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This is a review of Michael's book by His Big Brother Jesus Christ that kicked off the enthusiastic buying response of the angels and saints up in Heaven which drove Michael's work to the number 2 spot of all time after His number 1 production, the Holy Bible, which He inspired thus making Him the Logos, the written Word where Jesus is the Rhema or spoken Word:
"The acquisition of wisdom, like I taught My two best pupils in the Heavenly School, King Solomon and Moses, is one of the greatest pursuits of humankind."
Saint Michael Jesus (the) Archangel shares His reflections and insights on wisdom, faith and spirituality in His new volume of Proverbs, "God The Holy Spirit Archangel Michael's Proverbs, Books 1 Thru 5." So how does one acquire wisdom in this chaotic and depraved world?
"With the right amount and type of wisdom, you can accomplish anything you set out to do in any field of learning or endeavor. The wisest thing you can ever do for yourself is to read the best-selling book of all time and eternity, the Holy Bible, from cover to cover. With that experience under your belt you will become a walking, talking overcomer in any situation where you're tested in any way. The Bible is chock-full of secret codes recently discovered by scholars and now available in Bible code software that deciphers the codes mathematically at the computer's super-speed.
"Most people are smart enough to realize that there's a major difference between knowledge and wisdom. Information or knowledge is basically useless until it's applied to a situation or problem, and then what comes out of that experience is wisdom even if the situation or problem isn't resolved or is badly resolved. As you grow in wisdom, you learn to mend your negative wisdom and make it positive instead of letting it fester in your subconscious where it can cause you all kinds of problems."
"What can cause you to ignore your negative wisdom and let it pile up until it reaches the burning point is just plain worldliness and unwillingness to take steps toward spirituality. That can keep you from finding out what your main mission or missions on Earth are." Each of the five books of proverbs contains the same number of chapters and verses as Solomon's book of proverbs. Michael points out that King Solomon ended his book of proverbs with the description of the perfect wife, so Michael ended His book of proverbs with the virtues of a perfect husband to give guidelines to Christian women for finding that "perfect guy."
The Author makes it clear that all wisdom comes from God the Father Yahweh, God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Great Holy Spirit Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel, just as it says in the Bible. Michael explains His title "Great Spirit" by saying that is what the Native Americans called Him after He gave them life and the Americas in which to live. The volume's central theme is wisdom, but Michael also discusses unity, respect, justice, honesty, love, life and kindness and other ideals and qualities and attitudes that everyone must eventually learn in his or her life to make a success out of it and be truly happy and at peace.
Saint Michael teaches that we are all angels or angelas (female angels) from Heaven where we choose our mission or missions and our parents, and that our spirit goes into the fertilized egg at the instant of conception which creates the soul, the conjunction of the body and the spirit. Those who never remember their mission or forget it or reject it are the poor lost souls who thus doom themselves to Hell, as the Bible says, "he who believes and is baptized shall be saved; he who believes not shall be condemned." (Mark 16:16). Michael teaches with His literature, His TV Show, "Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel News," His websites, and is also teaching now through His Presidential campaign to be elected Republican President in 2008.

"In mystic [mysterious] and occult [secret, unrevealed] writings, Michael has often been equated with the Holy Ghost, the Logos, God, Metatron, etc." (from p. 194 of "A Dictionary Of Angels," by Gustav Davidson)
"And so I tell you, every human sin and blasphemy will be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. And anyone who says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but no one who speaks against the Holy Spirit will be forgiven either in this world or in the next." (from p. 1122, Matthew 12:31-32 of the Catholic New Jerusalem edition of the Holy Bible)
At the donation button just below which is linked to Paypal's secure server, you can tithe to Michael, God the Holy Spirit as His Word commands at: Genesis 14:18-20: Melchizedek (who was the pre-incarnate Michael) king of Salem brought bread and wine; he was a priest of God Most High. He pronounced this blessing: Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. And blessed be God Most High for putting your enemies into your clutches. And Abram gave him a tenth of everything; Leviticus 27:30-32: "All tithes on land, levied on the produce of the soil or on the fruit of trees, belong to Yahweh; they are consecrated to Yahweh. If anyone wishes to redeem part of his tithe, he will add one-fifth to its value. In all tithes on herds or flocks, the tenth animal of all that pass under the herdsman's staff will be consecrated to Yahweh; there will be no examining whether it is good or bad, and no substitution. If substitution takes place, the animal and its substitute will both become holy without possibility of redemption." Numbers 18:24, 26 and 28: for the tithe which the Israelites set aside for Yahweh is the heritage I have given the Levites..."Speak to the Levites and say: 'When from the Israelites you receive the tithe which I have given you from them as your heritage, you will set a portion of this aside for Yahweh: a tithe of the tithe...Thus you too will set a portion aside for Yahweh out of all the tithes you receive from the Israelites. You will give what you have set aside for Yahweh to the priest Aaron; Deuteronomy 12:6, 11 and 12, 14:22-23 and 28, and 26:12: That is where you must bring your burnt offerings and your sacrifices, your tithes and offerings held high, your votive offerings and your voluntary offerings, and the firstborn of your herd and flock; and that is where you must eat in the presence of Yahweh your God, rejoicing over your labours, you and your households, because Yahweh your God has blessed you...To the place chosen by Yahweh your God as a home for his name, to that place you must bring all the things that I am laying down for you; your burnt offerings and your sacrifices, your tithes and offerings held high, and all the best of your possessions dedicated by you to Yahweh. That is where you will rejoice in the presence of Yahweh your God, you and your sons and daughters, your serving men and women, and the Levite living in your community since he has no share or heritage of his own among you...'Every year, you must take a tithe of what your fields produce from what you have sown and, in the presence of Yahweh your God, in the place where he chooses to give his name a home, you must eat the tithe of your wheat, of your new wine and of your oil, and the firstborn of your herd and flock; and by so doing, you will learn always to fear Yahweh your God...At the end of every three years, you must take all the tithes of your harvests for that year and collect them in your community....'In the third year, the tithing year, when you have finished taking the tithe of your whole income and have given it to the Levite, the foreigner, the orphan and the widow so that, in your towns, they may eat to their hearts' content...2 Chronicles 31:5-6 and 12: As soon as the order had been promulgated, the Israelites provided the first fruits of grain, new wine, olive oil, honey and every other kind of agricultural produce in abundance; they brought in an abundant tithe of everything. The Israelites and Judaeans living in the towns of Judah also brought in the tithe of cattle and sheep, and the tithe of sacred gifts consecrated to Yahweh their God, laying them in heaps; Nehemiah 10:37-38, 12:44, 13:5 and 12: also the firstborn of our sons and of our cattle, as the law prescribes, the firstborn of our herds and flocks should be taken to the Temple of our God for the priests officiating in the Temple of our God. Furthermore, we shall bring the best of our dough, of every kind of fruit, of the new wine and of the oil to the priests, to the storerooms of the Temple of our God, and the tithe on our soil to the Levites -- the Levites will themselves collect the tithes from all the towns of our religion...For the rooms intended for the treasures, contributions, first-fruits and tithes, supervisors were then appointed whose business it was to collect in them those portions from the town lands awarded by the Law to the priests and Levites. For Judah rejoiced in the officiating priests and Levites; had provided him with a large room where they previously used to store the meal offerings, incense, utensils, tithes of corn, wine and oil, that is, the part of the Levites, singers and gatekeepers, and the contributions for the priests...and all Judah then delivered the tithe of corn, wine and oil to the storehouses; Malachi 3:8: Can a human being cheat God? Yet you try to cheat me! You ask "How do we try to cheat you?" Over tithes and contributions;and Hebrews 7:5-6, 8-9; We know that any of the descendents of Levi who are admitted to the priesthood are obliged by the Law to take tithes from the people, that is, from their own brothers although they too are descended from Abraham. But this man, who was not of the same descent, took his tithe from Abraham, and he gave his blessing to the holder of the promises...Further, in the normal case it is ordinary mortal men who receive the tithes, whereas in that case it was one who is attested as being alive. It could be said that Levi himself, who receives tithes, actually paid tithes, in the person of Abraham. God always blesses those who tithe with increased prosperity. You can't outgive God!
If you prefer to help Michael's Worldwide Ministry by purchasing His 2nd best-selling book pictured above or something else on this page's partial Catalog, simply click on the Buy Now button just below, and enter your information for Our secure server for purchase by debit or credit card. Enter its order code first, then its price on the secure Paypal site that will come up and any other necessary information. You may also call our toll-free order line: 1-866-456-2121 Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM to place your order with credit or debit card. In truth, Michael prefers to give you something for your money, but He understands that some cheerful givers like to give without expecting anything in return. Whatever the case, whether you tithe or buy, you will be blessed immensely for your holy generosity and faithfulness to the Word! Also if you want to see Our whole Catalog, click the "Free Catalog" link at the links above.
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The United Domains Of Heaven Universal Pro-Life, Faith, Peace, Freedom and Prosperity Foundation was established by Me, Father Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel and King of Earth and Sun, to combat abortion, bring to justice all abortionists for their murders and genocide, to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all of its godly manifestations by providing for the evangelism of the Earth in all nations to bring them into submission to the Kingship and Lordship of God the Son Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, to bring a swift and worldwide end to war and start the "era of peace" that We told the Blessed Virgin Mary Michelle to promise the human race in 1917 at Fatima, Portugal where she appeared to the three little visionaries. The peace will begin when the Pope will consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart which has never been done, not even in the attempts to do so by Archangel/Pope Gabriel John Paul II several times which he claimed falsely had fulfilled Mary's requirements, and this can be seen by the fact that the world is not at peace which is evident to all.
I will endeavor to convince Pope Benedict XVI to do what Mary has told the Popes to do without receiving the respect due to her or her position from their disobedience. This is a shameful thing, that all of the Popes since Mary's appearances at Fatima, have ignored her and her direct orders.
These shameful, incompetent and disastrous behaviors have caused many wars and conflicts for no apparent reason, and are terrible sins of omission that should no longer be tolerated by the Church, rather the faithful laity and clergy both should rise up together and demand that Pope Benedict XVI finally do what him and his predecessors were commanded to do back in 1917, 89 long years ago. Had the Pope reigning at the time of Fatima's holy appearances of My spouse done what he was supposed to do, all the wars and conflicts that followed World War I could have been prevented.
What motivated him and his successors to sin so grievously against Mary and the Church and indeed the whole world by ignoring her orders and her Motherly entreaties? Isn't the Pope supposed to have a great devotion to the Mother of the Church? Or is that a meaningless facade, disingenuous posing, and studied dissembling? What motivated Pope Benedict's predecessors by their sins of ommission to aid the Communist Illuminati bankers and financiers in their starting and financing of the wars and conflicts since 1917?
Pray for Me as I approach Pope Benedict XVI to prevail on him to truly love and respect My spouse Mary and consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart in unison with the other bishops of the world in their own cathedrals without fear of embarrassing the Russian Orthodox by letting them know that he is praying for their conversion to the Catholic Church which Mary has promised will happen when the consecration is performed properly.
When the consecration of Russia to My spouse Mary's Immaculate Heart is properly performed and peace visits the Earth for an era, freedom will also come to the enslaved nations of the Earth that are subjugated by Socialism and other leftist movements or by Islam, a dangerous, oppressive, violent and totalitarian false "religion." How will the Muslims be freed from their "religious" slavery? It is both natural and supernatural for slaves to desire freedom, especially when they see or hear examples of the liberty in which those who are free live.
It is now possible to give Heavenly financial incentives to the slave nations in order to induce them to free their people whether from the yoke of leftist tyrannies or the burden of "religious" slavery. As the CEO/Founder of the One World Government United Domains Of Heaven And Earth And One World Religion Catholic And Protestant Christianity and the Leader of the Sons of Light in the end-times battle in which we will prevail over the sons of darkness according to the Dead Sea Scrolls, I hereby declare a spiritual war against leftism and Islam, a war that will not be violent in nature, but rather a war of Christian evangelism exposing the multitude of heresies inherent in both leftism and Islam. Of course, this will not mean that we will ignore the false teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, and the other false religions and cults, but it will mean that we will pay special attention to Islam's adherents for they desire a worldwide Muslim dictatorship supported by their oppressive sharia law. This cannot be tolerated by free peoples anywhere, and we do not intend to impose our One World Religion Christianity on anyone who opposes it. Christianity is a religion of acceptance, that is, the Christian is someone who has accepted faith in Christ without force being applied to him to incur his loyalty which makes him a partaker in ultimate freedom because if you voluntarily put your allegiance in something or someone (In Christianity you put your faith in both Christianity and in Christ) that can guarantee you infinite eternal life if you follow their tenets that makes you a truly supernatural being, not someone limited by space and time and a terrible destiny. The attractiveness of these truths will be powerful enough to break the chains of Islam and leftism all over the world. Slaves of the world, unite and throw off your chains and burdens and accept a new and loving Master, Jesus Christ!
Now prosperity, the last principle of Our Foundation. Rightly should it come last for prosperity often blinds people to spirituality and spiritual truths and principles. That is why the Bible condemns the "love of money" which is really greed and selfishness. Yet it also says that it is We the Lord who give you the power to get wealth. Is this a contradiction? Not at all. There have been many wealthy men and women throughout history who were not greedy and selfish. In fact, many of them got their wealth because they tithed to Us and also gave generously to the poor and underprivileged. The Satan-worshiper Karl Marx, the father of Communism and Socialism, condemned money because of his perversion of the Scriptures. He believed it was money that is the root of all evil instead of greed and selfishness which shows his deep-rooted ignorance of economic reality. It was that ignorance written into his "Das Kapital" that causes the ultimate failure of leftist movements and "philosophy." I put quotes around philosophy because leftists, like other unbelievers and anti-believers do not really engage in true philosophy which is the love of wisdom or truth. All so-called philosophers who are merely worldly philosophers bandy about words in vain because they do not submit to the real Truth Who is not a thing, but a Person, Jesus Christ. In their pride and arrogance they imitate their master Satan. This is why the Bible warns against vain philosophy. It is spoken forth by men and women who like to spout empty-headed theories like evolution, humanism, socialism, elitism, and atheism and other concepts destructive to their souls and spirits in order to garner worthless academic honors and meaningless praises unto themselves. Beware of the praising attention of unbelieving men. Better to be persecuted, vilified and ridiculed by them, but honored by God. Marx in his abysmal and catastrophic ignorance did not foresee that I and the Father and Christ would make the heavens Capitalist with Heavenly Money, thus sealing out all of the leftists forever. In his ignorance, pea-brained Karl believed that when his Communism had made all the world Socialist, money would fade out of existence with the state. Life, faith, peace, freedom and Heavenly Money forever!

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