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Creative Muppet People

The Muppets were created by Jim Henson. Jim had a lot of creative people helping him bring his creations to life. These people included puppeteers, puppet builders, producers, etc. I credit these profiles to Jim Henson: The Works.
Please click here to hear Janis!

Jane Henson

Jerry Juhl

Don Sahlin

Frank Oz

Joan Ganz Cooney

Jon Stone

Joe Raposo

Caroll Spinney

Jerry Nelson

Richard Hunt

Fran Brill

Caroly Wilcox

Kevin Clash

Marty Robinson

Bernie Brillstein

Lord Lew Grade

Michael K. Frith

Dave Goelz

David Lazer

Steve Whitmire

Kathy Mullen

"Faz" Fazakas

Duncan Kenworthy

Jocelyn Stevenson

Brian Henson