate case of tyranny and violence against women in Iraq, but they remained steadfastly against policies and actions taken by America and the Bush administration that helped these women. NOW President Kim Gandy stated, "The real terrorism is the Bush administration's disregard for international law and destruction of civil liberties at home. This has become an issue of one dictator versus another." Feminists are more comfortable allowing Iraqi women to endure torture than supporting the Bush Administration. For example, a report by Amnesty International documented the beheading of 50 young women in Baghdad. The report also said, "The heads of these women were hung on the doors of their houses for a few days." Saddam's son Uday led the group of men who beheaded the women and terrorized their families. The US State Department reports that human rights organizations receive continuous testimony on the psychological trauma women have suffered after being tortured and raped by Iraqi military personnel. Despite this overwhelming evidence, feminists in the US praised Iraq and cited a suspicious United Nations report that said Iraq "scored highest in women's empowerment." Before the capture of Saddam, NOW stated in a press release posted on their website that Iraqi women "currently enjoy more rights and freedoms than women in other Gulf nations, such as Saudi Arabia." At an International Alliance for Justice press conference in 2002, Safia al-Souhail, an Iraqi woman whose father was murdered for opposing Saddam, said, "We are here begging the support of the free world to liberate us from the nightmare we have been living in for the past three decades." Al-Souhail also said, "Disarmament alone will not end our suffering. This regime should be indicted for its crimes against humanity." NOW and their cohorts were deaf to these women's pleas and still condemn the war in Iraq. Feminists invent problems in the US and ignore the real problems faced by women around the world. NOW accuses President Bush of "reversing women's rights here and abroad." Feminist Majority leader Eleanor Smeal odiously said that the Bush Administration "needs to construct a foreign policy as if women mattered." The deceptively titled March for Women's Lives in April brought thousands of feminists and leftist supporters to Washington, DC. Rather than march against the atrocities and violence against women in Iraq and other countries around the world, feminists waved coat hangers and demanded taxpayer-funded abortions. Cybill Shepherd held a sign that said, "Too bad John Ashcroft's mother didn't believe in abortion." Amid "Fire Bush," "Tarts for Choice" and other placards feminist icon Gloria Steinem told the crowd, "This government is the greatest danger on earth!" Echoing the hateful and hysterical rhetoric, Senator Hillary Clinton, with no apparent sense of irony regarding the previous administration, said she was there to criticize President Bush for "not upholding laws against sexual harassment and discrimination." These radical feminists' stance on military action in Iraq and the global war on terrorism illustrate how they have consistently fallen short of their purported mission to "eliminate sexism and eliminate all oppression." Their motives are clearly political and not based on advancing the rights of women around the world. When faced with a war that liberated the Iraqi people, a majority of whom are women, feminists would much rather turn a blind eye to the horrors of Saddam than support America and the Bush Administration. Liberals Hate America!

ITEM 62: "Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant" Book Review: "Cuba’s own Elvis," that’s what Dan Rather calls him. Funny name for a man who has threatened the United States with nuclear war, who has made common cause with Islamic terrorists against the United States, and whose people risk death to escape him. But there’s a lot that Hollywood liberals and other Fidel Castro admirers would rather you didn’t know about the dictator of Cuba, like how he imprisoned more people as a percentage of population than Hitler or Stalin; how Fidel’s firing squads killed thousands of Cubans; how Fidel’s subjects would rather inject themselves with AIDS than live under his tyranny. Drawing on a wealth of research, including interviews with former Castro regime officials, anti-Castro freedom fighters, and Castro’s political prisoners, acclaimed author Humberto Fontova reveals the ugly face of the Castro regime. Along the way, he punctures some of the egregious myths about Cuba: The Motorcycle Bore: The real Che Guevara, not the rebel rock star of T-shirt fame, but a battlefield incompetent, a puritan Stalinist bore, and the man who sent thousands of innocent Cubans to the firing squads: Communist Economics 101: How Castro took Cuba from being a First World economy that had to turn away European emigrants to a country that even impoverished Haitians won’t emigrate to, with among the highest suicide and abortion rates in the world: The Saddam Hussein Next Door: How Castro has not only had nuclear weapons (and wanted to launch them) but has plotted massive terrorist outrages against the United States. Fidel the anti-black racist and unrepentant Communist, and his long list of useful idiots: from Jesse Jackson to Oliver Stone, George McGovern to Ted Turner, Bill Clinton to Steven Spielberg, to Katie Couric and many others, The Left’s favorite racism: against conservative Cuban-Americans.

12 November 2005, A.D.
TO: Mr. Tom Corbett
Office of the Attorney General
16th Floor, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, 17120
FROM: Purnell J.
211 Fox
Muncy 17756
Re: Response to the Pa. Lawman Committee for the Public Interest
Mr. Corbett:
It has come to my attention, through a release from the Lawman Committee for the Public Interest, that in your responSe to the Lawman Committee for the Public Interest (Joseph Schiaffino, chair), signed by Eric Augustine, you all stated that your office has no authority or jurisdiction over IRS employees because they work for a federal agency. I am not writing this on their behalf, but for myself, so I am going to pose the obvious question to you and Mr. Augustine: What is the Act of Congress that created the Internal Revenue Service as a 'federal agency'? I could not find any statute that did so (I searched in Title 31 of the United States Code, Subtitle I, Subchapter 3 [Sections 301-312]--organisation, of the United States Department of the Treasury): SUBCHAPTER I - ORGANIZATION Sec. 301. Department of the Treasury. 302. Treasury of the United States. 303. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 304. Bureau of the Mint.(!1) 305. Federal Financing Bank. 306. Fiscal Service. 307. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. 308. United States Customs Service. 309. Office of Thrift Supervision. 310. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. 311. Office of Intelligence and Analysis. 312. Continuing in office. Source: http://uscode.house.gov/download/pls/31C3.txt Notice that there is no mention of the Internal Revenue Service as an agency created by Congress. I want to point out to you that 31 U.S.C. has apparently been enacted into 'positive law'. Additionally, it appears that the Supreme Court of the United States, in Chrysler Corp. v. (Harold) Brown, Sec. of Defence, 441 U.S. 281 (1979), euphemistically admitted (in footnote 23) that there was no Bureau of Internal Revenue (IRS' forerunner), or any similar Washington bureaucracy created by Congress during the Civil War, only the Office of the Commissioner. Also, if the IRS were a federal agency, why do they pay postage on mail they send? Federal agencies have 'franking' privileges, do they not? Yet, every piece of mail I receive from them either has a postage metre or a permit number. The only mention of the Internal Revenue Service within that subtitle and chapter refers to the appointment of a Chief Counsel to be one of the Assistant General counselors (31 U.S.C. 301(f)(2)). The only other mention of 'Internal Revenue' is a trust domiciled in Puerto Rico (31) U.S.C. 1321(a)--Trust Funds, #62)["Puerto Rico special fund (Internal Revenue)"]. Also, attached is a regulation from the Code of Federal Regulations (Title 27 CFR, Part 26 Sec. 11) that has definitions of 'Secretary,' 'Secretary or his delegate,' and 'revenue agent,' and note there which Treasury is referred to in all three. That's right, the Department of the Treasury of PUERTO RICO! How 'bout them apples, eh? To my knowledge, this is about the only place that such specific identification can be found. Also, based on my research, it appears the the IRS currently has no authority (either through statute and/or executive order) to operate within the fifty states of the Union, (compare, e.g., Treasury Delegation Order 150-02, dated 9 March 2001, A.D., with Treasury Delegation Order 150-01, dated 28 September 1995, A.D.), but only in the District of Columbia (see 4 U.S.C. 72). For more, see, also, Mitchell, Paul Andrew, "31 Questions and Answers about the Internal Revenue Service" online at: http://www.supremelaw.org/sls/31answers.htm. Now, of course, if it is, indeed, found that IRS is not a lawful federal agency, then whatever agreements the Pa. Department of Revenue has with them would likely be null and void due to fraud, since: "[Fraud] vitiates everything"--Boyce's Exec. v. Grundy, 3 Peters (28 U.S.) 210, 220 (1830) "Fraud destroys the validity of everything into which it enters."--Nudd v. Burrows, Assignee, 91 U.S. 426, 440 (c. 1875) "There is no question of the general doctrine that fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments."--United States v. Throckmorton,, 98 U.S. 61, 64-65 (c. 1878); see, also Nudd v. Burrows, supra. And of course, it would close the only 'escape hatch' you really (supposedly) had, namely the contention that the IRS is a federal agency. Uh OH! But the thing bigger than that would be the ENORMOUS fraud taking place. The contents of such notices and letters notwithstanding, it's what's on their letterhead. Nearly EACH AND EVERY piece of correspondence from the IRS would constitute mail fraud! Why? Because it says "Department of the Treasury." It would be giving the false impression that the IRS is a lawful agency within the United States Department of the Treasury and that the notices sent by them are official federal agency documents. Think of the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of counts of mail fraud that various employees could have been charged with over the years, whether they are notices (more and more are unsigned with no names on them) or even the tax forms (1040, etc...) themselves, and notwithstanding the possible violation of 31 U.S.C. 333 (misuse of the term "Department of the Treasury"). But even IF the Internal Revenue Service is actually a federal agency, its various employees would enjoy immunity only insofar they are acting within the outer limits of their lawful duties (which are very few), and even there, it would only be 'qualified immunity' (realise of course that such immunity is not a licence to engage in lawless conduct: Harlow v. Fitzgerald, 457 U.S. 800, 819 [1982]), otherwise they would have to be subjected individually and/or severally (in their personal capacities) to charges of violations of the laws of the United States (and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's 'Crimes Code' [Act 334 of 1972, P.L. 1482, as amended], even for alleged agents that are neither Citizens of Pennsylvania nor employed by IRS in an office within Pa.--they could be tried, in the cases of issuances of notices of liens or levies or 'seizures' of a Citizen's property, for criminal solicitation [P.L. 1509, 18 Pa. C.S.A. 902]; criminal conspiracy [ibid, sec. 903] : to commit theft by unlawful taking or disposition [sec. 3921], theft by deception [sec. 3922], theft by extortion [3923], racketeering [sec. 911][see, also, Commonwealth v. Dellisanti, 583[?] Pa._____, _____, 876 A.2d 366 (21 June 2005, A.D.)(drug paraphernalia, Controlled Substances Act), fraudulent business practises [4107(a), cl. 6], and possibly others. That (taking action against [alleged] IRS agents in their personal, individual capacity) would necessarily be so, since it has repeatedly been held that the government cannot be held liable as the principal or be estopped for such acts by its agents: Lee v. Munroe & Thornton, 7 Cranch 366, 368, 369 (1813); Filor v. United States, 9 Wall. 45, 49 (1870); Utah Power & Light Co. v. United States, 243 U.S. 389, 409 (1917) There is no compelling reason why Section 911 should not be applied to actual or alleged IRS personnel (since they, of course, derive benefits from such activities), or even to the IRS itself. See, e.g., the definitions in subsection (h), and, particularly, relating to Chapter 39 (theft and related offences) and possibly even Chapter 47 (bribery and corrupt influence), since it has come to my attention, that the IRS has been, and maybe still are, engaging in a kickback racket (under the guise of the "Performance Management and Recognition System"), this still can be found in the "Internal revenue Manual": Exhibit 1.2.45-2 (10-02-2000) Delegation of Personnel-Related Matters [Order Number 81 (Rev. 17)], and see, particularly, Chart 2, where it shows payoffs ranging from $5,000, to as much as $35,000 for ones such as the President. http://www.irs.gov/irm/part1/ch02s12.html. Apparently, most, if not all, of the awards were paid in CASH. Golly Gee, I wonder why! For more, see a November 1996 article by Mitchell, Paul Andrew, "The Kick-Back Racket: Performance Management and Recognition System" at URL: http://www.supremelaw.org/press/rels/kickback.htm Jurisdiction for prosecution of the 'outsiders' would lie pursuant to Act 334 of 1972, P.L. 1482, 1483, 18 Pa. C.S.A. 102(a)(3)-- territorial applicability; check out, also, the 'constructive presence' doctrine. See, especially, the latter doctrine in Commonwealth v. Gillespie, 7 Sergeant & Rawle 469, 478 (1822); Commonwealth v. Thomas, 410 Pa. 160, 167-68 (1963); Strassheim v. Daily, 221 U.S. 280, 285 (1911, Holmes, J.); Updike v. People, 92 Colorado 125, 18 P.2d 472, 476 (1933); Commonwealth v. Prep, 186 Pa. Superior Ct. 442, 451 (1958)[though that matter was wholly intrastate]; Commonwealth v. Tumolo, 455 Pa. 424, 427 (1974); Commonwealth v. Corlies, 3 Brewster 575, 578 (Q.S., Phila. Co., 1869); People v. Mather, 4 Wendell 229 (1830); The King v. Brisac and Scott, 4 East (Eng.) 164, 172 (1803); and the more recent cases, applying 18 Pa. C.S.A. 102: Commonwealth v. Dennis, 421 Pa. Superior Ct. 600, 609 (1992); Commonwealth v. Giusto, 810 A.2d 123, 126 (2002) Although none of the cases involved actual or alledged IRS personnel, there is no compelling reason why the above principle(s) should not be applied to them. Likewise, prosecution for violations of the laws of the United States can also be brought in the various common pleas and superior courts. See 18 U.S.C. 3231, para. 2, and the 'concurrent jurisdiction' doctrine--that state courts, unlike federal courts, are presumed to have jurisdiction with regards to federal questions such as the application of provisions of the Constitution for the United States of America, and the laws of the United States, unless expressly (or by necessary implication) denied by Congress. Kise v. Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, 574 Pa. 528, 543 (2003); Itri v. Equibank, N.A., 318 Pa. Superior Ct. 268, 280-81 (1983); Gulf Offshore Co. v. Mobil Oil Corp., 452 U.S. 473, 477-78 (1981); Chas. Dowd Box Co. v. Courtney, 368 U.S. 502, 507-08 (1962), S.C., 341 Mass. 337, 339 (1960, Wilkins, C.J.); Borden v. Enterprise Trans. Co., 198 Mass. 590, 592 (1908, Knowlton, C.J.); Calvin v. Huntley, 178 Mass. 29, 31 (1901, Hammond. J.); Claflin v. Houseman, Assignee, 93 U.S. 130, 136-38 (c. 1876). The Allegheny County Superior court, in the case of Porter, OPA Admin. v. Steinberg, 94 Pitt. L.J. 393 (1946), cited by Schiaffino in the response to you, seemed to have taken a somewhat opposite view to the above, namely, that state courts have the authority to enforce federal law only where such powers are specifically granted (ibid at 396). Moreover, it is black letter law that the grant of jurisdiction to federal courts does not, in of itself, imply that such jurisdiction is exclusive: United States v. Bank of New York & Trust Co., 296 U.S. 463, 479 (1936); Gulf Offshore Co. v. Mobil Oil Corp., supra. With all that said, it stands to reason that if Pennsylvania Courts are not deprived of authority to hear matters arising under federal law, you as Pennsylvania Attorney General are also vested with the power to investigate matters arising under federal law, and not just of common-law type fraud, but mail fraud, bank fraud, extortion, racketeering, false personation, deprivation of rights under colour of law, etc... I, myself, am preparing a formal criminal complaint to submit to the District Court of the United States, since I, myself, have been victimised by alleged IRS personnel, though not to the extent of other members of the Lawman Committee, at least not yet, and am a witness to such alleged offences by (alleged) IRS personnel such as mail fraud, extortion, racketeering, false personation, false and fraudulent statements and entries, etc...(due to the failure/refusal by various alleged agents to respond to my correspondence as well as failing to substantiate their claims and authority to act, and their subsequent actions... Also, because they had a duty to answer truthfully and completely, their acts amount to fraud, as per United States v. Prudden, 424 F.2d 1021, 1032 (5th Cir., 1970); United States v. Tweel, 550 F.2d 297, 299 (5th Cir., 1977); Magee v. Manhattan Life Ins. Co., 92 U.S. 93, 100-101 (c. 1876); Carmine v. Bowen, 104 Md. 198, 204 (1906); Eareckson v. Rogers, 112 Md. 160, 169 (1910)). I expect that your office will reconsider and will investigate the various allegations of criminal activity and not shy away from doing so because it involves the IRS (and/or some of its personnel, actual and alleged), but, hey, it's easier to take on hearing aid salesmen than the IRS, huh? I will be awaiting your response.
Purnell J.

ITEM 64: Who are you calling angry?
Nov 30, 2005
by Michelle Malkin
Janeane Garofalo, left-wing actress-turned-Air America radio host, is a miserable woman. Last week before the holidays, she turned up on cable TV. No, not to count her blessings, but to rant against conservative journalist Bob Novak, author Ann Coulter, and the Fox News Channel. She didn't have anything better to do for Thanksgiving? Accessorized by a permanent scowl (hard to believe she was once considered a comedienne), Ms. Garofalo accused conservatives of having "an anger management problem." Without a trace of irony, the frowning Garofalo griped about "right-wing partisan hacks" who "are always on the verge of punching somebody or always behave as if they've just been cut off in traffic." This, dear readers, is a classic case of liberal projection. Like CNN executive Jonathan Klein, who derided Fox's audience as full of "angry white men, and those men tend to be rabid," and liberal comedian Bill Maher, who also railed that "Republicans need anger management" and are possessed with a "vein-popping, gut-churning rage that consumes the entire right wing," Ms. Garofalo crossly blames the Right while denying the pathological wrath and fury that characterize the unhinged Left. Who are you calling angry, Ms. Garofalo? You want political road rage? Let's start with Al. Take your pick: Sharpton. Gore. Franken. Yearrghh! Now, open your eyes: It isn't out-of-control conservatives tossing Molotov cocktails at police officers in San Francisco, burning American soldiers in effigy, and smearing pig's blood and feces on the walls and windows of military recruitment centers across the country to protest on behalf of peace. It isn't rage-blinded conservative professors who embrace fragging (the murder of American soldiers by their fellow soldiers on the battlefield) as a legitimate anti-war tactic. It isn't vengeful conservatives torching SUVs, condo developments, and research facilities, and targeting biotech and pharmaceutical company employees and their families to protest on behalf of the environment. It wasn't mad conservatives sporting "F--- Bush" license plates, punching cardboard cutouts of the president, and vowing to secede after losing the 2004 presidential election. It wasn't rabid conservatives who gloated over Ronald Reagan's death or John Ashcroft's pancreatitis. It wasn't a gut-busting conservative journalist who vowed to kill herself if Dick Cheney ran for president. (That would be the perpetually aggrieved Helen Thomas.) It wasn't hate-filled Republican officials who reportedly screamed "faggot" and "fruitcake" and "I'll break your nose" at their political opponents. (Those were all Democrats: Pennsylvania state legislator Vincent Fumo, California Rep. Pete Stark, and Virginia Rep. Jim Moran, respectively.) It isn't fanatical conservatives joking about the assassination of President Bush and the execution of his Republican aides. (That, Ms. Garofalo, would include your Air America colleagues. But I'll forgive you if you weren't tuned in to them. Few are.) And it wasn't ruthless conservatives who cheered last week when a liberal Bush-hater wrote on the popular DemocraticUnderground.com website last week: I am an American, Born and Raised, but I am NOT a citizen of BUSH'S America. I want nothing to do with the country these people have created. And for those who support them, Let's get Something Nice And Sparkling CLEAR: Stay The [F---] Away From Me. Stay OUT of my personal space. I want NOTHING from you. I want NOTHING to do with you. I want NOTHING to do with your "vision" of what the world should be. What DO I want from you? Honestly? I will freely admit there are days, and they are becoming more than not, that the Alien at Area 51 in Independence Day and I share quite a common ground on the answer to that question. And I am NOT apologizing for it. In the words of the Late, Great Bill Hicks, about the most conciliatory thing I can say for those people at this point is simply this: Kill Yourself. My Christmas wish for Ms. Garofalo and her ilk: a mirror and a clue to make the yuletide bright. In the meantime, when vein-popping liberals start seething about the rage of the Right, the wisest action for peaceful right-wingers I can recommend is this: Duck.[I would not necessarily agree with Michelle that we right-wingers should "duck." That is a very wimpy response to the Left's evil-doing and is what the Right has been doing too long while American society crumbles around us.]
Michelle Malkin is a syndicated columnist and maintains her weblog at michellemalkin.com.

ITEM 65: Protective Legal Principles
Boyd v. United, 116 U.S. 616 at 635 (1885)
Justice Bradley, "It may be that it is the obnoxious thing in its mildest form; but illegitimate and unconstitutional practices get their first footing in that way; namely, by silent approaches and slight deviations from legal modes of procedure. This can only be obviated by adhering to the rule that constitutional provisions for the security of persons and property should be liberally construed. A close and literal construction deprives them of half their efficacy, and leads to gradual depreciation of the right, as if it consisted more in sound than in substance. It is the duty of the Courts to be watchful for the Constitutional Rights of the Citizens, and against any stealthy encroachments thereon. Their motto should be Obsta Principiis."
Downs v. Bidwell, 182 U.S. 244 (1901)
"It will be an evil day for American Liberty if the theory of a government outside supreme law finds lodgement in our constitutional jurisprudence. No higher duty rests upon this Court than to exert its full authority to prevent all violations of the principles of the Constitution."
Gomillion v. Lightfoot, 364 U.S. 155 (1966), cited also in Smith v. Allwright, 321 U.S. 649.644
"Constitutional 'rights' would be of little value if they could be indirectly denied."
Juliard v. Greeman, 110 U.S. 421 (1884)
Supreme Court Justice Field, "There is no such thing as a power of inherent sovereignty in the government of the United States... In this country, sovereignty resides in the people, and Congress can exercise power which they have not, by their Constitution, entrusted to it. All else is withheld."
Mallowy v. Hogan, 378 U.S. 1
"All rights and safeguards contained in the first eight amendments to the federal Constitution are equally applicable." Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 426, 491; 86 S. Ct. 1603
"Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no 'rule making' or legislation which would abrogate them."
Norton v. Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425 p. 442
"An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed."
Perez v. Brownell, 356 U.S. 44, 7; 8 S. Ct. 568, 2 L. Ed. 2d 603 (1958)
"...in our country the people are sovereign and the government cannot sever its relationship to them by taking away their citizenship."
Sherar v. Cullen, 481 F. 2d 946 (1973)
"There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of his exercise of constitutional rights."
Simmons v. United States, 390 U.S. 377 (1968)
"The claim and exercise of a Constitution right cannot be converted into a crime"... "a denial of them would be a denial of due process of law."
Warnock v. Pecos County, Texas., 88 F3d 341 (5th Cir. 1996)
Eleventh Amendment does not protect state officials from claims for prospective relief when it is alleged that state officials acted in violation of federal law.
Burton v. United States, 202 U.S. 344, 26 S. Ct. 688 50 L.Ed 1057
United States Senator convicted of, among other things, bribery.
Butz v. Economou, 98 S. Ct. 2894 (1978); United States v. Lee, 106 U.S. at 220, 1 S. Ct. at 261 (1882)
"No man [or woman] in this country is so high that he is above the law. No officer of the law may set that law at defiance with impunity. All the officers of the government from the highest to the lowest, are creatures of the law, and are bound to obey it."
Cannon v. Commission on Judicial Qualifications, (1975) 14 Cal. 3d 678, 694
Acts in excess of judicial authority constitutes misconduct, particularly where a judge deliberately disregards the requirements of fairness and due process.
Geiler v. Commission on Judicial Qualifications, (1973) 10 Cal.3d 270, 286
Society's commitment to institutional justice requires that judges be solicitous of the rights of persons who come before the court.
Gonzalez v. Commission on Judicial Performance, (1983) 33 Cal. 3d 359, 371, 374
Acts in excess of judicial authority constitutes misconduct, particularly where a judge deliberately disregards the requirements of fairness and due process.
Olmstad v. United States, (1928) 277 U.S. 438
"Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy."
Owen v. City of Independence
"The innocent individual who is harmed by an abuse of governmental authority is assured that he will be compensated for his injury."
Perry v. United States, 204 U.S. 330, 358
"I do not understand the government to contend that it is any less bound by the obligation than a private individual would be..." "It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error."
Ryan v. Commission on Judicial Performance, (1988) 45 Cal. 3d 518, 533
Before sending a person to jail for contempt or imposing a fine, judges are required to provide due process of law, including strict adherence to the procedural requirements contained in the Code of Civil Procedure. Ignorance of these procedures is not a mitigating but an aggravating factor.
U.S. v. Lee, 106 U.S. 196, 220 1 S. Ct. 240, 261, 27 L. Ed 171 (1882)
"No man in this country is so high that he is above the law. No officer of the law may set that law at defiance, with impunity. All the officers of the government, from the highest to the lowest, are creatures of the law and are bound to obey it."
"It is the only supreme power in our system of government, and every man who, by accepting office participates in its functions, is only the more strongly bound to submit to that supremacy, and to observe the limitations which it imposes on the exercise of the authority which it gives."
Warnock v. Pecos County, Texas, 88 F3d 341 (5th Cir. 1996)
Eleventh Amendment does not protect state officials from claims for prospective relief when it is alleged that state officials acted in violation of federal law.
Note: [Copied verbiage; we are not lawyers.] It can be argued that to dismiss a civil rights action or other lawsuit in which a serious factual pattern or allegation of a cause of action has been made would itself be violating of procedural due process as it would deprive a pro se litigant of equal protection of the law vis a vis a party who is represented by counsel.
Also, see Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 60, Relief from Judgment or Order (a) Clerical Mistakes and (b) Mistakes; Inadvertence; Excusable Neglect; Newly Discovered Evidence; Fraud, etc.
Warnock v. Pecos County, Texas, 88 F3d 341 (5th Cir. 1996)
Eleventh Amendment does not protect state officials from claims for prospective relief when it is alleged that state officials acted in violation of federal law.
Walter Process Equipment v. Food Machinery, 382 U.S. 172 (1965)
... in a "motion to dismiss, the material allegations of the complaint are taken as admitted." From this vantage point, courts are reluctant to dismiss complaints unless it appears the plaintiff can prove no set of facts in support of his claim which would entitle him to relief (see Conley v. Gibson, 355 U.S. 41 (1957)).
Cochran v. Kansas, 316 U.S. 255, 257-258 (1942)
"However inept Cochran's choice of words, he has set out allegations supported by affidavits, and nowhere denied, that Kansas refused him privileges of appeal which it afforded to others. The State properly concedes that if the alleged facts pertaining to the suppression of Cochran's appeal were disclosed as being true... there would be no question but that there was a violation of the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment."
Duncan v. Missouri, 152 U.S. 377, 382 (1894)
Due process of law and the equal protection of the laws are secured if the laws operate on all alike, and do not subject the individual to an arbitrary exercise of the powers of government."
Giozza v. Tiernan, 148 U.S. 657, 662 (1893), Citations Omitted.
"Undoubtedly it (the Fourteenth Amendment) forbids any arbitrary deprivation of life, liberty or property, and secures equal protection to all under like circumstances in the enjoyment of their rights... It is enough that there is no discrimination in favor of one as against another of the same class...And due process of law within the meaning of the [Fifth and Fourteenth] amendment is secured if the laws operate on all alike, and do not subject the individual to an arbitrary exercise of the powers of government."
Kentucky Railroad Tax Cases, 115 U.S. 321, 337 (1885)
"The rule of equality... requires the same means and methods to be applied impartially to all the constitutents of each class, so that the law shall operate equally and uniformly upon all persons in similar circumstances".
Truax v. Corrigan, 257 U.S. 312, 332
"Our whole system of law is predicated on the general fundamental principle of equality of application of the law. 'All men are equal before the law,' "This is a government of laws and not of men,' 'No man is above the law,' are all maxims showing the spirit in which legislatures, executives, and courts are expected to make, execute and apply laws. But the framers and adopters of the (Fourteenth) Amendment were not content to depend... upon the spirit of equality which might not be insisted on by local public opinion. They therefore embodied that spirit in a specific guaranty."
Duncan v. Bradley, No. 01-55290 (9th Circ., 12-24-02)
A state trial court's refusal to instruct the jury on an entrapment defense, in a second trial on drug sale charges, amounted to prejudicial constitutional error where evidence presented at a first trial warranted such an instruct. To read entire text of the opinion, see http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/data2/circs/9th/0155290p.pdf
See Judicial Immunity page for more citations (links) and news articles regarding the topic.
See also, 42 USC 1983, Availability of Equitable Relief Against Judges.
Note: [Copied verbiage; we are not lawyers.] Judges have given themselves judicial immunity for their judicial functions. Judges have no judicial immunity for criminal acts, aiding, assisting, or conniving with others who perform a criminal act or for their administrative/ministerial duties, or for violating a citizen's constitutional rights. When a judge has a duty to act, he does not have discretion; he is then not performing a judicial act; he is performing a ministerial act.
Nowhere was the judiciary given immunity, particularly nowhere in Article III; under our Constitution, if judges were to have immunity, it could only possibly be granted by amendment (and even less possibly by legislative act), as Article I, Sections 9 & 10, respectively, in fact expressly prohibit such, stating, "No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States" and "No state shall... grant any Title of Nobility." Most of us are certain that Congress itself doesn't understand the inherent lack of immunity for judges.
Article III, Section 1, "The Judicial Power of the United States shall be vested in one supreme court, and in such inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behavior."
Tort & Insurance Law Journal, Spring 1986 21 n3, p 509-516, "Federal tort law: judges cannot invoke judicial immunity for acts that violate litigants' civil rights." - Robert Craig Waters.
Ableman v. Booth, 21 Howard 506 (1859)
"No judicial process, whatever form it may assume, can have any lawful authority outside of the limits of the jurisdiction of the court or judge by whom it is issued; and an attempt to enforce it beyond these boundaries is nothing less than lawless violence."
Chandler v. Judicial Council of the 10th Circuit, 398 U.S. 74, 90 S. Ct. 1648, 26 L. Ed. 2d 100
Justice Douglas, in his dissenting opinion at page 140 said, "If (federal judges) break the law, they can be prosecuted." Justice Black, in his dissenting opinion at page 141) said, "Judges, like other people, can be tried, convicted and punished for crimes... The judicial power shall extend to all cases, in law and equity, arising under this Constitution."
Cooper v. Aaron, 358 U.S. 1, 78 S. Ct. 1401 (1958)
Note: Any judge who does not comply with his oath to the Constitution of the United States wars against that Constitution and engages in acts in violation of the supreme law of the land. The judge is engaged in acts of treason. The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that "no state legislator or executive or judicial officer can war against the Constitution without violating his undertaking to support it". See also In Re Sawyer, 124 U.S. 200 (188); U.S. v. Will, 449 U.S. 200, 216, 101 S. Ct. 471, 66 L. Ed. 2d 392, 406 (1980); Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat) 264, 404, 5 L. Ed 257 (1821).
Cooper v. O'Conner, 99 F.2d 133
There is a general rule that a ministerial officer who acts wrongfully, although in good faith, is nevertheless liable in a civil action and cannot claim the immunity of the sovereign.
Davis v. Burris, 51 Ariz. 220, 75 P.2d 689 (1938)
A judge must be acting within his jurisdiction as to subject matter and person, to be entitled to immunity from civil action for his acts.
Forrester v. White, 484 U.S. at 227-229, 108 S. Ct. at 544-545 (1987); Westfall v.Erwin, 108 S. Ct. 580 (1987); United States v. Lanier (March 1997)
Constitutionally and in fact of law and judicial rulings, state/federal "magistrates/judges" or any government actors, state or federal, may now be held liable, if they violate any Citizen's Constitutional rights, privileges, or immunities, or guarantees; including statutory civil rights. A judge is not immune for tortious acts committed in a purely Administrative, non-judicial capacity.
Gregory v. Thompson, F.2d 59 (C.A. Ariz. 1974)
Generally, judges are immune from suit for judicial acts within or in excess of their jurisdiction even if those acts have been done maliciously or corruptly; the only exception being for acts done in the clear absence of all jurisdiction.
Hoffsomer v. Hayes, 92 Okla 32, 227 F. 417
"The courts are not bound by an officer's interpretation of the law under which he presumes to act."
Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (2 Cranch) 137, 180 (1803). "...the particular phraseology of the constitution of the United States confirms and strengthens the principle, supposed to be essential to all written constitutions, that a law repugnant to the constitution is void, and that courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument." "In declaring what shall be the supreme law of the land, the Constitution itself is first mentioned; and not the laws of the United States generally, but those only which shall be made in pursuance of the Constitution, have that rank". "All law (rules and practices) which are repugnant to the Constitution are VOID".
Since the 14th Amendment to the Constitution states "NO State (Jurisdiction) shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the rights, privileges, or immunities of citizens of the United States nor deprive any citizens of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law,...or equal protection under the law," this renders judicial immunity unconstitutional.
Piper v. Pearson, 2 Gray 120, cited in Bradley v. Fisher, 13 Wall. 335, 20 L.Ed. 646 (1872)
"Where there is no jurisdiction, there can be no discretion, for discretion is incident to jurisdiction."
Pulliam v. Allen, 466 U.S. 522 (1984); 104 S. Ct. 1781, 1980, 1981, and 1985
In 1996, Congress passed a law to overcome this ruling which stated that judicial immunity doesn't exist; citizens can sue judges for prospective injunctive relief. "Our own experience is fully consistent with the common law's rejection of a rule of judicial immunity. We never have had a rule of absolute judicial immunity. At least seven circuits have indicated affirmatively that there is no immunity... to prevent irreparable injury to a citizen's constitutional rights..." "Subsequent interpretations of the Civil Rights Act by this Court acknowledge Congress' intent to reach unconstitutional actions by all state and federal actors, including judges... The Fourteenth Amendment prohibits a state [federal] from denying any person [citizen] within its jurisdiction the equal protection under the laws. Since a State [or federal] acts only by its legislative, executive or judicial authorities, the constitutional provisions must be addressed to those authorities, including state and federal judges..." "We conclude that judicial immunity is not a bar to relief against a judicial officer acting in her [his] judicial capacity."
Mireles v. Waco, 112 S. Ct. 286 at 288 (1991)
A judge is not immune for tortious acts committed in a purely Administrative, non-judicial capacity; however, even in a case involving a particular attorney not assigned to him, he may reach out into the hallway, having his deputy use "excessive force" to haul the attorney into the courtroom for chastisement or even incarceration. A Superior Court Judge is broadly vested with "general jurisdiction." Provided the judge is not divested of all jurisdiction, he may have his actions excused as per this poor finding.
Scheuer v. Rhodes, 416 U.S. 232, 94 S. Ct. 1683, 1687 (1974)
Note: By law, a judge is a state officer. The judge then acts not as a judge, but as a private individual (in his person). When a judge acts as a trespasser of the law, when a judge does not follow the law, the Judge loses subject matter jurisdiction and the judges' orders are not voidable, but VOID, and of no legal force or effect.
The U.S. Supreme Court stated that "when a state officer acts under a state law in a manner violative of the Federal Constitution, he comes into conflict with the superior authority of that Constitution, and he is in that case stripped of his official or representative character and is subjected in his person to the consequences of his individual conduct. The State has no power to impart to him any immunity from responsibility to the supreme authority of the United States."
Stump v. Sparkman, id., 435 U.S. 349
Some Defendants urge that any act "of a judicial nature" entitles the Judge to absolute judicial immunity. But in a jurisdictional vacuum (that is, absence of all jurisdiction) the second prong necessary to absolute judicial immunity is missing. A judge is not immune for tortious acts committed in a purely Administrative, non-judicial capacity.
Rankin v. Howard, 633 F.2d 844 (1980)
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed an Arizona District Court dismissal based upon absolute judicial immunity, finding that both necessary immunity prongs were absent; later, in Ashelman v. Pope, 793 F.2d 1072 (1986), the Ninth Circuit, en banc, criticized the "judicial nature" analysis it had published in Rankin as unnecessarily restrictive. But Rankin's ultimate result was not changed, because Judge Howard had been independently divested of absolute judicial immunity by his complete lack of jurisdiction.
U.S. Fidelity & Guaranty Co. (State use of), 217 Miss. 576, 64 So. 2d 697
When a judicial officer acts entirely without jurisdiction or without compliance with jurisdiction requisites he may be held civilly liable for abuse of process even though his act involved a decision made in good faith, that he had jurisdiction.
U.S. v. Lee, 106 U.S. 196, 220 1 S. Ct. 240, 261, 27 L. Ed 171 (1882)
"No man in this country is so high that he is above the law. No officer of the law may set that law at defiance with impunity. All the officers of the government, from the highest to the lowest, are creatures of the law and are bound to obey it." "It is the only supreme power in our system of government, and every man who, by accepting office participates in its functions, is only the more strongly bound to submit to that supremacy, and to observe the limitations which it imposes on the exercise of the authority which it gives."
Zeller v. Rankin, 101 S.Ct. 2020, 451 U.S. 939, 68 L.Ed 2d 326
When a judge knows that he lacks jurisdiction, or acts in the face of clearly valid statutes expressly depriving him of jurisdiction, judicial immunity is lost.
NOTE: It is a fact of law that the person asserting jurisdiction must, when challenged, prove that jurisdiction exists; mere good faith assertions of power and authority (jurisdiction) have been abolished.
Albrecht v. U.S.
Balzac v. People of Puerto Rico, 258 U.S. 298 (1922)
"The United States District Court is not a true United States Court, established under Article 3 of the Constitution to administer the judicial power of the United States therein conveyed. It is created by virtue of the sovereign congressional faculty, granted under Article 4, 3, of that instrument, of making all needful rules and regulations respecting the territory belonging to the United States. The resemblance of its jurisdiction to that of true United States courts, in offering an opportunity to nonresidents of resorting to a tribunal not subject to local influence, does not change its character as a mere territorial court."
Basso v. UPL, 495 F. 2d 906
Brook v. Yawkey, 200 F. 2d 633
Elliot v. Piersol, 1 Pet. 328, 340, 26 U.S. 328, 340 (1828)
Under federal Law, which is applicable to all states, the U.S. Supreme Court stated that "if a court is without authority, its judgments and orders are regarded as nullities. They are not voidable, but simply void, and form no bar to a recovery sought, even prior to a reversal in opposition to them. They constitute no justification and all persons concerned in executing such judgments or sentences are considered, in law, as trespassers."
Griffin v. Mathews, 310 Supp. 341, 423 F. 2d 272
Hagans v. Lavine, 415 U.S. 528
Howlett v. Rose, 496 U.S. 356 (1990)
Federal Law and Supreme Court Cases apply to State Court Cases.
Louisville & N.R. Co. v. Mottley, 211 U.S. 149
Mack v. United States, 07-27-97, Justice Antonin Scalia
"The Federal Government may neither issue directives requiring the States to address particular problems, nor command the States' officers, or those of their political subdivisions, to administer or enforce a federal regulatory program. It matters not whether policy making is involved, and no case-by-case weighing of the burdens or benefits is necessary; such commands are fundamentally incompatible with our constitutional system of dual sovereignty."
Mack v. United States, 07-27-97, Justice Antonin Scalia
"Residual state sovereignty was also implicit, of course, in the Constitution's conferral upon Congress of not all governmental powers, but only discrete and enumerated ones."
Maine v. Thiboutot, 448 U.S. 1
Mookini v. U.S., 303 U.S. 201 (1938)
"The term 'District Courts of the United States' as used in the rules without an addition expressing a wider connotation, has its historic significance. It describes the constitutional courts created under Article 3 of the Constitution. Courts of the Territories are Legislative Courts, properly speaking, and are not district courts of the United States. We have often held that vesting a territorial court with jurisdiction similar to that vested in the district courts of the United States (98 U.S. 145) does not make it a 'District Court of the United States'.
"Not only did the promulgating order use the term District Courts of the United States in its historic and proper sense, but the omission of provision for the application of the rules the territorial court and other courts mentioned in the authorizing act clearly shows the limitation that was intended."
McNutt v. General Motors, 298 U.S. 178
New York v. United States, 505 U.S. 144 (1992)
"We have held, however, that state legislatures are not subject to federal direction."
Owens v. The City of Independence, 445 U.S. 622, 100 S. Ct. 1398 (1980)
Thomson v. Gaskill, 315 U.S. 442
United States v. Chadwick, 433 U.S. I at 16 (1976)
"It is deeply distressing that the Department of Justice, whose mission is to protect the constitutional liberties of the people of the United States, should even appear to be seeking to subvert them by extreme and dubious legal argument."
Elrod v. Burns, 427 U.S. 347; 6 S. Ct. 2673; 49 L. Ed. 2d (1976)
"Loss of First Amendment Freedoms, for even minimal periods of time, unquestionably constitutes irreparable injury."
Miller v. U.S., 230 F. 2d. 486, 490; 42
"There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one, because of his exercise of constitutional rights."
Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S. 105
"No state shall convert a liberty into a license, and charge a fee therefore."
Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham, Alabama, 373 U.S. 262
"If the State converts a right (liberty) into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license and fee and engage in the right (liberty) with impunity."
United States Constitution, First Amendment
Right to Petition; Freedom of Association.
Brinegar v. U.S., 388 US 160 (1949)
Probable Cause to Arrest. Provides details on how to determine if a crime has been or is being committed.
Carroll v. U.S., 267 US 132 (1925)
Probable Cause to Search. Provides details on the belief that seizable property exists in a particular place or on a particular person.
Draper v. U.S. (1959)
Probable cause is where known facts and circumstances, of a reasonably trustworthy nature, are sufficient to justify a man of reasonable caution in the belief that a crime has been or is being committed. Reasonable man definition and common textbook definition come from this case.
Brotherhood of Trainmen v. Virginia ex rel. Virginia State Bar, 377 U.S. 1; v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335; Argersinger v. Hamlin, Sheriff 407 U.S. 425
Litigants can be assisted by unlicensed laymen during judicial proceedings.
Conley v. Gibson, 355 U.S. 41 at 48 (1957)
"Following the simple guide of rule 8(f) that all pleadings shall be so construed as to do substantial justice"... "The federal rules reject the approach that pleading is a game of skill in which one misstep by counsel may be decisive to the outcome and accept the principle that the purpose of pleading is to facilitate a proper decision on the merits." The court also cited Rule 8(f) FRCP, which holds that all pleadings shall be construed to do substantial justice.
Davis v. Wechler, 263 U.S. 22, 24; Stromberb v. California, 283 U.S. 359; NAACP v. Alabama, 375 U.S. 449
"The assertion of federal rights, when plainly and reasonably made, are not to be defeated under the name of local practice."
Elmore v. McCammon (1986) 640 F. Supp. 905
"...the right to file a lawsuit pro se is one of the most important rights under the constitution and laws."
Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, Rule 17, 28 USCA "Next Friend." A next friend is a person who represents someone who is unable to tend to his or her own interest.
Haines v. Kerner, 404 U.S. 519 (1972)
"Allegations such as those asserted by petitioner, however inartfully pleaded, are sufficient"... "which we hold to less stringent standards than formal pleadings drafted by lawyers."
Jenkins v. McKeithen, 395 U.S. 411, 421 (1959); Picking v. Pennsylvania R. Co., 151 Fed 2nd 240; Pucket v. Cox, 456 2nd 233
Pro se pleadings are to be considered without regard to technicality; pro se litigants' pleadings are not to be held to the same high standards of perfection as lawyers.
Maty v. Grasselli Chemical Co., 303 U.S. 197 (1938)
"Pleadings are intended to serve as a means of arriving at fair and just settlements of controversies between litigants. They should not raise barriers which prevent the achievement of that end. Proper pleading is important, but its importance consists in its effectiveness as a means to accomplish the end of a just judgment."
NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415); United Mineworkers of America v. Gibbs, 383 U.S. 715; and Johnson v. Avery, 89 S. Ct. 747 (1969)
Members of groups who are competent nonlawyers can assist other members of the group achieve the goals of the group in court without being charged with "unauthorized practice of law."
Picking v. Pennsylvania Railway, 151 F.2d. 240, Third Circuit Court of Appeals The plaintiff's civil rights pleading was 150 pages and described by a federal judge as "inept." Nevertheless, it was held "Where a plaintiff pleads pro se in a suit for protection of civil rights, the Court should endeavor to construe Plaintiff's Pleadings without regard to technicalities."
Puckett v. Cox, 456 F. 2d 233 (1972) (6th Cir. USCA)
It was held that a pro se complaint requires a less stringent reading than one drafted by a lawyer per Justice Black in Conley v. Gibson (see case listed above, Pro Se Rights Section).
Roadway Express v. Pipe, 447 U.S. 752 at 757 (1982)
"Due to sloth, inattention or desire to seize tactical advantage, lawyers have long engaged in dilatory practices... the glacial pace of much litigation breeds frustration with the Federal Courts and ultimately, disrespect for the law."
Sherar v. Cullen, 481 F. 2d 946 (1973)
"There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of his exercise of Constitutional Rights."
Schware v. Board of Examiners, United State Reports 353 U.S. pages 238, 239.
"The practice of law cannot be licensed by any state/State."
Sims v. Aherns, 271 SW 720 (1925)
"The practice of law is an occupation of common right."
The Tyranny Response Network: "When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law."
"If the government cannot be held accountable to the rule of law, how can any citizen believe they can receive justice via the rule of law?"
I learned a lot a little too late. Don't learn as I did, take care and beware. The sun shineth upon the dunghill, and is not corrupted. We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them. "Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis."

ITEM 66: Protecting life by taking it away
Dec 12, 2005
by Jeff Jacoby
Last month, by a vote of 237-4, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops adopted a pastoral statement calling for an end to the death penalty. The 20-page document, "A Culture of Life and the Penalty of Death," makes a number of claims. Among them: that the execution of murderers "violates respect for human life and dignity," that it fuels a "cycle of violence [that] diminishes us all," and that "we have other ways to punish criminals and protect society." The bishops acknowledge in passing that Catholic teaching has never banned the death penalty outright or declared it "intrinsically evil." Nevertheless, they insist, since the modern state "has other non-lethal means to protect its citizens, the state should not use the death penalty." They aren't breaking new theological ground. Pope John Paul II made a similar argument about the death penalty in his 1995 encyclical "Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life)." But the new document is shockingly blunt in brushing aside the suffering of the victims, or the viciousness of the murder, as irrelevant to the question of capital punishment. "No matter how heinous the crime," it says, "if society can protect itself without ending a human life, it should do so." Executing killers, in other words, has nothing to do with justice. No act of murder, however calculated or cruel or catastrophic, requires as a matter of sheer decency that the murderer make atonement by forfeiting his life. In the world according to bishops, the death penalty never balances the scales of moral judgment. Timothy McVeigh shouldn't have been executed. Ted Bundy shouldn't have been executed. Not even Osama bin Laden, with the blood of thousands on his hands, would deserve to be executed if we had him in our power. This is what it means, the bishops claim, "to reject a culture of death, and to build a culture of life." Their pastoral statement closes with a quotation from Deuteronomy 30: "I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live." Choose life, that is, by keeping murderers alive. But is that really what Deuteronomy teaches? Does God frown on the death penalty even when it comes to the worst killers in our midst? I am neither Catholic nor a theologian, and I wouldn't presume to teach religion to a bishop. On the other hand, the new statement's authors write that their purpose is to "encourage engagement and dialogue" on a subject about which "people of goodwill disagree." In that spirit of dialogue and goodwill, then, some reflections: The point of view the bishops express is sharply at odds with the Judeo-Christian tradition in which American law is rooted. It is no coincidence that the United States is the only advanced Western nation in which (some) murderers are still put to death. The United States was founded by religious believers; its culture to this day remains deeply influenced by faith and the Bible. And on this point, biblical tradition is unambiguous: For premeditated murder, death is an appropriate punishment. No passage in the Bible, Old or New Testament, disapproves of the death penalty, which is why the bishops do not cite one. The Sixth Commandment (in Catholic reckoning, the Fifth) is clearly no bar to capital punishment. The penalty for those who violate "You shall not murder" (Exodus 20:13) is made explicit just a few lines later: "Whoever strikes a man and kills him shall surely be put to death" (Exodus 21:12). The text goes on to specify that this applies only to deliberate murder, not unintentional killing. Accidents are not capital crimes. But for a willful killer, there can be no sanctuary: "Take him even from My altar and put him to death" (Exodus 21:14). Similar declarations appear in all five books of Moses, nowhere more dramatically or universally than in Genesis. Speaking to Noah after the Flood, God enjoins him, and through him, all of human society, to affirm the sanctity of human life by making murderers pay the ultimate price for their crime. "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has man been made" (Genesis 9:6). By man shall his blood be shed. Scripture could hardly be more explicit, yet the bishops make no mention of Genesis 9:6. They deride the idea that we can "teach that killing is wrong by killing those who kill." Of course American law is not governed by biblical quotations. But our legal system is deeply influenced by Judeo-Christian morality, the same moral framework to which the bishops' statement appeals. And Judeo-Christian teaching has always been clear: When murderers keep their lives, human blood is cheapened. That is why reverence for life and capital punishment belong to the same ethical tradition. Civilized communities have not only the right but the responsibility to execute murderers. It may be a difficult responsibility to carry out. It may involve an assertion of moral authority that modern thinkers condemn. But easy or not, popular or not, the duty is ours to perform. The protection of human life is a grave obligation, never more so than when it involves taking a life away.
Jeff Jacoby is an Op-Ed writer for the Boston Globe, a radio political commentator, and a contributing columnist for Townhall.com.

ITEM 67:
Iranian Cleric: Muslims Could Nuke Israel
Ruling Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani declared Friday that the Muslim world could survive a nuclear exchange with Israel while accomplishing the goal of obliterating the Jewish state. "[The] application of an atomic bomb would not leave anything in Israel, but the same thing would just produce damages in the Muslim world," Hashemi-Rafsanjani said, in quotes picked up by the Iran Press Service. "If a day comes when the world of Islam is duly equipped with the arms Israel has in possession, the strategy of colonialism would face a stalemate," he posited. Analysts told IPS that Mr. Hashemi-Rafsanjani’s speech, delivered at a Tehran prayer service, was the first time that a prominent Islamic leader openly suggested a nuclear attack against the Israel. Six weeks ago, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a "World Without Zionism" conference that Israel should be "wiped off the map." Last week, United Nations nuclear watchdog Mohammed ElBaradei said Iran would be able to produce nuclear weapons in a matter of months.

ITEM 68: Peacemaking New Pentagon Policy
Peace-making a core mission in new Pentagon policy
By Bernd Debusmann
WASHINGTON (Reuters) After years of internal debate, the Pentagon has embraced a fundamental change in policy which calls for the U.S. armed forces to be equally adept at waging war and making peace. The new course, announced in a Pentagon directive, follows widespread criticism of the conduct of the war in Iraq, where U.S. forces scored a swift, decisive victory over conventional opponents but found themselves ill-equipped to deal with post-combat chaos and an increasingly effective insurgency. The directive says that establishing order and security, restoring essential services and meeting the humanitarian needs of the population of a vanquished country were a "core U.S. military mission." It is the first time that such activities have been defined as a core function of the U.S. armed forces. Under the then-current label of "nation-building," the wisdom of using the military in repairing societies shattered by war was the topic of intense controversy in the 1990s when American troops were involved in post-conflict operations in Kosovo, Bosnia and Somalia. George W. Bush made opposition to U.S. participation in nation-building a plank of his 2000 presidential election campaign. Condoleezza Rice, his future secretary of state, said peacekeeping in the Balkans was sapping military morale. "We don't need to have the 82nd airborne escorting kids to kindergarten," she said. The new directive says: "It is ... policy that stability operations are a core U.S. military mission that the Department of Defense shall be prepared to conduct and support. They shall be given priority comparable to combat operations and be explicitly addressed and integrated across all DoD activities." One officer involved in the debate leading to the new directive described it as "a vast program to change mind-sets" and said education and training would be key to the success of the initiative. Unlike past transformations of the armed forces, this one is not expected to involve major costs. There is no timetable for implementing key provisions of the November 28 directive, including the establishment of a "stability operations center to coordinate ... research, education and training, and lessons-learned." The military bureaucracy is not known for lightning speed in translating directives into reality and experts both inside and outside the armed forces are reluctant to predict how long implementation might take. History shows that transformation can be measured in years, if not decades.

Kwanzaa: A Holiday From the FBI
by Ann Coulter
Posted Dec 28, 2005
President Bush's 2005 Kwanzaa message began with the patently absurd statement: "African-Americans and people around the world reflect on African heritage during Kwanzaa." I believe more African-Americans spent this season reflecting on the birth of Christ than some phony non-Christian holiday invented a few decades ago by an FBI stooge. Kwanzaa is a holiday for white liberals, not blacks. It is a fact that Kwanzaa was invented in 1966 by a black radical FBI stooge, Ron Karenga, aka Dr. Maulana Karenga. Karenga was a founder of United Slaves, a violent nationalist rival to the Black Panthers and a dupe of the FBI. In what was probably ultimately a foolish gamble, during the madness of the '60s the FBI encouraged the most extreme black nationalist organizations in order to discredit and split the left. The more preposterous the organization, the better. Karenga's United Slaves was perfect. In the annals of the American '60s, Karenga was the Father Gapon, stooge of the czarist police. Despite modern perceptions that blend all the black activists of the '60s, the Black Panthers did not hate whites. They did not seek armed revolution. Those were the precepts of Karenga's United Slaves. United Slaves were proto-fascists, walking around in dashikis, gunning down Black Panthers and adopting invented "African" names. (That was a big help to the black community: How many boys named "Jamal" currently sit on death row?) Whether Karenga was a willing dupe, or just a dupe, remains unclear. Curiously, in a 1995 interview with Ethnic NewsWatch, Karenga matter-of-factly explained that the forces out to get O.J. Simpson for the "framed" murder of two whites included: "the FBI, the CIA, the State Department, Interpol, the Chicago Police Department" and so on. Karenga should know about FBI infiltration. (He further noted that the evidence against O.J. "was not strong enough to prohibit or eliminate unreasonable doubt" -- an interesting standard of proof.) In the category of the-gentleman-doth-protest-too-much, back in the '70s, Karenga was quick to criticize rumors that black radicals were government-supported. When Nigerian newspapers claimed that some American black radicals were CIA operatives, Karenga publicly denounced the idea, saying, "Africans must stop generalizing about the loyalties and motives of Afro-Americans, including the widespread suspicion of black Americans being CIA agents." Now we know that the FBI fueled the bloody rivalry between the Panthers and United Slaves. In one barbarous outburst, Karenga's United Slaves shot to death Black Panthers Al "Bunchy" Carter and Deputy Minister John Huggins on the UCLA campus. Karenga himself served time, a useful stepping-stone for his current position as a black studies professor at California State University at Long Beach. Kwanzaa itself is a lunatic blend of schmaltzy '60s rhetoric, black racism and Marxism. Indeed, the seven "principles" of Kwanzaa praise collectivism in every possible arena of life -- economics, work, personality, even litter removal. ("Kuumba: Everyone should strive to improve the community and make it more beautiful.") It takes a village to raise a police snitch. When Karenga was asked to distinguish Kawaida, the philosophy underlying Kwanzaa, from "classical Marxism," he essentially explained that under Kawaida, we also hate whites. While taking the "best of early Chinese and Cuban socialism" -- which one assumes would exclude the forced abortions, imprisonment for homosexuals and forced labor -- Kawaida practitioners believe one's racial reality "determines life conditions, life chances and self-understanding." There's an inclusive philosophy for you. (Sing to "Jingle Bells")
Kwanzaa bells, dashikis sell
Whitey has to pay;
Burning, shooting, oh what fun
On this made-up holiday!
Coincidentally, the seven principles of Kwanzaa are the very same seven principles of the Symbionese Liberation Army, another charming invention of the Least-Great Generation. In 1974, Patricia Hearst, kidnap victim-cum-SLA revolutionary, posed next to the banner of her alleged captors, a seven-headed cobra. Each snake head stood for one of the SLA's revolutionary principles: Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima, Ujamaa, Nia, Kuumba and Imani -- the same seven "principles" of Kwanzaa. With his Kwanzaa greetings, President Bush is saluting the intellectual sibling of the Symbionese Liberation Army, killer of housewives and police. He is saluting the founder of United Slaves, who were such lunatics that they shot Panthers for not being sufficiently insane -- all with the FBI as their covert ally. It's as if David Duke invented a holiday called "Anglika," and the president of the United States issued a presidential proclamation honoring the synthetic holiday. People might well stand up and take notice if that happened. Kwanzaa was the result of a '60s psychosis grafted onto the black community. Liberals have become so mesmerized by multicultural nonsense that they have forgotten the real history of Kwanzaa and Karenga's United Slaves -- the violence, the Marxism, the insanity. Most absurdly, for leftists anyway, is that they have forgotten the FBI's tacit encouragement of this murderous black nationalist cult founded by the father of Kwanzaa. Now the "holiday" concocted by an FBI dupe is honored in a presidential proclamation and public schools across the nation. Bush called Kwanzaa a holiday that promotes "unity" and "faith." Faith in what? Liberals' unbounded capacity to respect any faith but Christianity? A movement that started approximately 2,000 years before Kwanzaa leaps well beyond merely "unity" and "faith" to proclaim that we are all equal before God. "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus" (Galatians 3:28). It was practitioners of that faith who were at the forefront of the abolitionist and civil rights movements. But that's all been washed down the memory hole, along with the true origins of Kwanzaa.

ITEM 70: GUESS WHO OWNS TARGET STORES? Amazing Issue with Target Stores
If they have a good sale in their ads, take the ad to Walmart, where they will meet the price... Dick Forrey of the Vietnam Veterans Association wrote.
"Recently we asked the local TARGET store to be a proud sponsor of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall during our spring recognition event. We received the following reply from the local TARGET management: 'Veterans do not meet our area of giving. We only donate to the arts, social action groups, gay &lesbian causes, and education.'" So I'm thinking, if the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and veterans in general do not meet their donation criteria, then something is really wrong at this TARGET store. We were not asking for thousands of dollars, not even hundreds, just a small sponsorship for a memorial remembrance. As a follow-up, I E-mailed the TARGET U.S. corporate headquarters and their response was the same. That's their national policy. Then I looked into the company further. They will not allow the Marines to collect for 'Toys for Tots' at any of their stores. And during the recent Iraq deployment, they would not allow families of employees who were called up for active duty to continue their insurance coverage while they were on military service. Then as I dig further, TARGET is a French-owned corporation. Now, I'm thinking again. If TARGET cannot support American Veterans, then why should my family and I support their stores by spending our hard earned American dollars to have their profits sent to France. Without the American Vets, where would France be today?" Sincerely, Dick Forrey, Veterans Helping Veterans
Please send this on to everyone you know to let Target know how AMERICAN'S feel about their nonsupport of America and our support of them. Isn't it amazing how people can forget when we support them?

Thursday, Jan. 5, 2006 10:08 a.m. EST
Major Terror Plot Against U.S. Ignored
The mainstream U.S. media outlets have failed to report a major terrorist plot against the U.S. because it would tend to support President Bush's use of NSA domestic surveillance, according to media watchdog groups. News of a planned attack masterminded by three Algerians operating out of Italy was widely reported outside the U.S., but went virtually unreported in the American media. Italian authorities recently announced that they had used wiretaps to uncover the conspiracy to conduct a series of major attacks inside the U.S. Italian Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu said the planned attacks would have targeted stadiums, ships and railway stations, and the terrorists' goal, he said, was to exceed the devastation caused by 9/11. Italian authorities stepped up their internal surveillance programs after July's terrorist bombings in London. Their domestic wiretaps picked up phone conversations by Algerian Yamine Bouhrama that discussed terrorist attacks in Italy and abroad. Italian authorities arrested Bouhrama on November 15 and he remains in prison. Authorities later arrested two other men, Achour Rabah and Tartaq Sami, who are believed to be Bouhrama’s chief aides in planning the attacks. The arrests were a major coup for Italian anti-terror forces, and the story was carried in most major newspapers from Europe to China. "U.S. terror attacks foiled," read the headline in England’s Sunday Times. In France, a headline from Agence France Presse proclaimed, "Three Algerians arrested in Italy over plot targeting U.S." Curiously, what was deemed worthy of a worldwide media blitz abroad was virtually ignored by the U.S. media, and conservative media watchdog groups are saying that is no accident. "My impression is that the major media want to use the NSA story to try and impeach the president," says Cliff Kincaid, editor of the Accuracy in Media Report published by the grassroots Accuracy in Media organization. "If you remind people that terrorists actually are planning to kill us, that tends to support the case made by President Bush. They will ignore any issue that shows that this kind of [wiretapping] tactic can work in the war on terror." "The mainstream media have framed the story as one of the nefarious President Bush ‘spying on U.S. citizens,’ where the average American is a victim not a beneficiary,” commented Brent Baker, vice president of the Media Research Center, a Washington, D.C.-based organization dedicated to encouraging balanced news coverage, "so journalists have little interest in any evidence that the program has helped save lives by uncovering terrorist plans." The Associated Press version of the story did not disclose that the men planned to target the U.S. Nor did it report that the evidence against the suspects was gathered via a wiretapping surveillance operation. Furthermore, only one American newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, is known to have published the story that the AP distributed. It ran on page A-6 under the headline "Italy Charges 3 Algerians." The Inquirer report also made no mention of the plot to target the U.S. although foreign publications included this information in the headlines and lead sentences of their stories. Nor did it advise readers that domestic wiretaps played a key role in nabbing the suspected terrorists. One obvious question media critics are now raising: Did the American media intentionally ignore an important story because it didn't fit into their agenda of attacking President George Bush for using wiretapping to spy on potential terrorists in the U.S.? "It's clear to me," says AIM's Kincaid, "that they're trying their best to make this NSA program to be an impeachable offense, saying it is directed at ordinary Americans. That's why they keep referring to this as a 'program of spying on Americans' whereas the president keeps pointing out it's a program designed to uncover al-Qaida operations on American soil."

[SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL: There is a fairly obvious reason why some people, ignorant of both science and religion, attack Creationism and religion while defending evolution. These Communist malcontents must actually be descended from monkeys and apes since they insist so strongly that they are, and actually worship King Kong, their proto-Superman and the most powerful and smartest of them all.]
In a sweeping and historic ruling, Judge John E. Jones III said intelligent design is a particular religious belief, not a valid scientific theory, and teaching it in public school science classrooms violates the Constitution. This first-ever legal challenge to teaching intelligent design, brought on behalf of 11 parents from Dover, Pennsylvania, was led by the ACLU. The decision in Kitzmiller v. Dover is a victory not only for the ACLU and the parents we represented, but for all who believe it is inappropriate, and unconstitutional, to advance a particular religious belief at the expense of our children's education. The judge's decision strikes down a controversial Dover Area School Board policy adopted in October 2004 that required high school science teachers to present "intelligent design" as an alternative to evolution. Judge Jones ruled that the policy violated the plaintiffs' religious liberty and that the school board acted to promote their own religious views rather than advance science education. "The breathtaking inanity of the Board's decision is evident when considered against the factual backdrop which has now been fully revealed through this trial," Judge Jones wrote in his opinion. "The students, parents, and teachers of the Dover Area School District deserved better than to be dragged into this legal maelstrom, with its resulting utter waste of monetary and personal resources." The trial has sparked a national debate prompting school districts, elected officials, academics and religious leaders to publicly oppose teaching "intelligent design" in the science classroom. "Intelligent design" is an assertion that an intelligent, supernatural entity has intervened in the history of life. Witnesses in the trial demonstrated that such an assertion is inherently a religious argument that falls outside the realm of science. Judge Jones agreed in his opinion. "We are very pleased Judge Jones agreed with the plaintiffs and that public school science instruction will not be muddled with religious beliefs masquerading as scientific theories," said ACLU of Pennsylvania Legal Director Witold Walczak, a lead attorney for the plaintiffs. The full opinion and additional information on Kitzmiller v. Dover is available online at: http://action.aclu.org/site/R?i=vum-WboVIFbjnfpv4d5pig.

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ITEM 74: Peter King: Hillary Clinton Playing "Cheap Racial Politics"
House Homeland Security Committee chairman Peter King accused Senator Hillary Clinton on Monday of playing "cheap racial politics" when she said at a Martin Luther King Day tribute that the GOP-controlled House of Representatives was run like a "plantation." "It's wrong to use the word 'plantation' in any political context because it's cheap racial politics," Representative King told WMAL Washington, D.C. radio host Steve Malzberg. "But to do it on Martin Luther King Day is really disgraceful." King said the former first lady was clearly trying to paint the GOP as "slaveowners." "It's a cheap way to throw race in and to somehow call Republicans racist and then be able to duck it later on if people call her on it," he told Malzberg. The New York Republican accused Mrs. Clinton of trivializing the King Day commemoration, saying, "there are certain things that go beyond the pale and you know they're wrong and it speaks for itself and this is one of those cases." Representative King, however, was even more upset at former Vice President Al Gore, who earlier in the day had accused President Bush of repeatedly breaking the law by wiretapping terrorists without a court order. "To try to criminalize this in a time of war is an absolute disgrace," he complained. "As the former vice president of the United States, Gore's conduct is inexcusable."

ITEM 75: MANDATORY INSURANCE;IT IS NOT! Mandatory insurance? Don't you believe it! There is nothing mandatory about the so-called Mandatory Insurance laws your state may have on its books. It's another of the double-speak word games designed to trick people into surrendering their rights. Words and meanings have been so twisted around in our laws and courts that you can't even be certain that a person whose record indicates something as blatant as a "sex offender" ever did anything wrong. You have a right to travel about freely by the most accepted means of transportation at your disposal. Obviously, if your car is unsafe you can be restrained from using it. If you can not stop the car because of bad brakes, you are seriously endangering the health and safety of everyone on the streets and sidewalks. To require you to show financial responsibility after an accident is a perfectly valid law. You cannot do financial harm to others and not expect to have restrictions placed on your subsequent actions. After you have an accident, the court can order you to refrain from operating a motor vehicle until you have made satisfactory arrangements to correct the financial harm you have caused, but to require you to have insurance BEFORE you have been declared financially irresponsible, BEFORE you can license your car (pay the taxes on it), BEFORE you can operate your car, that is PRIOR RESTRAINT and violates the Constitutional Limits placed on government which requires Due Process of Law and mandates that everyone shall be considered innocent until proven guilty. You may never be involved in an accident for which you would be liable for damages. To enforce such a rule would violate the basic precept of the Constitution. California courts struck down such efforts as being "in conflict with the Constitution" almost as fast as law enforcement officers tried to demand that drivers show proof of insurance. Other states have the same law on their books, but are reluctant to try to try enforcing it except AFTER an accident. They want to keep this intimidating rule and hope it forces people to buy insurance. They are passing a rule off as a law and by doing so, weakening all real laws, the Constitution and the foundations of the entire nation. The word MANDATORY in the title of the law (rule) does not mean a thing. Remember the old adage, "You can't judge a book by its cover?" That is especially true of laws, you can not judge a law's purpose or legality by it title. This rule was given a title the media could use to erroneously promulgate a myth of mandatory insurance. Then it was given a sub-title to further mislead the public. The sub-title usually reads "All vehicles required to have liability insurance." Following the Title and sub-title comes the body copy of the rule. That is what really counts. Titles are not necessarily accurate nor legal descriptions.

Dear Friends,
Hillary Clinton is trying to lie, cheat and steal her way to re-election to the Senate in 2006, and ultimately to the White House in 2008. SHE MUST BE EXPOSED! Hillary is named as a defendant in a civil law suit in California brought by Peter Paul, the largest single campaign contributor to her 2000 Senatorial campaign. Paul has turned from a close associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton who underwrote the "Hollywood Salute to President Clinton" in 2000, to a whistle blower exposing the corruption and lies that were an underpinning of Hillary's election to the Senate. Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to avoid being put under oath and forced to testify about her involvement in the 2000 fundraiser for her Senatorial Campaign underwritten by Peter Paul. She has summoned every resource at her disposal to avoid making statements under oath about her knowledge of the under reporting of more than $700,000 on her campaign finance statements. Hillary's strategy is simple: delay as much as possible Peter Paul's Civil suit and sacrifice the "small fish" associated with this wrongdoing. This is the LARGEST CAMPAIGN FINANCE FRAUD IN HISTORY. Quite frankly, they hope that we simply run out of money to keep the suit going. To keep the suit moving forward we need your help. Thankfully, we're winning. But we are far from finished and we need your help to reach total victory. The United States Justice Foundation recently won an important appellate court decision, denying the motion to have Hillary Clinton dismissed from the case. This follows our victory several months ago of the denial of a motion to have the entire case dismissed. As the United States Justice Foundation has dug deeper into the allegations made by Peter Paul, it has become clear that this is a scandalous conspiracy, one that stinks of corruption, illegal acts and perhaps even a high-level cover-up. The latest success was the completion of SECRET NEGOTIATIONS between the Federal Election Commission and Hillary's campaign treasurer, Andrew Grossman. The result? Clinton campaign treasurer agreed to pay a $35,000 fine and to amend Hillary's FALSIFIED CAMPAIGN STATEMENTS, acknowledging an additional $721,000 in campaign contributions by Peter Paul. This admission, in conjunction with the criminal prosecution of Hillary's campaign finance director, David Rosen, substantiates virtually ALL of Peter Paul's allegations against the Clinton Senatorial campaign and Hillary Clinton. While David Rosen was found not guilty of filing false reports in the 2000 Clinton Senate campaign, the comments of the jury after the trial belie the reasoning; a MAJOR FRAUD had been committed and David Rosen could not have acted alone. Quite simply, the United States Justice Foundation has PROOF THAT HILLARY KNEW ABOUT THE FRAUD, yet she was never indicted. She and Bill continue to sacrifice those around them in an attempt to protect themselves and avoid testifying and potential prosecution. First David Rosen, and now Andrew Grossman. While we are winning, the cost of finally holding Hillary Clinton to the rule of law is expensive. VERY EXPENSIVE. We know that Hillary knew about the unreported expenses. How? Because Peter Paul personally told Hillary about the expenses for the 2000 gala. We also know that in 2001, Peter Paul informed Hillary that the extent of his "contribution" was understated by over $700,000 in financial forms filed with the Federal Elections Commission! So how did Bill and Hillary Clinton escape indictment by the U.S. Attorney investigating this case? A question that currently has no answer. The United States Justice Foundation is committed to getting to the bottom of this matter. Nobody is above the law and we must get Hillary and Bill Clinton under oath and on the record. Under oath, they will have three choices; perjure themselves, tell the truth about their involvement, or plead the fifth amendment. With Hillary Clinton as a candidate to return to the Senate in 2006 and most likely a candidate for president in 2008, AMERICA NEEDS TO KNOW THE TRUTH! We are doing two things to move this forward: The United States Justice Foundation is going to DEMAND that the U.S. Justice Department hire a Special Prosecutor to investigate the allegations against Hillary Clinton. Peter Paul's civil case against the Clintons will continue to be engaged at the highest level in the California Supreme Court. Please help us FINALLY bring Bill and Hillary Clinton to Justice. They are not above the law and we need your help to keep the Clintons and their friends from "buying" their way out of accountability.
Thank you!
Gary Kreep
United States Justice Foundation

ITEM 77: Incursions Spark Tension on U.S.-Mexico Border
NewsMax.com Wires
Friday, Jan. 27, 2006
Report: Five Mexican Incursions into U.S.
Armed Mexican government personnel made five unauthorized incursions into the U.S. in the last three months of 2005, according to confidential Department of Homeland Security records. The incursions involved police officers or soldiers in military vehicles and were among 231 such incidents recorded by the U.S. Border Patrol in the past 10 years, the Los Angeles Times reports. "It's clear you're dealing with a large number of incursions by bona-fide Mexican military units, based on the tactics and the equipment being used," said T.J. Bonner, a Border Patrol veteran and president of the National Border Patrol Council, the agents' union. Bonner told the Washington Times that it was "common knowledge" along the border that some Mexican military units, federal and state police and former Mexican soldiers are paid by smugglers to protect shipments of cocaine and other drugs into the U.S. Incidents in the Homeland Security records include Mexican helicopters flying north into U.S. airspace near El Paso, Texas for about 15 minutes; five Mexican officials armed with assault rifles entering the country near El Centro, California and returning without incident and two Mexican police officers observed on the U.S. side of the border near Yuma, Ariz. Details of the incidents emerged "as authorities on both sides of the border scrambled to investigate a dangerous confrontation Monday in Texas," the LA Times reported. A confidential Border Patrol summary of the incident said it began when county sheriff's deputies and state troopers tried to stop three vehicles on an interstate highway southeast of El Paso. The three vehicles made a run for the border the report said. One vehicle, a black 2006 Cadillac Escalade loaded with nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana, was abandoned near the border, said Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West. As deputies approached the river they saw a Mexican military Humvee equipped with a .50 caliber machine gun on the U.S. side, West disclosed. A second vehicle got stuck in shallow water in the Rio Grande while the third made it back to Mexico. "The Humvee attempted to push and pull [the stuck vehicle] toward Mexico to no avail," the Border Patrol report states. At that point, Mexican soldiers and civilians began unloading marijuana from the stranded vehicle. About 20 Mexican personnel in military uniforms, with insignias on their caps, pointed automatic rifles at about half a dozen sheriff's deputies and state troopers. "They were daring my guys to make a move," West said. The uniformed men burned the vehicle after it had been unloaded, then returned to Mexico. Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., said in an interview Wednesday that the incident in Texas was "about as serious as it gets," and noted that dozens of incursions have been reported in his state. Representative Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., called this week for U.S. troops to be deployed along the border to counter armed incursions, and as NewsMax reported earlier, Rep. Rick Renzi, R-Ariz., has demanded that the State Department take "immediate diplomatic action" to stop Mexican incursions.

ITEM 78: The ACLU Feeds Heavily At The Public Trough
Source: americandaily.com
By Thomas D. Segel
Harlingen, Texas, January 26, 2006: Seldom does a week pass in the USA without another media report about the American Civil Liberties Union filing suit against the government. It is forever filing action against some municipality displaying what the accuser deems an unacceptable symbol or a claimed unconstitutional position. Even yesterday, the New York Times reported that the ACLU filed a federal lawsuit "seeking to strike down a clause of the USA Patriot Act that bans foreigners who endorse terrorist activity from traveling in this country." Yesterday CNSNews.com and most major media outlets also reported on an ACLU intervention in a school dress code issue that ended with the Hasbrouck Heights School in New Jersey agreeing to allow a male student to wear a skirt to school. On January 17th CNN reported "The American civil Liberties Union filed suit in the Eastern District of Michigan on behalf of several journalists, authors, scholars and organizations." The suit charges wrongdoing by "The National Security Agency over its no-warrant wiretapping program, claiming the domestic eavesdropping is unconstitutional..." These lawsuits are but the tip of the iceberg when viewing actions of the ACLU. In just the past two years hundreds of cases have been filed including those in the defense of people who spew obscenity in front of children, attempting to stop libraries from blocking cyber pornography, attacking the Boy Scouts, defending the position of people who refuse to show identification, trying to stop states from requiring welfare recipients to under drug testing, defending the North American Man/Boy Love Association and its right to advocate sex between men and boys and defending the right to have obscene art displayed publicly. Its many suits against the public display of Christian symbols have previously been strongly documented. What the American public is never told is just how this organization views this country or how it manages to fund most of its litigation. First of all, America through ACLU eyes is a country that is completely devoid of any worthy or valued positions. To understand the organization’s attitude one must look back to the founders, who in 1920 created the Union. [Michael's note: The actual founder of the ACLU was Roger Baldwin, the Stalinist Communist atheist who wanted America to become a Stalinist state.] At the heart of its creation were William Z. Foster, Elizabeth Gurley and Louis F. Budenz. The threesome later became prominent leaders within the Communist Party, USA. It was these people who were responsible for building the ACLU core positions. While the heart of the organization was rooted in an atheistic socialist agenda, the publicly voiced pronouncements contained an entirely different message. ACLU leaders were waving the flag, while loudly proclaiming patriotism and the American way. At the same time there was a constant attack on the historical values of the United States. Today the ACLU does not even list Budenz as one of its original founders. Perhaps this denial came about because he broke with the party in later years and became a militant anti-communist. But, the organization still strongly proclaims itself to be nonprofit and nonpartisan, with more than 400,000 members and supporters. It also claims to receive no government funding. With offices in almost every state it files about 6,000 court cases a year and far more letters to municipalities, and other entities threatening litigation. The usual mode of attack is to pick small town governments, school boards or other tax supported organizations that fear the tremendous expense of a lengthy debate in the courts. Rather than exhaust their budgets in litigation, those who are threatened cave and concede to ACLU demands. But, what about those 6,000 court cases being filed each year? Where does the funding come from to take on such extensive legal work? The answer is...right out of your pocket. For almost thirty years the ACLU has rubbed its hands gleefully as it tapped the government Piggy Bank to cover its attacks on just about everything American. In 1976 The Civil Rights Attorneys Fee Awards Act (42 U.S.C. Section 1988) was passed by Congress and signed into law. Though it was written with the best of intentions, this legislation is another very egregious example of unintended consequences. The purpose of the law was to encourage private attorneys to take on cases to protect civil and constitutional rights. It was not intended to support an organization filing thousands upon thousands of disruptive [Michael's note: not to mention frivolous] cases. The act allows judges the option of ordering federal and state governments to pay legal fees to lawyers who sue the government and win. Though the awarding of fees is optional, virtually all judges, over the past three decades, have signed off on allowing these payments. Remember, Congress did not insist that judges’ award attorney fees under 42 U.S.C. Section 1988. This part of the law made such action discretionary. Still judges have determined that those attorneys who prevail in litigation should receive attorney fees ...even if there are really no fees being paid to the attorneys. Figured at the market rate, these awards can be well over $300 an hour per individual lawyer. When the ACLU sends in an army of litigators that can be a handsome amount indeed. In those cases where attorney fees are not paid to the individuals, the tax dollars go directly into the American Civil Liberties Union bank account. This happens because large firms often support the ACLU position pro bono. Also many individual attorneys volunteer as ACLU lawyers. This means in the majority of cases there are really no fees associated with the legal action. Though there was never a requirement to award these payments, not a single case has been uncovered where the fees were denied. No judge has been found who ever turned down an ACLU request for payment. What does the tally look like? There is no way to determine this without a complete examination of every case the ACLU has taken to court over the past three decades. A very conservative estimate would be the organization has harvested millions upon millions of your dollars. At the same time you have been given the additional loss of many things you and the nation have valued. How can this rape of the treasury be stopped? Well, it is an election year. The entire House of Representatives is seeking your votes, along with a third of the Senate. This would be the perfect time to let them all know your votes will got to those who help repeal the Civil Rights Attorneys Fee Awards Act or at least amend it to stop the ACLU from feeding from the public trough at the expense of every American.

Source: The Book: "The Naked Communist," Published November 1961 by W. Cleon Skousen
THE 45 GOALS OF THE AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY: [With following comments by Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel, "Prince of Light," (one of His more than 100 names and titles) Who, as God the Holy Spirit, has been commissioned and sent to Earth on an initially covert Divine mission as the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity (the Three Persons in One God) by God the Father Yahweh and God the Son Jesus Christ to vanquish Satanic Socialism resoundingly and decisively with the help again of His holy Warring Angel Legions comprised of both human and unincarnated (pure spirit) angels and angelas (female angels), also known as the "Sons of Light." This was prophesied in the Dead Sea Scrolls as recorded by author Gustav Davidson, angel scholar, in his fascinating, well-written, wonderful and comprehensive book, "A Dictionary Of Angels," on p. 194 where Saint Michael is also identified as the Logos (the Written Word of God; Christ is the Rhema or the Spoken Word of God) and God the Holy Spirit.
All 45 Goals below are taken from "The Naked Communist," pp. 259-262 by Author W. Cleon Skousen. Goal 1: U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war. [Surrender to evil instead of conquering it.] Goal 2: U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war. [Peace through weakness} Goal 3: Develop the illusion that total disarmament by the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength. [God (Karl Marx) doesn't want you to fight Satan, but to strengthen him by weakening yourself. Christians and America must be brainwashed, feminized and defeated by delusional thinking.] Goal 4: Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war. [Don't worry about selling the means for your conquest to Satan; You can make big money by deceiving yourself into being beaten in wars.] Goal 5: Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet Satellites. [Help Satan out economically even though he perverts the Scriptures by telling his followers whom he perverts sexually either mentally or physically or both, and lies to them in telling them that (Read the first chapter of the Bible's book of Romans, AND also take it from Saint Michael, the very Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, that if you don't already know it, the Original Sin was NOT Eve's disobedience in eating of the Garden of Eden's forbidden fruit as so many well-meaning people teach, but Satan's pride that was actually so-called (by the perverted,) "gay pride," the queer and wickedly disingenuous "exaltation" of lustful desires and actions which assist queers and lezzies in their acquisition of partners in sin, the reprobate performance of abominable sexual acts with those "partners" of their own gender and twistedly and, of course, incompetently transformed fools who have "changed" their sex aided by "doctors" in folly-ridden attempts to bolster their self-claimed "superiority" over sexually straight individual believers who condemn their wicked sexual sins and crimes committed in open, flagrant rebellion against the laws of God, nature and man. Satan's so stupid he tried to conquer Us by trying to take the Great White Throne from Us with his own dark legions, the queer angels and angela lezzies he seduced into sexual perversions before the time of the War in Heaven because he had foolishly deluded himself into believing that Our infinite powers reside in Our Throne, not in Ourselves, which arrogant belittlement of his Creator led to the conception of his losing strategy, and that is why I so easily and swiftly kicked Lucifer/Satan's butt all over the golden streets of the Heavenly City, New Jerusalem, in hand to hand combat using My knowledge of the Supreme Martial Art, then cast him and his disciples out of Heaven onto the Earth and into the Hell inside of that planet.) it is an inert, brainless amd totally neutral substance, money, which is used out of both good AND evil motives, that is "the root of all evil," not the "love of money," which is how Our Word teaches the matter. The "love of money," also known as greed and selfishness, Marx taught would fade away along with money AND government and "corrupt and evil Capitalism" and that consequently, in the then-perfect Communist world, the Godless Communist "Utopia," an alleged economic and social Nirvana, will have been achieved by the "peace and light loving" Communists and of course their accomplices in crime, their Socialist brothers and sisters, the Nazis. In other words, Satan hates money and wealth, or at least he deceives his worshipers into thinking that he does while he gladly accepts all the money he can beg, steal, borrow or tax out of you to lead to your own self-assisted destruction.] Goal 6: Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination. [ 7th Goal Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N. 8th Goal Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev's promise in 1955 to settle the Germany question by free elections under supervision of the U.N. 9th Goal Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the U.S. has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress. 10th Goal Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N. [page 260] 11th Goal Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.) 12th Goal Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party. 13th Goal Do away with all loyalty oaths. 14th Goal Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent office. 15th Goal Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. 16th Goal Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights. 17th Goal Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks. 18th Goal Gain control of all student newspapers. 19th Goal Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack. 20th Goal Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions. 21st Goal Gain control of key positions in radio, TV and motion pictures. 22nd Goal Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to "eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms." 23rd Goal Control art critics and directors of art museums. "Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive meaningless art." 24th Goal Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling [page 261] them "censorship" and a violation of free speech and free press. 25th Goal Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and TV. 26th Goal Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy." 27th Goal Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a "religious crutch." 28th Goal Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of "separation of church and state." 29th Goal Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a world-wide basis. 30th Goal Discredit the American founding fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man." 31st Goal Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of "the big picture." Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over. 32th Goal Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture -- education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc. 33rd Goal. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus. 34th Goal Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities. 35th Goal Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI. 36th Goal. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions. 37th Goal Infiltrate and gain control of big business. 38th Goal Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police [page 262] to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand or treat. 39th Goal Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals. 40th Goal Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce. 41st Goal Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents. 42nd Goal Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use "united force" to solve economic, political or social problems. 43rd Goal Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government. 44th Goal Internationalize the Panama Canal. 45th Goal Repeal the Connally Reservation so the U.S. cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction over nations and individuals alike. HAVE THEY WON?? CAN WE STILL BEAT COMMUNISM/MARXISM/FASCISM??

Reported by Tony Lascari, Midland Daily News, on 01/30/2006 Jolene Mitchell walks out of Muncheese restaurant after dropping off a flier to help spread the word about the Wing Quintuplet Diaper Drive held at J. P. Mitchell Hair Etc. The family will need about 225 diapers a week when their babies are born. Malessa Wing has found being pregnant with quintuplets easier than her three previous pregnancies, but there will be a lot of work ahead for the family once the five babies are born. "This has actually been the best pregnancy I've had so far," she said on the phone from Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. "There's less sickness, less complications and just overall I'm feeling well." Wing is married to Rex Wing and the family of five, which is about to double in size, lives in Shepherd. Some contractions came last week but they stopped, and Wing hit her doctor's goal of a 30-week gestation period this weekend. "It's whenever they feel like coming now," she said. This morning she was told labor would be induced around 10 a.m. Once delivered, Wing's cousin Jolene Mitchell said the babies could use 225 diapers per week. That is why the Midland resident is collecting diaper donations at Midland's J.P. Mitchell Hair Etc., 2901 Ashman Street. "I wanted to help them out," she said. The salon has fundraisers several times a year, but this time it's different, Mitchell said. "It's nice to be able to do something at a good time in life rather than a tragedy," she said. Mitchell said she's excited for the addition of two boys and three girls to the family. "I think it'll be fun," she said. "I can't wait to get over there and hold some babies." In addition to diapers, Mitchell is collecting gift cards to help ease the family's burden, she said. Tips & Toes Nail Salon is teaming up on the project, accepting donations at 4306 N. Saginaw Road. Wing said there also is a spaghetti dinner fundraiser being planned by friends from 4:30 to 7:30 PM February 17th at Shepherd High School. People also can make financial donations to the Rex Wing Quintuplet Fund at Isabella Bank & Trust, 200 East Broadway Street, Mount Pleasant. Wing said all of the help is wonderful. "It takes a lot of pressure off," she said. And so has her husband (sic), who has taken over many of her household duties, including caring for their 21-month-old, 10-year-old and 13 year-old. Wing said the quintuplets could come at any time, and now all she can do is wait. "We're hoping for a good delivery," she said.

ITEM 81: TEACHERS: THROW OUT YOUR LEFTIST UNIONS FOR FINANCING QUEERS AND GAYS! A recent article in The Wall Street Journal stated that the country's largest teachers union donated large sums of money last year to such causes as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and Amnesty International. But local and state union officials say the matter is more complex than reported. Like other large unions, new federal rules require the National Education Association to disclose in much more detail how it spends members' dues money. The WSJ's article, published January 3rd, stated the NEA gave more than $65 million to the above-named groups, plus Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition, AIDS Walk International and dozens of other advocacy groups. Margaret Trimer-Hartley, spokeswoman for the Michigan Education Association, said the state union has 167,000 members. Members' dues to NEA average $137 yearly, with about 30,000 support staff paying half dues. She said the state union sent $15 million in dues to the NEA in 2004-2005. According to The WSJ, nationally, member dues to the NEA were $295 million during that same year. Fred Baker, the MEA Uniserv director in Midland, said four of the groups were given only $5,000 each out of the $65 million. Baker added that much "of the $65 million comes back to the state and local affiliates" in the form of school improvement grants, conferences and other things. "I think this whole issue has been purposely misleading by those who started it (sic) [Michael's note: this is an illogical, ungrammatical, misdirecting and therefore false and deceitful opinion used by Fred Baker in a transparent attempt to shift blame.]," Baker said, adding The WSJ is "pro-corporate, pro-business and anti-union." [Michael's note: It is just, righteous, Constitutional, American, patriotic and Christian to found, work for, own and reap the products, services and benefits of Capitalist businesses and corporations while it is evil, unholy, unConstitutional, unAmerican, unpatriotic and Satanic to support leftist causes like sexual perversion and (only) the Communist aspects of trade unions such as class warfare, forced dues, closed union shops, revoking the right to work, government-set wages, unfair union opposition to work rules, all of which separately and together promote filthy immorality, union violence, loss of jobs,income and freedoms, confiscation of money rightfully earned by workers economically forced to join unions in order to obtain their inherent right to work, union elitism, revoking of the right to work, unnecessary, excessive and counter-productive wages, rebellion against the rightful authority of bosses and owners, unemployment and higher prices for consumers. in order to obtain employment.] "The MEA donates money of its own to causes and groups. Our budget is pretty transparent," Trimer-Hartley said. The budget can be found on the MEA website at www.mea.org/. "Where we get the most questions...is about political contributions to candidates or parties," she said. The MEA has a separate fund, called a political action committee, to donate money to any candidate or party, such as to the campaign of Governor (sic) Jennifer Granholm. The MEA files reports with the Secretary of State. Donations to non-profits and charitable organizations are donated separately (sic) and not through the PAC. Trimer-Hartley said she has not received a single call from an MEA member concerned about national donations. "Our members are pretty well educated. They know where money goes," she said. Trimer-Hartley said all MEA donations are based on whether the individual or cause is directly related to children, education or furthering benefits for teachers. Political and other contributions by the MEA were light last year -- $6,000. That includes an ad in a quarterly publication sponsored by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a table at the local NAACP event, and donations to the Ingham Health Department for breast cancer awareness month, the United Way and the Greater Lansing Children's Symphony. "Many of the Lansing-based contributions are being part of the community," Trimer-Hartley said. Baker said there are 1,250 MEA members in Midland County and Beaverton. He said the local affiliates also make contributions, including contributions to school board candidates, judicial races and state House races. A recent contribution was made to the Meridian bond proposal campaign, which will renovate aging equipment and buildings if passed.
©Midland Daily News 2006, reprinted for legal fair-use purposes only.
Reader Comment submitted Monday January 30th, 2006 at 01:53 PM EST As a parent, tax payer and former educator, I read with shock and disgust the Wall Street Journal editorial of January 3rd that detailed the National Education Association's use of dues money to fund some of the most extremist, ultra left-wing fringes of the Democrat party. My shock and disgust grew ten-fold reading Mr. Baker and Ms. Hartley's weak attempts to explain away the role of the Michigan Education Association in this scheme. As is the case with any union, dues paid by MEA members are not voluntary. What gives the MEA and/or NEA to spend a SINGLE penny of that money on anything not directly related to collective bargaining? It doesn't matter how small the donations were, they were NOT appropriate. Teachers everywhere should be exercising their Beck Rights [Michael's Note: The possibility of this should be researched by teachers] to put an end to such a fraud. Ms. Hartley says the average dues paid by the state's 167,000 teachers are $137, but that only adds up to about $22.8 million. The MEA spends almost that much on employee benefits alone (for themselves, not local teachers) per year and actually collected $64 million in dues. Where did the rest of the money come from? Finally, it must be pointed out that MEA President Lu Battaglieri makes more than $180,000 a year. With teachers statewide making a mere fraction of that, and schools everywhere cutting budgets, jobs and programs, that is absolutely shameful. Explain that one away, Mr. Baker.
Tim Olster

ITEM 82: Sen. Brownback: 'Fruits' Comment Not Gay Joke Republican Sen. Sam Brownback, a potential presidential candidate, said Monday he meant no offense to homosexuals when he used the word "fruits" in a recent interview with "Rolling Stone Magazine." In a lengthy profile titled, "God's Senator," the magazine quotes the Kansas Republican as criticizing countries like Sweden that allow civil unions between same-sex couples. "You'll know them by their fruits," Brownback said, quoting a Biblical passage from Matthew 7:16. Rolling Stone writer Jeff Sharlet said in the story, appearing in the magazine's current issue, that Brownback appeared to be calling gay Swedes "fruits," a derogatory term for homosexuals. After gay and lesbian advocacy groups denounced the comments last week, Brownback issued a statement Monday saying his quote "was in no way referring to sexual orientation." "While this Biblical passage was pertinent to our overall conversation about faith and deeds, it apparently led the writer to believe I was making a joke," said Brownback, a frequent critic of gay marriage who is pushing a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. "I was not and would never joke [Michael: Why not?! Humor is arguably the most potent, strongest weapon in both the Divine and human Spiritual struggle against the inventor of all sins, the prince of Hell and slavemaster of his queer devils and lezzie demons] about such a personal and sensitive issue," Brownback said. [Michael: DO NOT FEAR any of the perverts since that confirms their false belief that Christians are "homophobic," that is, fear them, but the people, things, events, situations, etc. you fear will end up condemning you to Hell if you surrender to them and let them rule you as Hell is the Biblically described destination of cowards. Perverts are already cowards from their seducer, Satan, who queered them to recruit them for his impotent combatants in his failed rebellion, the War in Heaven that pitted Our Sons of Light against them, the sons of darkness.] Be a strong, fearless Christian, not a cowardly, wimpy pervert who doesn't have an essential sense of humor which is due to the conscious or subconscious wimpy awareness of the eternal destination they are choosing with their own free will. The quizzie (queer/lezzie) loses its Godgiven sense of humor before it reaches its final destiny and the eternal suffering and punishment there. Its permanent loss of humorsense and all its other losses of virtues, friendship, joy, righteous pleasure, etc. when it mentally and/or physically surrenders ownership of his soul to his most evil master, Satan, and becomes a thing, losing its personhood with its deluded gift of self to his worst enemy whom he twistedly believes is his best and greatest friend and helper.] Beware all perversions of Divine Truth for they all flow from Satan's foulest anus, his mouth, as lies broadcast by the father of lies with his quizzie, infernal no longer human robots!] His explanation was greeted with skepticism by the Human Rights Campaign [Michael:which was founded by Satan, of course, through his quizzie slaves] the nation's largest "gay" organization [Michael: in one of Hell's tiny, damned and notorious deals! Perverts mean the word "gay" in its accurate, but negative meaning of "licentious," degrading the word's positive meanings and making a more effective sinfertilizer of the the crap they projectile vomit made of their sexual sins from their exmouths, now morphed into facialpropagandaweaponanuses aka, more commonly "facpropweapans." That fecalvomit they use as propaganda to seemingly vindicate their wickedly chosen "lifestyles," properly termed "dislifestyles."] "It's nice to know that Senator Brownback doesn't resort to name-calling from the 1970s, but unfortunately his anti-gay agenda continues to speak for itself," said spokesman Brad Luna.